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  1. 1. FireWire CardBus PC Card for PowerBook G3 CBFW2 iMovie, iTunes, iPod, Diskburner and Final Cut Pro ready! Upgrade your PowerBookG3 to 'Digital Hub'. CBFW2 is a first shipped(June, 1999) OHCI based FireWire CardBus Card for PowerBookG3 and has the Apple official qualification for Final Cut Pro. CBFW2 has been shipped over 3 years and improved a silicon and driver software. The current version is fully compatible with Apple FireWire Drivers, iMovie, iTunes, iPod, Diskburner and Final Cut Pro. Also CBFW2 works fine with Adobe Premiere or third party FireWire based software and FireWire devices. Important notice to iPod owners! Cable Power Adapter(CFW-CPA, sold separately) must be attached to CBFW2 to provide the power to iPod through the FireWire Features • Adds tow External FireWire ports. • IEEE1394.a and OHCI1.0 compliant. • Full backward compatibility to IEEEE1394-1995 device. • Fully compatible with Apple MacOS8.6/9.x FireWire Drivers. • Fully compatible with Apple MacOSX FireWire drivers(CBFW2 Rev.2). o *RATOC original MacOSX drivers are required for CBFW2 Rev.1. Learn more at www.ratocsystems.com/english/. • 100,200 and 400 Mbps data rate is automatically supported at each FireWire port. • Class 1(15W) cable power is available at FireWire port with optional power adapter(CBFW-CPA, sold
  2. 2. separately). • Fully compliant with PC Card Standard 7.0. • 32-bit Bus-mastering data transfer and 33MHz operation. Compatible FireWire Device, Application software list DV camcorder SONY, Canon, Panasonic, JVC NTSC/PAL model Professional Digital still camera Nikon : D1, Kodak : DCS420,460,8650, Canon : 2000,6000, Phase-one NTSC/PAL to DV converter SONY : DVMC-DA1, Canopus : ADVC-100 FireWire Storage devices -HDD RATOC, VST, Lacie, QPS,Maxtor, Western Digital and more. -CD-RW RATOC, SONY, YAMAHA, QPS, VST and more. -MO Fujitsu, Yano and more FireWire Scanner, Nikon, Minolta, EPSON Film Scanner FireWire to UltraSCSI converter RATOC : FR1SX. Application software Apple : iMovie, iTunes, Diskburner, Final Cut Pro Adobe : Premiere6.0 Digital Origin : EditDV, MotoDV, PhotoDV Specifications H PC Card Standard 7.0 / CardBus spec. compliant. os t 32bit data bus, bus master DMA transfer capability. in PC Card TypeII:85.6mm(L)x54mm(W)x5.0mm(H) te rf ac e FireWire OHCI1.0 compliant. Link Layer Isochronous DMA 4 channel Asynchronous DMA 2 channel Physical DMA support.
  3. 3. P • 1394.1995 compatible. H Y • 100,200 or 400 Mbps operation. Automatic detect and negotiation. La • Two 400Mbps port(6P FireWire connector x2) ye r • Provide Cable Power to Bus powered FireWire device through cable with optional power adopter(+12VDC/1.5A. 15W class1) Electrical • Operational Voltage: 3.3V/DC +/- 0.3V. Characteristics • Low Power consumption. • 237mA idle, • 290mA Standby. • 325mA Full isochronous receive. System requirement • MacOS 8.6 or MacOS 9/9.0.2/9.0.4/9.1/9.2.x/ X 10.1.x • One free CardBus PC card slot • PowerBook G3/400 or G3/333(Lombard) • PowerBook G3/300,G3/266, G3/250, G3/233(Wallstreet) *DV capturing frame rate depends on CPU speed, Memory size, software and Hard Disk sustained data write rate. You need more than 11MB/Sec. sustained data write rate HD. Operating • CardBus PC Card slot Power requirement. requirements • +3.3V 237mA(idle),325mA(Max) • Temperature: 00°C to 55°C • Relative Humidity:95% Max(non-condensing.) Others FCC, VDDI,CE compliant. 5 Year warranty Package included • CBFW2 FireWire CardBus PC Card. • CBFW2 dongle(two 6P FireWire port and Cable power jack) • FireWire 6-pin to DV 4-pin cable (6feet) • Software CD-ROM o REX-CBFW installer o REX-CBFW Driver(OHCI-FWIM) o REX-CBFW Enabler
  4. 4. o Apple FireWire Support 2.2.2 for MacOS8.6 o QuickTime4 for MacOS8.6 • User's manual