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  1. 1. Installing Science Simulations 3 Windows Computers – basic installation Place the CD-ROM in the relevant drive of your computer. Double-click on the Setup icon and follow the on-screen instructions. For a standard installation click Next on each screen. This will add Science Simulations 3 to your programs menu in the location, Start>Programs>Science Simulations>Science Simulations 3 The installed version will still require the CD-ROM to be in the drive during use. Apple Mac Computers – basic installation Place the CD-ROM in the relevant drive of your computer. Double-click on the Install Science Simulations 3 icon and follow the on-screen instructions. For a standard installation click Next on each screen. QuickStart Standard installation will create a shortcut to Science Simulations 3 BBC Science Simulations 3 enables pupils to engage in a series of on your desktop. virtual scientific experiments. They can select variables, control time Installing Software on a Network – if you wish to install Science and view the results of their experiments as interactive animations or Simulations 3 on a network, please refer to the installation instructions dynamically generated diagrams, tables or graphs. in the User Guide. Using the Simulations Recommended Minimum System Requirements Select Use the i button to access Apple Mac Computers Windows Computers Investigate, Teacher Options or to quit Power Mac G3 233MHz Pentium® 233MHz processor Questions or processor 64MB RAM Multi-Sim 128MB RAM Microsoft® Windows® OS X version 10.2 or later Version 98 or later Start, Watch the 16 Bit colour 16 Bit colour pause and simulation Soundcard Soundcard reset in the main CD-ROM drive CD-ROM drive window Select Many Sherston titles will run on computers with lower specifications views than those listed above. However, in some cases, performance may be affected. If you require any further advice concerning our minimum Alter variable settings for the simulation specifications or if you experience any difficulties, please do not hesitate to call our Technical HelpDesk: 01666 843 224. Please note: hold down CTRL and press the Q key at any time to return to the Simulation Menu.
  2. 2. The Simulations Forces and Friction Select the force, weight of object, and Exercise and Health surface type, then push the object to see Investigate how exercise type, fitness level how far it travels. Identify the factors that and duration of exercise affect a person’s increase friction. pulse rate, breathing rate, stamina level and recovery rate when they exercise. Please note: at 20% stamina level, the person is unable to continue exercising. Light and Shadows Observe how a shadow is formed and Plant Germination and Growth investigate how moving the torch or the Investigate the conditions that a plant object changes the size of the shadow. needs in order to germinate and observe how a growing plant responds to different levels of water, light, warmth, and nutrients as it grows for 30 days. Additional Features Graph or Table View Food Webs View the results of simulations as Vary the numbers of waterweed, mayfly dynamically created graphs, diagrams or larvae, caddis fly larvae, stickleback, perch tables. and pike in a lake habitat. Investigate how organisms depend on each other for survival over a 50-week period. Multi-Sim View Changing State Some of the simulations include a Observe what happens to different Multi-Sim view which allows two versions of materials such as water, rock and nitrogen the simulation to run at the same time. when they are heated and cooled. Investigate which changes are reversible. Questions Electrical Circuits Choose from a selection of focused Explore making series or parallel electrical questions that are closely related to each circuits with a wide variety of components. simulation and use them as starting points View the circuits as drawings or as circuit for investigations. diagrams. Please note: printable versions of all questions are available on the CD.