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  2. 2. Neolithic architecture: Mesopotamia Achitecture:Excavated dwellings at Skara Brae A reconstructed Sumerian ziggurat in Bablyon Ancient Egyptian architecture Ceiling decoration in the peristyle hall of Medinet Habu, an example of ancient Egyptian architecture
  3. 3. Classical architecture: Greek architecture:Tholos temple, sanctuary of Athena Pronaia; Temple of Concordia in Agrigento,located in Delphi, Greece Sicily.
  4. 4. Roman architectureRoman Temple: Maison Carrée,Nimes, France (contrast with Greek temple) Triumphal Arch: Arch of Constantine, Rome Arch: Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain Dome: Interior of the Pantheon in Rome
  5. 5. Byzantine architecture The Palatine Chapel of the Norman Kings of Sicily. Built with Byzantine architectural conventions and with mosaics attributed to Byzantine artists.
  6. 6. Islamic architecture Moorish architecture: TheSudano-Sahelian: TheGreat Mosque of Djenné Mosque of Kairouan inTunisia Great in present-day Mali, illustrating the mudconstruction of western Africa. Persian architecture: Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Isfahan, IranOttoman architecture:Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Mughal architecture: Badshahi Mosque, Pakistan
  7. 7. AfricaThe conical tower inside the Great Enclosurein Great Zimbabwe, a medieval city built by aprosperous culture. Persian architecture The ruins of Taq-i Kisra at Ctesiphon (in today iraq) - an example of Persian architecture during Sassanidperiod.
  8. 8. Indian architecture Buddhist architectureChennakesava Temple, SomanathapurainKarnataka, India. stupa at the top of Borobudur, Java, Indonesia
  9. 9. Chinese architecture The Iron Pagoda of Kaifeng, built in 1049 during the Song Dynasty. Inside the Forbidden City- an example of Chinese architecture from the 15th century. Korean architecture Throne Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea
  10. 10. Japanese architecture View of Himeji Castle from Nishi-no-maruMesoamerican architecture Overview of the central plaza of the Mayan city of Palenque(Chiapas, Mexico), a fine example of Classic period Mesoamerican Architecture.
  11. 11. Incan architecture View of Machu PicchuAncient architecture of North America Cliff Palace of Mesa Verde, in Arizona, United States, created by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples.
  12. 12. Europe to 1600 Medieval architecture Romanesque The façade of the cathedral of Lisbon.Bodiam Castle,England, fourteenth century. Gothic Pre-Romanesque Gothic architecture: Notre-Dame de Chartres ,The royal palace, later church, ofSanta María del Naranco, an example ofAsturian architecture of theRamirense period.
  13. 13. Renaissance architectureThe Palazzo Farnese, Rome. Baroque architecture Sicilian Baroque: Basilica della Collegiata, Catania, Sicily, Italy.
  14. 14. Return to ClassicismPlate from Colen Campbells VitruviusBrittanicus. Art Nouveau Palais Garnier is a cornerpiece of Beaux-Arts architecture characterized by Émile Zola as "the opulent bastard of all styles".
  15. 15. Modern architecture Contrasts in modern architecture, as shown by adjacent high-rises in Chicago, Illinois. IBM Plaza (right), by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe , is a later example of the clean rectilinear lines and glass of the International Style, whereas Marina City, (left), by his student Bertrand Goldberg, reflects a more sculptural Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.
  16. 16. Expressionist architecture Goetheanum by Rudolf Steiner Art DecoThe Art Deco spire of the Chrysler Building inNew York,
  17. 17. International Style The Glass Palace, a celebration of transparency, in Heerlen, The Netherlands Contemporary architecture30 St Mary Axe by Norman Foster, London,United Kingdom
  18. 18. Critical regionalism The Sydney Opera House - designed to evoke the sails of yachts in Sydney harbour Postmodern architecture1000 de La Gauchetière, with ornamented andstrongly defined top, middle and bottom.Contrast with the modernist Seagram Buildingand Torre Picasso.
  19. 19. Deconstructivist architectureLibeskinds Imperial War Museum North inManchester comprises three apparentlyintersecting curved volumes.
  22. 22. Planning a Building• A perspective view• Ground plans• elevations
  23. 23. Kinds of vault