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Advertising Rates, Mechanical Requirements and General Information

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  1. 1. Advertising Rates, Mechanical Requirements and General Information REAL ESTATE & RENTAL CLASSIFIED Effective August 28, 2006
  2. 2. Real Estate Frequency Contract Rates & Rental • Effective August 28, 2006 Mon. - Thu. Frequency Contracts 3 Lines/Cost Per Line Lines per ad Times run 3 to 14 15 to 56 57 to 140 141 to 363 364 to 2940 1X $1.77 $1.66 $1.43 $1.35 $ 1.32 Each ad earns its own rate and is applied to the rate schedule below. 2-3X 1.50 1.39 1.30 1.15 N/A Skip-day (irregular) ads will be billed at the most consecutive day rate 4-6X 1.46 1.30 1.24 1.13 N/A for each grouped schedule. 7-14X 1.40 1.27 1.14 1.07 N/A National Rates 15-35X 1.38 1.22 1.12 1.04 N/A Rate (per line) Mon. - Thu. Fri., Sat., Sun. Fri., Sat., Sun.,Holiday Frequency Contracts3 Lines/CPL 1-2X $5.78 $6.55 Lines per ad 3-6X 5.35 5.99 Times run 3 to 14 15 to 56 57 to 140 141 to 363 364 to 2940 7X+ 5.13 5.84 1X $1.94 $1.82 $1.59 $1.53 $1.45 Pick up into SunExtra 0.78 N/A 2-3X 1.76 1.57 1.49 1.28 N/A 4-6X 1.70 1.52 1.42 1.25 N/A Open Rates 7-14X 1.62 1.42 1.29 1.14 N/A Rate (per line) Mon. - Thu. Fri., Sat., Sun. 15-35X 1.60 1.39 1.23 1.11 N/A 1X $4.56 $5.24 2-6X $4.20 $4.80 Mon. - Thu. Frequency Contracts 56 Lines/Cost Per Line 7-14X $3.98 $4.61 Lines per ad 15-35X $3.79 $4.40 Times run 3 to 14 15 to 56 57 to 140 141 to 363 364 to 2940 Pick up into SunExtra $0.78 N/A 1X $1.66 $ 1.30 $1.22 $ 1.14 $ .96 2-3X 1.35 1.24 1.13 1.09 N/A 4-6X 1.25 1.14 1.09 1.07 N/A Charity & Association Rates 7-14X 1.13 1.11 1.05 .98 N/A Line ads (per line rate) $1.65 15-35X 1.11 1.07 .98 .93 N/A Fri., Sat., Sun., Holiday Frequency Contracts 56 Lines/CPL Annual Contract Rates Lines per ad Mon-Thur Mon-Thur Fri, Sat, Sun Times run 3 to 14 15 to 56 57 to 140 141 to 363 364 to 2940 Inches per year per inch per line per inch per line 1X $1.82 $1.45 $ 1.38 $ 1.29 $ 1.25 250 $43.59 $3.11 $49.90 $3.56 2-3X 1.52 1.35 1.28 1.23 N/A 500 41.15 2.94 46.82 3.34 4-6X 1.46 1.28 1.23 1.17 N/A 1000 37.91 2.71 44.39 3.16 7-14X 1.32 1.23 1.13 1.11 N/A 5000 31.23 2.39 37.75 2.70 15-35X 1.23 1.13 1.09 1.05 N/A Any real estate classified display ad 26" or larger qualifies for 25% off Recruitment Line Rate the second insertion, 35% off the third, and 50% off for each additional Mon-Thur Fri, Sat, Sun Sun Combo insertion(s), provided there are no copy changes. All ads must publish 1X 5.65 6.55 12.05 consecutively within seven (7)days to receive discounts. 2-6X 5.20 6.00 Ads published in any of our special sections may be picked up any 7-14X 5.00 5.90 seven days following publication at a 35%, discount providing there are no copy changes. 15-35X 4.75 5.60® 30 days $389 Some national ads that run in USA TODAY, the nation’s newspaper, careerbuilder®TV 7 days $150 may be picked up locally. Applicable ads will receive a 25% discount, which includes free color. Line rates may be used for display ads. Linage and rates will apply based on 14 lines to one inch.
  3. 3. Color by the Inch Rental Contract Rates Add color to advertisements 62" and less. Frequent advertisers can enjoy substantial savings with an annual commitment. Rate per inch Full Color $12.00 per inch 5 lines Mon. - Thu. Fri. - Sun. 2 Color $9.00 per inch 1 - 3X $1.75 $1.91 1 Color $6.00 per inch 4 - 6X 1.64 1.80 7 - 13X 1.49 1.65 TMC Product/SunExtra 14 - 20X 1.43 1.60 When you add the weekly SunExtra to your current Desert Sun 21 - 35X 1.29 1.44 advertising schedule, you’ll reach an additional 40,000 households in the market. Delivered to non subscribers, your insert in SunExtra will 6 to 14 lines Mon. - Thu. Fri. - Sun. virtually give you total market coverage. 1 - 3X $1.65 $1.80 Rate per inch 4 - 6X 1.44 1.60 Pickup from The Desert Sun with no copy changes $7.00 7 - 13X 1.34 1.55 Open rate Line rate pickup .74 14 - 20X 1.29 1.44 Contract Line rate pickup .47 21 - 35X 1.13 1.33 15 lines or more Mon. - Thu. Fri. - Sun. Saturday Desert Real Estate 1 - 3X $1.44 $1.65 A special value for Saturday real estate advertisers, Desert Real Estate 4 - 6X 1.34 1.49 includes feature articles, along with residential resales, rentals and 7 - 13X 1.24 1.39 commercial properties listings. Its tabloid-size pullout format makes it a handy take-along reference for those in the market to rent or 14 - 20X 1.18 1.29 purchase real estate. 21 - 35X 1.03 1.18 Rental Open Rates 5 lines Mon. - Thu. Fri. - Sun. 1-3X $4.53 $5.05 4-6X 4.12 4.64 7-14X 3.81 4.38 15-35X 3.55 4.12 Pick up into Sun Extra .70 Non-Contract Advertisers Ad Authorizations Special Package Rate Advertising in The Desert Sun will only be accepted with a writ- Buy 5 lines, 10 days for just $90.00. ten signed insertion order or ad authorization from the client. Rental Central: Includes a 3 column by 3 inch full color Written insertion order or ad authorization must include rates, size (when available) advertisement in our Tuesday rental banner. of ad, dates of insertion, total amount for the insertion and a signa- The package also includes an advertisement online with an ture from the client. The Desert Sun will not schedule ads with- exterior photo, 30 word property description, and more! out the proper ad authorization. 2 week package: $280.00 ($140.00 per week) 4 week package: $500.00 ($125 per week)
  4. 4. Inserts Preprinted Inserts Annual Frequency Rates are cost per thousand for tabloid-size preprints, inserted into The Desert Sun and/or SunExtra. Annual frequency 4 pages 8 pages 12 pages 16 pages 20 pages 24 pages 28 pages 32 pages 36 pages Card Inserts OPEN $72.00 $72.50 $73.25 $74.75 $78.50 $80.50 $80.75 $81.25 $82.25 8 1/2" x 11" 13 to 24 59.25 60.00 60.50 60.75 63.50 65.25 65.50 67.00 67.50 10,000 minimum 25 to 49 56.25 56.50 57.00 57.50 59.00 61.00 61.25 62.50 63.70 70 lb. paper, 50 to 74 52.00 52.50 52.75 53.00 55.00 56.25 57.00 59.25 60.25 recommended 75 to 99 48.00 48.25 48.50 49.00 51.50 52.75 53.00 54.00 55.25 Single sheet 100 to 147 44.25 45.00 45.25 46.00 47.25 48.00 49.25 51.25 52.00 $40.50 per 148+ 41.50 42.50 42.75 43.00 44.50 45.50 46.00 47.50 49.75 thousand 4 pages $42.75 Annual Volume per thousand Number of pieces 4 pages 8 pages 12 pages 16 pages 20 pages 24 pages 28 pages 32 pages 36 pages 4.5 million $41.00 $41.50 $42.00 $42.25 $43.50 $44.50 $45.50 $47.50 $48.00 5.75 million 37.50 39.25 39.50 40.00 41.50 42.25 42.25 44.00 45.75 There is a 15% premium charge for holidays including Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Insert Guidelines Reservation Deadlines: Inserts can appear any day. Please order ROP Contract Fulfillment: Total preprint dollars divided by preprinted inserts 10 days prior to distribution.We-Prints advertiser’s ROP contract rate equals inches credited toward ROP (Blockbusters and Bullseyes) are due 14 days prior to distribution. contract fulfillment. Please note preprint inches will not apply for a rebate. Delivery Deadlines: Monday - Saturday delivery deadline is 7 working days prior to insertion. Sunday is 10 working days prior to Minimum/Maximum Preprint Rates: The minimum size is a 5" x 8" insertion. Delivery hours are Monday - Friday 8a.m. - 4:30p.m., single sheet, maximum size is 11" x 12 1/2", tabloid or standard. “Z” Sat. 8:00a.m. - 12 noon. Other hours require advance notice. trifold products not accepted. Contact your Desert Sun Account Note: During the months of November and December deadline is representative for more details or exceptions. 15 business days prior to insertion. Distribution Minimums: Sunday 15,000, other days 10,000. Additional Charges: Inserts over 36 tab pages will be charged an additional $3.00 per thousand for each 4 pages over 36 pages. Terms and Conditions: The Desert Sun Terms And Conditions, as An additional $5.00 per thousand will be charged for 90% circulation stated on The Desert Sun’s Retail, Classified and National Rate or less, unless the difference between full run and part run is inserted Publications, apply to all products presented herein.Your Desert Sun into the SunExtra. Account Representative can provide you with a copy. Billing: Inserts will be billed based on average paid circulation for the Shipping Address: The Desert Sun, 750 N. Gene Autry Trail, Palm day of insertion. A contract advertiser with The Desert Sun and a Springs, CA 92262. Distribution phone number 760.778.4554. signed contract in the SunExtra may combine frequency levels to qual- ify for the best earned rate for The Desert Sun. An advertiser may combine circulation for all publications to qualify for the annual distri- bution contracts.
  5. 5. Mechanical Requirements Resources available 1 column to assist you BROADSHEET Co-op: Manufacturers routinely make money available to help you 1.083 inches promote their products.Your Account Executive will help identify 2 columns sources of co-op funds. 10 columns 2.25 inches Advertising Resources: Our Advertising Department is staffed with 3 columns professional graphic and layout artists available to help plan and create 21" 3.416 inches effective advertisements for you. Services include speculative designs & finished layouts for production.We also have a large selection of royalty 4 columns free artwork.Tearsheets are available electronically. Ask your Desert Sun 4.583 inches Account Executive for more details. 5 columns Production Services Department: The Production Services TABLOID 5.75 inches Department is staffed with Macintosh trained ad artists, compositors, 6 columns proof desk personnel and couriers. All advertisements built by the 8 columns 6.916 inches Production Services Department are built in QuarkXpress for Macintosh, with art created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 7 columns The Desert Sun has a Digital Ad Manual that can be provided to 8.083 inches answer any questions you may have about submitting advertisements 11" electronically. 8 columns 9.25 inches Your Proof: A proof is your opportunity to verify that all vital aspects of your ad are correct.This is a “checking copy” provided to ensure the 9 columns accuracy of your ad. Only (1) proof per ad will be delivered or faxed. 10.416 inches Proofs are provided on ads that have been submitted to The Desert 10 columns Sun by deadline. In the event that excessive proof changes are neces- 11.583 inches sary, a charge of $20.00/quarter hour, $40.00 minimum, will be assessed.The Production Services Department keeps all fax numbers on record. Please call the proof desk if you have changed your fax Specifications number. Screens: 100 line for black and white, 200 line for color. Acceptable Ad Sizes: You may buy an ad as large as a double truck - Courier Service: Provided for delivery of proofs on advertisements of 13 columns x 21" deep, or as small as 1 column x 1" deep. 10 inches or more and to return artwork to in-town advertisers upon Any advertisement exceeding 19" in depth will be billed at the request Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. For pickup and delivery, full-depth of 21". Double Trucks: Double trucks must be a minimum of please contact your Account Executive or call the Production Services 9 columns x 21" or 11 to 13 columns x 15". Department at 760.778.4549.The Production Services Department is Ads That Imitate News: Editorial style advertising must carry the line concerned about your advertisements and would like to hear from “Paid Advertisement” over the top of the ad and must be no smaller you. If you have any concerns call, 760.778.4549. than 10 point type in Times font. Publisher’s news department type style (Plantin) cannot be used in ads. Macintosh: Programs available are QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Ads can be transferred on CD. If your company is interested in supplying advertisements via computer, please contact your Account Executive for specifics on digital ad delivery. Electronic ads accepted in Macintosh or PDF format.
  6. 6. Terms & Conditions Advertising Deadlines AD AUTHORIZATIONS Advertising in The Desert Sun will only be accepted with a written signed insertion order or ad authorization from the client. Written insertion order or ad authoriza- Date of Publication Closing for copy, disks, camera ready Proofs Returned tion must include rates, size of ad, dates of insertion, total amount for the insertion and Monday Thu. 5 pm Fri. 6 pm a signature from the client. The Desert Sun will not schedule ads without the proper ad authorization. Monday SunExtra Tue. 5 pm Wed. 5 pm SHORT RATING If at the end of an Advertiser’s contract with the Newspaper, the Advertiser shall have Tuesday Fri. 5 pm Mon. 4 pm (a) purchased more or less volume (inches or pages) of advertising than agreed to in the contract or (b) exceeded or fell short of the minimum revenue commitment of advertising agreed to in the contract, to the Wednesday Mon. 5 pm Tue. 4 pm extent that a different rate would be applicable according to the Newspaper’s current rate schedule. Advertiser’s rate for all space used during the contract shall be reduced or increased to the appropriate rate Wednesday Desert Today/Food & Drink Fri. 5 pm Mon. 4 pm indicated on said rate schedule and Advertiser shall pay or receive a credit/rebate for the difference up to a Thursday Tue. 5 pm Wed. 4 pm ceiling of 2 levels. Special discount programs do not apply. NEWSPAPER’S RATE CARD The Newspaper may, revise its advertising rate schedule at any time upon Thursday Desert Today Mon. 5 pm Tue. 4 pm 30 days written notice to Advertiser.The Advertiser may, without penalty, cancel the advertising contract at Friday Wed. 5 pm Thu. 4 pm any time prior to the time the new rates become effective upon prior written notice to the Newspaper. RIGHT TO EDIT OR REJECT The Newspaper may in its sole discretion, edit, classify, or reject at any Friday Weekend Tue. 5 pm Wed. 4 pm time an advertising copy submitted by Advertiser. Saturday Thu. 5 pm Fri. 2:30 pm PAYMENT FOR ADVERTISING Advertiser shall pay for the advertising purchased under this contract according to the terms indicated on the Newspaper’s invoices. In the event the Advertiser fails to make Saturday Desert Home Tue. 3 pm Wed. 4 pm timely payment as provided for in the invoices, the Newspaper may reject advertising copy and/or immedi- ately cancel Advertiser’s contract, and Advertiser agrees to indemnify the Newspaper for all expenses Saturday Real Estate Section Call for deadlines incurred in connection with the collection of amounts payable, including court costs and attorneys’ fees and Saturday TV Magazine (14 days prior to pub) Mon. 5 pm Tue. 5 pm 18% interest per annum. If Advertiser’s contract is canceled due to Advertiser’s failure to make timely pay- ment, the Newspaper may rebill the Advertiser for the outstanding balance due at the open or earned con- Sunday Thu. 5 pm Fri. 6 pm tract rate, whichever is applicable. MasterCard,Visa and Discover are accepted for pre-payment of ads. Sunday Desert Life Tue. 5 pm Fri. 5 pm TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS Incorrect insertions or omissions.The Advertiser’s contract cannot be invalidated, and the Newspaper will not be liable, for (a) typographical errors, incorrect insertions or omis- Color deadline is one day prior to the above schedule. All ads on CD must be sions in advertising published by the Newspaper or (b) any resulting losses. Advertisements received late do not qualify for adjustment. received on normal reservation deadlines. Ad corrections for the business and INDEMNIFICATION Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Newspaper from all feature sections must be received by 2:30 pm, the day prior to publication. claims (whether valid or invalid), sits, judgements, proceeding, losses, damages, costs and expenses, of any nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) for which the Newspaper or any of its affiliates may become liable by reason of Newspaper’s publication of Advertiser’s advertising. OWNERSHIP OF ADVERTISING All advertising copy which represents the creative effort of the Phone Numbers Newspaper and/or the utilization of creativity, illustrations, labor, composition or material furnished, is and remains the property of Newspaper, including all rights of copyright therein.Advertiser understands and Palm Springs Office Days/Hours Telephone Number agrees that it cannot authorize photographic or other reproduction, in whole or in part, of any such adver- tising copy for use in any other medium without the Newspaper’s prior written consent. Classified Advertising Mon. - Fri./7:30 am - 6 pm(760) 322-2222 TAXES In the event that any federal, state or local taxes are imposed on the printing of (800) 233-3741 advertising material or on the sale of advertising space, such taxes shall be assumed and paid by Advertiser. ASSIGNMENT Advertising contract may not be assigned or transferred by Advertiser. Credit Department Mon.-Fri./9 am - 6 pm 778-4608 FORCE MAJEURE All contracts are conditional on strikes, fires, acts of nature or the public enemy, war, Real Estate Classified Fax 778-4769 or any cause not subject to the control of the Newspaper, excluding the Advertiser’s failure and/or ability to perform. Classified Fax 778-4731 CANCELLATIONS Cancellation will not be accepted after the applicable closing time.Advertisers will be Proof Corrections Fax 778-4779 responsible for any production or creative services provided by the Newspaper regardless of the cancellation of Advertiser’s advertising. 778-4763 POSITION OF ADVERTISEMENTS Newspaper shall have full latitude with respect to Bermuda Dunes Office Mon.-Fri./8 am-6 pm 360-2218 positioning all advertisements, provided however, that the Newspaper will use its reasonable efforts to accommodate the Advertiser’s positioning request. Failure to comply with position requests will not result in “make good” or refund. Some page requests can be accommodated with a 25% premium charge, when available. Personnel CREDIT CHECK At the Newspaper’s sole discretion, the effectiveness of advertising contracts is subject to a satisfactory credit check on Advertiser and/or Agency. Telephone Numbers JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY If Advertiser’s contract renders void, any statements concerning lia- bility which appear on correspondence from Advertiser or its Agency (“Agency”),Advertiser and Agency President & Publisher Michelle Krans (760) 778-4501 shall be jointly and severally liable for complying with all the terms of the Advertiser’s contract including Advertising Director Dominique Shwe 778-4699 payment for all advertising. NO SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY The Advertiser’s contract renders void any statements Inside Classified Advertising Mgr Michael Ellis 778-4776 concerning liability which appear on correspondence from Advertiser or representative Agency, and is irrev- Inside Sales Mgr Michelle Rico 778-4517 ocable without the written consent of the Newspaper’s Credit Department. It is further agreed that the Newspaper does not accept advertising orders or space reservations claiming sequential liability. Outside Classified Advertising Mgr Jon Wisdom 778-4586 INCORRECT RATES IN ORDER FORMS When orders are forwarded by Advertiser or its represen- Advertising & Online Sales Mgr John Sauer 778-4569 tative Agency which contain incorrect rates or conditions, the advertising called for will be inserted and charged at the correct rate in force governing such advertising as provided for in the Newspaper’s rate Online Director Lori Edwards 778-4760 schedule, and in accordance with the conditions contained in Advertiser’s contract. BROKERED ADVERTISING The Newspaper deals directly and individually with its local Advertisers Real Estate Composing Mgr Joel Vander Woude 778-4736 and does not accept local brokered advertising, however, we accept National and Regional. COPY CORRECTIONS In spite of our best efforts, copy errors occasionally occur in material we typeset for Advertisers.We will adjust our charges for the first insertion, based on the actual value of the space occu- pied by the incorrect copy. However,Advertiser must notify us of the error in time to correct it for the sec- ond insertion, or within 48 hours of publication if the ad is not scheduled to run a second time. Credit is allowable for the first insertion. LATE ADS Late ads and Late Kills result in a 15% service fee. Fee is based on the total ad cost of one ad. FAX LAWS You may request that The Desert Sun not send any future advertisements to a FAX machine. To request that The Desert Sun does not send any future advertisements to a fax machine, you must call (760) 778-4634, fax the request to (760) 778-4546 or send the request to and 750 N. Gene Autry Trail tell us the number(s) of the fax machine, your name and a number where you can be reached. P.O. Box 2734 Palm Springs, California 92262 760.322.8889 Represented Nationally by Metro-Surburbia, Inc.