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iBook SE (FireWire)

  1. 1. iBook SE (FireWire) 3/5/02 7:51 PM Store | Donate | Subscribe | Login | CoolVCD | Amazon.com | MacResQ | Advertise Cobweb sites: Low End PC | Digigraphica | Digital-Views | Reformed.net RAM prices are rising again. 512mb G4 and iMac DIMMs are $159, 1Gig kits are $299. 1Gig PowerBook kits from $339. PowerBooks (PPC) 1400 Duo 2300c | 2400c 3400c iBook SE (FireWire) 5300 G3 | G3 Series G3 Series II iBook SE, 2nd Edition G3/Lombard PowerBook/Pismo Got an iBook? Join the G-Books email list. iBook | iBook SE Got an iBook? Join the iBook Talk List. iBook, 2d edition iBook SE, 2d ed. Overview iBook (2001) LEM Mobile Edition The second-generation iBook Special Edition adds key lime (right) as an alternative to Search Low End Mac graphite (below left). It replaces the 366 MHz G3 processor with the new G3e running at 466 Search MHz. The G3e includes an on-chip L2 cache that runs at full CPU speed for improved processor efficiency. Read LEM ad-free Mac of the Day Other big changes include a DVD-ROM drive, PowerBook 540c FireWire, and video output. Like the original List of the Day iBook, it has full AirPort support and a battery Mac UK rated at six hours. Deal of the Day Try LEM ad-free The iBook Special Edition is the least expensive DVD laptop Channels in Apple's line, and it offers nearly the same speed Power Macs as the PowerBook G3/500. iMac Channel iBook/PowerBook Other than the new colors, the most visible difference MacInSchool between the second-generation iBooks and the first is the Computer Profiles colored button by the trackpad on the newer models. http://lowendmac.com/pb2/ibook-se2.shtml Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. iBook SE (FireWire) 3/5/02 7:51 PM iMac Power Mac Details PowerBook/iBook Performas introduced 2000:09:13 at US$1,799; replaced by new Mac Clones iBook 2001:05:01 Older Macs requires System 9.0.4 or later Lisa • NeXT CPU: 466 MHz PPC 750CX (a.k.a. G3e) Editorial Archive bus: 66 MHz Mac Daniel's Advice CPU performance: 36.7, Speedometer 4.02 (Quadra Email Lists 605 = 1.0) LEMchat (uses AIM) FPU performance: 1300, Speedometer 4.02 (Quadra Message Boards 605 = 1.0) Online Tech Journal ROM: 4 MB, NewWorld ROM in RAM architecture Consumer RAM: 64 MB of SDRAM, expandable to 320 MB via one advice, reviews 1.25" 3.3V PC66 compliant SO-DIMM guides, deals Level 2 cache: 256 KB on-chip cache Software Video: ATI Rage Mobility 128 with 2x AGP Apple History VRAM: 8 MB Best of the Web displays: 12.1" 24-bit SVGA (800x600) color active Best of the Mac Web matrix, resolution scaling supports 640x480 surveys video out: composite video Miscellaneous Links hard drive: 1- GB IDE Best Used Mac Buys DVD-ROM: 6x Used Mac Dealers floppy drive: external USB only Video Cards expansions bays: none Mac OS X USB ports: one Mac Linux FireWire ports: one Macspeak 10/100Base-T ethernet and v.90 56k modem standard RAM Upgrades wireless networking: 11 Mbps AirPort optional About Low End Mac modem: 56k Site Contacts PC Card slots: none size: 11.6 x 13.5 x 2.1" (29.4 x 34.4 x 5.2 cm) weight: 6.6 pounds (3.0 kg) with battery family number: M2453 Online Resources Support LEM Guide to iBooks. A quick comparison of iBook models past and present. Affiliates Upgrading an iBook hard drive, Go2Mac.com, eBay 2001:04:19. "This is not a straightforward task. The 123Inkjets.com iBook is not meant for the average consumer to get Buy.com into." ClubMac Shot in the foot again: Firmware update disables RAM, Crucial Memory http://lowendmac.com/pb2/ibook-se2.shtml Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. iBook SE (FireWire) 3/5/02 7:51 PM Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 3/25. "...we should not be at Handspring risk of losing some or all of the memory in our Macs Iomega because of a firmware update." MacMall SCSI and FireWire Disk Modes, Paulo Rodrigues, Mac Zone Tangerine Fusion, 11/29/00. How to use SCSI Disk The Sharper Image Mode and FireWire Target Disk Mode for ultrafast file transfers. Advertise Kensington driver disables iBook trackpad, Apple TIL on LEM: Our advertising is #31268, 11/2. handled by Review: iBook SE, MacUser UK. "Where the original BackBeat Media. iBook felt sluggish with all but the simplest of tasks, For detailed price the new SE is sharp and responsive." quotes and advertising Hands on the FireWire iBook, Dan Knight, iBook & information, please contact PowerBook Page, 10/9. My wife needed to replace her Greg Snyder at BackBeat Media (512-441-1852). dead PowerBook. I wanted to benchmark the PowerPC 750CX. The entire Low End Mac site The truth about the new G3, Dan Knight, Online Tech copyright ©1997-2002 by Cobweb Publishing, Inc., unless otherwise Journal, 10/9. "I have to admit to feeling a bit cheated noted. Copyright of individual after running MacBench 5 on my wife's new indigo articles resides with the author. All rights reserved. iBook." Advice presented in good faith, but what works for one may not Tangerine Fusion's Fun Facts: FireWire iBooks, Paulo work for all. Computers are like Rodrigues, Tangerine Fusion, 9/25. Interesting tidbits that. Please report errors to the webmaster. on the new iBooks. Letters sent to LEM may be Japanese site shows PPC 750CX at heart of new iBook, published at our discretion. Email addresses will not be published something we noted the day Apple announced the next unless requested. If you prefer that generation iBook. your message not be published, mark it "not for publication." Letters The new iBook: Just right or too little, too late?, Oliver may be edited for length, context, and to match h o u s e style. Dueck, Mac Observer, 9/15. "All in all, the latest iBook LINK POLICY: This site allows and is a big improvement over the old model, without a encourages links to any public page, as long as the linked page premium price." does not appear within a frame Accelerate Your Mac! has downloadable color profiles that prevents bookmarking it. Access our news feed at http:// for the iBook and recent PowerBooks that really lowendmac.com/rss.txt. PRIVACY POLICY: In brief, we improve on-screen color. don't collect personal information Recovering a stolen PowerBook, The iBook & unless you explicitly provide it. Low End Mac is an independent PowerBook Page. One user's experience. publication and has not been iBook Talk List authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple iBook memory pricing, RAMseeker Computer. Apple, the Apple logo, iBook Price Tracker, PowerBook Central Macintosh, iBook, iMac, and PowerBook are registered PowerBooks email list trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Additional company and product Apple Specs Online for iBook (FireWire) names may be trademarks or iBook (FireWire) technical specifications, Apple registered trademarks and are hereby acknowledged. Knowledge Base For more details, see our Terms of Use. Cautions http://lowendmac.com/pb2/ibook-se2.shtml Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. iBook SE (FireWire) 3/5/02 7:51 PM There is an incompatibility between the Kensington Startup ADB extension and the Trackpad control on the iBook with Mac OS 9.0.4. Symptom: trackpad responds during boot, but not later. Solution: disable Kensington Startup ADB extension. This may also apply to other USB portables and versions of the Mac OS. Apple TIL 58445 notes the iBook has no backup battery to retain time and other settings when the main battery is removed. A small capacitor holds enough energy to maintain PRAM contents for 20 seconds, so switch batteries quickly. <go to PowerBook index or LEM home page> LowEndMac Reader Specials Click Here for 14.95 Nationwide Dial Up from a Full Service ISP Dedicated to Mac Users! Also, Mac Web Hosting 19.95 and Server Collocation 249.95. Join Our Affliate Program Start Earning Money Today. MacMall: Visit MacMall for deals on the latest PowerMac G4. Dual 1GHZ NOW! Read Low End Mac ad-free http://lowendmac.com/pb2/ibook-se2.shtml Page 4 of 4