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  1. 1. Installing the abc-CD Special Edition Windows Computers abc-CD can be installed by double-clicking on the Setup icon and following the simple on-screen instructions. Installation will add the abc-CD to your Programs menu as Start>Programs>Sherston>abc-CD Please note: the installed version still requires the CD-ROM to be in the drive during use. If you intend to install the abc-CD on a network please consult the User Guide. Apple Mac Computers abc-CD can be installed by double-clicking on the Install abc-CD icon. Click the Install button to install to the location specified. Click the Quit button when installation has finished. The installation creates a shortcut on your desktop. Note that the installed version still requires the CD-ROM to be in the drive during use. The OSX installer runs using Classic mode. Please refer to the User Guide for further details. If you intend to install the abc-CD on a network please consult the User Guide. Recommended System Requirements Windows computers Apple Mac computers Pentium® 233MHz Power Mac G3 233MHz processor processor 64 MB RAM 64MB RAM OS 9.X or later for Classic version Microsoft® Windows® Version 98 or later OS X version 10.2 or later is required to run the OS X QuickStart 16 Bit colour version natively Soundcard 16 Bit colour This QuickStart contains key information about how to install CD-ROM drive Soundcard CD-ROM drive and use the abc-CD Special Edition. The abc-CD has been designed to make learning letter This CD-ROM may run on lower specification systems but you might shapes, letter sounds and letter names fun and interactive. experience inferior performance. The performance of this CD-ROM will improve if run on higher specification systems. With the help and encouragement of Alphabod, simple Please note: The User Guide provides more detailed technical advice and navigation, and full narration, children are able to explore this information. If you experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact our Technical HelpDesk: 01666 843 224, support@sherston.co.uk program independently. There is also a Demonstration Mode to allow the abc-CD to be used in class and group led sessions.
  2. 2. Essential Information Activities & Demonstration Mode Main Menu Screen Letter Shapes Activity All of the activities in the abc-CD Children need to match the highlighted can be accessed from this screen. letter with one of the letters in the main Simply click on the activity button area of the interface. When the correct to begin. You can also access the letter has been chosen, children can Teacher Options menu from here. transform the letter into an image that This menu allows you to set all of begins with the same letter (for example, the program options and configure the letter b turns into a bear). This the CD for use with a whole class helps children to fix the letter shape in or children with special educational their mind. needs. Letter Sounds Activity This is an ‘I Spy’ activity. Children must Teacher Options select the correct picture based on the This screen includes a tabbed sound of the letter the picture begins with. menu that provides all of the Each letter shape is shaped like the initial settings you need to tailor the abc- letter of the picture and acts as a visual CD to meet the individual needs of aid to the user. your pupils. The menu includes: General Settings Font and Letter Selection Activities Description and Letter Shapes and Sounds Activity Selection A letter appears and its sound is narrated. Inclusion and Support Children can switch between the letter Demonstration/Whiteboard and its corresponding image to fix its options shape in their mind. The image that represents the original letter moves into Demonstration Mode the corner of the screen and the narrator The abc-CD also contains a asks the user to select the letter from a Demonstration Mode that teachers selection according to its sound. can use in class or group led sessions. The Demonstration Mode enables teachers to concentrate on Letter Names Activity a specific letter, selected from A single letter appears and its name is either a letter or picture bar at the narrated. Children must select the letter bottom of the screen, and it can according to its name from a selection be used with a whiteboard or large of letters. When it has been correctly screen. It is also possible to fully identified, the letter can be ‘morphed’ configure this interface through the into its corresponding image and Options menu. animated.