Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, Feature Verification of ...


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Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, Feature Verification of ...

  1. 1. T H E TOLLY G R O U P No. 208260 February 2008 Parallels Inc. Test Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Summary Microsoft Windows XP Virtualization on Mac OS X: Feature Verification of Desktop Virtualization Software Premise: Both business and home users Test Highlights of Apple’s Mac computer line often require applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Access that can- Delivers integration at the application level with Smart- not run natively on the Mac’s OS X Select and integration at file level with Mirrored Folders operating system. Virtualization allows this to occur by running the Windows Through the seamless virtualization, along with support for OS as a “guest” on the Mac. Integrat- DirectX and OpenGL, users can run Windows-only ing the interface and resources of the applications without compromising on performance guest system into the host provides a pow- erful tool for users. Includes free-of-charge utilities like Parallels Compressor, Transporter, Explorer, and Image Tool arallels, Inc. commissioned The P Tolly Group to evaluate a wide array of features of the Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac desktop virtualiza- Offers thorough integration with Mac Dock and Exposé through its Parallels Coherence feature tion software. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac software aims to unify the user expe- rience such that the virtual machines are Industry-Unique Features Examined by integrated into the Mac operating system The Tolly Group for Parallels Desktop 3.0 user interface providing a simple yet feature-rich user experience that enhances Parallels Desktop 3.0 Benefit user productivity. function Users whose work requires access to both Windows-only and OS X-only programs, Mirrored Shared Folders Allows Windows and OS X have several alternatives: They can use separate machines, they can use a single common access to data physical machine that, through a utility resources like Apple’s Boot Camp, can be bring up either a dedicated OS X or a dedicated SmartSelect Automatic selection of application Windows machine, or they can employ based upon extension of data file virtualization technology. Such technology allows a single physical machine to run OpenGL and DirectX Use popular Windows-only graphics both the native Mac OS X operating sys- tem and a full version of Windows XP 3D Graphics applications and play 3D games simultaneously. Parallels Image Tool/ Allows users to perform changes to This report will examine the Parallels Parallels Compressor their virtual machine’s disk drive. Desktop offering with respect to features that enhance user productivity. Tests were conducted in November 2007. © 2008 The Tolly Group Page 1
  2. 2. Parallels, Inc. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Shared Folders are not offered brings up the right program in Executive by competing Mac/Windows the right OS. Furthermore, us- Summary virtualization vendors. ers can customize how this fea- ture is used. This is useful for Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Key Elements of cross-platform file types like Mac delivers a unified an Integrated .doc and .xls that could be work environment for User Experience opened ineither OS X or users simultaneously Although Windows-over-Mac Windows. requiring access to Win- is indeed an environment where dows and Mac Moving among two separate and standalone Applications applications. It provides operating systems are running, this through “industry the goal is to make them appear With multi-tasking the norm, it first” features such as as a single system to the user. is important that users be able SmartSelect and Mir- In this latest release of Parallels to move easily among active rored Shared Folders. Desktop, the company has applications. For OS X, this developed technology that does means integration with the just that. The following sec- Dock and the Exposé window Neither using two separate tions summarize these advances management facility. machines nor booting a single in the context of normal user With Parallels Desktop, active physical machine to work flow. Windows programs are inte- Windows-only or OS X-only Program Startup grated into both of these fea- provide viable solutions to tures. Windows programs ap- most multi-OS users. Users can come at their tasks pear in the Dock just as native Virtualization — having both one of two ways — either Mac programs do. Similarly, systems running simultane- navigating to the desired pro- when Exposé is invoked, the ously on one machine — is gram and clicking or navigating actual application windows ap- clearly the desired strategy, to the desired target file (docu- pear individually, again, just as yet not all virtualization solu- ment, database, etc.) and though they were native Mac tions offer the levels of OS clicking. programs. integration that are such an Unfortunately, a Mac doesn’t Furthermore, mouse move- important element of user know what to do with, say, a ments are seamlessly integrated productivity. Windows “.exe” program file across operating systems . Through a combination of or a Microsoft Access data- Where some solutions “cap- features, Parallels 3.0 pre- base. Conversely, if users re- ture” the mouse inside an OS sents a “single system” ap- ceive, say, an Apple Pages window and pearance that enhances pro- word processing document via require the user to key in an ductivity by allowing the user your Outlook E-mail under “escape” sequence to release to interact virtually seam- Windows, Windows won’t the mouse, Parallels Desktop lessly with both the Mac and know what do with that file allows the user to sweep the Windows systems through the should the user try to open it. mouse across any windows — native Mac interface. Parallels Desktop has elimi- across OS boundaries. While the nature of this pro- nated this problem. With its Access to Data ject was not competitive, The “SmartSelect” feature, Parallels Desktop associates file exten- Early virtualization offerings Tolly Group noted that sev- sions (like .exe) with the re- placed the guest machine in its eral key features such as quired OS and automatically own “sandbox”and made it dif- Smart-Select and Mirrored © 2008 The Tolly Group Page 2
  3. 3. Parallels, Inc. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac ficult to access, share, and as usual folders, while in the Parallels move data. guest OS they are objects of Parallels has implemented the network neighborhood. Parallels multiple features that provide This is a key access feature, Desktop 3.0 seamless data integration. yet one of the most under- for Mac noticed of all Parallels Desk- Most importantly, both OSes top capabilities due to the have visibility to the real and Desktop Virtualization of relative ease of sharing data. Windows on Mac OS X virtual disks on the Mac. In fact, files can be dragged and And, to access data on other dropped between systems. machines, the Windows guest Product Specifications can automatically make use of Vendor-supplied information not necessarily verified by The Tolly Group Clipboard sharing allows the network connectivity of snippets of information to be the host operating system to Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac shared across systems. reach the Internet or even a Easy to use Windows Express install assistant Mirrored Shared Folders are corporate Microsoft server Virtual machine migration tool (PC- folders in the Mac OS X file environment. to-VM, VM-to-VM and Boot Camp- system that are also visible to to-VM) The features introduced in USB device connection assistant the Windows OS. These fold- Parallels Desktop 3.0 effec- Pre-built virtual appliances ers can be used for exchang- tively “tear down the walls” Windows and Mac integration ing files between the primary between operating systems Integrated Windows software on the OS (Mac OS X) and the vir- Mac desktop and provide a very productive File-type association (Windows-to- tual machine or between sev- user environment Mac and Mac-to-Windows) eral virtual machines. In Mac Complete shared folders between OS X shared folders appear The remainder of this docu- Windows and Mac ment details the tests that Guest virtual machine mounted on the Mac desktop Granular security control between Windows and Mac Parallels Desktop Lightweight Hypervisor Management/Maintenance Tools Offline guest disk image explorer Multiple snapshot backups with management view Disk image compression tool Disk image clone tool Mac hardware supported Support for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 Over 25+ supported x86 32-bit guest virtual machine OSes Boot Camp virtual machine support enabled for Windows XP and Windows Vista 3D Graphics Support (Up to DirectX 8.1 and OpenGL 1.5) USB 2.0 peripherals and devices support Up to 2GB RAM allocation for a virtual machine Intel Virtualization Technology For more information contact: Parallels, Inc. 660 SW 39th Street, Suite #205 Renton, Washington 98057 Phone: (425) 282-6400 URL: © 2008 The Tolly Group Page 3
  4. 4. Parallels, Inc. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac were carried out running Mi- machine. Icons from Microsoft tion. File extensions such as crosoft Windows XP SP on an Windows applications can be .exe are configured automati- Intel-based Apple MacBook displayed and managed via the cally to open directly with the that was running Apple’s OS Mac Dock. Windows virtual machine. X (10.4 Tiger). (The software Integration with Other extensions can also be also supports Windows SP2 configured to be associated Mac Exposé but was not tested with that back and forth between Mac software release.) Engineers verified the integra- OS and Windows. This feature tion of Parallels Desktop with is known as SmartSelect under In addition to the areas previ- Mac’s Exposé. (See Figure 3.) Parallels Desktop. ously addressed, users will Applications opened in Micro- benefit from additional com- soft Windows were automati- Virtual machine patibility and management cally integrated with Mac’s Restore enhancements. window switching tool. Parallels Desktop offers the Integration with ability to take “snapshots” of Mac Dock File Extension Association the virtual machine’s current Parallels Desktop offers com- state while running. This al- prehensive integration with Engineers verified that Parallels lowed the user to revert back to the Mac Dock while running Desktop demonstrates unsur- a previous state while restoring a Microsoft Windows virtual passed file extension associa- any changes made to the virtual The above screen shot displays Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac s integration with both the Mac Dock and Exposé. Icons in the Mac Dock are the same icons used under Microsoft Windows to give the user that familiar look. © 2008 The Tolly Group Page 4
  5. 5. Parallels, Inc. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac machine. A Snapshot Man- USB 2.0 Support XP on a Boot Camp partition, ager is also available to or- Parallels Desktop supports engineers could run that copy ganize and manage the snap- USB 2.0 devices inside the vir- of Windows as a virtual ma- shots. This feature is known chine using Parallels Desktop. tual machine. This support was as Snapshots under the Paral- validated by connecting a USB lels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Mouse Pointer flash drive while the virtual Integration software. machine was running. DirectX Support The Tolly Group validated the Virtual Machine ability to seamlessly move the Support for DirectX 7, 8, and Management Utility mouse pointer between the vir- 9 was available and tested Parallels Explorer is a virtual tual machine and the Mac desk- using the “dxdiag” tool avail- machine management utility top. This was possible without able within DirectX 9.0c. included in Parallels Desktop. having to manually capture or OpenGL Support This utility allows for organiz- release the mouse pointer from OpenGL support was vali- ing the contents of multiple vir- the virtual machine. dated by installing and run- tual machines. Users can view Clipboard Sharing ning the OpenGL-based and change data inside a virtual game. Quake III Arena machine without starting it. Parallels Desktop offers the Demo. Gameplay was smooth ability to share the clipboard and responsive. Virtual Machine between the virtual machine Migration Utility and Mac OS X. This enables Folder Sharing users to exchange text and pic- Between Guest OS Parallels Transporter is a tool for migrating information from tures between the guest and and Host OS host OS. a real machine into a Parallels Parallels Desktop shared virtual machine. Engineers Virtual Machine common folders by default. tested the functionality of this Hard Disk Image User folders are linked within feature by migrating an existing Utility the Microsoft Windows vir- Windows XP computer and tual machine to the host Mac Parallels Image Tool is another converting it to a Parallels vir- OS. (e.g. My Documents to utility included within Parallels tual machine. Documents, Desktop to Desk- Desktop. This utility allows top, My Pictures to Pictures). Virtual Machine users to perform changes to This lessens the burden of the Security Levels their virtual machine’s disk virtual machine user when Engineers validated Parallel drive. Options include, among locating where to open or Desktop’s ability to choose pre- others, resizing, splitting, and save files. set security levels that config- consolidating the disk drive(s). File Drag and Drop ured the virtual machine to pre- determined security settings. Microsoft Windows Between Guest OS Installation Wizard and Host OS Boot Camp Support This wizard is most important This feature allows the Para- Engineers validated the ability when installing Microsoft Win- llels Desktop user to access of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for dows as a virtual machine. The the virtual machine hard disk Mac to run a Boot Camp parti- wizard installs Microsoft Win- from Mac OS and “drag and tion as a virtual machine. By dows XP by asking for the drop” files directly inside the installing Microsoft Windows Windows product key and virtual machine’s disk drive. © 2008 The Tolly Group Page 5
  6. 6. Parallels, Inc. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac name. Engineers found this size of virtual disk(s). The Tolly Group is a wizard to be much simpler Operating System leading than installing Windows on a Support global standalone computer. Engineers validated support for provider Full Screen Support several operating systems on of third- Parallels Desktop. Engineers party Tolly Group engineers veri- installed Linux Fedora Core 6 validation fied Parallels Desktop’s abil- and Microsoft Windows Vista services ity to display the virtual ma- along with the Microsoft Win- for vendors of IT prod- chine in full screen format while hiding the host Mac OS dows XP SP2 which was used ucts, components and completely. for all of the testing. services. Virtual Disk Configuration The company is based Compression Utility The Tolly Group tested Paral- in Boca Raton, FL and Parallels Compressor is a disk lels Desktop (Build 5160) re- can be reached by management utility that siding on a 13.3” Apple phone at (561) 391- improves virtual machine per- MacBook with Mac OS X Ver 5610, or via the Inter- formance by removing un- 10.4.10 (Tiger), Intel Core Duo net at necessary files, adjusting 1.83 GHz, 2GB Memory, and, some operating system pa- 60GB HDD. Parallels Desktop rameters, and reducing the requires an Intel-based Mac. 208260-obslfs1-cdb-12FEB08 © 2008 The Tolly Group Page 6 Page 6