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IT Training News

  1. 1. Desktop Business Applications Class Schedule Summer Quarter 2007 IT Training courses are available to all members of the OHSU community. IT Training News Top Five IT Training Courses Access Introduction Database Design Excel Formulas, Lists & Pivot Tables All Microsoft Office Classes Will Be Direct Class Hyperlinks Now Available Computer Basics in this Class Schedule Free Beginning July 1! Office 2003 Shared Beginning July 1, 2007, all Microsoft Of- Check out pages 2-4 in this class schedule. Features fice classes will be free! Currently, some You can now click on any class title link, Intermediate classes and all Advanced and it will take you to that class’ course out- WHAT ARE YOU classes had a fee. line web page in TrainingForce. From the MISSING? After July 1, the only classes with a fee course outline page, you will also be able to will be Dreamweaver 8/HTML, Acrobat select a class date and register for a class. Form Design, and the two Photoshop Hot IT Training Links courses. There are no current plans to take Employee Learning Portal: away the fee for the above classes. www.ohsu.ohsu/learning New Course: CommonSpot! New to Office 2003? Check out online IT Training is now offering a Common- learning tutorials at: Spot course. Currently, we offer a four-hour introductory class only. Depending on future online-office2003.shtml OHSU’s Internet Strategies plans, additional Interested in getting Microsoft Certified? CommonSpot classes will be developed. Looks great on resumes! Check Classes will be offered on a monthly basis. it out at: The first one is scheduled on July 5th. Click on the class title link on page 2 or 4 for the certification/ Inside this issue: course outline and to register. Course Schedule 2 Course Descriptions Computer Basics 3 IT Training Mission Statement Microsoft Office 3-4 IT Training is dedicated to enhancing the Oregon Health & Science University mis- GroupWise 4 sion of Patient Care, Research and Education by enriching the OHSU community Web Development 4 with: Acrobat Form Design 4 Photoshop 4 A computer training program to offer courses on the OHSU-supported desk- top business applications. Network Contact 4 Secondary applications support including FAQ's, HOW-TOs and Quick Refer- IT Training Policies 4 ence Guides to enhance the services offered by the ITG HelpDesk. To register for courses:
  2. 2. 2 Desktop Business Applications Class Schedule Click on the course title to see the course outline and/or register for a class. Learning Computers Date Time Room Cost Microsoft Office Suite Date Time Room Cost (cont.) Computer Basics: Windows 7/2&3 8:30-11:30 121 FREE Excel 2003 XP 8/14&16 5:00-7:30 121 FREE Charts & Workbook Man- 7/27 8:30-12:00 104 Computer Intermediate: Win- FREE 7/20 8:30-12:00 122 FREE agement: Intermediate 9/25 8:30-12:00 120 dows XP PowerPoint 2003 8/3 1:00-4:00 121 FREE Macintosh Introduction 8/10 8:30-12:00 104 7/19 5:00-7:30 121 FREE FREE PowerPoint Introduction 9/18 8:30-12:00 122 7/20 1:00-4:00 121 Macintosh Troubleshooting & FREE 9/11&13 5:00-7:30 121 FREE 8/9 1:00-4:00 121 Network Basics PowerPoint Graphics, Ta- 9/18 5:00-7:30 121 FREE 8/17 8:30-12:00 104 FREE bles & Charts: Intermediate GroupWise 6.5 Date Time Room Cost PowerPoint Presentation 7/13 8:30-11:00 120 Delivery &Multimedia: Inter- 8/30 8:30-12:30 104 FREE 8/1 8:30-11:00 120 FREE mediate GroupWise Introduction 9/5 8:30-11:00 104 Word 2003 7/17 5:00-7:30 121 FREE 7/5&6 8:30-11:00 122 FREE GroupWise Message Man- 7/20 8:30-11:00 104 Word Introduction FREE agement: Intermediate 8/14 8:30-11:00 120 9/25&27 5:00-7:30 121 FREE GroupWise Calendar Power: 7/24 8:30-11:00 104 Document Formatting & FREE 7/10&11 8:30-12:00 122 FREE Intermediate 8/22 8:30-11:00 120 Mail Merge: Intermediate GroupWise Innovative Tools: 8/30 8:30-11:00 120 Graphics, WordArt & FREE 7/19 8:30-11:30 120 FREE Advanced 9/20 8:30-11:00 104 Charts: Intermediate Collaboration & Long Docu- Microsoft Office Date Time Room Cost 7/25 8:30-12:30 120 FREE ments: Advanced MS Office 2003 Shared Fea- 7/5 8:30-12:30 120 FREE Forms, Web Pages & Cus- 8/2&3 8:30-11:00 120 FREE tures tomization: Advanced 7/24&26 5:00-7:30 121 FREE MS Macros for Word, Excel Network Contact Date Time Room Cost 8/8 8:30-11:30 104 FREE & Access, PowerPoint 7/6 8:30-12:30 MSB Microsoft Office Suite Date Time Room Cost NC Orientation: Introduction 8/7 8:30-12:30 932 FREE 9/12 8:30-12:30 (All) Access 2003 NC: Advanced Support 8/15 8:30-12:30 121 FREE Techniques: Intermediate 7/3 8:30-11:30 Database Design—Required 123 NC: PC Configuration & 8/3 8:30-11:30 FREE 8/29 8:30-12:30 120 prior to Access courses (All) Troubleshooting: Intermedi- FREE 9/6 8:30-11:30 9/26 8:30-12:30 122 ate 7/10 8:30-12:30 121 8/7 8:30-12:30 104 FREE Web Development Date Time Room Cost Access Introduction 9/11 8:30-12:30 122 Dreamweaver 8/HTML: 7/12&13 8:30-12:00 104 Evening class unavailable this $72 FREE Introduction 9/26&27 8:30-12:00 104 quarter. 7/5 7/18 8:30-12:00 122 121 Data, Tables, & Relation- CommonSpot: Introduction 8/1 8:30-12:00 FREE 8/9 8:30-12:00 104 FREE 9/12 (All) ships: Intermediate 9/13 8:30-12:00 122 Working with Queries: Inter- 7/24 8:30-11:30 122 Acrobat 7.0 FREE mediate 8/16 8:30-11:30 104 Acrobat Form Design: Intro- 7/19 8:30-12:30 121 $48 Working with Forms: Ad- 7/26 8:30-11:30 120 duction FREE vanced 8/22 8:30-11:30 104 If you know four or more people interested in attending one of the Working with Reports: Ad- 7/31 8:30-11:30 104 following courses, a class can be scheduled upon request: FREE vanced 8/28 8:30-11:30 104 Photoshop Optimizing Photos: Introduction Excel 2003 Photoshop Creating buttons and Graphics: Intermediate 7/11&12 8:30-11:30 121 FREE Excel: Introduction 9/5&6 8:30-11:30 120 Course dates and times with purple backgrounds 8/21&23 5:00-7:30 121 FREE are Career Development Center evening courses Formulas, Lists, & Pivot Ta- 7/17&18 8:30-11:00 121 FREE and are open to ALL OHSU employees. bles: Intermediate 9/19&20 8:30-11:00 120
  3. 3. 3 Desktop Business Applications Class Descriptions Click on the course title to see the course outline and/or register for a class. LEARNING COMPUTERS Access Data, Tables, and Relationships: Intermediate—3.5 hours Computer Basics: Windows XP—6 hours; 2 half-days Prerequisites: Access Introduction or equivalent skills Description: Focus on getting familiar with data entry and management of Prerequisites: None data within a database. Includes: filtering records; formatting fields; data Description: Covers the basics of hardware and software; how they interact; validation; input masks; and referential integrity. This course is a must for mouse skills, and keyboard use. It also introduces the Windows operating anyone responsible for creating or modifying data in Access. system including the Start menu, the Desktop, Taskbar, and Control Panel. This course meets the prerequisites for the IC3 Module 1 certification exam. Access Working with Queries: Intermediate—3 hours Prerequisites: Data, Tables, and Relationships Computer Intermediate—3.5 hours Description: Focus on the various query types such as creating a multi- Prerequisites: Basic Mouse & Keyboard Skills; Computer Basics: Windows XP table query; working with expressions; creating a calculated field; finding Description: Covers Windows Accessories and System Tools, including duplicate records, and more. optimizing and maintaining your computer. Access Working with Forms: Advanced—3 hours MACINTOSH Prerequisites: Working with Queries Description: Focus on creating and utilizing the power of Access forms. Mac Introduction—3 hours Access Working with Reports: Advanced—3 hours Prerequisites: None Prerequisites: Working with Forms Description: This course is designed for those in a predominantly Windows Description: Focus on reports by adding and removing fields; adding page environment to gain some familiarity with the Macintosh as well as for those numbers and dates; understanding report sections; using the Chart Wizard. making the transition from Mac OS 9 to OS X. Mac Troubleshooting & Network Basics: Intermediate—3 hours EXCEL 2003 Prerequisites: Basic Macintosh skills Excel Introduction—6 hours; 2 half-days Description: Covers troubleshooting the Macintosh hardware and OS X operating Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; knowledge of Microsoft system, as well as keeping the computer running smoothly. The network portion of Office features OR MS Office 2003 Shared Features class. the class covers Migration Assistance, Printer Setup, Native File Access, and Description: Orientation and navigation; basic editing and formatting; basic Windows Terminal Service. formulas and functions; basic charts; printing. MICROSOFT OFFICE Excel Formulas, Lists & Pivot Tables: Intermediate—5 hours; 2 half-days Prerequisites: Excel Introduction or equivalent skills MS Office 2003 Shared Features: Introduction—4 hours Description: Complex formulas; named ranges; IF function; creating and Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills working with lists of information; using AutoFilter and advanced filters; data Description: This course is designed for people who have little or no validation; using IF...THEN...ELSE; summarize and analyze lists of experience with Microsoft Office applications. Basic shared features in all the information using Pivot Tables. Microsoft Office applications will be covered, including: using menus and Excel Charts and Workbook Management: Intermediate—3.5 hours toolbars, basic editing, spell checker, basic formatting, inserting graphics, Prerequisites: Excel Essentials or equivalent skills printing, and managing files. Description: Creating data charts and organization charts; modifying and MS Macros for Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access: Advanced—3 hours customizing charts; working with freeze panes; headers and footers; setting Prerequisites: Intermediate level knowledge of MS Office applications print area; hiding rows and columns; creating custom views; working with Description: Are you doing the same task over and over again? Creating a multiple workbooks; protecting a worksheet. macro will simplify that task. A macro is a series of commands and instructions POWERPOINT 2003 grouped together and run with a single command. Learn how to create and run macros to perform the task for you. You will explore creating macros in Word, PowerPoint Introduction—3.5 hours Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; knowledge of Microsoft Office features OR MS Office Shared Features class. ACCESS 2003 Description: Creating a basic presentation from scratch, including inserting Database Design—3 hours slides, changing layouts, working with bullets, formatting text, creating a chart, applying a design template, using slide transitions, delivering the Prerequisites: None presentation on the computer, and printing options. Description: Focus on the necessary elements to create an effective database, Graphics/Tables/Charts: Intermediate—3.5 hours regardless of the application you choose to use. We focus on defining data Prerequisites: PowerPoint Introduction or equivalent skills elements; creating unique identifiers; normalization & data relationships. This Description: Creating custom drawing objects on slides; modifying objects course is conceptual only; ―hands-on‖ computer activities are not included; not and clip art; creating tables; adding Word Art; adding data charts and MS Access specific. organization charts to slides. Access Introduction—4 hours Presentation Delivery & Multimedia : Advanced—4 hours Prerequisites: Must attend Database Design Prerequisites: PowerPoint Introduction or equivalent skills Description: This course is a precursor to the successive, in-depth courses. Description: Slideshow delivery tools & tips; slide transitions; animating This is an overview of the tools: Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports. In each of lists, creating motion paths, packaging to CD for presenting on other the following courses you will learn to create a database table; build queries computers; compressing pictures to reduce file size without losing graphic from that information and create a form to input data; and create a report you quality, inserting sounds, music and video clips; interfacing with other can present to others. Microsoft programs and the Internet; sharing with others.
  4. 4. 4 Desktop Business Applications Class Descriptions WORD 2003 WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Word Introduction—5 hours; 2 half-days Dreamweaver 8/HTML: Introduction—7 hours; 2 half-days Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; knowledge of Microsoft Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; Windows concepts Office features OR MS Office 2003 Shared Features class Description: Provides basic knowledge a Web Manager needs to construct Description: Paragraph and font formatting; symbols and special a Web page, including formatting, inserting images, and working with links. characters; bullets and numbered lists; controlling page features; styles; The Dreamweaver 8 environment—terminology, setting preferences, tools, track changes; comments; tables and using footnotes and endnotes. reference panel, using Help included. Emphasis is on tools to help construct Word Document Formatting and Mail Merge: Intermediate—7 hours; 2 half- OHSU departmental Web pages. days NOTE: Anyone may take the Web Development courses. However, Web Manager Orien- tation is required to gain access to OHSU Web site development. Visit the Internet Strate- Prerequisites: Word Introduction or equivalent skills. gies Group Web site for details. Training and additional support relating to OHSU Web Description: Using the format painter; section breaks and multiple page development included. formats; creating and working with envelopes; creating columns; document CommonSpot: Introduction—3.5 hours templates; creating and applying styles; and how to do a mail merge. Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; web browser skills Word Graphics, WordArt and Charts: Intermediate—3 hours Description: Covers the basics of using CommonSpot for web development Prerequisites: Word Essentials or equivalent skills. at OHSU. Topics include the CommonSpot menu, creating pages, working Description: Create more compelling and effective documents using with templates, and adding elements to pages such as formatted text blocks, graphics, charts and WordArt. You will learn to use Word’s drawing toolbar layout elements, images, hyperlinks, and bulleted lists. to create shapes, lines, text boxes, and dazzling headlines. You will learn Acrobat Form Design 7: Introduction—4 hours how create and insert a chart. Prerequisites: Word Essentials skills Word Collaboration & Long Documents: Advanced—4 hours Description: Some feature changes in 7.0 will be noted in the handout. Prerequisites: Word Essentials or equivalent skills. Creating forms in Word; converting files to PDF; creating and editing form Description: Using revisions; comments; saving versions of a file; password fields; setting tab order; creating buttons. protecting a file; using outline view; bookmarks; cross-references; creating a *Photoshop 7 Optimizing Photos: Introduction—3 hours table of contents; creating an index; and working with master documents. Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; basic Windows concepts Word Forms, Web Pages & Adv, Topics: Advanced—5 hours; 2 half-days Description: Image adjustment; enhancing photos with special effects; Prerequisites: Word Essentials or equivalent skills. adding text: cropping; resizing and exporting. Focus on generic graphic Description: Create forms using different field types, help text, protect/ concepts applicable to most image editing programs. unprotect sections, calculations, and adding a spell check macro. Create and *Photoshop 7 Creating Buttons and Graphics: Intermediate—3 hours modify web pages using Word, including adding hyperlinks, themes and Prerequisites: Optimizing Photos frames. Create & customize toolbars, create AutoText and use AutoCorrect. Description: Designing buttons and banners; advanced text/graphic tech- GROUPWISE 6.5 niques. Focus on graphic concepts applicable to image editing programs. NETWORK CONTACT GroupWise Introduction—2.5 hours Prerequisites: Basic mouse and keyboard skills; Windows concepts NC Orientation: Introduction—4 hours Description: Logging into GroupWise; understanding the layout; sending, Prerequisites: Assigned as NC by Department Manager receiving and messages; and using online Help. Description: Help new NC’s with resources to support their computer users GroupWise Mail Management: Intermediate—2.5 hours and/or computer projects. Guest speakers: Office of Integrity and various Prerequisites: GroupWise Introduction or equivalent skills speakers from the Information Technology Group to provide important con- Description: Attaching files; resending & retracting sent mail; creating and tact information/resources available. You will tour the Data Center, Call organizing folders; creating rules to automate regular tasks. Center, Computer Access and the Help Desk. Class is located in the Market Street Building and you should plan for travel time. The class size is firm at GroupWise Calendar Power: Intermediate—2.5 hours 8, no waiting list will be honored due to space limitations. Prerequisites: GroupWise Introduction or equivalent skills NC Advanced Support Techniques: Intermediate—4 hours Description: Calendar views; creating personal appointments, reminder Prerequisites: NC Orientation: Introduction notes and tasks for yourself; sending reminder notes and tasks to others; Description: Do you know how to support adult learners? This NC course scheduling appointments for others; using Proxy to manage another’s explores adult learning styles and how to support each style, and using calendar; printing the calendar. online search strategies. This course does not include any specific con- GroupWise Innovative Tools: Advanced—2.5 hours figuration or support procedures. Prerequisites: GroupWise Introduction or equivalent skills NC PC Configuration & Troubleshooting: Intermediate—4 hours Description: Using filter and find; sharing address books and folders; saving Prerequisites: NC Orientation: Introduction message views; archiving; customizing the GroupWise toolbar; external Description: For NCs responsible for troubleshooting hardware and soft- access to email. ware problems. Explore common issues and resolutions around logging into the network, Novell/Windows access rights, profiles, adding & removing *Class is available on request. See page 2. applications, OHSU drive letters, remote access options, computer mainte- nance and clean-up, Malware detection and removal, setting up and trouble- shooting printers. IT TRAINING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IT TRAINING CANCELLATIONS—IT Training reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet the minimum of FOUR registered students. LEARNER CANCELLATIONS—j24-hour notification is required from the registered learner or their department. Recurring no-shows may result in inactivating the learner’s Training- Force account. LOCATION—BICC, 1st floor. PC training rooms 104, 120, 122 and Mac/PC training room 121; Market Street Building (MSB) PC training room 932. Click Directions to Training Rooms for more information. PREREQUISITES—Prerequisite courses or their equivalents, when listed, are required before signing up for classes. If you are unsure, call 4-6677. CLASS CONFIRMATION – Confirmations are sent automatically via email, shortly after registering.