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Key Skill Set

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE MARTIN REED this update: 24th Jul 2001 "An accomplished Systems Architect and Project Leader, with a proven track record of meeting deadlines in challenging environments. An established team player with strong initiative, equally adept at working independently. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills. Highly resourceful and self-motivated." Marital Status: Single Date of Birth: 27th June 1965 Nationality: British Driving Licence: Full Languages: fluent German, and basic French & Greek Key Skill Set Consultancy / Design / Installation / Troubleshooting expertise in: Internet Web Publishing, including WAP 4 years Novell NetWare networking, from v2.0a to v5.0 12 years Microsoft Windows NT Server & Workstation 5 years Microsoft Windows, from MS-DOS Executive to Windows 2000 10 years Microsoft MS-DOS & IBM PC-DOS Operating Systems, to v7 14 years PC hardware & software 14 years IBM OS/2 Operating System, to v4.0 7 years PC to Unix / VAX / Macintosh / Mainframe connectivity 10 years Desktop & Office Automation applications 14 years Secondary Skills Data & Modem Communications 10 years WAN and LAN Internetworking (Bridges, Routers etc.) 7 years Mobile Telephony 3 years Education Dr. Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham, England 'A' levels Mathematics and Economics 'O' levels Mathematics, Physics, English Language English Literature, German and Geography Example Web Sites The Computing Practice, Northampton British Octopush Association Mazel Radishield, Newcastle Underwater Hockey World Directory TCS Cellworks, Aylesbury
  2. 2. Detailed Experience August 2000 to present Independent consultancy work for a number of clients, including • H.C. Wilcox Fabrications Ltd, Northampton • The Computing Practice Ltd, Northampton • TCS Cellworks Ltd, Aylesbury • Caltag Medsystems Ltd, Silverstone March 2000 to August 2000 Networking Technologies Consultant, The Computing Practice, Northampton, UK Op. Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT 4.0 / SBS, Windows 98/95, Novell NetWare 4.x, 3.x Networking: Ethernet, TCP/IP, IPX, modems, ISDN, mobile telephony inc WAP Packages: Front Page 2000, all Microsoft Office applications • Management of the company’s Systems Department • Design, development and maintenance of the company’s web site and corporate intranet • Design, development and installation of customer web sites • Customer system installations, upgrades and on-site support / troubleshooting August 1999 to February 2000 Internet Web Design & Systems Installation for individual UK-based clients, inc.: • British Octopush Association: Internet Web Site • The Computing Practice: Internet Web Site • Lyncrete Burkle Services Ltd: Network Installation & System Troubleshooting • JW Chilled Foods: Internet Web Site I was subsequently invited to join The Computing Practice as a full member of staff. November 1998 to July 1999 Technical Consultant (Contract), Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, Germany Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 5.0, 4.2, 3.2, Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 98/95 (English and German), OS/2 Networking: Token Ring, Ethernet, TCP/IP, IPX, modems, ISDN Packages: Deutsche Bank “db-direct” Electronic Banking Software, Microsoft Office 97, Lotus Notes, all in both English and German Hardware: various Compaq, IBM and HP Servers and Workstations ? End-of-line troubleshooting of the Systems Module of Deutsche Bank’s corporate Electronic Banking software “db-direct”. This included all operating system and communications problems that could not be resolved either by the local branch or by the Deutsche Bank internal Helpdesk ? Support of the company’s internal Electronic Banking Helpdesk, and support colleagues in Deutsche Bank branches throughout Germany and Switzerland, with occasional customer site visits where necessary ? Version Control Management of db-direct, and its various externally-sourced components. ? Configuration and implementation of full and interim release packages of db-direct ? Production of all software CDs for internal and external use ? Implementation of a test room for Version 6 of db-direct ? Development & maintenance of the department’s software/drivers library ? German/English Translation and English-language support to colleagues ? Proofing of documents written in English prior to customer release ? Configuration and support of an OS/2-based banking application for DB Amsterdam
  3. 3. ? A member of the team testing db-direct for Year-2000 compatibility
  4. 4. March 1998 to October 1998 Independent Internet Web Design & Publishing for a number of clients August 1997 to March 1998 “Global Office” Server Design Architect (Contract), Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Milton Keynes, England, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands Customer: Citibank Inc. and Citibank B.V. Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 4.1, Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95, Novell NetWare 3.1x Networking: Ethernet, Token Ring, IPX, TCP/IP, NetWare/IP Packages: Microsoft Office 97 / 95, Lotus Notes, ARCServe backup, McAfee anti-virus Hardware: Compaq ProLiant Servers, Compaq PC Workstations, Compaq Armada laptops, Dell laptops, HP Printers ? Development of Concept of a Global Server Design with which to implement Citibank’s “Global Office” strategy in 32 major Citibank sites throughout 17 countries of Europe and in other regions. This server design utilised Novell NetWare 4.1 servers and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 clients ? Design and subsequent Proof of Concept within a simulated “Model Office” test environment constructed by EDS especially for this project ? Ongoing liaison with Citibank project team in UK, Citibank site management team at pilot site in Amsterdam, Citibank systems management team in various locations in the United States, Citibank Capital Markets Group, and other EDS design teams in the United States and Canada ? Implementation of this design at the pilot Citibank site in Amsterdam. Due to the high profile of the project, designers were required by Citibank to be on-site to assist site transition teams in this first installation ? Migration and consolidation of users and data from the site’s existing NetWare 3.1x / Windows 3.1 environment to the new Global Office environment ? Standardisation of all firmware to meet Year-2000 compatibility requirements ? Development and implementation of secure backup/restore and anti-virus strategies ? Development of a flexible and modular method of system design documentation, which was equally applicable to both business-orientated and technical readers. This methodology was subsequently adopted as the standard method of documentation design by other EDS project teams ? Integration of Amsterdam servers into Citibank’s Global NetWare/IP domain January 1997 to June 1997 Company: Rank Hovis Limited, High Wycombe, England Systems: Novell NetWare 4.1, Windows NT 4, Lotus Notes, Token Ring ? Specification, design and implementation of the primary file server at the company's Head Office ? Introduction and implementation of uniform h/w & s/w standards ? Reporting on all aspects of the company's UK-wide computer systems: Year-2000 compatibility, system and data security, anti-virus protection, software & firmware version inconsistencies ? Design and specification of Lotus Notes Databases ? On-site and remote troubleshooting
  5. 5. June 1996 to November 1996 System Architect (Contract), Braun AG, Kronberg, near Frankfurt, Germany Hardware: IBM PC Servers, HP NetServers, various PC-compatible clients (desktops & laptops), IBM Kanji (Japanese) Printers, HP Printers Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 4.11, Microsoft Windows 95 Kanji (Japanese) Networking: Ethernet, Token Ring, IPX, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, ODI Packages: Microsoft Office, Lotus cc:Mail, Norton Administrator, PC-Anywhere, Palindrome backup software. All client software in both English and Kanji versions ? Development of Concept of a nation-wide PC network with NetWare 4.11 servers, and Windows 95 Kanji (Japanese) clients ? Design and subsequent pilot installation of this PC network within a simulated Japanese test environment. The initial phases of the Server Concept were developed under the Novell “Green River” beta test programme that later became Novell IntranetWare 4.11 ? Provision of office tools and network connectivity to all office-based and mobile users located at nine company sites across the length and breadth of Japan ? Provision of remote control and software distribution tools to allow Japan- and Germany- based support personnel to provide remote support to users at all company sites across Japan ? Development of an automated system backup and disaster recovery strategy ? Full system documentation of Novell Concept and all server-related components to enable the PC Network to be fully supported by technical staff in Japan ? Full client system documentation to enable a non-Japanese speaker to install and configure Kanji versions of client Operating System and all supported software components ? Training of Japan- and Germany-based support personnel in all aspects of both servers and clients January 1996 to May 1996 Independent Consultancy work for a number of clients August 1995 to December 1995 Senior Consultant (Contract), Computacenter Ltd, London, England Customers: Caspian Bank, Deutsche Bank, IPC Magazines, Sears Group, Medicus Group Hardware: Various PC/compatible servers, desktops & laptops, Apple Macintoshes, HP Printers Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 4.x, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51, Novell NetWare 3.x, MS- Windows, MS-DOS, Apple Mac OS Networking: Ethernet, Token Ring, IPX, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, ODI, NDIS, AppleTalk Packages: Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Mail, Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Organizer, Reflection 2, various Anti-Virus, ARCserve & Palindrome backup ? Design, installation and documentation of the NetWare component of a NetWare 4.1 / Windows NT 3.51 / HP-UX network for a startup merchant bank, with provision for 250 users per site. Installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of Novell GroupWise, the bank’s strategic communications package. Training of support personnel and back-line user support in both NetWare and GroupWise prior to and during the critical “go-live” period ? Design of a new PC environment for a major magazine publisher, providing connectivity to existing Unix and Macintosh networks, while allowing migration from the existing 26 NetWare 3.x servers and 800 PC workstations ? Design of an Internet E-Mail solution for the Windows NT network of a major City Bank ? Troubleshooting of a multi-site NetWare 4.1 / 3.12 network with roaming users ? Troubleshooting of a NetWare 3.12 network with PC and Macintosh clients. Data migration and rationalisation. Full system documentation of entire network. Training of Network Administrator ? Invited to join Computacenter as a permanent member of staff
  6. 6. April 1995 to July 1995 European Product Support Engineer - PC Platform (Contract), Sunsoft Ltd, High Wycombe, UK Hardware: IBM PCs and Compatibles, Sun SparcStations Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 3.11, MS-DOS, MS-Windows for Workgroups, Sun Solaris for x86, Interactive Unix Networking: Ethernet, TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI Packages: Sun PC-NFS, Sun PC-NFS Pro ? Member of multi-platform, multi-discipline Product Support Team ? Last-line technical product support for all Intel-based software products to all SunSoft distributors in both Northern and Southern Europe ? Identification of product bugs; development and provision of corresponding solutions ? Liaison with Sun's Development Engineers in Mountain View, California and Boston, Massachusetts ? Development of PC-NFS configuration to run under OS/2. As far as was known within Sun, this had not been done before ? Provision of pre-sales on-site consultancy where linguistic skills required ? Invited to join SunSoft as a permanent member of staff June 1993 to March 1995 PC Systems Specialist, First Choice Holidays plc, Crawley, UK Hardware: Various PCs & Compatibles (servers, desktops & laptops), various Unix boxes (Alpha, RS/6000, SCO, Sun), DEC VAX systems, Apple Macintoshes, HP Printers Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 3.x, DOS/Windows 3.x, Unix, MacOS Networking: Ethernet, IPX, TCP/IP, AppleTalk Packages: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Mail, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Reflection 2, Novell GroupWise (then called WordPerfect Office), Lotus Organizer, DaVinci E-Mail, ARCserve backup software ? Member of a team of four specialists in the areas of PC Systems, Unix Systems, Data Communications and Voice Communications ? Overall responsibility for all company file servers, PC workstations, operating systems and software applications on the PC platform. This consisted of more than twenty Novell NetWare file servers and five hundred networked workstations based in the UK, with wide-area links to PCs in more than forty resorts in all corners of the globe ? Responsible for continually analysing the company's PC computing facilities, identifying new requirements and evaluating solutions ? Project Management of self-initiated development projects ? Man Management of support team working on these projects ? Design and implementation of new PC environment ? Migration from DOS-based environment to Microsoft Windows, while maintaining transparent access to the in-house SCO Unix, IBM RS/6000, DEC Alpha, VAX and Apple Macintosh systems ? Introduction of Electronic Mail system in UK sites and resorts ? Training of Technical Support team in all areas of technology, embracing existing systems and the new technologies that I introduced to the company ? Final line of PC technical support, when necessary, to both First Choice Holidays and its sister company, the airline Air 2000 ? Second Unix Systems Administrator when necessary ?
  7. 7. February 1992 to June 1993 PC / Network Analyst, Kodak Clinical Diagnostics Ltd, Amersham, UK Hardware: Various PCs & Compatibles (servers, desktops & laptops), DEC MicroVAX, Apple Macintoshes, HP Printers Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 3.11, MS-Windows 3.x, MS-DOS, various Unix, Mac OS Networking: Ethernet, LocalTalk, IPX, TCP/IP, AppleTalk Data Comms: Tricom bridges, BICC repeaters, BT Kilostreams & Megastreams Packages: Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Reflection 1 & 4 ? System Administrator for the three K.C.D.L. NetWare fileservers on the Kodak Ltd. Wide Area Network, one serving each of the three main company sites ? Responsible for all on-site and inter-site communications, providing PC and terminal access to the company’s Apple Macintosh, Sun, DEC VAX, HP and IBM mainframe systems ? Development of inter-server fault-tolerant functionality so that each fileserver would provide full application and local print access to the users of another fileserver, in the event of the loss of that other fileserver ? User technical support for all problems and queries arising from PC packages under MS-DOS and MS-Windows ? Installation of all new PC hardware and software ? Upgrades to all PC hardware and software ? Liaison with end-users, I.T. staff, maintenance contractors and suppliers May 1989 to September 1991 Technical Specialist, Counter House Ltd, Hemel Hempstead, UK Hardware: Various PCs & Compatibles (servers, desktops & laptops), Psion Organiser palmtops, various printers Op. Systems: Novell NetWare 386, Novell NetWare 2.x (from Advanced NetWare 2.0a to NetWare 2.2), MS-DOS, Turbo DOS Networking: Ethernet, Gateway G/Net Packages: MultiMate, Lotus 1-2-3, RM/COBOL, MF/COBOL, MS-Macro Assembler ? Installation, upgrades and remote support of all Novell networks supplied by the company ? Installation of in-house system featuring multiple file servers across internal bridges linking different types of network cabling on a single LAN ? Installation of NetWare LAN for photographic wholesaler supporting both PCs and Macintoshes ? On-site troubleshooting of any problems that could not be resolved by the field engineering team ? Development of automated data collection system allowing a central PC to collect sales data from multiple EPOS terminals ? Development of COBOL-based financial applications ? Development of 80x86 assembler-based utilities ? Two-way communication and file transfer between MS-DOS and Turbo-DOS based systems
  8. 8. March 1987 to May 1992 (part time) Technical Magazine Columnist, Europress Group, Stockport, Cheshire, UK ? A regular monthly column for “The Micro User” on the subject of computer games, but viewing from a technical angle. The articles explained how games could be modified and improved, perhaps by adding new features, and also how games written for older machines could be converted to run on newer hardware ? Reviews of commercial hardware and software packages ? This magazine work led to consultancy work in the computer games industry, and my skills were often called on by software houses to aid their software development teams June 1988 to May 1989 Systems Support, Kodak Limited, Hemel Hempstead, UK Hardware: Various desktop & laptop PCs Op. Systems: Novell Advanced NetWare/86 v2.0a, MS-DOS, Turbo DOS Networking: Ethernet, G/Net Packages: MultiMate, Ryan McFarland COBOL, Micro Focus COBOL ? Configuration of Novell networks ? Systems development and COBOL programming January 1984 to December 1988 Computer Sales Manager, Reed Photography and Computers, Chesham, UK ? Sales and after-sales support, purchasing and ordering, stock control June 1983 to September 1983 Technical Assistant (summer job), Chiltern Electronics Ltd, Chalfont St Giles, UK ? Configuring of DEC PDP/11, DEC PDP/8, Apple II, Torch, BBC Other I am active in many sports, especially cycling and all water-based sports. These include springboard diving, in which I am an internationally-qualified coach, and Octopush, also known as Underwater Hockey. When in the UK I act as a helper and life-saver at a weekly Red Cross disabled swim; I am a founder member and manager of Chesham Octopush Club, and also a member of the UK Barbarians international touring team. In my spare time I run “Octopush Central”, the Internet’s most comprehensive guide to the sport, and also the Internet Web Site for Chesham Octopush Club. I enjoy music in all its various forms, and own and play a number of different musical instruments. I like to spend my holidays travelling, preferably in countries with different cultures and languages to that of England. I speak reasonably fluent German, basic conversational French and Greek, and get by without too many problems everywhere else.