Evolution? Revolution? What's Ahead for Our Favorite Fruit ...


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Evolution? Revolution? What's Ahead for Our Favorite Fruit ...

  1. 1. August ’09 Evolution? Revolution? What’s Ahead for Our Favorite Fruit Company?   INSIDE... • If Apple doesn’t release the “iPad,” will the world end? • Speed up Firefox’s mouse scrolling speed in just a few easy steps • Use Apple Mail to shorten those ugly, ridiculously long URLs • Add memory or a new hard drive to MacBook Pros or the Mac Mini • The “Who Does Google Think it Is?” Trivia Contest, and much more...
  2. 2. August ’09 Inside This Issue: Macsimum MacOSG Newsletter Sound Off .......................................3 Dennis Sellers thinks it’s time for a truly revolutionary EDITOR/DESIGN new Mac • Did Intel upset the Apple cart? • The Chris Raymond likelihood of a quad-core iMac • Changes in TV viewing habits might help Apple TV get off life aka cjr on the Macsimum MacOSG Forums support • The iPad: Fact or Fiction? cjr@macosg.com Macsimum News Roundup ...............6 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Make sure you know the deets concerning the Dave Merten MacBook Air’s battery replacement program • How do aka Bmer on the Macsimum MacOSG Forums you prefer to get your mobile game apps? • First Founder/MUG Ambassador/President, MacOSG iPhone Games Summit • Trends in iPhone app admin@macosg.com development • Back to the future with new Time Capsules • Dump the Zune! • Coming to a PC near you: Mac OS X Dennis Sellers aka Dennis Sellers on the Macsimum MacOSG Forums MacOSG Tips & Tricks ......................9 Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Macsimum News Tap to Click not working on your laptop? • Speed up dsellers@macsimumnews.com mouse scrolling in Firefox • Silence that noisy optical drive • Tame long URLs in Mail CONTRIBUTORS Frank Petrie Macsimum Reviews.......................10 phranky@mac.com Enjoy surround sound without the wiring hassles • Sell your junk on-the-go • Internet access for non- Rick Prather Airport Macs using your home’s wiring • Send real rickprather@macosg.com postcards anywhere without licking a stamp PUBLISHED BY Be Kind, Rewind ............................13 Add memory to MacBook Pros or your Mac Mini • Locate friends and family with Google’s help • Shoot better vid on the iPhone 3G [S] Macsimum MacOSG $avings ...........14 Bet you didn’t know that belonging to the Macsimum MacOSG Forums entitles you to an array of money- saving discounts on stuff! Copyright © 2009, Macsimum News. All rights reserved. Random Bytes...............................15 An unpurged cache you might still enjoy... 2
  3. 3. SOUND OFF Isn’t it Time for a Truly blue when the latest system updates are installed, etc. Revolutionary New Mac? Or perhaps Macs with foldable screens. Actually, By Dennis Sellers that’s almost certainly going to happen eventually, Apple sold one million new iPhone units [the but not in the immediate future. As far back as 2006, weekend of June 19-21]. Wouldn’t it be great if the researchers demonstrated a flexible television company came out with a Mac that would move that screen that could theoretically result in people many units in a weekend? Or, heck, even a week folding up their computer and putting it in their (although I still maintain that the iPhone and iPod pocket. And they updated the technology last year. Touches are actually handheld Macs)? How about Macs with scent technology? Some For any computer to sell that many units, it companies are looking at aromatherapy and would have to be something mind-boggling and connected media to interlace viewing experiences different, a computer unlike anything Apple (or any with interactive scent products. How about a Mac other company) has yet unveiled. What would/ with a scent generator that can release everything could/should such a system be like? from popcorn smells, as if the computer user were It wouldn’t be a netbook or tablet, despite the cry at the movies, to beach scents to accompany the from some quarters for Apple to make such devices. sound of water or music. And it would have to be more earthshaking than, According to the Digital Scent Technology Blog, say, merely a Mac with a Blu-ray player. digital scent technology intends to change the Lots of folks have developed concepts of what interactive entertainment experience. The idea is to future Macs might look like. Some of them are very scent-enable movies, games, music, animation or cool and worth revisiting. any digital media. In 2006 MacFormat ran a “Macs of Tomorrow” In fact, in 2007, ScenTeck Technologies released section with an illustration by 3D artist Adam Benton its Scratch-N-Sniff Pro product that includes a that’s one of the coolest mock-ups I’ve ever seen. System Scent Card that reacts to normal auditory It’s pictured below and is a full wireless Mac with a sensors generated from a computer’s hard drive. LCD screen that’s transparent when it’s not being These sensors, once triggered, are combined with used. The transparent keyboard also sports light- Hriful’s proprietary Scent Waves, and then sensitive illuminated keys. And, I’m sure the display broadcast from computer speakers, replacing the is touch sensitive. standard vibrating sound waves with a unique Or perhaps Apple vibrating tone. It’s an inaudible tone that asks the could release a Mac brain to recognize it, not as a sound, but as a scent. that changes colors. Of course, any earthshaking new Macs would need An Apple patent (# latest technology – including state-of-the-art graphics 20020190975) for just and Wireless USB – and screaming processors. such technology The question, of course, is if it’s possible for appeared back in Apple to make a revolutionary – and I mean a truly 2003. It involves revolutionary Mac, not just an evolutionary one – at “electronic devices a price point that would tempt millions of current or that are capable of new users. dynamically changing Still, I’d like to see Apple shake up the computer their ornamental or world (again) as it’s shaken up the smartphone decorative housing.” Besides looking cool, imagine a world in recent months. Mac that would change colors to alert you to specific What do you think a revolutionary Mac should things. Say, it turns red when you have new email, entail? 3
  4. 4. SOUND OFF An Apple-Intel-Google-Chrome i7 processor, is designed from the ground up to take advantage of 45nm Hi-k next-generation Intel Core Computer Chip Scenario microarchitecture. Nehalem, “unleashes parallel By Dennis Sellers processing performance enabled by an integrated Here’s something to chew on. Especially if you’re memory controller and Intel QuickPath Technology into conspiracy theories. providing high-speed interconnects per independent There have been recent rumors that Apple might processing core,” the company says. begin designing its own chips, as in CPUs. Google Initial Nehalem processors use the same 45 nm has announced plans for the Chrome OS, which manufacturing methods as Penryn processors. [just forced] Google CEO Eric Schmidt [to resign Nehalem will focus on performance, which accounts from Apple’s Board of Directors]. for the increased core size. Now, according to a TGDaily report, it appears Quad-core iMacs have been predicted for some Intel, Apple’s chip supplier, was in cahoots with time. Perhaps we’ll finally see them in the October- Google on the Chrome project. And that sounds like September timeframe, just in time for Snow another conflict of interest, at least in Apple’s eyes. Leopard’s arrival. If Apple is on the outs with Intel (and I’m just speculating here), where can Apple go for chips? It’s either AMD or building their own. And if (and this is More Opps for Apple TV as a big IF) Apple is considering building their own Video Viewing Habits Change processors, could this mean that Apple has known of Chrome for some time? By Dennis Sellers I’ve long argued that it’s time for Apple to move the Apple TV out of the “hobby” category. Two new With Nehalem Chips Looming, surveys back that up. A new report from Research and Markets says Perhaps a Quad-core iMac? “over-the-top” video delivery threatens to disrupt the By Dennis Sellers traditional TV and movie industry because it delivers Reportedly, Intel may release new Nehalem chips in direct to the living room, bypassing existing the next couple of months. Might we see them in an distribution, such as pay-TV, DVDs and local TV upcoming rev of the iMac? I think so. stations. Intel’s three Clarksfield CPUs – the Core 2 The research group says that consumers want Extreme XE 2GHz, Core 2 Quad P2 1.73GHz and Internet-delivered entertainment and information Core 2 Quad P1 1.6GHz – will purportedly be ready videos. And, increasingly, they want to watch them on to debut sometime around the end of September their TV sets, not just the computer. Websites like and October. The scuttlebutt is that quad-core YouTube, Hulu and the BBC’s iPlayer have already desktop chips, code-named Lynnfield, will arrive in attracted millions of viewers. The only pending early September, followed by quad-core laptop question is how those videos will be delivered to TV chips, code-named Clarksfield, later in the month. sets. Why shouldn’t it be the Apple TV? I’d love to see one of those chips in a high-end Meanwhile, a ChangeWave study backs this up and iMac. And reports say the Nehalem chips will be points out that the trend isn’t just among youngsters. targeted to higher-end desktops and laptops. The According to the group’s latest survey of 1,660 lower-priced iMacs could continue to sport dual-core members of the baby boom generation (business chips. professionals between the ages of 45 and 63, According to Intel, the Nehalem completed in early May), there’s a powerful shift microarchitecture, first exemplified as the Intel Core occurring among Boomers away from traditional TV 4
  5. 5. SOUND OFF toward new types of online services and entertainment. successfully package a paid subscription model for This transformation is affecting lifelong habits. Internet TV. In the first major finding, Boomers now spend So what say you, Apple? more free time online (12.9 hours per week on average) than they do watching traditional TV (11.8 hours per week, on average). What’s more, by a five- If Apple Doesn’t Release an to-one margin, Boomers are watching less traditional television than they did a year ago. Among this “iPad,” the World Will End group, 62% say it’s because they’re not as interested By Dennis Sellers in what’s on TV these days, and another 26% say I admit that I’ve had as much fun as anyone imaging they’re spending more time surfing the Web. what the rumored iPad/iTouch would be like (heck, Among traditional TV viewers, an astonishing I’ve even proposed my own name for it: reviving the one-in-five (20%) say they’re likely to downgrade or iBook moniker). But if Apple doesn’t release one the cancel their current TV service package in the next world may end, based on all the coverage the device six months. The likelihood of canceling is highest – which Apple has never even confirmed – is getting. among cable (22%) and satellite subscribers (22%), The Financial Times says the device (which I’ll and lowest among fiber-optic TV subscribers (7%). simply call the iPad) will be released in time for the ChangeWave also asked Boomer respondents holidays, even as early as September. However, to tell them which one paid subscription they’d be AppleInsider says it won’t arrive until January, most willing to give up, and again its TV service February or March 2010. Meanwhile, Register (44%) that appears most vulnerable – scoring Hardware, among other sites, reports that “industry significantly worse than any other subscription sources reportedly told Taiwanese Website, Apple service. Adding fuel to the fire, video-over-the- Daily that Wintek Corp will supply the tablet’s touch- Internet now clearly represents a significant threat sensitive display, which it’s widely believed will to traditional TV viewing. measure 10 inches.” Better than two-thirds of Boomers (69%) say Of course, my favorite iPad coverage involves they’ve watched video content on their computer stories that criticize a non-existent device. A ZDNet over the past 90 days. Even more ominously, 48% Blog postulates that the iPad could mean the end of of respondents say they’d be willing to pay a the Apple TV. PC World thinks it might be nothing monthly fee for a video-over-the-Internet more than a “netbook-sized iPod touch.” “If it’s hard subscription if it provided the same programming to type on, the device will be limited to primary use currently available on their TV service. as a media player and games device, which may be YouTube.com (79%) is the leading online enough for market success but would be a letdown Website Boomers use to watch video, followed by in terms of functionality for both personal and TV Network Websites (39%), Hulu.com (16%) and business applications,” says PC World. iTunes (11%). Meanwhile, another PC World article is already As a follow-up, ChangeWave asked respondents dubbing the not-even-confirmed iPad to be a “train how willing they are to view advertisements when wreck.” I’m no Apple hater, and I welcome an Apple watching vdeo-over-the-Internet. And while device to the (don’t call it a) netbook market, but I’ve Boomers clearly want to see fewer ads than they do got to think this device would be a flop,” writes with conventional broadcasting, more than two- Michael Scalisi. “This concept is such a train wreck thirds (68%) do say they are willing to view at least from start to finish that I don’t know where to begin.” some ads online. Editor’s note: Please check out the rest of the ChangeWave says there appears to be a huge comments about Apple’s vaporware here, and share market opportunity for companies that can your thoughts here in the Forums!  5
  6. 6. MACSIMUM NEWS ROUNDUP MacBook Air Non-warranty Batt Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP): Please contact an AASP in your region for specific Replacement Program FAQs turnaround times. If your MacBook Air requires service only because Does Apple provide a warranty with my the battery’s ability to hold an electrical charge has replacement battery? Apple will provide a warranty diminished, Apple will repair your MacBook Air for a against defects on the replacement battery for one service fee. Be sure to follow these instructions for year from the date of service. Please note that the optimizing life span and battery life before battery is a consumable item and after a period of submitting your MacBook Air for battery normal use, the battery’s ability to hold an electrical replacement. Also make sure you have the latest charge will be diminished. Replacement of a battery MacBook Air firmware installed. which has been consumed via normal use is not How much does it cost to participate in the covered under warranty. program? Battery replacement service under the It’s unsure if the new replacement batteries will Apple program is based on your region: extend battery life longer than the original battery. • United States: $129 pre taxes • Canada: CA$159 pre taxes • Europe: €139 inc. VAT Beginning of the End for • United Kingdom: £99 inc. VAT • Japan: ¥15,800 inc. taxes Mobile Games Middlemen? Battery replacement service may also be The Multimedia Research Consultancy (TMRC) just available at your local Apple Authorized Service issued its latest report on the mobile games industry Provider (AASP). Pricing will vary. and says the report may indicate the beginning of Service may not be available if your MacBook the end for mobile games middlemen. Air has been damaged due to accident or abuse. The report covers a range of subjects, including Please review Apple’s Repair Terms and Conditions the anticipated impact of apps stores, such as the for further details. Apple App Store, and social networking on the Will the data on my MacBook Air be mobile games distribution landscape over the next preserved? In the course of a battery replacement, 2-5 years. Whiting described some of the results. the data on your hard disk should not be affected. “Our research suggests that we are clearly at a However, Apple and its AASPs are not responsible tipping point in mobile games distribution, with over for any damage to or loss of any applications, data, half of mobile games enterprises agreeing that or other information stored on your MacBook Air. ‘ To d a y ’ s d i s t r i b u t i o n l a n d s c a p e w i l l b e Please make sure you back up your data before unrecognizable in five years time’,” he says. “In fact submitting your system for service. In general, you they expect that within a couple of years, should make sure you back up your data on a consumers will overwhelmingly (78%) prefer to buy regular basis to minimize your data loss. their mobile games from handset manufacturers’ How long will battery replacement service app stores. Not surprisingly, we found that the Apple take? Length of time to complete the repair will App Store’s meteoric rise is expected to continue – depend upon the repair location and availability of mobile games distribution via this channel is service stock. In general, the following replacement expected to nearly double over the next two years. times apply: Nevertheless, competition in the App Stores space • Apple Retail: Same day repair with an is expected to intensify and we have identified the appointment. names of which App Stores are likely to succeed • Apple Mail-in repair: 3-4 business days after and perhaps, more importantly, which ones are shipment of unit to depot. likely to struggle going forward.” 6
  7. 7. MACSIMUM NEWS ROUNDUP Another area examined by this latest survey is the potential offered by social networking sites iPhone App Development (SNS) for selling and promoting mobile games. The Trends Beginning to Shift results reveal that the industry is currently in two iPhoneAppQuotes, which provides businesses and minds about SNSs – perceiving them as part entrepreneurs a way to connect with iPhone mystery, part opportunity. Nevertheless, in spite of application developers and receive price quotes for reservations, mobile games enterprises are building custom iPhone and iPod touch apps, has planning to embrace social networking in their future revealed new iPhone development trends that marketing and distribution strategies, so much so include medical, business and book applications. that only a minority will not be using SNSs in two The iPhone continues to dominate the smart- years time, according to Juniper Research. phone market, and available iPhone apps total well “Once again, we have identified those SNSs over 65,000. Apple recently announced there are which will feature strongly in their plans,” Whiting now over 100,000 registered iPhone app says. “In the final analysis, our research points to the developers. According to Gregg Weiss, founder of mobile games industry increasingly favoring a more iPhoneAppQuotes, key indicators seen by direct route to market, taking out, where possible, the iPhoneAppQuotes, where new apps are born every middlemen. However, as the success of Apps Stores day, include: continues the biggest challenge for games suppliers • Medical, education, business and book will be how to secure visibility for their products, as applications are the most popular development the number of games on each online store grows requests; rapidly. In fact we believe the industry faces a re-run • In the first quarter of 2009, there was a 50/50 of an earlier conundrum – namely how to attain split between business versus consumer application visibility and prominence on operator decks.” request for development; • In the second quarter, business applications increased by 30%, resulting in a 70/30 split; First iPhone Games Summit • Requests for quotes to develop new iPhone The Game Developers Conference (GCD) in Austin, applications are up 20% from May to June 2009; Texas, will have its first annual iPhone Games • Requests for game iPhone application Summit when the event takes place Sept. 15-18 at development dropped by roughly 10%, and the the Austin Convention Center. development of new music applications are According to the folks at the GDC, the iPhone experiencing a steep decline; Games Summit “will bring together top game • The initiation of new weather, sports and developers from around the world to share ideas, photography have slowed to a near standstill. best practices and discuss the future of this revolutionary platform.” A full two-day program will highlight the best of iPhone development, with the Apple Updates Time Capsule first day discussing the business, marketing, and Apple has updated its Time Capsule line, offering key design tenets behind successful iPhone game more bang for the buck. The US$299 model now development. includes 1TB of storage (up from 500GB), and the The second day will provide overviews and deep $499 model sports 2TB (up from 1TB). Both include dives into technical aspects of developing on dual-band Wi-Fi and Guest Networking support. iPhone, from app optimization and touch interface Time Capsule is a backup appliance that lessons through iPhone OS 3.0 features, Objective- automatically and wirelessly backs up everything on C tips, and more. one or more Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 7
  8. 8. MACSIMUM NEWS ROUNDUP (Leopard) by utilizing the Time Machine automatic And George Kurian, a vice president at Tradition backup software. Capital Management LLC, which owns Microsoft Time Capsule combines an 802.11n base station shares, had this to say: “The market reception for with a server-grade hard disk in one small package. Zune is so disappointing that many retailers have You simply plug it in, then set up automatic wireless even stopped selling it altogether. Microsoft should backup for every Mac in your house to a single Time abandon Zune and follow Apple’s strategy to try to Capsule with just a few clicks. make its presence felt in the high-growth Built to work with the Time Machine technology smartphone sector.” of Mac OS X 10.5, Time Capsule lets users Check back in… oh, say 24 months… and we’ll wirelessly back up all of the data on their Macs, find probably see the same things regarding Microsoft’s lost files and even restore all of their software. In the retail stores, which seem to be copycats of Apple’s event a file is lost, users can wirelessly search back establishments. (But what’s new about that?) through time to find deleted files, applications, photos and other digital media and then instantly restore the file. If it’s ever necessary, Leopard can Apple Mac OS X on PeeCees? also restore an entire system from the Time Take this one not with just a grain of salt, but with an Machine backup on Time Capsule. entire tablespoon. The PCR Website says that Time Capsule is also a full-featured Wi-Fi base Apple may be preparing to open up Mac OS X to station with the latest 802.11n technology. With it, the PC channel, based on statements by the head you can create a secure, wireless network for up to of the Mac Technology Association. 50 users and set security restrictions, such as The Mac Technology Association is a UK-based Internet access limits for children’s computers. firm founded in 2003, and was originally called the Zune Sales Plummet; Time for UK Mac-Dealer Association. It’s the UK’s only official trade body representing and supporting the national Microsoft to Surrender? network of independent resellers, support companies When Microsoft announced its quarterly earnings and consultants who specialize in Apple Computers, [the week of July 20], it was evident that its iPod MacOS applications and related services. The trade wannabe, the Zune, is seeing tanking sales, body’s claim came after it revealed Dell has not been according to MarketWatch. And some analysts think challenged over its decision to supply users with it’s time for Microsoft to throw in the towel on the software that allows the installation of OS X on its product line. Mini 7 and Mini 9 netbooks. As MarketWatch notes, the Zune provides a A statement from Robert Peckham, executive “tiny, and apparently deteriorating portion of director of the MTA, had this to say: “The Dell Mini 7 Microsoft’s business.” Revenue for the non-gaming and 9 (and probably the 10 also) can be easily side of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices unit, modified with a small software download, which which includes the Zune, dove 42% to roughly US allows the user to install and run Apple’s Mac OS X $211 million for the fourth fiscal quarter ended in v10.5. And it runs very well, too. Although this is June – or about 2% of the software giant’s total. On actually quite old news, there’s an interesting aside the other hand, iPod sales declined just 11% in the to this that could have major implications. The same quarter to roughly $1.5 billion, or about 18% question that begs asking in light of that is why is of Apple’s total in the fiscal period. Apple are allowing this? The software download “If Zune were going to make a strong move comes from Dell itself – not some small against the iPod, it already would have,” IDC independent ‘hackintosh’ developer...” analyst Susan Kevorkian told MarketWatch. Editor’s note: Interested? Read the rest here!  8
  9. 9. MACOSG TIPS & TRICKS Fix Non-responsive “Tap to Click” on Mac Laptop Trackpads If “tap to click” suddenly stops working on your Mac RICK’S TIPS & TRICKS laptop’s trackpad, try the following solution to get it working. Tame Long URLs in Mail Go to System Preferences>Trackpad>Tap to Did you know that if you’d like to shorten a long URL Click. Uncheck and then re-check Tap to Click and in an email, you can do so right from within Mail the problem should be fixed without needing to instead of using one of those URL shortening services? reboot. It’s easy: • In your email, type in a link word or phrase, such as “Click here” (or you can use any word(s) already in Increase Mouse Scrolling your email that you want to serve as the link). Speed in Firefox • Next, right-click a single word or highlight the If you use Firefox on your Mac, you might have desired words, right-click them and select Link>Add... wondered how you can change its mouse scrolling (which you can also select from the Edit menu above). speed. To do that, simply follow these directions: In the address bar, type: about:config You will see a textbox and a long list of options and settings. In the “filter” textbox type: mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines Change the default value to “false” Then type: mousewheel.withnokey.numlines The default value is 1. Increase this number for a faster scroll speed in Firefox. I personally prefer 10. You don’t even need to restart Firefox to see the changes since they take effect on the fly. Enjoy! Reset Your Optical Disc Drive to Eliminate Noise Have you ever heard your optical disc drive produce • Type or paste the URL into the dialog box that an unusual series of noises when the computer opens and click OK. starts up or is woken up from sleep? Listen to a • Once a link is created, you can edit the URL or demo of the noise here. remove it from the same Link command. You can avoid the noise by resetting the optical drive: • If you’d like to verify that the link will send the 1. Insert a CD or DVD almost all the way into the recipient to the right place, right-click the link and drive. select Open Link. 2. Remove the disc. 3. Insert the disc fully into the optical disc drive. For more of Rick Prather’s helpful tips and The optical drive is now reset and the noise tricks, please visit our Forums! should no longer be present when you start up or wake the computer.  9
  10. 10. MACSIMUM REVIEWS Sounding Off on the Vizio The Vizio Sound Bar sports a black front cloth covering, and a piano-gloss rear section where the Sound Bar connections are located, as is the DC-in outlet. If you By Dennis Sellers don’t want to use the remote (or, as is common at our In recent house, can’t find it) you can implement the speaker months, I’ve system’s functions via recessed buttons atop the unit. become a big The Sound Bar has connections for one optical digital fan of Vizio, and two analog audio inputs. It comes with analog which bills itself cables but not an optical cable, so you’ll probably as “America’s want to spring an extra $15-20 for one of these. HD company.” Other than this oversight, the Vizio system is First my son, easy to set up. You do have to “pair” the bar and the Matt, got a 32-inch Vizio HDTV for his apartment – subwoofer, but that simply entails pressing two and he really likes it. And in the past couple of buttons simultaneously. weeks, I’ve been putting the company’s US$349.99 The Vizio bar can handle frequencies from 80Hz VSB210WS Sound Bar through its paces – and to 20kHz, while the wireless subwoofer – which, of have been impressed with the results. course, also has to have its own power supply – Designed for the home theater enthusiast, it handles frequencies from 35Hz to 80Hz. works with most HDTVs. The “universal” sound bar Though it’s a 2.1-channel system, with two 20- can also be connected to a Mac, though it’s an watt amplifier channels in the soundbar and another awkward combo as the Vizio system measures 65 watts in the sub, the Vizio solution does a decent 9.95×4.82×4.33 and overwhelms any computer to job of emulating “true” Surround Sound. It really which it’s connected – especially as you’ll want the adds to your movie-viewing experience, and music speaker system to sit in front of your desktop or sounds rich and warm, as well. If you like to crank laptop. That’s an arrangement that, at least for me, up the volume, you can do so with little distortion. just doesn’t work – though you will be pumping System setup is quite simple, as you only need to some serious sound out of your Mac if that’s the hook up your audio connections to the VSB210WS way you go. But all products like this are designed and adjust the subwoofer volume to your taste. But to sit in front of or under flat-panel HDTVs. since the VSB210WS doesn’t switch video sources, The Sound Bar doesn’t have the encompassing, you’ll have to manually switch ’em on your TV. just-like-at-the-movie-theater experience of a true If you don’t want the hassles and wiring of 5.1 Surround Sound System. However, it comes implementing a true Surround Sound System, but close, thanks to technologies such as SRS aren’t satisfied by the built-in speakers on your TV, TruSurroundHD, SRS TruVolume and SRS Dialog Vizio’s solution is worth a look. It offers impressive Clarity. The bass is rich and dialog is crisp and sound in an attractive design at a reasonable price. clear. Macsimum rating: 8 out of 10 The Sound Bar features four three-inch mid/bass transducers, two three-quarter-inch aluminum Freshly Squeezed Reviews: neodymium tweeters, a “high excursion” driver, and a 2.4Ghz wireless subwoofer. Oh yes, and a remote Classifieds Almost Pro control. You can place the subwoofer anywhere By Frank Petrie within 30 feet of the bar itself. However, you’ll need We all know the myths. Make millions on eBay with a clear line-of-sight from the remote to the the junk in your attic. But one person’s junk is subwoofer. another’s treasure. So the more eyes your ad 10
  11. 11. MACSIMUM REVIEWS passes before, the better are be more impressive if the sites were seamlessly your chances of cashing in. integrated. “Classifieds Pro gives you access to Craigslist, eBay, Summary EPage, Oodle, iClassifieds Using Classifieds Pro is much more convenient than (created just for iPhone users), visiting all of these sites separately on the Web. Is it and many more, all in one better than a bunch of separate iApps? I’d have to place. Browsing, searching, and say “yes.” posting have all been optimized But it doesn’t realize its full potential in my for the iPhone experience. estimation. If they’re going to provide access to all Classifieds Pro can replace all these sites in one app, why do I have to work on other classifieds applications. each separately? Couldn’t there be a single data You only need one on your bank that holds all of my information (sans device, and this is it.” passwords)? Why can’t I create one post that can If true, I’m going to spend a be uploaded to all of the sites ? If I could do that, lot of time sifting through all of then I would be really impressed and would gladly the junk that I’ve accumulated over the years. pay a higher price. While solid, let’s see how it grows. This could be The Juice a real timesaver if it goes where I think it could. For a test case, I tried posting my fretless bass on The classified ad aggregator is available at the both iClassifieds and Craigslist. I soon discovered Apple App Store for US$2.99. that things weren’t quite as intuitive as I would have Macsimum rating: 6 out of 10 liked. For instance, you first go to “Settings” to enter your ID/email address and password for each individual site. Fair enough, but I would still have to Looking at the Netgear perform the same function with separate apps. But Powerline Ethernet Adapter now I have to go back to my laptop to gather all that By Dennis Sellers information. Hopefully, when it’s all set up, things With the advent of wireless will flow more easily. networking, and its iClassifieds worked just fine. It led me through prevalence, wired each step and I had my ad posted in no time. Then networking has taken a it was onto Craig’slist for a simple text ad. This is backseat. Even if you go where I hit a bump. I would post one of my pieces of with high-end wireless, it’s information in a field and by the time I reached the most likely to be cheaper end of the form, some of it had gone missing. It took than having to pull a bunch three attempts before I was successful. of ethernet wires. This is a very ambitious piece of software. What But what if you’ve got an I think it needs is further testing and tweaking. older Mac without Airport that still does the job and don’t have the expertise or the money to hard wire The Pulp ethernet, there is a solution. And you need to put it a All of these classified sites in one place. long way from your existing network. Your house does have electricity, right? Hard to The Rind power up that computer without it. Now you can use All of these classified sites in one place. Problem is those power lines running through your house to that they operate independently. I think that it would hook into your network. 11
  12. 12. MACSIMUM REVIEWS Netgear offers the XAV101 Powerline AV Ethernet The Ugly Adapter. It connects to your ethernet switch, router or Nothing to see here. hub, and allows you to access your network from a power outlet in another part of your house. The Bottom Line The devices are used in pairs, with one XAV101 If you have an older Mac located too far away from plugged into the power outlet and an ethernet cable the network switch/router and you don’t have Airport plugged into your network switch. on the Mac, this is a viable alternative. The price You then take a second XAV101 and plug it into may seem a little steep until you consider finding another power outlet, then connect it by ethernet the correct Airport card for your old Mac and adding cable to your computer. a wireless access point can add up to a lot of Is this a perfect solution? No. These devices are money. This ties right into your existing network. very dependent on the quality of the electric Macsimum Rating: 7 out of 10. equipment in your house. My house is 35 years old and so is most of the wiring. There are sections of the house that this just simply doesn’t work in. Send Real/Virtual Postcards When we redid the kitchen about five years ago, we rewired, and the powerline adapters work fine in Using Your Pix with Postino there. So know your house or apartment before you By Chris Raymond part with the US$130 or so that this setup will set Angurialab offers a very you back to buy the kit that includes two of these slick iPhone app called devices (Netgear part No. XAVB101). Postino, which allows When I got it to work, the speed was quite good, users to send highly better than g-speed wireless, which is what I have customizable e-postcards at my house. As always, your mileage may vary. and, more important, real Please note that this is not the fault of the Netgear postcards from their equipment, but a function of the old wiring in my iPhone anytime, anywhere, house. If someone wants to buy me a newer house, using photos already in I’ll try it there. their Photos library or anything they snap on-the- The Good go, courtesy of easy-to- This setup is easy to install. The instructions are purchase virtual stamps. clear. The network is pretty fast. And Netgear Postino seamlessly includes the ethernet cables you need to connect. I integrates with your really like it when a company provides everything you Contacts for convenient addressing (or you can need for an installation. These devices are also enter a new address on the fly), and you can even secure, trading a security code that encrypts the data doodle a personal signature in an array of colors on and locks out other devices on your powerlines. your iPhone’s screen, which appears below the text you enter once sent. If your photo includes GPS The Bad coordinates (and pix shot on the iPhone 3G and This equipment is only as good as the wiring in your 3G[S] do), your e-postcard arrives with a “See house. Just make sure you save your receipt if where I was when I sent this!” link that launches there is any doubt about your wiring. And the more Google Maps so the recipient can see how near (or switches, breakers and other electrical equipment far) you were when you sent your postcard... you run it through, the more chance you’ll have to Editor’s note: Interested? Read the rest this knock down the signal. Macsimum Review here!  12
  13. 13. BE KIND, REWIND Install Memory in MacBook You can view any of these videos and a ton more from your iPhone or iPod Touch at miv.macsimumnews.com Pros (2009) The title says it all, so click here for the 13 incher! The Official MacOSG Podcast Got the 15 incher? Check this out... It’s easy to access the official MacOSG podcast: Super-sized your MBP to the 17 incher? Watch 1. Subscribe to our podcast through iTunes [link this. launches the iTunes app] where you’ll be alerted to Bonus! Here’s how you can install a new hard each new episode as soon as it’s available. drive in the 17-inch MacBook Pro (2009). 2. Install the MacOSG Podcast Widget and never miss a show! Upgrade Your Mac Mini (2009) Learn how to increase the RAM in your Mini Frank Petrie’s “Video Sandbox” courtesy of this helpful video. Sandbox 137: Well, Boxheads, I hope that your Don’t stop there – why not put in a new hard weekend was like mine – 2 days. Yet I never seem drive while you’re at it? to be able to schedule time to take a break! This week we learn that we are surrounded by Locate Your Pals via Google boneheads. And I have two videos to show you that will make you scratch your head. A bounty of Latitude boneheads. Here’s a demo of Google Latitude, which lets you We also check on activities the elderly are see your friends on a map on Google Maps. Use involved in nowadays. And there’s free 3G 16GB/ Latitude to plan an impromptu meeting, see that a 32GB silicone covers in our first contest in nearly 30 loved one got home safely, or just stay in touch with years. And they’re from our friends at PocketMac. friends. Thanks, folks. You never know what ol’ Frank's up to next, so don't miss his entertaining bi-monthly video podcast. Turn Your iPhone 3G [S] Into a Remember: Download, double click, drop out.  Mobile Video Workhorse This video demonstrates how you can turn your iPhone 3G [S] into a mobile video workhorse by using an OWLE (Optical Widgets For Life Enhancement) iPhone 3G [S] mount. Calling All Twits, er... Tweeters! Ever wondered what this fast- growing “Twitter” phenomenon is all about? Well, this Macsimum iPhone Video tells you how to get started “tweeting.” You can also follow Macsimum News on Twitter! Get instant news and support updates on-the-go and maybe even score a free book from our pals at O’Reilly Media. Check it out! 13
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