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Chuck Bogardus                   ,
                  931 Mea...
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Document Production Support Staff Lead (Designer, Network/Tech Support)
Gemini Consulting — Morr...
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   Course o centere onpublicrelations,
         w rk         d                  journalism advert...
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The Searle, Pharmacia                                     The Gemini Years
& Pfizer ...
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The Searle, Pharmacia


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The Searle, Pharmacia

  1. 1. Chuck Bogardus, 931 Meadow Drive – Catawissa, Missouri 63015 – 314/920-6860 Summary With diverse communications experience ranging from US Military Public Affairs through the highly technical world of Big Pharma Research Communications, I ’ m ready to tackle your project, and take it to the next level. Graphic design to structured communication and training – it ’ s all covered! Experience Vice President – Operations Synergicare LLC — Catawissa, Missouri 7/07–prese –Develop market nt and continuingeducationprogra s healthcar profes on s, mfor e si al primarilyin thearea wound ostomy of and care. • Web prese c develop e –www. e gic e. o , www. o c r c nfer n ec m ne m nt syn r ar c m w und ae o e c . o , and ww w un c r t . w. o d aeal m • Produc d e copyandweb design all web printmaterials. for and Directmailadvertising. President Bogardus Communications LLC — Wentzville, Missouri 3/07–prese –Primarilyaweb- endor large- nt v of formatphoto,sign,display otheradvertising and services. Market adapt m ec solutions need d. web and eco m r e as e All design implem nt on and e ati done house. in- Sitesincludewww.digitalen ging. o , ww ar c m w.po e pr p. o , ww st r e c m m p se c m ar a o t r. o , ww h p o t r. m w.po e p ntpo er. mwww. cr b t o e c m w.b nn r e c m s o p se co , ww w r oi st co , a o ap st r. o , ww a e pr p. o , ww pe b n e c m w. e a e di , www.biote p st r. m www.displaypr p. o . w.j g a n r. o , ww m r m c g m ch o e co , and e cm Fulltime Caregiver 10/06- 1/07–Assiste afamilymem er 1 d b followingseverecomplicationsfromabdo nalsurgery. mi Question doctors! St. Louis Area Creative Services Lead Research Communications Specialist/Graphic Designer/Photographer Pfizer Global Research & Development — Chesterfield, Missouri 4/03to10/06–PfizerInc(dep artm nt e outsourc d e 10/06) 8/97to4/03–Pharm cia a (formerlySearle/Mons nto Pharm cia Upjohn) a and a & 1/96to8/97–Searle (contra e through ct d Adecco) • Mana e PfizerSt.LouisCreative gd Service staff,ensuring s highqualityinternal/external com unic on over1,200 Louiscollea e& supportpersonn andthousa s m ati for St. gu s el, ndof rese ch raround world. ar e s the • Combined prese ation design nt and skillswithknowled e scienc s ac –Designe edited g of e/re e r h d, and oversa production informational,technicalandscientificmaterialforin- w of house externaluse. and Clients/audienc s erange fromadiverse d group bench- of levelscientists directors, to vice- residents, p FDA,boardroo , –Materials metc. varied fromPowerpointthrough catalog andwall- exhibits. s size • Provided editorial,photogr p (technicalandPR/feature), training/tech a hy and support.Supported PublicRelations staffwithcreative solutions, eventphotogr p etc.–Interface a hy, withscientific com unity.Contributing m photogr p er IABCBronze a h on Quill award. • Served PfizerTechnicalCom on munityboard respon ble productionandinstallationof over - si for 300 technicalexhibitsannually. • Specified vendors, equipm nt softwar ensured e and e, qualityandsecurity. • Received ACEAward fromSearle/Mons nto a (one veryfewcontractor toreceive of s this recognition)andrecognize as“Employe of theMonth byAdecco. d e ” For more info, see
  2. 2. Chuck Bogardus — Page 2 Document Production Support Staff Lead (Designer, Network/Tech Support) Gemini Consulting — Morristown, New Jersey Monsanto, The Chemical Group (now Solutia) – St. Louis, Missouri 8/92to1/96–Contracte through d KellyTemporaryService (TechnicalBranch) Adecco support s and to Gemini'sBusine s sRede gn Solutiaspinoffeffort.Over250 si and Geminiconsultants analysts and were involved. • Respon ble design editingof propos s, si for and al prese ations training nt and materialsfor Gemini/Mons nto a personn through VP levelin ahigh- ecurityenvironm nt. el the s e • Primary person respon ble maintaining si for acce s securityof Geminiseg e of wide sand m nt area network LotusNotes sitesyste . and on- mProvided techsupportandon- training site (Macintoshand IBM/Window Specified supporte equipm nt softwar fortheproject. s). and d e and e Owner/Manager of Desktop Publishing Company Words To Go — Clayton, Missouri 8/87to10/92–Pione in desktop/electronic er publishing directmailadvertising. and Alsoinstalledword proce sing publishing s and softwar andhardw e, trained e ar and clients use mainten n e in and ac. • Directmail,advertising/prom onalmaterials, oti new etter andtraining/technicalmanuals, sl s alongwith resum s acad mic éand e material. • Worked withclients design installspecialized to and printsyste s Respon ble all phas s m– si for eof projects,fromdesign implem nt on training. to e ati and • Clients includedorganizationssuch Washington as University,TheAmerican LungAssociation, Monsa andoutfitsranging nto, fromsmallboutique agencie through Fortune ad s the 500. Instructional Designer & Consultant Tansey & Associates — St. Louis, Missouri Contract theperiodof January August for - 1990,withprevious freelanc work–Mana e e t e g m nconsulting firm specializing developing in trainingsolutionstailored specificclientneed to s • Develop d e mana e e t occup onaltraining g m nand ati progra s m including materials, , all simulations, role playing, related and activities, clientcorporations. for • Respon ble need ass s m ns si for s e s e t , analys s propos s task e& al throughdevelop e of final m nt training/testing. • Maintained comp ny computer a ’ s syste s trained m, and otherpersonn in core el software. • Clients included AT&T,GeneralMotors, FordMotorComp ny, Associate Builders a and d & Contractor s. Staff Writer and Photographer Army National Guard Public Affairs July1984toAugust 1988–Primary mission therese ch writing/production new andfeature was ar and of s stories use militarypublications in civilianmedia. for in and • Majoradditionalduties includedrese c andproduction pres relea eandinternalnew items, ar h of s ss s photogr p (candid,docum nt still, and“grip'n' a hy e ary, grins ), ”copyediting, typesetting, extensive and layout& designexperienc . eSecretsecurityclearanc . e • Attende theDefens Information d e School(DINFOS)atFt. Benja nHarrison graduat d mi and e from theBasic Journalismcourse. Worked at numerous full- and part-time jobs during college. Provided 100% of tuition & expenses. Education Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky 40475 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Public Relations — June 1987 For more info, see
  3. 3. Chuck Bogardus — Page 3 Course o centere onpublicrelations, w rk d journalism advertising, and withempha s writingand si on productionfor advertising, film,video,graphics photogr p Extensive and a hy. experienc in production, e fromdesign pres to s. References are available. For more info, see
  4. 4. Chuck Bogardus — Page 4 References The Searle, Pharmacia The Gemini Years & Pfizer Years Bruce Greer Dr. John P. McKearn (now Vice President, Strategic Planning, (former Discovery Oncology Lead, Searle, Olin Corporation, Clayton MO) & VP of Discovery Research, Pharmacia) Andrew McIlwraith Dr. Rodney Lappe (now Senior Engagement Manager of (now Chief Scientific Officer with CovX, Strategic Offsites Group, LLC, Boston, MA) San Diego, CA) (858) 964-2000 (617) 266-8711 Steve Pennington Jim Wilson (now Director of Procurement (now Managing Director, at Cenetene Corporation) Claremont Strategy Center, Claremont, CA) (909) 621-0160 Charles Bacher Former Associate Director, Materials Life in General Management & Logistics, Pfizer Kathryn Whitworth (314) 846-1930 Database Administrator, Smurfit-Stone Corp. Dr. Ismail Kola (314) 616-5908 (now a VP with Merck) Don Powell United States World Benchrest Cup Team Elaine Krul, PhD (now Science Fellow & Lead, Molecular Nutrition, Solae) Dr. Clayton C. Wilson, MD Anesthesia 314-659-3284 St. John’s Mercy Hospital, Washington, Missouri Jeffery Keene, PhD (Director of Pharmacology, Kereos Inc.) Robert Forgey (now President, Chief Operating Officer, ProNAi Therapetuics,Inc.) Allen & Maureen Nickols Former Researchers, Searle, Pharmacia, Pfizer For more info, see