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The Peel


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The Peel

  1. 1. The Peel A PUBLICATION OF THE BIRMINGHAM APPLE CORE ~Our 25th Year~ Please e-mail your Adobe introduces a public, The DNG format helps promote ar- questions or comments to archival format for digital chival confidence, since digital imag- Bill Henry, Editor ing software solutions will be able to ( camera raw data open your raw files more easily in the future. Raw file formats are becoming ex- tremely popular in digital photography A single raw processing solution en- workflows because they offer creative ables a more efficient workflow when professionals greater creative control. handling raw files from multiple cam- However, cameras can use many differ- era models and manufacturers. ent raw formats — the specifications for which are not publicly available — which A publicly documented and readily means that not every raw file can be read available specification can be easily by a variety of software applications. As adopted by camera manufacturers and a result, the use of these proprietary raw updated to accommodate future tech- files as a long-term archival solution car- nological changes. ries risk, and sharing these files across complex workflows is even more chal- Stuffit Deluxe 9.0 lenging. User Group Discount Offered Aladdin announces the release of The solution to this growing problem? NEW Stuffit Deluxe 9.0. The fastest October 2004 The Digital Negative (DNG), a new, pub- and most reliable compression solution Vol. 26, No. 10 licly available archival format for the raw just got better. Stuffit Deluxe is now Inside this issue files generated by digital cameras. By ad- your complete information manage- dressing the lack of an open standard for ment tool! Whether your data needs to Adobe DNG Format....................1 the raw files created by individual camera be stored securely in space-saving ar- Stuffit Deluxe 9.0..........................1 models, DNG helps ensure that photogra- chives or safely sent to friends or co- BAC October Meeting....................2 phers will be able to access their files in workers, Stuffit handles it all. BAC Board of Directors...............2 the future. continued on page 2 BAC Disk of the Month.................2 BAC Message Board.....................2 In addition to announcing the Digital October ʻ04 Door Prizes...........2 Negative, Adobe announces the avail- Stuffit Deluxe 9.0 contʼd................2 ability of the free Adobe DNG Con- 15inch PB Display Repair.............3 verter (Windows® | Macintosh), which Hints and Tips..............................4 easily translates raw files from many of BAC October Meeting PC or Mac for Security ?....... ........4 todayʼs popular cameras. Software devel- iMac G5 Help Site.......................5 opers and manufacturers can download The October meeting will be held on Sat- MIT Studies Spinach Power.......5 the complete DNG specification (PDF: urday October 9, at 10:00am at the Home- Photoshop Elements 3...................5 276k). DNG is supported by both Ado- wood Library in room 116 (lower level). be® Photoshop® CS and Adobe Photo- The topic of the meeting will be “The Display Ads..................................6 Macintosh iLife ʻ04: featuring iMovie & shop Elements 3.0 (Windows® | Macin- iDVD” presented via DVD by Jim Heid, tosh) software. Come early and enjoy coffee, doughnuts and cookies, plus....... Key benefits for photographers:
  2. 2. 2 The PEEL 2004 BAC Board of Directors Stores and types frequently used BAC Disk of the Month text. Requires OS 10.2 or higher. PRESIDENT/PEEL EDITOR The BAC CDOM (Disk of the Month) Bill Henry is available at each BAC meeting. VueScan X 8.1.1...Shareware These CDs contain updates, shareware, Updated, keeps getting better and VICE PRESIDENT/PROGRAMS and freeware. covers more scanners. In most cases, Jim Hillhouse The cost is $2 per disk and is avail- it replaces and improves the origi- able at the BAC meetings from Disk nal scanner driver. Requires Mac OS SECRETARY Tommy Ellison Librarian Jerry Jenkins. 10.x October 2004 CDOM Stuffit Deluxe 9.0contʼd from page 1 TREASURER/WEBMASTER Descriptions Now you can backup, burn to CD/ Penelope Fenton CapacityMeter X...Freeware DVD, upload files via FTP, and more, MEMBERSHIP Displays and tracks Power Book bat- automatically. Compress and send any Ted Galloway tery capacity. Requires a G3 or later and files that would otherwise be denied OS 10.1 or later. due to bandwidth restrictions. Ensure INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA LIBRARIAN all your documents reach their desti- Luther Fuller DragThing X 5.3.1...Shareware nations securely with password pro- Make your own dock. tection and strong 512-bit encryption. DISK LIBRARIAN Jerry Jenkins Because Aladdin values our User FolderIcon X 1.9.4...Shareware Groups we would like to extend a ******************** Create custom folder icons and docu- Special Offer. The Apple PEEL is the official newsletter of ment icons. Requires OS 10.2.1 or high- Order Stuffit Deluxe today and the Birmingham Apple Core Macintosh User er, or OS 10.3.x start compressing all your information Group. It is free to members as a benefit of for only $29.99 – thatʼs a savings of membership. Unless otherwise noted within GraphicConverter 5.2.3...Shareware over 60% off the regular price! the articles, all material published herein may Many, many improvements in this be reprinted without permission by any not- updated version. A good app to change In addition, if you purchase before for-profit Apple User Group provided proper credit is given to the author(s) and the proper graphics formats and to edit and correct October 11th we will donate $1 from publication. digital photos. Requires Mac OS 10.x your purchase to charity. P.S. This Instead of placing a trademark symbol on offer expires on October 31st, 2004, each occurrence of a trademark name, we MacJournal 2.5.2...Freeware so act now!  state that we have used trademark names for Comes highly recommended. More editorial purposes only, for the benefit of the than a high performance text editor. Re- trademark owners, with no intent to infringe on Message Board ID and quires OS X those trademarks. password for October ©Copyright 2004 MrArchitect 3D 1.1...Shareware The BAC Message Board is located Parametric CAD tool creates 3D archi- at and click on tectural elements. Message Board. The User id for Octo- FOR SALE ber is: peel and the password is 1004. PopChar X 2.1.2...Shareware Some browsers ask for the Name in Norton SystemWorks 2.0 Displays the hidden characters of the the top box. This is the place for the New-Never used. user ID. font you are using and inserts the one you select. Requires OS10.1.2 or higher. Contains AntiVirus, Utilities, Ret- October Door Prizes rospect Backup and Spring Clean- The following list of door prizes will SnapzPro X 2.0.1...Shareware ing. Great for Mac OS 8 thru 9.2.2 be awarded at the October BAC meet- Take a snap shot of any thing which but not for OS 10.3. $20. ing, appears on your screen. 1) a copy of the monthly CDOM. Call Jerry Jenkins 425-5141 2) a one-month rental of any of the Tex-Edit Plus X 4.8.1...Shareware Easy-to-use text editor, but more like instructional CDs that are in our Li- a word processor. This new version is brary scriptable. Requires OS 10.1 or higher. 3) a book “iMovie 3 & iDVD The Missing Manual” by David Pogue.  Typist X 1.2.2...Shareware
  3. 3. The PEEL 3 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair How long is the 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program Extension Program available? The program covers affected PowerBooks for two (2) Frequently Asked Questions years after the first retail sale of the unit. Apple will con- tinue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further What is the 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Exten- repair extensions as needed. sion Program? A limited number of 15-inch PowerBook G4 computers Is there a cost to customers who participate in the 15-inch exhibit a display issue which may cause faint white spots to PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program? appear on the screen over time. The 15-inch PowerBook G4 The repairs outlined in this program, including shipping Repair Extension Program is a worldwide program covering charges, will be covered by Apple. replacement of LCDs that exhibit these white spots. Your PowerBook G4 serial number must fall between one of two I paid for an eligible repair before the 15-inch Power- serial number ranges: Book G4 Display Repair Extension Program began. Will V7334xxxxxx to V7345xxxxxx Apple reimburse me for the cost of the repair? QT331xxxxxx to QT339xxxxxx If you paid for an eligible repair, Apple will reimburse you for the cost of the repair. To be reimbursed, please call These computers were manufactured from July 2003 the Apple contact center in your country. through November 2003. PowerBooks with the serial num- bers listed above may be referred to as: What if my 15-inch PowerBook G4 exhibits symptoms PowerBook G4 15-inch Aluminum (1GHz G4 or 1.25GHz other than that covered by the 15-inch PowerBook G4 Dis- G4) play Repair Extension Program? PowerBook G4 Titanium (867MHz G4 or 1GHz G4) This program only covers 15-inch PowerBooks with se- rial numbers falling in the above-mentioned ranges and that How can I tell if my computer exhibits “white spots”? exhibit faint white spots on the display. For any other dis- To determine whether your 15-inch PowerBook G4 ex- play issue, please call your local Apple contact center, or hibits “white spots”, follow these easy instructions. If your drop by your local Apple retail store or AASP. computer exhibits white spots, please call your local Apple contact center, or drop by your local Apple retail store or I have a remanufactured PowerBook that fits the descrip- Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”). tion noted, however, the serial number does not follow the If youʼre not sure whether your 15-inch PowerBook G4 format indicated. How can I determine whether my Power- exhibits “white spots”, please call your local Apple contact Book qualifies for the program? center, or drop by your local Apple retail store or AASP. If your remanufactured PowerBook G4 15-inch display shows white spots, please call your local Apple contact cen- Where do I find the serial number for my PowerBook? ter, or drop by your local Apple retail store or AASP. The PowerBook serial number is located on the side of the battery well in the top left corner. How do I call Apple? 1. After you have saved your documents and quit open ap- The toll-free U.S. Apple contact center number is 1-800- plications, shut down your PowerBook. 275-2273. If you do not live in the U.S., please see Appleʼs 2. Remove your battery from the PowerBook. international contact list for your local Apple technical sup- 3. The serial number sticker can be found inside the battery port phone number. well in the top left-hand corner. Is there an Apple retail store near me? Is the 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension To find an Apple retail store near you, please visit our Program available for other Apple computers? Apple retail store website. No. The program only applies to 15-inch PowerBook G4 computers with serial numbers in the above-mentioned How do I find my local Apple Authorized Service Pro- ranges that exhibit faint white spots on the LCD display. vider (AASP)? To find an AASP near you, please use our AASP locator. When does the expansion to the 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program begin? The 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension The 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program on its website at Program begins immediately. This notice was posted on Fri- book/displayprogram.  day, September 24, 2004.
  4. 4. 4 The PEEL Take the plunge, and I guarantee you will never look back.” Mac or PC? Windowsʼ security issues help Am I missing something? Do the mushrooms come pack- some users choose Get a Mac! aged right in the Mac box? by Kevin maney, USA Today Cultishness aside, though, people are switching because of Last week, I wrote about a virus giving a lobotomy to my the security issue. In Austin, computer consultant Brad Hu- Windows XP home computer. I got more e-mail about that delson was once a high-level manager at Dell, the leading column than any other, ever. The comments generally split maker of Windows PCs. Hudelson says he “gave up after into two camps: Sasser (virus attacks) last year and replaced all my machines •People who have Windows PCs and wanted to commiser- with Apples and Mac OS X.” ate. Physician Thomas Essman switched for the same reason. •Mac zealots who swarmed over my sad story like ants on So did Bryan Crawford, a biology professor at the Univer- a dropped Popsicle, all on a mission to “save” this allegedly sity of Alberta in Canada. “Iʼve been in computer heaven misguided Microsoft captive. Now I know what it would ever since,” Crawford says. feel like to wander into a Branch Davidian convention. Or to Hereʼs a particularly good one: Daryl Forrest is a developer be a Democrat trapped in a room with Zell Miller. of software for Windows. “I have moved all non-work-re- Taken together, though, the two kinds of responses raise a lated computing to a new Apple Power Mac G5,” he writes. point: This virus and security problem might be the biggest “I like Windows XP, but the risks are too high these days. Itʼs challenge to Microsoft in years. sad that it has gotten to this.” The message I get is that people are fed up with the vulner- On and on it goes, one e-mail after another. ability of Windows. They are increasingly willing to consider And the threats are only going to get worse. Monday, secu- other options. And, for whatever reasons, Apple Computerʼs rity software maker Symantec reported it found 5,000 new Macintosh and Linux-based computers hardly get infected viruses aimed at Windows in the first half of 2004 — a dra- or invaded at all. matic increase over 2003. My in-box is proof that hackers and virus writers know Microsoft is not oblivious. “The environment has changed, no bounds. They are filling Windows computers worldwide clearly,” says Gytis Barzdukas, an executive in Microsoftʼs with pop-up ads and spyware, which can steal information security unit. “We are stepping up, trying to take more re- from your hard drive. Theyʼre sending out viruses that out- sponsibility. We want to be partners with our customers in right destroy PCs, often taking out valuable digital files with maintaining their PCsʼ health.” it. The company is frantically writing software patches to Itʼs not like you have to be stupid or negligent to have this plug the Windows vulnerabilities. It is offering big-money happen. Jeff Hawkins — the guy who invented the Palm bounties for the arrests of virus writers. It is trying to educate computer and wrote a just-out book about the brain — e- its users about computer safety — the equivalent, Barzdukas mailed to say that a virus killed his home PC. I got a simi- says, of telling car owners they should wear seat belts. lar note from Felix Sanchez, CEO of government services So far, Microsoft has had no luck staying ahead of the company TerraCom. “My brand-new Sony went kaput,” he threats. The company plugs one hole or advises customers writes. “I hope our small office has not been further compro- to take a certain measure, and the hackers find four ways mised.” around it. Itʼs the software equivalent of trying to get rid of The viruses have hit doctors and lawyers and all kinds of cockroaches. regular folks. Jacqueline Beckley, owner of small business Industry analysts donʼt think this is going to have a signifi- The Understanding & Insight Group, says the viruses are cant impact on buying decisions. Businesses, especially, are costing her big bucks, and, “They should just hang each of too heavily invested in Microsoft-based software. The costs the people who do the virus.” to switch to the Mac “are huge and potentially career-threat- Computer security is even a problem at St. Maryʼs Catholic ening for most CIOs,” says Peter Kastner, analyst at consult- School in Temple, Texas, writes Bernadette Hickman, whose ing firm Vericours. “No one has lost their job for keeping title at the school is “Webmeister.” As you might imagine, Windows.” she stops short of calling for hangings. But the school has Individuals, though, might be tempted for reasons that been switching to Macs. didnʼt exist a couple of years ago. This time, Microsoft Which brings us back to the Mac crowd. hasnʼt done anything particularly wrong; the hackers are the “There is a computing world where viruses and spyware bad guys. Blaming Microsoft for not building in safety mea- are unheard of, and the promise of technology making life sures is a little like blaming Florida for being in the path of better is actually a realistic goal,” e-mails Michael Bino of a hurricane. Still, Microsoft should be worried. It apparently New Jersey, using evangelical language that would make has a lot of frustrated users out there.  Oral Roberts proud. “Try a Mac.” Kevin Maney has covered technology for USA TODAY “I was in the same position until I saw the light,” writes since 1985. His column appears Wednesdays. Wilson Gill of Australia. “I am a very, very happy Mac user.
  5. 5. The PEEL 5 iMac G5 Troubleshooting Assistant metal. By shining laser light on the “sandwich,” researchers were able to generate a tiny current. While one device by itself canʼt generate much energy, billions of them together could The iMac G5 Troubleshooting Assistant covers the most produce enough electricity to power a device. common questions iMac owners ask us. Weʼll walk you “Itʼs like a penny,” Zhang said. “One penny is not much through a series of time-tested instructions to help you re- use, but 1 billion pennies is a lot of money.” solve your issue.  Practical applications are still a decade or so away, but the advantages include the technologyʼs lightweight quali- MIT Works to Power Computers ties, portability and environmental friendliness. “There is no With Spinach waste,” Zhang said. The researchers suggest the technology could be used as a By MARK PRATT, Associated Press Writer backup energy supply for battery-powered portable devices. BOSTON - “Eat your spinach,” Mom used to say. “It will “We have crossed the first hurdle of successfully inte- make your muscles grow, power your laptop and recharge grating a photosynthetic protein molecular complex with a your cell phone... “ OK. So nobodyʼs Mom said those last solid-state electronic device,” said Marc Baldo, an assistant two things. But researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Technology (news - web sites) say they have used spinach MIT.  to harness a plantʼs ability to convert sunlight into energy for the first time, creating a device that may one day power Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 3.0 laptops, mobile phones and more. Adobe Systems Inc. Photoshop Elements 3.0, a major up- Photosynthesis, the process by which plants use light grade to its consumer-level photo editing application. The beams for energy rather than eating food like animals, has update adds several new features and enhancements that been known to scientists for decades. allow the amateur and pro alike to edit photos with a few But attempts to combine the organic with the electronic mouse clicks. The upgrade will be released later this fall. had always failed: Isolate the photosynthetic proteins that capture the energy from sunlight, and they die. Inject the While many Mac users currently use iPhoto to brighten a water and salt needed to keep the proteins alive, and the picture or reduce red-eye, Adobe says the two products donʼt electronic equipment is destroyed. compete and can easily be used in conjunction with one an- That was until Shuguang Zhang, associate director of other. MITʼs Center for Biomedical Engineering, discovered that protein building blocks called detergent peptides could be “People wanted an integrated solution and iPhoto already manipulated to keep the proteins alive up to three weeks had a lot of the functionality, so we chose to build a prod- while in contact with electronics. uct to complement iPhoto,” Tapan Bhat, Director of Product “Stabilizing the protein is crucial,” said Zhang, who col- Management, Digital Imaging at Adobe, told MacCentral. laborated with researchers from MIT, the University of Ten- In addition to the Quick Fix, which allows you to correct nessee and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, including some of the most common types of flaws in photos, electrical engineers, nanotechnology experts and biologists. “Detergent peptide turned out to be a wonderful material to keep proteins intact.” Adobe has added Smart Fix to Elements 3.0. Smart Fix The scientists, whose findings were first reported by in automatically detects and fixes lighting, color and contrast NanoLetters, a publication of the American Chemical Soci- of an image for you. Both Smart Fix and Quick Fix have an ety, then created a “spinach sandwich.” advanced option that will allow you to control the enhance- Why spinach? ment levels manually using slider bars. In reality, any number of plants could have been used. Elements 3.0 will also include many other feature improve- But the researchers chose spinach because “it is cheap and ments such as editable and searchable metadata, Spot Heal- is easily available from the grocery store,” Zhang said. ing, Brush & Healing Brush, the ability to use Camera Raw The spinach was ground up and purified to isolate a pro- files, PDF slideshows, and Web Photo Galleries to name just tein deep within the spinach cells. a few. A top layer of glass was coated underneath with a con- Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 requires Mac OS X v10.2.8 ductive material and a thin layer of gold to aid the chemical or higher and costs US$89.99. It will ship later this fall and reaction. In the middle, the spinach-peptide mixture sits on is available for pre-order today. The Windows version will a soft, organic semiconductor that prevents electrical shorts be available for $99.99.  and protects the protein complexes from a bottom layer of
  6. 6. 6 The PEEL Alabama’s Apple Source McKinney Technologies, Inc. since 1988! Simplifying Technology ComSouth offers 1923 29th Ave., So. a complete selection of Homewood, AL 35209 Ph: 205-802-7886 Fax: 205-802-7898 Macintosh e-mail: ComSouth hardware, software, service, extended warranties, and Specializing in Consulting, Support, Maintenance, Birmingham 942-9622 Service & Authorized Repair for the Apple Macintosh State-wide 800-536-0301  Apple Consultants Network Authorized Sales & Service 225 Oxmoor Circle • Suite 810 Homewood, AL 35209 Authorized Sales & Service Authorized Value Added Reseller 3230 Galleria Circle • Consulation • Sales and Service Provider Birmingham, AL 35242 • Installation • Training (205) 444-0001 Sales, Service and Training • Digital Imaging Solutions Chris Perry Art Vires 1722-B 28th Ave. So., Homewood, AL 35209 Apple Solutions Consultant (Birmingham) Phone (205) 870-7044 Fax (205)780-1944 Cell Phone (205)335-4779 e-mail: e-mail: Bill Henry, Editor 2438 Mahaska Drive Birmingham, AL 35244 Be sure to check your mailing label for your BAC renewal month. To renew, mail $30 to BAC, PO Box 59745, Birmingham, AL 35259