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Microm at Micromat Issue Issue

  1. 1. IMPORTANT NOTICE ON PAGE 11 !!! New MaUsE Meeting Hours Posted December 2006 f fle Ra ! aU PsE rize M nd G ra om at i cr M ue I ss
  2. 2. Executive Contact List What you are looking at is the December 2006 edition of the DoubleClick monthly newsletter from the Macintosh Users Please feel free to contact any of the following individu- als if you have comments or questions relating to Ma- East, (MaUsE), a motley collection of mostly harmless cranks The next meeting who reside in Southern Ontario with their motley collection cintosh Users East. of old and new Macintosh computers. Until recently this will be held at the newsletter was created by me, Michael Shaw, DoubleClick President and Grand Wazoo: Michael Shaw Email: wazooster@gmail.com Editor, on my Sonnet-powered personal antique PCI Macs. I used mostly PPC 9600/800, a stock Daystar Genesis MP new Whitby Public Vice President & Resident Mac Genius 800+ Macintosh clone, and a Sonnet-powered G4 Daystar Genesis MP 800+ Macintosh clone. Library in Whitby, Aaron Vegh: Email aaron@vegh.ca This issue, however, was created on a OWC Mercury Ex- treme powered 1.4 GHz G4 Power Macintosh AGP Graphics Ontario, at 7:00 on tower, (with our thanks to OWC), and a 1 GHz G4 iBook. MaUsE DoubleClick Newsletter Editor Michael Shaw: mause.doubleclick@gmail.com A Kodak DX7590 is used for all pictures. Everything not Jan. 24, 2007 specifically attributed to someone else can be blamed on me. Apple Ambassador Hm: (905) 983-9205 Orono Back issues can be downloaded from the <www.mause.ca> !!!!!!!! website for a laugh. Bruce Cameron Email: rbcameron@rogers.com Submissions from MaUsE Club members are always wel- Treasurer and Grammarian: Hm: 905-404-0405 come. Send them to me at <wazooster@gmail.com> if there Henry Street John Kettle Email : hjke@pteron.org are files or pictures attached. I have never refused a submis- sion yet. There is always room for another piece on ANY New Whitby (Highway #2) Publicity Director and Jolly Good Fellow Mac-related topic and Iʼll make room if there isnʼt. I would like your submissions. But I wonʼt beg. Apple, Macintosh, Public Jim Danabie and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., Library registered in the U.S. and other countries. Logistics and Morale Officer: Chris Greaves Email: cgreaves@i-zoom.net The MaUsE (Macintosh Users East) is an independent Mac King Street Dundas Street West user group and has not been authorized, sponsored, or other- Secretary Email: Stan Wild wise approved of by Apple Computer, Inc. Its very much like Halston.Wild@gmail.com they don’t even know we exist. Shhhh. Free Parking Scotia Nebulous Executives at Large: Bank Marcel Dufresne and Guy Lafontaine Notice The MaUsE Meeting in January will be held on the 24th at 7:00 P.M. in Whitby, Ontario, at the Macintosh Users East [MaUsE] New Whitby Public Library on the corner of 208 Winona Avenue, Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 3H5 Henry Street and Dundas Street (Highway #2). Center Street MaUsE Message Line: 905-433-0777 Henry Street is four streets west of the four corners in Whitby and FREE parking is available www.mause.ca after 6:00 P.M. just south of the nearby Scotia Bank. Be there or be square.
  3. 3. Micromat Drive 10 For this article I will tell you a little about Drive 10. You’ve likely never seen this one. Drive 10 was an early OSX-compatible utility from Micromat. It shipped on a CD with Mac OSX 10.2.2 and since Apple computers generally do not recognise operating systems released prior to their manufacture, not very many of the newer post-Jaguar Apple computers can use it. Trying it in a new Mac will get you the warn- ing at right. There are no updates beyond version 1.1.5 because Micromat no longer supports Drive 10. Micromat brought Drive 10 to market in 2003 because their prime utility, TechTool Pro 3, was designed to work with pre-OSX Mac operating systems and hardware and their new OSX professional disk repair utility version, or TechTool Pro 4, was not yet ready for release. Drive 10 felt light-weight compared to previous versions of TechTool Pro. What was really nice about Drive 10 was the animated interface. The application window was very much in tune with the extreme OSX graphics. Drive 10 lined up a series of colourful icons in the application window representing the tests it would run and then as the program ran they proceeded from right to left across the window gliding smoothly into and through a magnify- ing glass that would highlight the icon representing each test in turn while it was running. The program would generate a report when the tests were complete. Drive 10 offered a wide range of fifteen distinct tests to run on your disks. These tests included: • Unit Ready: Ascertains the drive’s ability to receive commands. • Supply Voltage: Checks the power supply voltage level that powers your drive! • Self-Diagnostic: Runs manufacturer’s self- test on the drive. • Rezero Unit: Determines the drive’s abil- ity to resynchronize and rezero the read/write heads. • Format Check: Establishes whether the drive was properly formatted during initial setup. • Spare Sectors: Checks the service tracks to isolate whether there are enough spare blocks for block repairs. • Surface Scan: Checks entire media surface for defects that could cause read or write er- rors. Blocks are repaired by remapping. • Random Read: Used in conjunction with the Random Write test, reads data from a random memory location.
  4. 4. • Random Write: Used in conjunction with the Random Read test, writes data from a random memory location. • Seek: This test checks the ability of the initiator to position the device heads in preparation for access to a particular logical block. • Linear Read: Used in conjunction with the Linear Write test, reads a linear set of blocks from the drive. • Linear Write: Used in conjunction with the Linear Read test, writes a linear set of blocks to the drive. • Read Buffer: This test is used in conjunction with the WRITE BUFFER command as a diagnostic function for testing the drive’s buffer cache and bus integrity. • Write Buffer: This test is used in conjunction with the READ BUFFER com- mand as a diagnostic function for testing the drive’s buffer cache and bus integrity. • Volume Structure: Tests and repairs critical volume structure elements like Volume Header, Extents File, Catalog File, Attributes, etc. Several features were less obvious. From the Ser- vices menu it was pos- sible to rebuild volume structures and defrag- ment your drives. Despite the warning that Drive 10 had not been tested with Tiger and might not work under OSX 10.4.8 I ran it on my iBook. I took the precaution of using an ex- ternal Iomega Zip 100 disk as the drive to examine and defrag. The program appeared to work perfectly and the drive still worked when Drive 10 was finished. However, I visited another Mac user recently who had defragged a hard drive in his Tiger-equipped eMac with Drive 10 and rendered the drive invisible and inaccessible.
  5. 5. TechTool Deluxe If you’ve been paying attention you will see that TechTool Deluxe uses a familiar looking window. Looks like Drive 10, don’t it though. Actually its TechTool Deluxe, the AppleCare diagnostic and repair utility created specifically by Micromat for Apple- Care. I received a copy of this pro- gram on bootable CD when I bought AppleCare for my G4 iBook. TechTool Deluxe was never a com- mercial public release as such: it is available ONLY by purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan for a Macintosh computer but I have seen OLDER copies of the bootable OSX 10.3 TechTool Deluxe CD sell on eBay for as little as $1.99. TechTool Deluxe offers these fea- tures: • Repairs Directories by Rebuilding TechTool Deluxe is based on Micromat’s pow- of the problems it finds. The critical thing to know • Volume Repair Preview Report erful TechTool Pro diagnostic and repair utility. about TechTool Deluxe is that it was issued by Ap- • Bad Block Detection on Drives TechTool Deluxe checks the major computer com- ple Computers to be used with a specific computer • Checks the Drive Mechanism ponents covered under the AppleCare Protection running a specific operating system. You can’t just • Checks USB Functionality Plan. throw any bootable • Checks Memory copy of TechTool • Checks Video RAM Even more important than being merely a diagnos- Deluxe into any • Checks CPU tic program that tells you what is wrong with your Mac and get perfect Macintosh, TechTool Deluxe can also repair many results. In fact, you
  6. 6. might get a very big headache. Check the OSX version on your bootable disk before you use it. If you want to use TechTool Deluxe on any Mac running Tiger make sure that you go online to the Apple website first to check that your AppleCare has not ex- pired. A valid AppleCare entitles you to a fresh download that will Make sure that your copy of TechTool Deluxe is compatible with OSX 10.4. To see if you qualify There was a need for a new updated Tiger-compatible version to get a FREE of the software to be included with AppleCare and Micromat re- sponded with two new versions: one for PowerPC Macs running download that you Tiger and another for Intel Macs running Tiger. When I went to Apple support and checked my own iBook serial number I found can burn into the that I could download a free bootable Micromat utility CD image of TechTool Deluxe 3.1.1 right from the Apple Support website. latest Tiger-com- I downloaded the file and followed the instructions on the down- load page and soon had a new CD with the updated software. patible version of I compared the old and the new TechTool Deluxe versions of the TechTool Deluxe application and found that the new TechTool Deluxe CD has maintained the same easy to use interface and all of the same go to: https://sup- tools as the older version. Of course, the new utilities have been re-written to make them work properly with OSX 10.4 Tiger. Another difference is that the port.apple.com/ OS on the utility CD disk image has been updated to Mac OSX 10.4.4. techtooldeluxe/ To see if you can get a FREE download that you can burn into the latest Tiger-compatible version of Tech- main?id=dl Tool Deluxe go to: https://support.apple.com/techtooldeluxe/main?id=dl
  7. 7. Micromat The program multitasks for optimum speed and performance. An innovative feature unique to TechTool Pro 4 is the eDrive. TechTool Pro 4.5.1 The program lets you create an emergency startup partition that includes TechTool Pro 4 on one of your hard drives. It As you may have noticed, the past few issues of the DoubleClick does this without the need to reinitialize your hard drive. have been featuring many of the brightest and best disk repair Once you have an eDrive (which can be easily updated), you utilities for Mac OSX. I have featured Drive Genius, Picture Res- no longer need to use the program CD for testing or mainte- cue and Data Rescue II software from Prosoft, and DiskWarrior nance. from Alsoft, and in this issue, Drive 10, TechTool Deluxe and TechTool Protege from Micromat. No product comes close to TechTool Pro 4 for ensuring that all of your hardware and software is operating at peak perfor- Of course I have saved the best for the last. I will demonstrate mance. No other utility gives you the peace of mind that comes TechTool Pro 4.5 and DiskWarrior 3 at our January 2007 MaUsE from knowing that your valuable data is protected by the lat- Meeting. est technology. With a single mouse click, TechTool Pro 4.5 can automatically run a series of sophisticated tests that will TechTool Pro 4.5.1 is a complete Macintosh repair shop in a box. troubleshoot almost any problem you are having with your When Norton’s Utilities for Macintosh disappeared a lot of Mac users looked Macintosh. This really is the professional disk repair program for Macs. to Micromat to fill in the void Norton left and an OSX-savvy TechTool Pro 4.5 is definitely it. This is the most complete (and expensive) replacement for Use TechTool Pro 4 to: Nortons Utilities and if you only have one disk repair utility for your Mac this • Check critical computer hardware is definitely it. With TechTool Pro you can repair your drives and files, recover • Repair hard drive problems data, erase drives, defragment files and secure your system. And lots more, • Monitor computers in the background for impending problems too. This program isn’t anything remotely like TechTool Deluxe. If you have • Obtain a detailed summary of hard drive S.M.A.R.T. parameters ever experienced a system bomb, freeze, crash, or indecipherable error code, • Defragment hard drives TechTool Pro 4 can help you get your computer running smoothly again. • Optimize volume directories • Back up critical directory data One surprising requirement for the new TechTool Pro is that you must have a • Recover data from damaged drives DVD drive in order to use it, either built-in or a FireWire external. When you • Create an eDrive repair partition to work on a computer’s startup volume insert the TechTool Disk it shows up on the Desktop as two bootable DVDs, • Securely delete important data from hard drives one with version 4.5 for Intel Macs and one with version 4.5 for PowerPC Macs running Tiger. If you check out the other featured on the TechTool Pro TechTool Pro includes options to thoroughly check various hardware compo- DVD you will find a folder with a disk image in it that will enable you to cre- nents, drives and other aspects of your computer system. One of the most im- ate a bootable TechTool Pro 4.1 CD with Mac OS 10.3 on it for earlier Macs. portant tests is the S.M.A.R.T. test, which checks for impending drive failure. The application has five sets of utilities, each run from its own window. You don’t need to be an expert technician to run TechTool Pro 4. The inter- face allows you to easily perform a comprehensive suite of tests unattended, When the program launches it initially provides the user with several “Suites” so even novices can run the program with just one click of the mouse. At the of hardware diagnostic routines from basic to advanced. The second offering conclusion of testing a detailed report is generated. This report summarizes is a set of “Tests” of the various hardware components, drives, volumes and what was done, alerts you of any problems that were found, and instructs you files in your computer. The third offering is for “Performance” and features how to proceed in that case. directory maintenance and defragging, or optimization. The fourth set of
  8. 8. utilities is called Tools and they include things like data recovery and drive or volume erasure, eDrive creation, and a few other activities. The eDrive tool creates a bootable partition on your hard drive with TechTool Pro installed on it so you don’t need to reboot off the DVD. The Data Recovery tool helps salvage data from a damaged drive. The Wipe Data tool scrubs a drive clean so no data can be recovered from it. These are unique features that you might purchase another program to do but they are just a small part of TechTool Pro. The fifth offering is called Safety and contains setup preferences and routines for on-going testing, protection and reporting for your directories, data and drives. TechTool Pro 4.5 is the best utility of its kind and I am very pleased to be able to offer a copy as the grand prize in our November Raffle. There will be a TechTool Pro 4.5 demonstration at the January 24th 2007 MaUsE Meeting. Before I forget, I must offer thanks on be- half of the entire MaUsE membership to Amy Woods and the generous people at Micromat for providing us with a copy of the latest version of TechTool Pro 4.5.1 on DVD to be used as the Grand Prize at our November 22nd MaUsE raffle.
  9. 9. TechTool Protege through select dealers and resellers worldwide or directly from Micromat, Inc. The retail price for In the best of all possible worlds I would have one TechTool Protege is $229.00 US. DiskStudio is of these. Micromat, famous for their award-win- $49.00 US. Current owners of TechTool Protege ning TechTool Pro 4 application for Macintosh may purchase the TechTool Protege CD Update computers (elsewhere in this issue) has come up from Micromat for $25.00. Current owners of with a real winner. TechTool Protege really is a DiskStudio may purchase a DVD upgrade for the pocket-sized toolbox for the Macintosh profes- same price. sional. This tiny FireWire-based device contains 1 gigabyte of memory and comes complete with the Micromat TechTool Pro 4.5 is a terrific suite of latest version of Mac OS X, the latest version of utilities, the logical choice for Mac maintenance TechTool Pro and the latest version of Micromat’s ever since Nortons Utilities for Macintosh dis- drive utility DiskStudio. And there’s still room left appeared. TechTool Protege is a brilliant little over for your other utilities as well. FireWire device from a company with a solid rep- DiskStudio allows a user to change the partitioning utation for producing some of the very best Mac That means the next time you need to work on of a hard drive on the fly. Reinitializing the drive is utilities ever. a Macintosh away from home, you can plug in not required. In addition to Universal Binary sup- TechTool Protege, boot very quickly and get right port, the updated version of DiskStudio adds sup- to work. No messing around with CDs, portable port for the new GUID partitioning scheme for Intel drives, installers and the myriad of other items Macs and also support for the Master Boot Record you’d usually haul around with you if you went partitioning scheme for DOS. It now includes the visiting a sick Mac. Being FireWire instead of USB ability to identify NTFS volumes as well. means that its bootable. Its tiny size makes it easy to carry at all times so that a user or technician can DiskStudio is able to: test and repair Macintosh computers whenever the • Add new partitions to a hard disk without the need should arise. TechTool Protege is able to: need to reformat. • Diagnose Macintosh hardware • Delete partitions previously created by DiskStu- • Diagnose and repair hard drive problems dio or Apple’s Disk Utility. • Optimize and defragment hard drive volumes • Erase and reformat existing partitions in a num- • Rebuild volume directories ber of standard formats. • Recover data from damaged volumes • Completely erase and repartition an entire hard • Repartition hard drives without losing data disk. • And perform other diagnostic functions DiskStudio ships on media capable of booting both To provide Intel support for TechTool Protege, Mi- PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Since the system cromat designed a new utility called Protege Man- components needed to boot both platforms are too ager. This utility allows the user to easily set up large to fit on a CD, the program will ship on a the TechTool Protege flash drive for use on either DVD. The DVD will automatically boot the cor- a PowerPC or Intel-based Mac as desired. Protege rect system version needed for the host computer. Manager will ship on a CD. TechTool Protege and DiskStudio can be ordered
  10. 10. Crossword Forge article. Once words and clues are chosen, push the “make puzzle” button and a choice of crossword Make your own interactive web puzzles. Cross- word Forge can now turn your crossword puzzles Submitted by Marcel Dufresne or word search is given. Once a crossword is cho- into interactive web pages. This is called Cross- Crossword Forge is an easy to use crossword and sen you can create another version of the same by word Forge Live. The puzzles are intuitive to use word search puzzle maker. The question of course pushing the create button again. You can quickly and include eye-catching animations. Crossword is why anyone other than a school teacher would make a different puzzle for each child. You can Forge Live puzzles include the same customiza- want to use this type of program. I would point out also change the level of difficulty for a puzzle. tion options. You can also add automatic hints. that we all should be involved in our children’s and To make it easier, you can choose to show a list of grandchildren’s education. There are very few stu- possible crossword puzzle answers and to make it As a teacher, if you are worried about hav- dents who do not enjoy doing crosswords or word harder, you can change the word search options to ing to retype puzzles you’ve created using other searches. It is a great way to review knowledge include diagonal words or reversed words in the puzzle editors, stop worrying. Crossword Forge and to practice spelling, both of which are essen- puzzle, or make it so that hidden words must be can import from many different text formats. It tial to a keen mind. It can also add a degree of fun guessed from clues. In the “Advanced” tab you can can also export puzzles to the Web, PDF, Images, to newsletters and such. The January Double Click change the dimensions of the puzzle. By chang- or text. You can do more than just print your puz- will have a crossword in it. The first club mem- ing the puzzle size you can determine how tightly zles. Remember to check out the January Double ber to email the correct solution will win a copy of packed the words are. Click and find the crossword included in that issue Crossword Forge. I believe that the January news- (not this one). The first to reply to Michael Shaw letter will be read much earlier than normal with It always displays a preview of the current puz- at wazooster@gmail.com will win this impressive this incentive. You could very well find a use in zle. You can add titles and subtitles with any font program. your home or work life. or colour you choose. In addition to paper out- Crossword Forge is a snap to use. It has been put, puzzles can be ex- around for a number of years. I had previously only ported as pictures and used it in the demo mode. I made up a crossword PDF, for use on the web for my family to try. But the demo mode did not let or in print publications. me to print out a usable copy. It printed the puzzle It has a built-in English answer key, and the crossword puzzle squares had spell checker. Crossword the answers in them. You can of course remove Forge’s unique strength these limitations by purchasing Crossword Forge lies in its ability to make for $48.95 American. You can obtain a copy of puzzles for any of the it from www.solrobots.com/crosswordforge/. A world’s languages. It is more in depth description of what it can do is also compatible with Mac OS found here. X 10.1 and higher. This means you have access to When you start up the program the puzzle editor all of Mac OS X’s built- screen shows up. From here you add your words in dictionaries, including and clues. You are able to quickly put together a English, Spanish, French, usable game. A font editor is included to spice up German, Italian, Dutch, the area. Also you can choose a background pic- Portuguese, and Swed- ture. Check out the sample I am including with this ish.
  11. 11. November Raffle was a HUGE Success I was talking with Marcel a few weeks ago and he suggested to me that in his opinion one of the main attractions of our monthly meetings is the MaUsE Raffle. Since I had assumed that MaUsE members came out purely for my presentations this came as quite a shock. The November 2006 MaUsE raffle was another in a IMPORTANT NOTICE long line of successful events. The prizes were: • Micromat TechTool Pro 4.5.1 DVD • Micromat TechTool Deluxe CD • DEVONtechnologies DEVONthink Pro • iShowU Screen Capture • AKVIS Sketch for Photoshop • AKVIS Noise Buster for Photoshop • DEVONtechnologies DEVONagent • Prosoft Drive Genius (on two CDs) • Lemke Software GraphicConverter • Jiiva SuperScrubber on 3 CDs The agenda of the January 24, • Coriolis iDefrag Utility • Computrace LoJack for Laptops • PopCopy2 CD • Coriolis iPartition Utility • AKVIS Chameleon for Photoshop 2007 MaUsE Meeting at the • TubeSock for YouTube • ScriptSoftware iClock • SuperDuper ! Whitby Library will begin one In all there was over $500.00 worth of software up for grabs in this MaUsE raffle. These were not “door prizes.” MaUsE policy is that MaUsE Raffle tickets are half hour earlier than usual, at only handed out to the paid-up members who physically attend the meeting. Our meetings are open to the public but the MaUsE Raffle is a “Members Only” event 7:00 instead of at 7:30 P.M. and constitutes just one of the many privileges of belonging to the most excellent Macintosh Users Group, possibly the best of all possible Mac User Groups. We will have a full agenda, Also, we went back to the way we used to do MaUsE raffles. I briefly described including more scathingly the items being raffled and then each ticket drawn won the ticket holder his choice from among all prizes in order of drawing. The first ticket drawn has first pick and brilliant presentations, another all subsequent tickets have a shot at the remaining prizes until all prizes have been taken. I hope that this method increases the chances that people will win software MaUsE raffle, and lots more ! they will actually use. If you MaUsE members get to your computers and email me with your requests for software we will have even more products from other Macintosh software makers for the January 2007 MaUsE Raffle. For those of you who didn’t win anything at the October and November MaUsE raffles there will be another raffle and more chances to win in January 2007.
  12. 12. It was my pleasure at the November 22nd members meeting to introduce Now it is up to you to do your part in ensuring that we continue to have the elected MaUsE Executive for the coming year to the members pres- the best possible Mac club with the best possible programs. ent at the meeting. The directors are: Be a MaUsE regular attendee. Come out to our monthly meetings and MICHAEL SHAW — President and continuing Editor of MaUsE talk with the members of the executive to let them know what you like DoubleClick, the finest Mac newsletter in Canada. and have liked at the meetings. Equally important, let them know what AARON VEGH — Vice-President and Program Director. (Also our you would like to see included in the programs of future meetings. resident Mac genius. If you would like to know the latest information on Be a MaUsE Ambassador: let your Mac friends know what a fine club what is happening in the Mac world, chances are that Aaron will have we have and bring them to some meetings so that they, too, can enjoy that knowledge and be ready to share it with you.) our fellowship, and, we trust, in time become club members. JOHN KETTLE — Treasurer and Membership Chairman — Dean of If you have suggestions on how to make our club even better, and would the executive committee and keeper of the club’s purse and membership like the executive committee to give your suggestions full consideration, records. you can easily contact any or all of the club’s directors and share your CHRIS GREAVES — Our good will ambassador from Fenelon Falls, thoughts with them: contact information for each member of the execu- always present to welcome members to our meetings with his trademark tive is given on page two of every issue of the MaUsE DoubleClick. cheery grin. So here we are, just about at the start of a new year. Let’s all work GUY LAFONTAINE — Very knowledgeable on all things Mac and together to make it a very good one for our club. one of the club’s key resource people on Photoshop and Appleworks. MARCEL DEFRESNE — Who loves to source out all sorts of useful, -- but lesser known, software programmes and bring them to our meetings Stan Wild and delight us with them. MaUsE Secretary and me, STAN WILD, the club’s scribe or Secretary. Whitby, Ontario, Canada Our good friend, Past President BRUCE CAMERON, will continue halston.wild@gmail.com to grace the executive meetings as an ex-officio member and the club’s Apple Ambassador.
  13. 13. November MaUsE Meeting Report Definitely one of the best meetings ever. John Kettle announced that MaUsE membership is on the rise. And we are solvent. Our Stan spoke of the new 2007 MaUsE Executive and named the names. The big surprise there is that we have a new MaUsE President. Stan will make an official an- nouncement elsewhere in this issue. All other posi- tions will be filled by the same people who already held the posts. Aaron talked about back-up strategies and Shirt Pocket Software’s shareware back-up program SuperDuper !. I spoke about the conditions gov- erning the raffle and briefly described the items so that members could have a better idea of what to choose when their number was called, and briefly described SuperScrubber 2.0, security software for erasing hard drives. Marcel brought his new iMac in to demonstrate iClock. Hugh talked about the portfolio-management (www.globeinvestor.com) website he uses, and Aaron talked about open source software. I ran over into Marcel’s time (mea culpa) and so Marcel ran over into Hugh’s time and so Hugh ran over into break, and Aaron got squeezed between break and the raffle, which ran over as well. Maybe in January, when meetings are a little longer, we can get more done with more time to do it in. On behalf of the entire MaUsE Executive I would like to wish you all a safe holiday with no nasty surprises and I hope to see you all back here at the MaUsE in January 2007. The January meeting will be held January 24th (the anniversary of the Ma- cintosh) and will start at 7:00 P.M., a half-hour earlier than usual.
  14. 14. Jiiva SuperScrubber v2.0 Special thanks to Natasha Ericksen at Jiiva software for sending At the October MaUsE meeting I demonstrated what can happen if you sell a a SuperScrubber Value Pack for our November MaUsE Raffle. computer hard drive or Zip disk to someone who has access to Data Rescue II. This software is available as three separate packages for G3, or All of those files you so carefully deleted from the drive are still on it and can G4 or G5 computers. The Value Pack contains a printed manual be rescued in their entirety by an unscrupulous or curious person with good and all three packages on three bootable CDs. data recovery software. For those of you who missed my presentation on Super- Scrubber 2.0 at the November MaUsE meeting, in this issue I’ll tell you what you can do to erase your data safely and completely by using SuperScrubber. SuperScrubber is a disk utility that serves to completely and permanently erase all data from a specified internal or external hard drive or partition, leaving no retrievable trace of the old data. Using SuperScrubber allows you to give away or sell your old computer without any worries, knowing that it no longer contains personal or confidential data. Not only is that a good feeling, it’s also really smart. To REALLY erase files, you need SuperScrubber. Reformatting your hard drive, dragging them to the trash or deleting them isn’t enough protection. Those files can still be retrieved with sophisticated data recovery tools. As files are deleted or dragged to the trash and then emptied, new data will eventually be written over the space the files previously occupied on your hard drive. The old files are not completely erased however, and leave magnetic footprints called “shadow data.” SuperScrubber understands the phenomenon of Shadow Data and writes data multiple times over your hard drive to ensure all previous information can never be recovered. SuperScrubber conforms to the Department of Defense standard for disk sanitization when selecting the built-in Military Scrub con- figuration. And if you’re even more paranoid than that, there are additional customizable levels of security, too. I tried out this Jiiva SuperScrubber software on an empty Zip disk like the one that I used to show Prosoft Data Rescue II. It was surprisingly easy to use. I launched the program and selected the Zip disk in the “Choose a disk to scrub” window. The Next button took me to a window where I had to select the level of security from a list of seven different programs used by the US Department of Defense, the US Navy ISMC specs, the Russian and the German government specifications and three more. They are all explained in the printed manual that comes with the software. I chose the fastest of the seven methods. I’m glad I did. Even with such a small drive (100 Megs) it took about ten minutes to erase the drive three times and verify it.
  15. 15. Drive erasure is pretty serious business so the software asked me more than once to verify that I had the right drive selected, knew my administrators password, and really, really was sure that I wanted to erase the disk. The US Department of Defence scrubbing I chose required only three scrub passes through the drive and then verification. A scrub writes data to every byte of a disk. A 30-gig drive con- tains 30,000,000,000 bytes. Multiply this by the number of passes and you see why secure erasing takes time. Scrubbing a 30-gig drive using the Dept. of Defence configuration may take over four hours. Your performance may vary with drive speed and your hardware setup. The other erasure choices require 6, 7, 10 or 35 passes through the drive to complete. In the SuperScrubber prefer- ences you can have the program let you know when it is done with the procedure and initialise the drive after erasure. You can run the SuperScrubber program right off the CD or in- stall it on your computer’s boot drive in order to erase removable drives or drives other than the boot disk but if you want to erase all of your drives and partitions, or if you only have one drive in- stalled then you can boot off the SuperScrubber CD, all versions, and use it to erase all of your drives. I checked the little Zip drive after I scrubbed it and it was empty, empty, empty. The best data recovery software available could not find a single file fragment anywhere on the disk. SuperScrubber really works. Visit < www.jiiva.com > for more information and testimonials about this program.
  16. 16. GraphicConverter 5.9.2 Jim would be so proud of me. He used to laugh at me every time the GraphicConverter shareware window would open with the 30-second countdown and the “You have been using GraphicConverter for 1,474 days...” message would appear. And I have been using it, too. More than any other image conversion software including the expensive Adobe stuff. You may not realise it but every one of my presentations at the MaUsE meetings is a slide show in GraphicConverter. We may lose the internet connection during a presentation and the demo gods are not always cooperative but GraphicConverter never fails me. GraphicConverter in one version or another has been around for so long that it has one of the most recognisable icons in Macintosh computing. It gets updated regularly and has evolved into one of the most powerful and useful shareware successes ever. Download a copy of GraphicConverter and install it by simply dragging the application to your Applications folder. The name implies that Graph- icConverter can convert images from one format to another but the program can do a lot more. It can import a staggering 96 different image formats and it can convert them and save them in 38 differ- ent formats. It has unparalleled image format con- version capabilities. It has every format you can imagine and 60-70 more. It’s fast and reliable and gets the job done. When you open a picture using GraphicConverter you get the toolbox beside your image and an information window under it. At a first glance over the look of the program, it resembles Paint, with filled and non-filled square, rectangle and circle buttons in its tool bar. In terms of image manipulation, it does offer a clone and stamp tool which function similar to those found in Photoshop, but obviously less impressive. But then you start to click on buttons, explore the options, preferences and plug-ins and open the menus and GraphicConverter starts to get more impressive. The Picture, Filter, and Effect, menus especially open a world of image manipulation tools and information that exceeds everything except the programs for professionals. For desktop publishers like me Graphic- Converter is the best and cheapest software available. I am delighted that Lemke Software has sent us a copy to be used as a raffle prize. A lot of the software we get is of limited appeal to a lot of our membership but GraphicConverter will be used by some lucky winner no matter what level of image manipulation he or she does.
  17. 17. GraphicConverter is simply the best im- age conversion tool I have ever used. It puts everything else to shame in this re- spect. Sure it’s not Photoshop, or Corel, or PaintShop, but then again it was never meant to be. This is a Graphic Converter and by name and by nature. It’s share- ware, but if you need this sort of tool, the 30$ are more than well spent. It takes get- ting used to and even after a few weeks you are still discovering options you did not see before, but it’s the best I’ve seen at what it does. For example, when you delve deeply into the GraphicCon- verter Preferences you find that there are six categories of preferences: General, Open, Save, SlideShow, Convert, and Browser. I have shown the Preferences window opened at the Plugins prefer- ences window found in the General category. I just counted them and found that in all there are sixty different preferences windows listed under the six categories. That should give you an idea of what this program has evolved into since we first encountered it. Installation consists of downloading and open- ing the GraphicConverter archive from the internet and dragging the GraphicConverter application to your OSX Applications folder. Thats it. When it opens you will be in- structed how to pay for it. If you don’t pay the program still works but there is a pro- gressive delay when it opens and a screen asking you to send in your payment. Once you’ve used it for a while you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Graphic- Converter is the very best of the shareware. Special Thanks to Thorsten Lemke who sent our MaUsE Club a complete Lemke Software package on CD to be used as a raffle prize at our November MaUsE Raf- fle. The package contained a copy of GraphicConverter with registration and trial versions of FontBook, SnapsCleaner, CADintosh, and Elbsand Publishers.
  18. 18. InstallingAirport Extreme Card Into G4 iBook Wireless internet access is something I’ve never had and never missed. All of the computers I use on the internet are connected to my DSL router and share an ethernet network with our LaserWriter Pro 630. On the few occasions when I have travelled with an Apple notebook computer, my G4 iBook, the hotels have provided wired service right in the • Set up a computer to share its Internet connection 8. Release the keyboard by pulling down on the room. Wireless modems always have a few RJ45 with computers using AirPort. keyboard release tabs (located to the left of the F1 ports on the back that accept ethernet cables. But • Set up an AirPort network using an Apple AirPort, and F12 keys) , then lift the top portion of the key- now I have a need to outfit the iBook for wireless AirPort Extreme Base Station, or Airport Express. board up slightly, and toward the display. internet access. My eldest daughter has plans to nip The Apple AirPort base stations are available from 9. Flip the keyboard over and lay it on the palm off to Japan in the near future and will need to do your Apple- authorized dealer or the Apple Store at rest. emails and everything else in cyber cafes and other store.apple.com. 10. Touch a metal surface on the inside of the com- places where wireless internet connection will be puter to discharge any static electricity. It is always required. INSTALLATION: a good idea to make sure you are sitting down when 1. Place your computer on a clean, flat surface. you start a job like this and have everything you I went on the internet and found that there are two 2. Shut down your computer and wait thirty min- need at hand. If you get up and walk around dur- types of internal internet cards for Mac computers: utes before continuing. ing the process you may pick up a static charge, AirPort and AirPort Extreme. The plain older Air- 3. Disconnect the power cord and any other cables especially if you walk on carpets and the weather Port cards are mysteriously much more expensive connected to the computer. outside is cold and dry. than the newer AirPort Extreme cards. Make sure 4. Gently remove the battery. you get the right type for your computer. My G4 5. Turn over the computer. iBook takes the newer, cheaper type, and I found 6. Raise the display so you can access the key- one on the Low End Mac SWAP List for $35.00 board. which included shipping from the States. 7. Make sure the keyboard locking screw, located in the small plastic tab to the left of the Num Lock With the AirPort Extreme Card installed in my key is unlocked. iBook computer, I can • Access an AirPort or other wireless network at home, school, work, or Internet “hot spots,” and use it to browse the Internet, send and receive email, and more. • Set up a Computer-to-Computer network between two or more AirPort-equipped computers, which 11. Plug the antenna cable connector into the port you can use to transfer files or play multiplayer on the end of the AirPort Extreme Card. The an- games. tenna is easy to find in the Airport cavity.
  19. 19. To put it all back together: 1. Flip the keyboard back toward the keyboard opening in the case. Hold the keyboard at a 45-de- gree angle above the keyboard opening, and insert the tabs on the bottom edge of the keyboard into the slot under the edge of the opening. 2. Lay the keyboard flat into the keyboard open- ing. 3. Pull down on the keyboard release tabs and then press down on the top portion of the keyboard. 9. Open your Network System Preference to see that the AirPort is shown as an alternative to your other network types. Turn on your AirPort card and enter the information suitable to your wireless net- work. Thats all there is to installing an AirPort Extreme card in a G4 iBook. It took about fifteen minutes to do it carefully and check that it showed up in Sys- 4. Let go of the keyboard release tabs to secure the tem Profiler and worked. For your particular Mac keyboard in place. the installation procedure will be different, prob- 5. Close the display and turn the iBook over. ably easier, and can be found on the Apple website 6. Replace the battery into the battery compart- under the Support tab. ment. Hold the battery flush and use a coin to turn the latch counterclockwise 1/4 turn to lock the bat- tery into place. 7. Turn over your iBook and open the display. 8. Reconnect the power cord and any other cables that were connected, and 12. Install the AirPort Extreme Card under the wire restart your computer. If all bracket and securely into the card slot. went well your Mac will 13. Use the wire holder to secure the AirPort Ex- detect the card and alert treme Card in place by inserting its prongs into you that it has not been the slots in the RAM shield. Make sure the card configured. is inserted far enough into its slot that the wire fits nicely behind it
  20. 20. Connecting to an OS X File Server I was an innocent victim of the vagaries of eBay, once more. Yet again. It hap- pened like this: I was just looking at CPU upgrades on eBay, checking the prices after seeing what I thought was something outrageous on the LEM SWAP List, when I noticed a Sonnet Crescendo G3 500 MHz PCI processor upgrade card going on eBay for the ridiculously low price of $11.10 ! Outrageous ! This Sonnet card was the very best G3 upgrade for PCI Macs and retailed in 1999 for $1000.00 US. With taxes and exchange they sold here for close to $1,400.00 Canadian. EveryMac.com estimates that they have an estimated cur- rent price of $149.00. The performance boost these cards give PCI Macs with a 50 MHz internal bus is truly amazing: The MacBench 4 score for a stock 200 MHz 9500 is 477 and the same machine scores 1,716 with this upgrade. Any- way, I won the auction for $23.00 and will be using it to accelerate a 200 MHz 9500 running OS7.6.1. It is perfectly possible for an old 604e Mac like the Pow- erPC 9500 running OS7.6.1 to connect to your current OS X machine and share files. Follow the steps below and it should work like a charm. First, be sure to download and install the Open Transport 1.1.2 and AppleShare 3.8.3 updates if you have earlier versions. You can find these at < http://main. system7today.com/updates.html.> Restart after all updates. On your OS X computer, make sure Personal File sharing is enabled, under the “Shar- ing” tab in OS X System Preferences. Note your computer’s IP address at the bottom, as well as the Computer Name, toward the top. Back on your antique System 7 machine, select Apple Menu -> Chooser. Click on Apple- Share. If you see your OS X computer already listed there under “Select a file server:” click on it and click OK. If not, click on “Server IP Address...”, enter the IP address you noted from above, and click OK. You will be presented with an authentication choice dialog. Choose “Encrypted Pass- word” and click OK. In the next dialog, type in your OS X log in name, and your password (if you have one) and click OK. A dialog will appear listing your OS X users, along with your hard drives and any other media (CDs, etc...) you may have inserted in your OS X machine. Choose which one you want to access, and click OK. Your choice will appear on the OS7.6.1 desktop. You can now open it and access your files!
  21. 21. PopCopy2 - The ClipBoard Accessory Submitted by Marcel Dufresne You know that nasty feeling when you copy an item, then later go to paste it only to find that you’ve already copied something else over top of it in the clipboard? There are many applications that allow you to enhance the clipboard such as CopyPaste which I paid for and used extensively with my old system 8.5 MAC. I have found that the old applications are not as convenient to use in system 10. So again I went searching using version tracker. I tried at least four other applications until I settled on PopCopy. PopCopy lets you access copied items you won’t even remember having copied. It keeps a history of everything you’ve copied in the MenuBar. You can see what you currently have copied just by looking at the MenuBar. It is an ap- plication program so that installation is a snap. Download it and drag it into your application folder. Double click on it and you are in business. It works very simply. PopCopy keeps a record of all copy operations and makes them available via the menu bar. Copy some text and paste it into a page. Copy a URL from the web browser or a photo out of Word. It doesn’t matter what your copy action actually worked with, PopCopy will remember it for you and makes that clipboard content available in the menu bar for later access. Something that makes the PopCopy menu extra useful is that it offers a visual representation of what you copied. If it is an image, you see a tiny thumbnail of the image. If you copied text, the first few words show up. This option does take up a lot of menu bar space. I have turned off this option using the preferences for it. PopCopy works with text, files, and images. That means if there’s anything you copy and paste often, you can skip the copy step from now on. PopCopy saves your clipboard item when you quit PopCopy, or restart your computer, and restores them when you launch PopCopy again. It is a Universal Binary, so it runs fine on an Intel Mac, or a PowerPC Mac. The main, and quite possibly best, new feature in PopCopy is the incredible new display that comes up with you press a Hotkey. You can now define your own hotkey combination, and when you press it, you’ll see a new interface for accessing your PopCopied items. You can see the previous and next items. There really is no better way to choose what you want pasted. Pressing the Hotkey and choosing the item now automatically pastes it. It’s a preference that you can turn on or off.
  22. 22. Also, you now get much better previewing of items in the PopCopy menu. If you have a file in there, you can see its whole path. If you have a long text clipping in there, you can see more of it. For web designers there’s the added bonus of seeing the image dimensions displayed with the icon. So if you add an image to a page, you have the width and height there in a handy record just waiting for you. The publisher is Globoamericano. If you go to the web site you can check out a video to see what PopCopy can do. Download PopCopy for free. Try it out. You will be able to use PopCopy normally, but you will be limited to a history of the last five items. That is all I really needed. When I used CopuPlus I never had to save more than 10 clipboard items. But if you like it, and want to hold an infinite number of items, buy PopCopy. It’s only $14, and it’s worth every penny. PopCopy was one of the terrific November MaUsE Raffle prizes ! DON’T Forget... Due to the fact that we feel we could make better use of our MaUsE Meet- ing time, we have changed the 2007 MaUsE Meetings to an earlier start- up time: 7:00 instead of 7:30 P.M.. Be there and bring a friend. “Sol Robots” at http://www.solrobots.com
  23. 23. DEVONagent variety of search engines. It then col- lects the results, analyses them, and cool, and it beats the pants off what you can sometimes put into making Google offers. the right query?). But it gets better: Submitted By Aaron Vegh presents them along with instantly-ac- you can have DA run your query on a Most people won’t need this soft- cessible notes on each link. It also re- Another nifty feature is the keyword schedule, and notify you of the results ware. DEVONagent is a tool for moves the dead pages and link farms. browser, which shows you a list of via email. How cool is that? gathering information from the Web, Click on a search result, and the built- related search words related to your and presenting it in a way that leaves in Web browser springs up immedi- query. Choose a keyword, and you’ll In all, DEVONagent offers something out the chaff, leaving nothing but ately, showing you the content, with see a chart of its relations to others, pretty handy to the true Internaut: a wheat. your search terms highlighted. along with a text output of pages with powerful tool for culling the Internet that content. of its sweetest meat, leaving aside It’s a real problem these days. As So indeed, while Google (or any other the bone and gristle. Yuck, gristle… a total tech nerd, I frequently tool search engine) is dramatically faster at DA also offers Search Sets, which are I’ll be keeping this application in my around the web looking for answers showing you results, with DA you’ll saved queries that you can run again Dock. to my questions. Which manufac- probably find what you’re after more and again (and why not, after the work turer is making the best-regarded quickly. mid-range digital camera? How can you pass an arbitrary variable from Under the hood, DA a view to a controller in Ruby on offers a whole lot of Rails? What techniques do people power to those who use to get to sleep at night, without wish to use it. The resorting to pharmaceuticals? tool accepts Boolean strings and special Google is a fine resource. But with expressions to help its speed comes shortcomings. Phish- you narrow your ing sites and link farms are creeping search. You can use higher in search results, providing the a string like (“ruby kind of meat that only artificial intel- on rails” OR RoR) ligence has a use for. Other sites are AND toggle NEAR just dead links, long since removed partial from Web servers, but unknown to Google’s gargantuan cache. And of Where the search course, you never know whether that will find either “ruby page with the enticing title and two-on rails” or its com- line description will be what you mon abbreviation, need, until you click, wait for the along with the words page to load, and read. “toggle” and “par- tial”, as long as the This is where DEVONagent comes first word happens in. Using its default “Internet Fast within ten words Scan”, DA will throw your query at a of the second. Very
  24. 24. 2006 in Review
  25. 25. Notice to FREE* Software Double Click Readers For MaUsE Members Only Have you noticed that the software reviewed in the DoubleClick invari- Who Are NOT ably shows up as raffle prizes at our monthly MaUsE meetings? Soft- MaUsE Members ware programs are expensive. Where do they come from? Most of them come from my replies to press releases or from requests If you are living in or near the Durham Region of Southern Ontario and using a Macintosh computer and are not yet a that I make directly to the software companies on behalf of the MaUsE member of MaUsE you can use the information found on DoubleClick that they send me two free copies of whatever catches my the second page of this newsletter to get meeting info and fancy: one copy for me to review and one for the MaUsE raffle. So of to get in touch with a member of our executive to find out course I ask for stuff that interests me. If you would like to have me ask how to join. for something for you to review in the DoubleClick, let me know. The If you just want to attend a few of our monthly meetings catch is that you MUST review the program in order to get a free copy please feel free to join us at the new central Whitby Li- for yourself. See the software reviews in this and other recent issues. If brary at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Wednesday of the month. you think you could produce software review composed of a page or Meetings are open to the public and admission is free but two of text and pictures in exchange for a free copy of the program you eligibility for winning valuable MaUsE Raffle prizes at review then you are ready to contribute to the DoubleClick. our monthly MaUsE Meetings and receiving technical as- Of course there is no guarantee that you will get what you ask for. Some sistance are available only to paid-up MaUsE club mem- companies are very obliging but others either don’t answer my request bers. or they answer to say that they don’t send out review materials. But, if Other privileges of membership are listed on our www. they do send it, and you do write about it, its yours to keep. mause.ca website and include the right to borrow from the Like the other privileges of membership, the access to software titles to extensive MaUsE Club Library and to submit articles for review is only available to paid-up MaUsErs, but you only have to win publication in this excellent newsletter. one MaUsE Raffle item or get one program to review to re-coup your year’s $45.00 membership fee. Email: < mause.doubleclick@gmail.com > for details. *Some conditions apply.