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NovaNET Student Installation Guide .doc


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NovaNET Student Installation Guide .doc

  1. 1. NovaNET Student Installation Guide for Macintosh Student:__________________________________ School:___________________________________ Host Address: _________________ Port:______ Group Name: ______________________________ Username: ________________________________ Password: ________________________________ For HELP, contact (your school) at: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc. and/or one or more of its direct or indirect affiliates. All rights reserved. NovaNET is a registered trademark of Pearson Education, Inc.
  2. 2. Welcome to NovaNET! You are about to become a member of the NovaNET® community of learners. Thousands of students just like you use NovaNET every day to help them reach their individual goals. On the following pages, you will learn how to install your NovaNET software on a Macintosh workstation. (If you are installing NovaNET on a Windows workstation, you will need the Windows version of this guide.) Please be sure to do the following items before installing the software: • Know your operating system – You will need to know which version of the Macintosh Operating System (or OS) you are running on your computer. Write that information here: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ • Turn off your virus protection and any other software you have running before installing NovaNET. Common virus programs include Norton Anti- Virus, MacAfee, Virex, etc. Please be sure to have the following pieces of information handy during the installation process: • All three discs of your NovaNET software • Host address (provided by your school – see front cover) • Port number (provided by your school – see front cover) • Group name (provided by your school – see front cover) • Username and password (provided by your school – see front cover) Be sure to follow each direction carefully, and you should not have a problem installing your software. If you do encounter a problem, please contact your school. Help information is provided on the cover of this installation guide. Good Luck and Welcome to NovaNET! NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 2 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  3. 3. New Installation on a Macintosh Workstation Preparation Before inserting NovaNET Disc 1, close all open programs, including your antivirus and security  applications. Installing NovaNET Portal 1. Insert NovaNET Disc 1 into the CD­ROM drive.  Note: The CD runs automatically on Mac OS® 8.6­9.2 workstations and OS X workstations that  are set to Classic mode. To begin the installation process on a Mac OS X workstation that  is set to Native mode, double­click the NovaNET Disc 1 icon on the desktop and then  double­click the Setup icon. 2. On the Pearson Digital Learning page, click Continue. 3. From the Install Location drop­down list at the bottom of the dialog box, select the location  where you want to install the software. Pearson Digital Learning recommends installing the  software in the default location of the Portal f folder on the MacintoshHD disk. (See next  page.) NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 3 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  4. 4. NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 4 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  5. 5. 4. At the top of the Setup dialog box, select the Easy Install option and click Install.  • On a Mac OS X workstation, the Portal installation is successfully completed dialog  box appears. Jump ahead to step 11. • On Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2 workstations, an Installing Progress screen appears, followed by  the Configuring Portal: Welcome to the NovaNET system dialog box. Continue with  step 5. 5. Click Next.  6. In the Configuring Portal: Choose Connection Type dialog box, select Network  Connection, and click Next. 7. In the Configuring Portal: Network Connection dialog box, enter the host address and        port number  provided by your school on the cover of this guide, and click Next. NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 5 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  6. 6. NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 6 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  7. 7. 8. In the Configuring Portal: Setup Type dialog box, select Typical and then click Next. 9. In the Configuring Portal: Review Settings dialog box, review the information displayed. If  the information is correct, click Finish. If the information is not correct, click Back and enter  the correct information. 10. In the Finished Configuration dialog box, click Exit.  11. In the Portal Installation is successfully completed dialog box, click OK to continue  installing the multimedia lessons. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS PART 1 OF A TWO-PART PROCSS. YOU MUST INSTALL BOTH THE PORTAL SOFTWARE AND THE MULTIMEDIA LESSONS FOR NOVANET TO OPERATE PROPERLY. PLEASE PROCEED TO PAGE 6 TO CONTINUE INSTALLATION. NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 7 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  8. 8. Installing NovaNET Multimedia Lessons 1. In the dialog box, select Easy Install from the drop­down menu at the top of the box to install  the entire library of multimedia lessons on your workstation. This is recommended. Continue  to step 2. If you prefer to customize the installation to use less of your hard disk space, select Custom  Install from the drop­down menu at the top of the dialog box and follow the directions in this  step. (For example, if your instructor directed you to install only the Math lessons or you have  limited hard disk space, you would want to do a Custom Install.) The subject area groupings will display. You can select and clear the required groups by clicking  the check box next to each group. Note: If you have questions about which subject area groupings to install or how to complete a Custom  Installation, please contact your school. 2. Click Install. The Installing progress dialog box appears.  3. On the message that appears asking if you want to enable printing from multimedia lessons,  click Yes or No. If you would like to be able to print NovaNET lesson screens for reference or to  hand in to your instructor, click Yes. 4. On the message that appears asking if you want to install the NovaNET screen saver, click Yes  or No. If you click No, go to step 5. If you click Yes, continue with this step. NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 8 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006
  9. 9. • On the Screen Time dialog box, click OK. • On the Screen Effects dialog box, click Configure to choose your screen saver  settings, if necessary, and then close the dialog box. 5. The installation process continues and will take several minutes to complete. Note: When asked to insert the next disc, remove the disc from the CD­ROM drive and replace  it with the next disc. Close the drive to resume the installation. 6. When the installation is finished, the Installation was successful dialog box appears. Click  Restart. Note: Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2 users must replace NovaNET Disc 3 with NovaNET Disc 1 to complete  the installation. When you have re­inserted NovaNET Disc 1, click Continue on the  Pearson Digital Learning screen. Then, click Quit in the Portal Installer dialog box. Congratulations! You have successfully installed NovaNET. You can now access the  lessons by double­clicking on the NovaNET icon on your workstation’s desktop screen. Good luck with your studies! NovaNET Student Installation Guide - Macintosh Page 9 606-000-571 A, Rev. July 2006