Using Rutgers University                                       Using a Macintosh
      Power Macs                         ...
Clicking on                  will connect you to the
University New Brunswick. This partition is also
What's on the Mac ?                                              locked  ...
On every Logout, the Macs will:
                                                                - Force Quit all running p...
Q: How do I see what programs are running on the mac?                • Click on  to select a Zone in which the printer is...
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Using Rutgers University Power Macs


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Using Rutgers University Power Macs

  1. 1. Using Rutgers University Using a Macintosh Power Macs To use a Macintosh, you are required to authenticate yourself. To do this, you must have a computer account as by Hanz Makmur • Email: dcs-mac- one of the Status listed on the menu. Before we go ahead • Modified: Dec. 24, 1997 with the login process, familiarize yourself with the mac ____________________________________________ login screen. Where are these PowerMacs? On every campus at Rutgers University New Brunswick, there is at least one lab with Power Macintosh. These Macs are maintained by Campus Computing Facility (CCF) personnel a division of New Brunswick Computing Services (NBCS). Presently Campus Computing Facility labs consist of a mix of Power Macintosh, PC Compatibles, and X Terminals. Some locations have separate rooms for each type of computer while others have a mix of computers in one room. Lab locations and their phone numbers are as follows: Busch Campus: ARC Building (mix) ( 445-2273) SERC (X Terminals) (445-5766) Library of Sci. & Medicine (mix) (445-4933) College Avenue Campus Records Hall (mix) (932-8541) Rutgers Student Center (mix) (932-5007) Cook/ Douglass Campuses Cook Campus Center Lab (mix) (932-7580) Douglass College Center Lab ( mix) (932-1964) Douglass Library (mix) 932-5024) On the login window above, you will find a few buttons C/D Computing Center at Loree (mix) (932-9750) and text fields that you need to familiarize yourself with. Livingston Campus Living Stone Campus Center at Tillett (mix) (445-3465) Kilmer Library Lab (mix) (445-3465) The first two items you see are for information only. They describe the Mac Model, the Mac Name and the version of Hours of Operation software on the mac. Normally, the higher the MHz, the Each lab has its own hours of operation and it is a good faster the machine. idea to check the operating hours before you go to the lab especially during the first few weeks of the semester. Clicking on the icon will give you a 4 minute Sporadic hours are not unusual during the beginning of the multimedia presentation describing the login window in semester due to the limitation of consultant coverage. detail. It is best if you bring a headphone with you so you can listen to the presentation in private. About 7-8 weeks from the beginning of the semester, these computer labs may be reserved for instructional purposes at scheduled times for demonstrations and on-hand Clicking on the icon, will give you a text description tutorials. At these scheduled times, you will be asked to of the login window. leave the computer room and the room will be closed for Clicking and holding on the Status menu list public use. picture, lets you select your status. -1-
  2. 2. Clicking on will connect you to the Making Your Account University's White Pages. You can use this feature to get If you don’t have a computer account yet, you can make an information on registered students. Note that if you account for yourself before using a Mac. The account that request Rutgers not to list your name in the phone book, you you get will allow you to access any Macintosh, PC, or will not see your name listed. This service is very slow at Xterminal at any lab. You only need to create the computer the beginning of the semester. account once during your studies here at Rutgers as a student. Clicking on will allow you to make an It is advisable that you create your computer account account depending on your status. Any registered student before you come to your first recitation, It is not a quick can make an account on the student file server "Eden." process and may take between 20 to 40 minutes before you Some of the other hosts restrict access to certain students. can actually use the account. Clicking on will allow you to Please note that if you have not paid your tuition or not save Macintosh files onto your UNIX account. registered for any classes, your name will not be in the student database and officially you are not a student and can't make a computer account. Clicking on will give you access to Computer Science Course related materials. If you have financial aid commitment from some sources but your tuition is not yet paid, you will need to provide proof to the Registrar's office about the commitment. Clicking on picture will connect you to Text based Rutgers INFO system. Anyone (including non- To make an account, simply click on the Make Account students) can access this feature. button. Follow the instructions that follow to continue the process. Once you finish making the account, click on the Done button. Normally you have to wait about 15 minutes Login Process before your account is activated. To test to see if your If you have a computer account at Rutgers, the login account is active, follow the login process above. process is very simple. You can start by selecting your Status, entering your Username and Password. If you like, you can also choose one of the options to mount network volumes. Make Account Problems If you have problems creating your computer account, contact the consultant on duty. Don't forget to show proper identification because without it, you might not get any help. The Consultant on duty is trained to handle general computing questions at the lab you are in. If the consultant is unavailable or can't help you, you may try the Information Center. Information Center at Hill Center 128-Busch Campus, Clicking on the Enter button or pressing the Enter key on 732/445-2298 is available for general computing and some the keyboard will tell the computer to go ahead and specific questions during regular office hours. submit your login information for authentication. If you pass the authentication process, the login window will In some special cases, the Info Center may have to send disappear and the mac completes the login process you to University Registrar Verification Office at ASB including checking your mail and setting up the local 200L Busch Campus, 732/445-3220 where you will need to printer closest to you. verify your Social Security Number and your Birthdate to solve your registration problem. NOTE: Once you have cleared up all the confusion with the Registrar, it takes about 2-5 business days to get your name into the database. So hurry and don't delay. Remember, you may have homework due soon! -2-
  3. 3. University New Brunswick. This partition is also What's on the Mac ? locked to prevent accidental erasure of data in the Once you log on to the mac, you will be presented with a partition. This also means that you can't save your work screen and the top right corner of it looks like the picture on it. You should spend sometime exploring this disk. All below. programs in this disk are categorized accordingly. For example: to access the internet, you would go to Communications folder that contains Internet related software such as Communicator and Telnet. The third icon is the Temporary Disk icon. Temporary Disk This disk is an empty storage area. It is made available for you to save your files temporarily. This space is provided for those who would like to store data temporarily and it is important to know that it is The 3 pictures you see are called Icons. Each icon has a risky to save your work on the Temporary Disk. You name. You are looking at Boot Disk, Application Disk and should bring your own diskette (800k or 1.44 Megabytes) or Temporary Disk icons. ZIP Disk (100Mb) and save your work on it. Don't forget to choose Mac preformatted disk if you have a choice. The Boot Disk contains all necessary system software. You MUST NOT save any data here. In this disk, you Risky ? Yes, because data stored on the Temporary Disk is will find removed after you leave the Mac at logout time. You should also remember that if you forget to erase your work from it, the next user may have access to your work after you leave the mac. which contains the rules about using university computing A note about diskettes. resources. It is recommended that you read this policy to We have found that 3M /Immation brand diskettes are avoid problem in the future. To read it, simply click on the NOT RELIABLE and cause problems with normal icon two times in quick succession. operation of the PowerMacs. For this reason, we recommend that you DO NOT buy these brands. Rutgers In this disk, you will also find the following icon University book store tends to sell 3M/Immation brand and this brand is not recommended. SONY brand diskettes are found to be the most reliable and are recommended for use on the Power Macs. WARNING About these Macs! This icon is used to report problems with equipment in the • Each Mac is configured to support every user. At times, lab. If you happen to see equipment not working correctly some System Software files may be damaged or modified (software or hardware), you should click this icon twice by previous users either intentionally or accidentally. and report the problem. If you don't report the problem, no When this happens, the Mac may crash or behave one will. By reporting it, you are making sure that a abnormally. When you come across some strange behavior problem with lab equipment is taken care of as fast as with the Mac, you should restart it via the Special Menu. possible. Restart should fix your problem. If your problem persists, you should contact someone on duty and seek help. • Each Mac has an Autosave program that will force you to save your work after a few minutes or keystrokes or clicks. If you don't want this feature to take affect, you Application Disk can turn it off by clicking at the green box with a letter 's' at the top-right hand corner of the screen. See picture The next icon is called Application Disk. It contains all below. programs available for the Macintosh at Rutgers -3-
  4. 4. On every Logout, the Macs will: - Force Quit all running programs without savings. - Clean up all files stored on Temporary Disk and put them into Lost&Found Folder. Previous Lost&Found Folder will be moved to Trash and erased. - Unmount all Network Volumes and Eject inserted floppy disk. - Put out login window and turn on screen saver. Clicking on the green box will open the AutoSave dialog box like the picture below. Any changes on the settings will be made active after OK button is clicked. Possible Login Problems There are possible problems that may occur on these Macs. Here is a list and what to do about them: Q: I enter my correct Username, Password and Host name but it says Wrong Password or Username! A: You definitely have enteredthe Wrong Password and/or Username. Try to make sure that the Capslock is not down. Uppercase and lower case matters. If you still unable to login, you have to contact Consultant on Duty or Info Center at Hill Center at (908)445-2296. Example of AutoSave Settings for ClarisWorks. Q: I can not login no matter what I do. Note: The AutoSave program works independently for A: There are many possible reasons for this. The best way each program you run. The default setting for AutoSave is to get your answer is to ask the ocnsultant on duty. ON. This flexibility allows you to set different settings for each program. Please note that the changes you make only last until you logout. Once you logout, the changes you Other Possible Problems make may revert to their original settings. Q: I am not familiar with a Macintosh. What do I do to familiarize myself ? • Each Mac has a Screen saver that will be active when the mouse pointer is on the top-left corner of the screen A: There are two program inside each Mac called near the menu. It will also be active when the Mac is Introduction to the Macintosh and Macintosh Basics that left idle for 5 minutes. During this idle time, the screen of was made especially for new users. Before you can run this the mac will be locked for a maximum of 15 minutes. At program, you still have to pass the login process. idle time only the user of the mac can unlock the screen. After 20 minutes, the mac will auto logout. (Read below to Click on the Introduction to the Mac icon and select Open see what happen at logout time) to run the program. • Do not leave your data on Temporary Disk. It will be Q: Where do I find help on programs in this Mac ? erased automatically after you logout. You may save your work on it temporarily but make sure you copy your data to A: Beside the Macintosh Basics tutorial there are other your own floppy disk before you leave. You can also save on-line helps. Some of this help is available inside the your data into the UNIX Mac Files network volume if you programs you run and some others are available from the don't have floppy disk. balloon help. Balloon help is the little icon on the top right corner of your screen. Select it and click shows • The Macintosh will log you out if you let it idle for 20 Balloon. Now point your mouse pointer at an object on the minutes. A warning message will inform you about 60 screen and you will see the balloon help in action. seconds before it logs you out. There is also a ReadMe item under your Apple Menu. • This Mac has a Logout option under the Special Menu. Select it and you will find some documentation about When you finish using the Mac, please Logout not Restart specific programs. This help file will change from time to and leave the mac On. If you don't logout, your data may time so keep checking every time you use this Mac. be compromised and other users can send mail and post news in your name. So never forget to logout! -4-
  5. 5. Q: How do I see what programs are running on the mac? • Click on  to select a Zone in which the printer is located. A: To find out what programs are running on a Mac at the • Click on Ž to select a printer name in the specific moment, Select the Process List icon from the top-right corner of the screen. Hold down the mouse on this icon and zone. you will see a menu with a list of all the currently running • Click on  to select printing option. programs. Process List Icon Q: What is Background Printing option  above ? A: This option when selected, will let you continue working without waiting for your print job to finish. When Background Printing is On, your print job is sent to a queue and Print Monitor then control is returned to you without waiting for the job to finish. The Mac will Process List icon continue sending the job to the printer while at the same Process List time not forcing you to wait for the control to the mac. Q: How do I switch between running programs? To find out the status of your print job, keep a watch on A: To switch between running programs, select the Process the Process List icon on the top-right corner of the screen or List icon from the top-right corner of the screen. Hold select the Print Monitor from the Process List. It is a good down the mouse on this icon and select the name of the idea to look at the Process List icon once a while. If you program you want to switch to. The examples above show see the Process List icon blinks, it means that the program you how to switch from MacPaint to ClarisWorks. that has the blinking icon may need your attention. Q: I don't see Application Disk or Temporary Disk partition on the screen. Where are they? A: At times for some strange reasons, one partition does not Note: mount automatically or someone may have ejected them If you find any problems with any equipment, you should accidentally. To remount these partitions, you have to report this by putting an OUT OF ORDER sign on the Mac restart the mac. If for some reasons the problem still or report it to some one on duty or via Netscape at exists, you should report this problem or report it to http://please/fix someone on duty. If you don't report it, no one will know about the problem Q: How do I select a Printer? and therefore it won't be fixed. A: To select a printer, select Chooser under the Apple If you have any suggestions to improve Macs facility for menu and a window below will open. To choose a printer, Department of Computer Science, please send mail to: you need to: Have a Great Semester !! Œ Ž   • Click on Œ to select LaserJet 4Si printer driver. -5-