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  1. 1. Contents AppleSauce this month... 4 Peter Carter Presidential Keyboard 6 Frank Wade Beige Macs are now dead! 7 Macs that go on and on... Judith Watts iChat updated 9 Chatting with pictures Frank Wade Acrobat 6 12 The family expands... Peter Carter Apple announces 64-bit Power Mac G5s 15 The latest machines Geoff Duncan AppleSauce July 2003 1 Next
  2. 2. ...Contents TLAs 20 TLA three-letter acronym A compilation E-mail abbreviations 26 How to be terse A compilation Computing at Entropy House 29 Incoherent comment ‘The fine print’ 32 Copyright and submission information The cover picture ‘Cover’, by Brian Plush SAAUC’s database is maintained with FileMaker Previous AppleSauce July 2003 2
  3. 3. Contents
  4. 4. Prescript AppleSauce this month... the answer may be in the affirmative, but if your older Peter Carter machine is doing the job you need it to then keep using Who would have thought when the Mac first appeared it. that it might one day qualify for an ‘IBM inside’ label? Other news out of the World Wide Developers’ Confer- but it’s now true, the new G5 Macs have processors, the ence (WWDC) related to the next version of Mac OS X, key components, made by IBM. 10.3. Panther, as it is known, is said to have a hundred changes from the current version. Some of them are in With the G5 the Mac becomes a 64-bit machine, a step the Finder, others in networking and in the applications that has taken a few years. The Apple II was an 8-bit Mail and Address Book. There are new secure file dele- machine, and the first Macs some 8 years later were 16/ tion features, and font managment will be much 32–bit machines. Even for mainframe computers of the improved. time, 64-bits was a big word size, and of course the big- ger the word size the faster the machine can process. Changes to iChat were also announced, and Frank takes You can now have on your desk a machine that not so a look at that program in this issue. Whether you need a long ago would have been described as a supercom- glass of red to enjoy iChat I’m not sure, but videoconfer- puter. encing has never been easier. One of the items in this issue looks at the new machines, Adobe’s Acrobat continues to grow in features and and in an interesting coincidence Judith Watts describes importance, nd the recently released version 6 continues her use of rather older Macs. Do you need the latest the trend. I take a very superficial look at it on page 12. machines? If you work with high-end graphics and video Among the new features are the ability to embed video AppleSauce Contents July 2003 4 Next
  5. 5. AppleSauce this month... and animation, but unless you have the latest Reader gested that I might want to print it in our newsletter. you won’t see them, so no moving pictures in Apple- I certainly would. Sauce for the immediate future. ... Continuing the reference items from earlier editions, I have been an Area Rep for YFU for eight years and this one takes a look at TLAs and abbreviations used in have hosted six exchange students in my home for a e-mail. year at a time. I know that it can be very scary for a teenager, even being in a country with a common lan- In the last issue we had an item about Noelle Alvey, a guage. To have her main link to home, the iBook, go visitor from the US, and the problem with her iBook. down must have been very frustrating for Noelle. I’ve now had a message from Janet Mobley, editor of the Gary posted for help on our help line but I guess it North Coast Mac Users Group, who writes: didn’t work. Then Noelle found your club and got help. Gary is ecstatic and I’m sure Noelle is too.’ ‘I got an email from our member, Gary Alvey about the wonderful help your members gave to his daugh- What user groups are for. ter, Noelle recently with her malfunctioning iBook. This month’s meeting will have three short presenta- He said you had an article and picture in your news- tions: Mac resources on the Web, file management in letter about her and the help given to her and sug- OS X, and a very brief look at Acrobat 6. Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 5
  6. 6. Presidential Keyboard Frank Wade Apple made a number of announcements at the World iMovie 2, FileMaker Pro 6. We are also in the process Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) on 23 June. These of ordering some more Mac help books. included a preview version of the next version of Mac OS The SAAUC committee is considering making X, namely 10.3 Panther, new G5 Power Macs, a new audio- arrangements for members to obtain copies of the video conferencing software update to iChat, a camera larger free Mac OS X updates that may be difficult to called iSight to go with it, and the first non-beta edition of download over a dial-up connection. Let us know if Safari, Apple’s Web browser. you are interested. SAAUC has purchased some additional training CDs, including ones on Photoshop Elements, AppleWorks 6, AppleSauce Contents July 2003 6
  7. 7. Musings Macs that go on and on... Beige Macs are now dead! Judith Watts Once upon a time before the year 2000 I first observed ‘gotta have’ disease. Gotta have Windows 95, gotta have Windows 98, etc, etc. in the PC fraternity. I grew accus- tomed to seeing geriatric PCs fretting in computer graveyards awaiting new owners who would never arrive. Apple Macintosh seemed immune to gotta have then. Proud Apple owners appreciated their trusty friends and ing on as they were on the day they were born producing would boast of their computers capabilities regardless of miracles on archaic operating systems (OS 9 and ear- the age of their Mac. Unfortunately the gotta have scourge grew rife around the turn of the century and lier). became so infectious that it has now sadly spread to the Many of these Macs have been adopted by parents and Mac community. grandparents when their families have upgraded and Beige Macs are now dead! have provided the perfect introduction to Apple comput- Pity that no one has told the beige Macs! Many are still ing for many who would never have thought to buy a unaware that they are extinct and are steadfastly work- computer themselves. AppleSauce Contents July 2003 7 Next
  8. 8. Beige Macs are now dead! My first Mac, an LC II, is still happily assisting in writing conferencing options. We have experimented with mes- minutes and agenda for another new Mac user who is sage and many voice and video systems, with best secretary of a church group. I will be forever grateful to results using a 1990 Panasonic Stereo VHS camera with ‘Little Mac’. Its achievements include tutoring me in iVisit. Apple Video Player provided the facility for me to word processing, draw, paint, spreadsheets and data- freeze frames from the Panasonic video tapes and base using ClarisWorks 4 (libraries stored on floppy), Graphic Converter converted these to JPEGs for e-mail graphics, photography including slide shows. attachments. I had e-mail contact with family and friends all over the Another Power Mac ‘G3’ found a home with us recently. world and received many photo attachments. Our eyes It will assist in furthering my learning in video/graphics were agog when our first photo arrived and a picture of and will also provide full screen TV and video in our our daughter appeared on the screen. We had discov- family room. We have enjoyed experimenting with ered JPEGs! I had my film developed (Kodak Retinette speech recognition and no doubt there are many other camera, 1958) and photos were initially saved onto exciting new treats awaiting us. floppy disks. Later I was able to download from the Extrafilm Web site. We produced full page photo glossy The latest Apple Macintosh technology is most inspiring photographic prints with an Epson Color 600 printer and it is a boon to some users but not an urgent gotta and browsed the Web using Netscape 2.02. have for those who are satisfied with the service their present systems provide. Surely it is not the Mac operat- Thanks Little Mac, and also to Mike and Danny who ing system one uses that is important but what one does helped me and the LC II to become acquainted in 1997. with the Mac operating system one has? LC II service for six years: twice replaced the battery, around $10 total! I am seeking other happy beige Mac stories. Please e- mail to <> or direct to me at Our second Apple computer, a Power Mac 5200CD, is the next SAAUC monthly meeting. still part of our family providing video/TV in the study. ‘Power Mac’ was my assistant while exploring computer Boundless thanks to Rainbow Apples! Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 8
  9. 9. Product overview Chatting with pictures iChat updated Frank Wade In May 2002 Apple announced that iChat instant mes- saging software would be a new feature in Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2.) iChat is compatible with AOL Instant Messen- ger (AIM), which makes it usable with more than 150 million users. You need an instant messaging address, also known as a ‘screen name,’ to use with iChat. If you already have a .Mac membership, you simply use your e-mail address. If you don’t have a address, visit the .Mac Web site to sign up. Or, if you have an AOL or AIM screen name, use it instead. At present you can’t use screen names from other instant messaging systems, such as MSN or Yahoo, with iChat. With iChat, you can exchange instant messages with other iChat and AIM users. You can also send files, such as pictures, directly to your buddies and talk about the everyone can join the fun at once. iChat’s interface is files while your friends view them. You can start a group simple: it uses ‘dialogue bubbles’ to present instant mes- chat using text entry with several of your friends so sages in a ‘graphically conversational manner.’ AppleSauce Contents July 2003 9 Next
  10. 10. iChat updated At the recent Worldwide Developers Conference However, dial up users and (WWDC) announced ‘iChat AV’, adding audio and video members with a slow uplink conferencing capabilities to iChat. A public beta of iChat broadband connection can AV is now available as a 3.6 MB download: still use the audio feature of <>. iChat AV. This is just like making a phone call using the iChat AV supports any FireWire DV camcorder or web- microphone in your Mac to cam, according to Apple, and automatically configures talk to someone over the itself during installation. Other iChat AV users appear in Internet. For those of us who the Buddy List with audio or video icons beside their are not fast typists it is a vast names to indicate the type of connection that’s available. improvement over the text In addition to a default window size of 352 by 288 pixels (which can be resized during video sessions), the soft- entry version of the original ware also includes a full-screen mode. The downside for iChat. This feature is avail- most SAAUC members is that the video component of able to a G3 or higher Mac iChat AV requires a broadband (ADSL or cable) connec- users, running 10.2.5 with at tion. Furthermore it appears from early testing that least a 56K modem and a microphone, inbuilt or attached. members with an inexpensive broadband connection that only provides a 64K uplink will have insufficient Also introduced was the iSight, a compact digital video bandwidth to run a video conference. In addition to a camera that takes advantage of iChat AV’s audio/visual broadband connection, you will need at least a G3 Mac capabilities. iSight is available from the Australian with a 600Mhz or higher processor, running 10.2.5 or Apple Store at an RRP of $259. It requires a FireWire higher, a FireWire based digital video camera and connection and is designed to be mounted on Apple dis- microphone, inbuilt or attached. plays and laptops. The iSight includes an auto-focus lens Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 10 Next
  11. 11. iChat updated with 640 by 480 resolution, a lens aperture of f 2.8 to collect more light in poorly lit situations, and a video frame rate of up to 30 frames per second (fps). For audio, the iSight includes a dual element noise-sup- pressing microphone. It’s also small and light, weighing in at 63.8 grams. <> The final version of iChat AV will be included with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther when it is released later this year. Is this where the Those who wish to stick with Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar can party is? upgrade to iChat AV for $US30 after 31 December. From: Frank Wade <> Subject: SAAUC Parties SAAUC is considering holding a party for those members who contribute regularly to AppleSauce. Depending on interest it may be combined with the party planned by regular contributors to this Mailing List. If anyone knows of an empty telephone box that we can use as a venue, please let me know... From: Margaret Cotton <> Subject: (unknown) frank—don't forget the wonderful things dr who accomplished in a telephone box Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 11
  12. 12. Product overview The family expands... Acrobat 6 Peter Carter Adobe’s Acrobat has now been around for ten years. In the beginning it was one of a number of contenders for cross-platform document systems, but the others have all fallen by the wayside, and Acrobat’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is now an ISO standard and a key tool in the pub- lishing industry. Part of the reason is that PDF is based on PostScript, the page description lan- guage in the printing industry. Version 6 is now available, and is the first Adobe product to be offered only for OS X (10.2.2 in fact) on the Mac. Overall, there are four members of the family. The first is Reader, now Adobe Reader, without the ‘Acrobat’. As before, Reader is free and allows PDFs to be read and (security Acrobat’s new appearance, with the Help pane visible permitting) printed. AppleSauce Contents July 2003 12 Next
  13. 13. Acrobat 6 Adobe Reader has a couple of new features, being able to display embedded media such as video, and the ability to read the text aloud, a key accessibility feature. Reader’s Search capability does not require files to be indexed, as was necessary with previous versions. The Help system is all new, as are the toolbars, and has its own pane on the right of the screen. If you’re running OS X you should get Reader 6. Next in the family is Elements, for Windows only, and available only for ‘a minimum of 1,000 seats per order.’ Despair not: Elements simply reproduces what is already built in to OS X. Remember that PDF is one of the default OS X formats and any application can Save A neat feature of Professional is the Loupe Tool. As... PDF. Can be placed wherever convenient on the screen, and magnification can be varied. (This is Standard and Professional are the two versions for a tiny bit of the last issue, showing that Engelbart business use. Both can add comments, links, and so on, is a vector image, not bitmap.) with Professional having the ability to create forms, pre- flight for print, and the like. There is a document at There are differences between Mac and PC versions, mainly support for Microsoft Office and specific PC < applications. acrobat_roadshow.html> listing all the features. It is not an official Adobe document, and does have a cou- Distiller, the application that translates PostScript files ple of anomalies, but is a good overview. (from printer drivers) to PDF now works in OS X much Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 13 Next
  14. 14. Acrobat 6 the same way as it did before. New features include Which version? JPEG 2000 for improved graphic compression. Profes- These are the most recent versions for the different Mac sional can also optimise existing PDFs, essentially by OS versions. Best to use the most recent. redistilling them. Two features that have returned to Mac versions are Mac OS 10.2.2 or later: Adobe Reader 6.0 Paper Capture and Web Capture. The first takes docu- Mac OS 9.1 to 10.2.1: Acrobat Reader 5.1 ments as images or direct from a scanner and turns them into editable text. That allows the text to be used in Mac OS 8.6 to 9.0: Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 other applications, or enables the documents to be searched. It is a very useful tool for archiving docu- Mac OS 8.0 to 8.5: Acrobat Reader 4.0.5 ments. Mac OS 7.5.3: Acrobat Reader 4.0.5 Web Capture takes files from Web sites (with control over the levels of links) and assembles them into Acro- All are available from the Adobe Web site, bat files, complete with links and bookmarks: also useful < for archiving or distributing draft sites for comment. readstep2.html>, and various versions are on maga- zine CDs. Many of the new features improve Acrobat for PDF workflow in printing. Other new features, like video For information on configuring Web browsers and Acro- embedding, can be read only by version 6, so you won’t bat Reader see < be seeing much of them in AppleSauce for a while. guides/acrobat/rdrmacbrwsr/page2.html> Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 14
  15. 15. New products The latest machines Apple announces 64-bit Power Mac G5s Geoff Duncan Touting them as the ‘world’s fastest personal com- puter,’ Apple announced its Power Mac G5 line of desk- top computers with 1.6 to2 GHz processor speeds, high- performance internals, and a 64-bit processor architec- ture designed to give the Power Mac line a much-needed performance boost and provide a clear road map for future development. Standard configurations of the new machines are priced from $US2,000 to $US3,000, and will be available starting in August of 2003. Out of the Wind Tunnel, on to the Cheese zones.’ (The new design has already been dubbed the Grater ‘cheese grater,’ and the resemblance is remarkable.) The On the outside, the Power Mac G5 establishes yet units have no less than nine internal fans, yet Apple another direction in Apple’s industrial design, this time says in normal operation they’re substantially quieter sporting an anodized aluminum case with squared-off than earlier Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Door) sys- handles and perforation on the front and back to permit tems that were not-so-affectionately nicknamed ‘Wind- airflow through the machine’s four internal ‘thermal tunnels.’ As you’d expect, the Power Mac G5 enclosures AppleSauce Contents July 2003 15 Next
  16. 16. Apple announces 64-bit Power Mac G5s feature a full complement of ports on the back, but also offer USB, FireWire, and headphone jacks on the front, which may save some crawling around under desks. The G5’s alive The real changes are inside the box. The Power Mac G5 systems are built around the 64-bit IBM 970 processor, which Apple has dubbed the Pow- erPC G5. The PowerPC G5 evolved from IBM’s POWER4 architecture (used in the company’s efforts, combining IBM’s POWER4 architecture with an opti- high-end eBusiness servers), rather than directly mized Velocity Engine and a new 130-nanometer manufactur- following from G3 and G4 processors developed ing process at IBM’s new plant in Fishkill, New York. by Motorola. However, if the PowerPC G5 isn’t a direct descendent of the processors in current Here are the main features of the PowerPC G5: Macs, it’s a cousin: the original PowerPC archi- • High clock speeds: PowerPC G5s start at 1.6 to 2GHz, and tecture was designed jointly by Apple, Motorola, Apple says 3GHz G5s will be ready within a year and IBM, and was meant from the outset to be expanded to a 64-bit architecture. Eventually, • A 64-bit architecture enables Macs to handle up to 8GB of IBM branched off with what became the RAM initially, with a real-world RAM ceiling of 4 terabytes POWER4 architecture when it decided it wanted (TB) to focus on processor clustering, servers, and • Full compatibility with existing 32-bit PowerPC software: i.e. embedded systems, and Motorola came up with everything which runs right now under Mac OS X, including the high-output AltiVec unit (aka Apple’s Veloc- Classic applications and the Unix environment. Existing ity Engine). The PowerPC G5 weds the two applications can run on the new processors with no penalty— Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 16 Next
  17. 17. Apple announces 64-bit Power Mac G5s no emulation or recompiling required—and current applications optimized for the Velocity Engine garner an instant speed bump. Programs recompiled specifi- cally for the PowerPC G5 processor will see even greater performance enhancements. But wait, there’s more. One of the problems with mod- ern personal computing architecture is that processors spend a surprising amount of time twiddling their thumbs waiting on other parts of the computer like RAM, the PCI or FireWire buses, or (horror of horrors!) a mere disk drive. Processors engage in branch predic- tion (er, idle speculation?) while they’re waiting so they’ll be ready to go when a computer’s subsystems catch up, but basically, you want the processor waiting around as little as possible. To that end, Apple has put nearly every major subsystem in the Power Mac G5 on its own high-speed bus (avoiding traffic jams as data moves between components: RAM gets a 333 or 1, 2: Dual frontside buses 400MHz bus, PCI-X cards get a 133MHz bus, etc.) 3: AGP 8X Pro graphics bus and—most significantly—a separate pair of 32-bit uni- 4: Advanced PowerPC G5 System Controller directional buses for the G5 processor running at speeds 5: 400MHz dual-channel memory from 800MHz to 1GHz. Combined, these are termed a 6: 133MHz PCI-X expansion frontside bus, and they represent a substantial leap for- 7: High-performance I/O ward from the 167MHz system buses used in previous 8: Serial ATA storage Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 17 Next
  18. 18. Apple announces 64-bit Power Mac G5s high-end Power Mac G4 systems, and—even better— 80GB hard drive, and three available full-length dual processor G5 systems have a separate frontside bus 33MHz, 64-bit PCI slots. The mid-range $US2,400 for each processor, further enhancing performance on model has a 1.8GHz PowerPC G5 processor with a dual processor machines. 900MHz frontside bus, 512MB of PC3200 (400MHz) RAM, an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 Ultra video card with Apple’s top models 64MB of video RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and three Apple will be shipping three configurations of the Power available full-length 64-bit PCI-X expansion slots (one Mac G5 beginning in August. All configurations can at 133MHz, the other two at 100MHz). The $US3,000 handle Bluetooth and Airport Extreme wireless net- high-end system features dual 2GHz PowerPC G5 pro- working and feature 8x AGP Pro graphics slots, a Serial cessors with a 1GHz frontside bus for each processor, ATA hard drive, 512K of L2 processor cache per proces- 512MB of PC3200 (400MHz) RAM, an ATI Radeon sor, 4x SuperDrives, one FireWire 800 port, two 9600 Pro with 64MB of video RAM, a 160GB hard FireWire 400 ports (one on the front), three (new!) USB drive, and three full-size 64-bit PCI-X expansion slots 2.0 ports (one on the front), two USB 1.1 ports (one on (one at 133MHz, the other two at 100MHz). the keyboard), two internal hard drive bays (one empty), Each of these configurations can be customized using built-in Gigabit Ethernet, a 56Kbps V.92 modem, ana- build-to- order options through dealers, Apple Stores, or log and (new!) optical audio in and out, and a front the online Apple Store. headphone jack. These systems boot into Mac OS X, and cannot start up from Mac OS 9 (although, of course, the Five and dime Classic environment is still available within Mac OS X). There’s no doubt that, when they finally become avail- The low-end $US2,000 model features a 1.6GHz Pow- able, the Power Mac G5s will represent a substantial erPC G5 processor with an 800MHz frontside bus, performance improvement for Apple’s aging Power 256MB of PC2700 (333MHz) RAM, an Nvidia GeForce Macintosh line: no doubt many Macintosh proponents FX 5200 Ultra video card with 64MB of video RAM, an have already placed their orders for these machines. Sig- Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 18 Next
  19. 19. Apple announces 64-bit Power Mac G5s nificantly, the PowerPC G5 processor and the new sys- tem architecture give Apple room to grow: expect to see more multi-processor systems become available as the product line evolves, along with concomitant speed increases in processors, frontside caches, and other internal components. It remains to be seen how transparent developers will be able to make the transition to the PowerPC G5. High- end media applications and action games will want to compile specifically for the PowerPC G5. Hopefully, pro- grammers will find a way to make PowerPC G5 versions of their programs available without creating confusion amongst existing and future PowerPC G3 and G4 users, particularly since Apple’s laptop line may be using G3 and G4 processors for some time to come. Geoff Duncan <> TidBITS 685 Images snarfed from the Apple Web site Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 19
  20. 20. Reference TLA three-letter acronym TLAs A A compilation ACS Australian Computer Society: the organisation for TLA /T-L-A/ n. [Three-letter acronym] 1. Self- computer professionals describing abbreviation for a species with which com- ADB Apple desktop bus: used on pre-iMac Macs to con- puting terminology is infested. 2. Any confusing acro- nect keyboard, mouse, etc. nym. Examples include MCA, FTP, SNA, CPU, MMU, SCCS, FPU, NNTP, TLA. People who like this looser AIFF Audio interchange file format: a format for sound usage argue that not all TLAs have three letters, just as files devised by Apple not all four-letter words have four letters. One also hears AOL America Online Inc: the largest US ISP of ‘ETLA’ (extended three-letter acronym, pronounced / ee tee el ay/) being used to describe four-letter acro- API Applications programming interface: a standard nyms. The term ‘SFLA’ (Stupid four-letter acronym) has interface by which a program may use services from been reported...’ the operating system The New Hacker’s Dictionary ATM: Asynchronous transfer mode (networking)/Adobe Type Manager (software)/automated teller machine The Free on-Line Dictionary of Computing (banking)/at the moment (e-mail abbreviation) <> reports that it has 761 TLAs listed, so this list is missing AVI Audio video interleave: a Microsoft animation for- a few... mat for Windows AppleSauce Contents July 2003 20 Next
  21. 21. TLAs B D B2B Business to business: electronic dealings between DED dark emitting diode: may be used as an ‘off’ indica- businesses tor BBS Bulletin board system: electronic messaging system DIN Deutsche Industrie Normen (German Industrial popular before the Internet became widely available Standard): a standards body, specifying connectors, BIOS Basic input/output system: the minumal keyboard etc. (e.g. DIN-8, the serial connector on pre-iMac and disk routines in the ROM of a PC Macs) BSD Berkeley System Distribution: a set of Unix ver- DIP dual inline package, either ICs or sets of switches sions—Mac OS X is based on BSD 4.2 DLL dynamic-linked library: a library file whch can be used by a number of programs, the source of much C misery in the Windows world CAD Computer aided design: engineering and architec- tural design on screen instead of paper DNS domain name system/service: translating human- readable Internet addresses to IP (numeric) addresses CCD charge-coupled device: sensor in digital camera DRM Digital rights management: managing intellectual CMYK cyan, magenta, yellow, black: the colour model property rights of digital media (subtractive) used in printing, where cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks are used DTP desktop publishing CPU central processing unit: Motorola 68k or PowerPC DVD Digital versatile disc: optical disc used for distrib- in Macs uting movies, etc. CRT cathode-ray tube: TV or monitor tube (cathode rays E being streams of electrons, directed by magnetic or EPS Encapsulated PostScript: a file format for DTP use. electrostatic means, which strike a phosphor screen, EPS files contain PostScript code for text and vector causing it to glow) images, bitmaps for other images, and comments for Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 21 Next
  22. 22. TLAs other details, and a low resolution image for represen- 2 Integrated drive electronics: hard disk drive interface, tation on screen originally for PCs, later Macintosh (as ATA) F IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: a standards body, e.g. FireWire is IEEE 1394 FPU floating point unit: either a co-processor or part of the CPU for maths processing IP Internet protocol ISP Internet service provider: FTP file transfer protocol: in Unix, and therefore the Internet J G JPEG, JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group: a scmeme for compressing graphics files, esp. photo- GIF Graphics interchage format: lossless compression graphs. Lossy, in that it discards some image data. scheme for graphics files, esp. on the WWW L GNU Gnu’s not Unix: a free Unix project, pre-dating Linux (Strictly speaking, Linux is only the kernel, the LAN local area network rest of a Linux system comes from the GNU project) LCD liquid crystal display H LED light emitting diode: semiconductor light source HSB Hue, saturation, brightness: a colour model LZW Lempel-Ziv Welch: a file compression scheme, named for Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv who I devised the original, and Terry Welch who modified it IC integrated circuit M IDE 1 Integrated development environment: a program- MCA Micro Channel Architecture IBM’s proprietary 32- ming environment such as Apple’s Project Builder bit bus, used in high-end PCs. MCA never became as combining editor, compiler, linker, etc. wide spread as the competing EISA standard. Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 22 Next
  23. 23. TLAs MIDI musical instrument digital interface: a means of OEM Original equipment manufacturer: a misleading conncecting synthesisers, etc. term for a company which repackages equipment, MIME Multipurpose Internet mail extensions: protocol including computers, made by other companies—in and format allowing attachments to be sent by e-mail effect, badge engineering MIPS million instructions per second: a measure of the OLE Object linking and embedding: Microsoft’s method speed of a processor of embedding such things as Excel charts in Word doc- uments, etc. MMU Memory management unit: a hardware device or circuit that supports virtual memory and paging by OOPS Object-oriented programming system: program- translating virtual addresses into physical addresses. ming using discrete reusable blocks of code (Earlier Macs with the 68020 processor used the MC P 68851 MMU. The 68030 processor incorporated the PARC Palo Alto Research Centre: the Xerox centre MMU.) which devised many of the GUI and other ideas that MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group: committee that went into Macintosh designed the compression scheme for digital video, PC card (formerly PCMCIA card): a credit-card sized and the various file formats device containing memory, WiFi or Bluetooth adapt- MP3 MPEG-1 Layer 3 The part of the MPEG-1 format ers, etc. for use with laptops that carries audio data, and used for digital music PCI Peripheral component interconnect bus: the stan- N dard bus in PCs and Macs for connecting devices such NNTP Network news transfer protocol as video cards, etc. O PDA personal digital assistant: e.g. Palm™ device OCR optical character recognition: used for scanning PDF portable document format: the format used by printed documents and generating electronic text Acrobat files (derived from PostScript) Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 23 Next
  24. 24. TLAs PFD personal flotation device ROM read only memory: memory with fixed content, that can be read but not written to PGP Pretty good privacy: an encryption scheme S PICT A Macintosh graphics file format SCCS Source code control system: a popular code man- PNG portable network graphics: a compression scheme agement system for Unix systems. for graphics files, esp. on the WWW SCSI Small computer systems interface: for connecting POP Post office protocol: enables machines to connect devices such as disk drives, scanners. etc, and used on to e-mail servers for downloading of messages pre-iMac machines PPP Point-to-point protocol: the Internet protocol for SIMM single inline memory module transmitting data aver a serial link, such as by modem SMTP Simple mail transfer protocol: the protocol that R allows you to send e-mail RAM random access memory: memory that can be read SNA Systems network architecture: IBM’s proprietary from and written to high level networking protocol standard, used by IBM and IBM compatible mainframes. (Also known as RGB Red, green Blue: the colour model (additive) used ‘Blue Glue’ (don’t ask)) on-screen, with red, green, and blue emitting phos- SQL structured query language: for manipulating data phors matching the red, green, and blue cone cells of in relational databases the eye T RISC reduced instruction set computer: a processor with a smaller set of instructions than a conventional TCB trouble came back: an intermittent problem that is one, making it simpler, and potentially faster, but being difficult to fix requiring more program instructions to give the same TLA three-letter acronym: self-describing abbrevia- results. The PowerPC processor is a RISC device. tion... Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 24 Next
  25. 25. TLAs U UPS Uninterruptible power supply: a device to supply power from battery if the mains supply fails—what your Mac ought to have if it works for a living USB universal serial bus: for connecting all manner of things to Macs and PCs W WAN wide area network WAV A Microsoft sound file format, so named because of the file extension: .wav WWW world wide web X XML eXtended markup language: a markup language for documents, more powerful than HTML Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 25
  26. 26. FYI How to be terse E-mail abbreviations BITMT but in the meantime A compilation BRB be right back This lot comes from talk mode on Unix systems and the BTW by the way time when bandwidth for e-mail and newsgroups was CWOT complete waste of time limited, and everything was abbreviated as much as pos- sible. Today’s equivalent might be for SNS messages, CTA see ya perhaps appropriate as many of them come from the CUL8R see you later (variation: CUL) Morse jargon used by ham radio operators... DYK do you know AAMOF as a matter of fact EMFJI excuse me for jumping in AFAIC as far as I’m concerned F2F face to face AFAICT as far as I can tell FBOW for better or worse AFAIK as far as I know FUD fear, uncertainty and dread AFK away from keyboard FWIW for what it’s worth <BG> big grin FYA for your amusement BAK back FYI for your information BBS be back soon/shortly <g> grin (smile) AppleSauce Contents July 2003 26 Next
  27. 27. E-mail abbreviations GA go ahead MEGO my eyes glaze over GFETE grinning from ear to ear MIL mother-in-law GFI go for it MTCW my two cents worth HHOK ha, ha, only kidding NBD no big deal HTH hope this helps NRN no reply necessary IAC in any case OIC oh, I see IAE in any event OOBE out of body experience IMO in my opinion OTOH on the other hand IMCO in my considered opinion OTT over the top IMHO in my humble opinion PEBKAC problem exists between keyboard and chair IOTTMCO intuitively obvious to the most casual PMFJI pardon me for jumping in observer IOW in other words ROFL rolling on floor laughing ISTR I seem to recall ROTFLOL roll on the floor, laugh out loud IYKWIM if you know what I mean RSN real soon now (which may be a long time coming) IYSWIM if you see what I mean <s> sigh JIC just in case SITD still in the dark JK just kidding SODDI some other dude did it LOL laughing out loud TAFN that’s all for now LTNS long time no see (variation: LTNT for talk) TINSTAAFL there is no such thing as a free lunch Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 27 Next
  28. 28. E-mail abbreviations THX thanks (variations: TX, TNX) WIDLIO when in doubt leave it out TIA thanks in advance WIBLI wouldn’t it be lovely if TIC tongue in cheek WIT wordsmith in training TMK to my knowledge WOMBAT waste of money, brains and time TPTB the powers that be WRT with regard to TSWC tell someone who cares WTG way to go TTBOMK to the best of my knowledge WYSIAYG what you see is all you get TTFN ta ta for now TWIMC to whom it may concern WYSITWIRL what you see is totally worthless in real life <VBG> very big grin YABA yet another b... acronym WAD working as designed YAFIYGI you asked for it, you got it WB welcome back YGIAGAM your guess is as good as mine I resent that... Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 28
  29. 29. Incoherent comment... Computing at Computing at Entropy House Mars seems to be the place to go to or look at for the next few months, with three spacecraft on their way, and with the planet to be closest to Earth than it’s been for a Thomas J Watson Sr long time next month. Astronomers, professional and in his Manhattan amateur, will all be watching. office, 1947 Webcams have become the latest tool for amateur astonomers, who attach them to telescopes then down- load images to PCs. Software on the PCs then registers the images to give clear, sharp images. Lots of PC soft- ware (e.g. from < .htm>), but no sign of any for the Mac. One would have thought astronomers would think more clearly than that. Ever wondered why IBM’s laptops are called ‘Think- Pads’ or the word ‘think’ appears prominently in recent IBM advertising? AppleSauce Contents July 2003 29 Next
  30. 30. Computing at Entropy House It’s because Thomas J Watson (1874–1956), chairman Installation of everything went smoothly, apart from of IBM, had the word on a sign in his office. one hiccup. That was the FileMaker Pro 6 upgrade. Installer went looking for version 5 or later, found only Watson has often been quoted as saying that there might version 4, and gave up. That was solved with a phone be a world market for five computers, but recent call and a new installation code. research suggests that the ‘quote’ was fabricated. With some new drivers downloaded, scanner, both As for the number of computers, you probably have at printers, Wacom tablet, and the CD burner all work. least five in the house. Besides the Mac, a general pur- pose computer, anything else digital is a dedicated com- Sometimes one wonders if attempts at the paperless puter: digital watch, CD player, electronic washing office are worth it. One page flier arrived by e-mail the machine... even toasters these days other day: 5.3MB of RTF. Turned it into 16K of PDF and e-mailed it to sender. Automated reply announced that Gandalf, the main machine at Entropy House, is finally she was not present to receive it. running Mac OS X, thanks to a second hard drive. Avail- ability of Acrobat 6, which is Mac OS X only, was the Must think of a suitably demonstrative response... incentive. With the exception of FrameMaker (as used to put AppleSauce together) and Streamline (both also Had occasion to download a tax rates document from Adobe products), all the software used here is now avail- the Aus Tax Office Web site. PDF, and laid out with able in OS X native form, so work for some clients will InDesign. Score one more for Adobe over MS, even if it be OS X throughout. was done on PC. Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 30 Next
  31. 31. Computing at Entropy House No G5 in this grater. Definitely not a smart appliance... Previous AppleSauce Contents July 2003 31
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  33. 33. Intentionally blank AppleSauce Contents July 2003 33