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Overview of recent events at Apple

  1. 1. MFPA Meeting Report, 8/31/1998 Apple Computers Headquarters, Cupertino, CA - MacOS Overview of recent events at Apple What Apple is about more than Survival anything else only “other” OS running Was 33% turnover, now 15% turnover, below on desktops 18.5% Developers wanted Modern OS “Best board of directors” features in the kernel Went over the board and senior management MacOS X (ten) includes these of Apple features Stable Business Model Reduced entry points from 10K to 6K. Improved cash Name of this OS is called “Carbon” Improved numbers Most apps make about 1K calls, so Rational Product Strategy most don’t use obsolete entry points. Markets Should move platform forward Dominant in Creative professional space Average app needs to modify about (>80% market share) 10% of the calls. Education and consumer (iMac Will be bringing Carbon API set and supporting this) retrofitting it to OS 8 so a single Shipping fewer products, aborted many binary can run on either OS 8 or OS products of a year ago X Power Mac G3, over 750K sold, based on Will ship in about 1 year. PowerPC G3 - Java Twice as fast as equiv. speed Was behind the curve before, now pentium retargeting “Toasted Bunny commercial” Consolidating to MRJ New PowerBook G3 Following pure initiative from Sun. Can’t meet with Pentium due to Compatibility with MS on PC platform power and heat issues - QuickTime Consumer portable to be announced in Perhaps most important assest of ‘99 Apple Consumer desktop - Apple didn’t make a “Postscript of multimedia” consumer product for the desktop. MPEG4 iMac is new entry -- introduced May Application Availability 6, shipped Aug 15, 1998 > 12K apps available today. Apple brand is well recognized and Working to make apps available in the power asset of Apple to reenter this channel market > 460 apps added after iMac announced Has a large installed base, about 22 Market Growth million. 9.4% of market share pre-iMac in FQ3 Style is important in consumer market. Wants MFPA to consider the Mac as the ideal Casio G-flex is an example of platform for future MFP development. style in consumer market. iMac style is an important feature of Got out of cameras, printers, scanners, etc. out of the machine. peripheral business, and now targeting making it G3/233 processor, .5MB cache much easier for vendors provide peripherals to the 7.9 vs. 5.6 PII 230 Apple platform, a single peripheral for both PC $1,299 and apple. Can assist to support peripherals. Software =============================== /HOME/PPTFACTORY/TEMP/20100621072055/OVERVIEW-OF-RECENT-EVENTS-AT-APPLE788.DOC 1 MULTI FUNCTION PERIPHERAL ASSOCIATION 1010 OLD CHASE AVE., SUITE B, EL CAJON, CA 92020-7739 TEL: 619/447-1127 TOLL FREE: 800/603-MFPA FAX: 619/447-6872 E-MAIL: ADMIN@MFPA.ORG
  2. 2. MFPA Meeting Report, 8/31/1998, Cupertino, CA Colorsync Summation - The need for control Works Some of issues Improves user’s experience Plethora of devices Cross platform Color and color spaces, etc Powerful monitor char. About the solution 1.0 released early 1993 What is overhead Integrated at the system level printer about 400K International Color Consortium output printer profile, about 180K Problem 100K to 250K begin life at different zero points differences in filter sets and ccds Where does ICC leave off and where does Apple characterized by reference targets start (Lee Ferrell, Canon) IT8.7/1, IT8.7/2 [generates a profile] ICC defines profiles, format and content. can be scanned or included in a digital Colorsync uses the profiles camera image. avail. as reflective or transparent SRGB will be covered in upcoming presentation. Wide array of standards Allows transfer of data without transferring the major differences in RIPS pigments, profile. transfer techniques, and substrates characterized by ref. target IT8.7/3 (refl) COLORSYNC and PERIPHERALS [generates a profile] Monitors Colors, Profiles and Devices colors drift CIE l’a’b’ is universal color space users can misalign contrast devices speak only a subset of this space. ambient light problem range of phosphor sets ColorSync profiles color sync boasts powerful monitor Uses ICC profiles Color sync window lets user select profiles. Difference interpreatations for transation Users DIC CIE l’a’b’ Preview mose profile is sent with the image Custom extensions can transform from RGB to CMYK calibration List of profiling packages at colorsync website aligns to factory standards sessions at Seybold characterization Organization captures a fingerprint (profile) of the device. Profilng a device scanners Char. of TRC, gray, hue shifts calibrate/characterize 1/mo Establish an average device and media Measure “known” colors, create inversion tables or formulae What colorsync is guarantee consistent gamut Color Management not a cure for bad images Flow Supports Device color goes through a transfer for drag and drop color palette idea space and then to desired new scanning devices space. many partners MFPs are closed loop - can recan the output. Industry wins Less user intervention NY Times Languages of system are known TV Guide Profiles can be pre-linked (scan <display> NAA AdSend program printer) Time Mag Auto-Calibration is possible, meaning London Daily Mail devices and vendors... LA Times Knight Ridder Scan and print and more... provide a known target 2
  3. 3. MFPA Meeting Report, 8/31/1998, Cupertino, CA scanned and compared with known usb@apple.com<-- goes to evangelist values jai chulani print known pattern of device colors scan and measure idealized color Peter Tamte -- Macintosh SOHO Market scan Perception is that apple has abandoned the colorimentry built in. consumer and SOHO market. Mac Sales -- in decline 4.2 in 95, to 2.3 Does EFI patent affect embedding of this million units. technology within a MFP product. SOHO is key portion in SOHO market. Why the decline USB Software Premium price strategy (David Ferguson, Manager, USB software) Inferior product Firewire - Peer to Peer - 63 devices No compelling market message www.apple.com/developer (Driver kits, Concern the company may not make contacts, etc.) it USB, big splash to eliminate all interfaces and use Change only USB. New board of directors 2 speeds, 1.5 Mbps (mice, joysticks) Steve Jobs 12 Mbps (hubs, storage, printers, New Senior Management scanners) Performance is new cultural approach Hot-pluggable Less political infighting Drivers loaded within seconds Focus on three core markets Host controlled protocol, only one host. design and publishing 127 devices in tree education Currently shipping on iMac consumer (SOHO) 75% of spec supported, isochronous not Applications supported on iMac, 460 new apps for iMac Can be developed in two ways Marketing Class specified CompellingMessage: Power and Don’t need a driver if device meets Simplicity class $100 Million iMac Ads HID (human interface devices) Aggressive Consumer marketing Communication class (modem, new attitude, sell whole product Hayes AT) retail promotions Standards body needs feedback to targeted small business promotions make new classes Apples Challenge: growth Image class not yet supported by Installed base upgrade Apple. New users Vendor specific Switches Custom driver is loaded Distribution Bandwidth allocation is performed for National Retailer: CompUSA isochronous only. Regional: Frys Micro Center Free bandwidth is turned over to other ComputerWare, etc devices. Apple specialists Apple VARs How much SW does a vendor need to provide to support an MFP Q: What is relevance of approach to global Printer driver, convert quickdraw calls, apple markets? provides only “pipe” A: France was abandoned, but could be scanner: would need to be a vendor-specific significant market. Economics of Japan is driver currently an issue ,and at one time accounted for perhaps this is an opportunity, there is no sales of up to 1/2 of US levels in Japan. standard scanner API in MacOS ===================================== Generally use photoshop plug-ins. Roger Siminoff - ColorSync 408-974-6091 Quicktime has some facility to bring <siminoff@apple.com> images in. Jason Yeo - Applescript 408-974-2702 <jyeo@apple.com> Contact 3
  4. 4. MFPA Meeting Report, 8/31/1998, Cupertino, CA Jai Chulani - USB/Firewire 408-974-7904 - First to support IDD and ColorSync 2.0 (3/95) <chulani@apple.com> - First to provide complrehensive device statistics clinte@apple.com (3/95) ===================================== - First to offer Hi-Fi profiling (4/96) (up to 8 color Current iMac does not have firewire capability. profiles) ===================================== - First to correct images using ICC profiles MacOS print architecture - Old - First to offer adaptive profiling via linearization User Experience - First to offer profile averaging (esp. for printing Select print driver in chooser presses with time-based deviation of results) Postscript - First to attach ICC profiles to images Apple LaserWriter - First to process PS docs with ICC profiles Adobe PSWriter - First to soft proof PS docs via ICC profile. Within App User selects page setup >Build profiles for any device with ColorBlind ICC Application formats document to or ColorBlind professional reflect chosen layout >Soft proof and color correct images and attach Applicators store print record with profiles with CB Edit document >Correct using parachute 120 byte fixed record format User selects print Process Control Supply job specific parameters (copy, - CM won’t work without process control page range) - Device must be repeatable Spool Doc - SW must have controls to measure and Image doc maintain the repeatability Object orieneted desc. (quickdraw 4PICT) - Calibrate-> Profile -> Calibrate to keep profile valid. USB Printing Target was to allow existing drivers to use Statistical Analysis USB with no change - Automated reporting for device quality and drift. Source code released to default printer class Firewire (1394) printing Using scanner as colorimeter MacOS X -scanner profile must be built ith the same Radical shift in printing architecture colorant and media. multitasking kernel carbon API for printing Apple MFP color management see ipp to join a standard to avoid - One button “Calibrate” inventing everything self. - Prints target - scan target What does MFPA vendors want or need to - or use on-board measurement sensor support peripherals? - Profile updates automatically MFPA: See meeting report from prior meeting for - fax software should embed profile when sending a good list of issues for MFP makers. and recognize embedded profiles when ===================================== receiving Q: PWG 1394, Apple hasn’t participated. Does - or standardisze on sRGB or similar color space. Apple intend to participate. A: Eric Anderson’s group should be the contact Other poss. point within Apple. Apple will look into more - Multicolorants participation into these groups. additional inks, different hues hexacrhome ===================================== add’l inks diff. densities Colorblind ITEC Three components of color management ==== - Profiles - color transformation engine Carbon API is still under development so input - software to manage transformation can still be processed. Colorblind Other issues - First profiling software - Automation 4
  5. 5. MFPA Meeting Report, 8/31/1998, Cupertino, CA - Get the colors how you want them. MS is taking care of Plug and Play issues, - Link to content providers elsewhere. diagnostics, etc. If you are a hardward - Don’t be static on profiles. manufacturer, you have to make a scanner mini driver, make a DS, data source. No solution at present for scanner to printer over Want information between now and Wednesday. 1394 or stand-alone scanner to dial-up to destination machine without intervening host ========================== device. Vivian Cancio TR29.2 T.44 MRC - Mixed Raster Content - Different - Class 1 and 2 were approved TIA standards,and portions of the image using different portions of then approved by ITU as T.31 and T.32. In the the image to get to smaller representations. case of Class 2, the US version has been improved to match the ITU-T versions. In the Pamela Doyle - Flew in from Florida, chair of process of publishing 1.1 in TIA. TWAIN group - Wanted to continue “Class X” taking the best of Fujitsu Computer products class 1 and class 2, using the best of class 1 and class 2, but there was not any interest. There JFL- Was with Corel, started his own company might be an editor for the project. Single fax interface between modem and MFP whether you 1.6 : included batch processing. are on network or locally connected. 1.7 : addressed high-level scanning issues - Took MFPI to ITU-T and at the same meeting (endorser, duplex, etc) the UK made the same proposal, but at the last in discussions with MS at same time, re shipping ITU meeting, the German has proposed that the guts with windows. ITU endorse the wordcraft work. It does not MS Shipping Twain data-source manager, part of comply with IEEE-1284, but international bodies MS SIA (still image arch.) don’t really care about IEEE standards. Perhaps Can scan directly from operating system. ECMA would be interested. Push architecture, put in image and it is pushed to - IS-650 will be closed until further notice. IS-650, the PC. when the time comes to reaffirm it, then it will not Where does Mac stand? be republished. Apple may be interested in doing the port TR29.1 themselves. Enhanced T.30 negotiation to include BFT - Compliance is one of the key issues that have perhaps too late to be of much benefit to the been improved. industry. In coop. with Genoa, certify compliance 95% of work is involved with Internet fax, either Genoa provides test suites. real-time fax or email-fax. Wants to further the adoption of TWAIN. Lloyd McIntire is the chair of the group working on Have raised money for marketing efforts. MRC. Improved quality of the product, improved TIF-FX was collaborated with Adobe, as a Improved web site, www.twain.org combination of profiles, including TIF-F, including TWAIN is universal public standard, royalty free. compliance with the baseline of TIFF-6.0 Getting ready for 1.8, addresses digital cameras “Twain will continue to exist” - will continue to be Top priority to solve: Installation of drivers in a group to support the scanning group. conflict withother drivers. Fujitsu position: USB is in roadmap and Firewire MFPs are a different animal that require a special Support color but don’t know about ICC profiles setup. ISIS is not yet dead, but now has a viable standard MFPA can contribute in the future Jim Livingston has been pushing for improved ======================= windows support of scanning. IEEE-1284 (Larry Stein) Twain data-source manager in Win98. Scanning really not supported until NT5.0 1284 R will be in San Diego 9/12 December to Plug and Play is key area to be ahle to support make revisions or to reaffirm IEEE-1284. If there scanners in Windows is anything to add, change, etc, then this will be Not currently working on the scanner mib concept, the right time to suggest those changes. but will perhaps look at it, would be happy to work 1284.3 (Daisy Chain, etc.) Ballot is closed Oct 1. on that with us. Ballot resolution committee will meet next and should complete by the end of Oct. 5
  6. 6. MFPA Meeting Report, 8/31/1998, Cupertino, CA 1284.4 (MLC) Is ready for balloting, HP editor is on vacation now. With PCI-based implementations, we should see even faster 1284-based channels. 1284 channel should be able to run up to 6-7 Mbps. ======================= Emulex “Solution Certification” MFP Technology - Entry level certification for transition from printers and copier repair to MFP repair. ======================= Peter Grafannino(sp?) is responsible for both the imaging model and printer model, and will be attending or will assign someone to attend future meetings. White Paper on Architecture - can be developed by Apple for review by MFPA. 6