Training and Certification


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Training and Certification

  1. 1. Training and Certification Key Features Training • Leader-led instruction on Mac OS X and WebObjects applications and technologies Q. What kind of training does Apple offer? • Hands-on labs and practical exercises A. Today, Apple offers courses on technical coordination, system administration, and • Courses are taught by experienced trainers with dynamic presentation skills application development. Technical coordinators can receive basic technical training on • Industry-recognized certification for technical managing Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server systems. System administrators can receive in-depth coordinators and system administrators training on managing medium-to-large networks of Mac systems in multiplatform deployments, • Exams available at Prometric testing centers and applications deployed on the WebObjects application server. Software architects and throughout the United States and Canada, programmers can receive comprehensive developer training on WebObjects and Cocoa, and selected countries in Asia Pacific and Europe Apple’s powerful object-oriented development environments. Q. Why should I take training from Apple? A. Great curriculum. Experienced instructors. Convenient locations. Certification preparation. Apple is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive, high-quality learning experience that results in the best application of Apple technologies. Course curriculum balances concepts with practical examples and hands-on tutorials. Apple courses also incorporate up-to-date information relating to recent product revisions, and often include valuable information—tips and tricks—communicated directly from Apple’s training teams. Apple courses are designed to support the Apple certification program. Students who successfully complete these courses can be confident that they’ve covered the material required to pass the certification exams. (See the next section for information about the certification program.) The courses are taught by technical professionals with real-world experience and dynamic presentation skills. They are conveniently offered in Apple training centers, or can be delivered onsite at customer locations worldwide. Q. What courses does Apple offer? A. Current courses offered are • Mac OS X Administration Basics • Mac OS X Server Essentials • Mac OS X Administration Basics/Server Essentials Combo • Mac OS X Network Administration • Mac OS X Services Integration • Mac OS Client Management • Quicktime Streaming • Cocoa Development
  2. 2. Training and Certification 2 • WebObjects Development I • WebObjects Development II • WebObjects Deployment Q. Where can I find detailed information about the courses offered? A. Please visit to read detailed information about each of the courses and the topics they cover. These web pages also contain data sheets in PDF format that provide similar information. Additional courses are being developed; continue to check the website for information about upcoming courses. Q. How much do the courses cost? A. Pricing for individual enrollment courses taken at Apple training centers is available at For pricing and scheduling of onsite courses delivered at your location, please call 800-848-6398 or email Cancellation and refund policies are available at Q. Where are the training centers located? A. Apple offers courses at Apple training centers in the following cities: • Chicago, IL • Cupertino, CA • Dallas, TX • New York, NY • Reston, VA • Santa Monica, CA • Toronto, Canada In addition to the locations listed above, Apple offers courses at Apple Authorized Training Centers. Please visit for a list of authorized training centers. Apple can deliver the courses onsite at customer locations. To schedule an onsite course, please call 800-848-6398 or email Q. How do I view course schedules? A. To view course schedules, please visit For questions about course schedules, please call an Apple Training representative at 800-848-6398. Q. How register for a course? A. To register for a course, please call 800-848-6398, visit, or email
  3. 3. Training and Certification 3 Certification Q. What are the benefits of certification? A. Certification provides assurance that the holder of a certificate has the requisite knowledge to perform certain tasks on specific versions of Apple technology. For consultants and technical staff, certification is a great way to measure your knowledge and confirm that you are technically up to date, and it is also a useful tool for marketing your skills. For IT managers, certification is a means of ensuring that your staff or consultants are using the latest Apple technology in the most efficient and effective ways. Q. What kinds of certification programs does Apple offer? A. Apple currently offers Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server technical coordinators. The Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) certification will be available in early 2002. Q. Who is the intended audience for technical coordinator certification? A. Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification is ideal for a traditional Mac and AppleShare IP user who may not be a full-time professional system administrator, but who is tasked with maintaining a modest network of computers. Typical technical coordinators are teachers and school-based technology specialists, designated power users in larger organizations, or help desk support personnel. Technical coordinators must be able to implement and configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and assist end users with specific tasks in Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. Technical coordinators must also be able to determine the context in which a problem arises, and use an appropriate technical vocabulary when requesting additional services or escalating problems to system administrators or Apple support resources. Q. Who is the intended audience for system administrator certification? A. Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) certification is designed for full-time, professional system administrators and engineers managing medium-to-large networks of Mac systems in demanding and relatively complex multiplatform deployments. System administrators and engineers have broad professional experience, often including traditional UNIX system administration. The ACSA certification focuses on basic and advanced setup, architecture, design, configuration, integration, customization, and debugging. The learning curve is correspondingly longer and more intensive than for the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator certification. System administrators and engineers must be able to install computers; design and configure networks; enable, customize, tune, and troubleshoot a wide range of services; and integrate with heterogeneous and legacy network environments.
  4. 4. Training and Certification 4 Q. What is required to become certified? A. For ACTC certification, candidates must pass two exams, and for ACSA certification, candidates must pass four exams, as shown below. Note that the Mac OS X Administration Basics exam is common to both certifications. Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Apple Certified System Administrator (ACTC) exams (ACSA) exams Mac OS X Administration Basics Mac OS X Administration Basics Mac OS X Server Essentials Mac OS X Network Administration Mac OS X Services Integration Mac OS Client Management Q. What are the prerequisites for certification? A. Once you pass all of the exams for a specific certification, you will be certified. There are no additional prerequisites for ACTC or ACSA certification. Q. How do I register for exams? A. Apple works with Prometric—a worldwide provider of comprehensive technology-based testing and assessment services—to facilitate the examination process at its testing centers, which are located in many cities worldwide. To register for an examination, call Prometric toll- free at 888-APL-EXAM (888-275-3926). Q. How much do the exams cost? A. Each examination costs 150 USD. (Fees may vary in other countries.) This fee, which must be paid by credit card or purchase order when you register for an examination with Prometric, is subject to Prometric’s payment, cancellation, and refund policies. If candidates do not pass an exam and want to repeat it, they will need to register and pay the examination fee again. Q. Where can the exams be taken? A. Prometric has testing centers in many cities throughout the United States and Canada, and in selected countries in Asia Pacific and Europe. Exams are conducted only in English at this time. To find a location near you, please visit Q. What is the format of the exams? How long do they take? A. Exams are up to 90 minutes in length. Each exam contains between 60 and 80 multiple- choice items. Some of the items are scenario-based; that is, you will be given a problem description and asked to analyze the situation and select the appropriate solution. If time permits, you will be able to review your answers and make any desired changes before the exam is scored. On submission, the exam is graded and the recorded score is provided to you. A 15-minute tutorial on the use of the simple test interface will be administered before you take the exam.
  5. 5. Training and Certification 5 Q. When will certification exams be available? A. Exams for the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator certification are available now. Exams for the Apple Certified System Administrator certification will be released in early 2002. Information about their availability will be posted at Q. What happens after I take an exam? A. Approximately 30 days after passing all the required exams, candidates will receive confirmation of certificate status. Q. What does the certification cover? A. Each certification is valid for a particular version of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. Apple will update the exams for major Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server revisions. When such revisions occur, notification will be posted on Q. How should I prepare for exams? A. To help with preparation for exams, Apple provides a recommended course curriculum and courses taught by Apple training staff or certified trainers. Also, you can check the Skills Assessment Guide for a particular exam to see if you have the requisite knowledge and skills to pass that exam. As each new exam opens for registration, the corresponding Skills Assessment Guide is posted on Q. Will the exams be available in other countries? A. The ACTC exams are available in the United States and Canada, and in selected countries in To Register Asia Pacific and Europe. Please check for announcements regarding the To register for an exam, call Prometric toll-free availability of the ACSA exams. at 888-APL-EXAM (888-275-3926). To register for an Apple Training course, please visit or call 800-848-6398. To schedule an onsite course at your organization’s location, please call 800-848-6398 or email For More Information Please visit or call 800-848-6398 for more information about all Apple Training courses and certification programs. For additional information about Apple custom application development, integration and consulting, and enterprise support services, visit or email Apple 1 Infinite Loop © 2002 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Cocoa, Mac, Mac OS, QuickTime, and WebObjects are trademarks of Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA 95014 Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. 408-996-1010 Mention of nonApple products or services is for informational purposes only. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. May 2002 L14397C