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Ale andria Ale andria

  1. 1. Ale andria � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � The Power of Simplicity Guided Tour
  2. 2. Copyright Notice Copyright ©2001 Schjelderup LTD, All Rights Reserved. Distributed under licence by COMPanion Corporation. Under the copyright laws, this manual or the software may not be copied, in whole or in part without written consent of Schjelderup LTD, except in the normal use of the software and as described in the Software License Agreement. e same proprietary and copyright notices must be affixed to any permit- ted copies as were affixed to the original. e software described in this book is furnished under a licensed agreement and may be used only in accordance with the terms of that agreement. Note: Unauthorized use of this software or related materials can result in civil damages and criminal penalties. Trademarks COMPanion®, Alexandria®, Alexandria Web™, Alexandria Explore™, SmartMARC™, Textbook Tracker™, eLunchroom™, and their associated logos and icons are registered trademarks of Schjelderup LTD used under license by COMPanion Corporation. Other trade names are the property of their respective cor- porations. Printed in the United States of America. Printed by COMPanion® Corporation 1831 Fort Union Boulevard Salt Lake City, Utah 84121-3041 USA 801.943.7277 Voice—worldwide 800.347.6439 Voice—Sales, US & Canada 800. 320.5830 Voice—Windows Tech Support, US & Canada 800.347.4942 Voice—Macintosh Tech Support, US & Canada 801.943.7752 FAX, worldwide 888.515.3883 FAX, toll-free e-mail: Web:
  3. 3. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Getting Started is guided tour takes you through a full-working version of Alexandria and will show you many of Alexandria’s easy-to-use features and integrated capabilities. For your first tour through Alexandria, we recommend you follow the guide suggestions using the sample data. After the guided tour, feel free to add actual items and patrons from your library. is will give you an excellent idea of how Alexandria will benefit you. If you would like to go through the guided tour a second time, simply reinstall the demo disk. Starting the Demo Place the COMPanion CD into your CD player. For Windows installations, go to My Computer, double-click one of the Alexandria icons and follow the installation instructions that appear. For Macintosh, double-click the COMPanion icon when it appears on your Desktop, then double-click one of the Alexandria icons. e larger of the two installers includes multimedia attachments that you will need in order to tour the multimedia functions in Alexandria. If you choose the smaller of the two files, multimedia attachments will not be installed on your computer and you should skip the Multimedia sec- tion of this tour. QuickTime must be installed on your computer to view the demo properly. If you do not have QuickTime installed, you can install it from the COMPanion CD. Entering Data Where you read text written like this: Sample Text, type it into the program. Alexandria users enter data with bar code readers and do not need to press the e key after each scan. is guide assumes you do not have a bar code reader, so you will need to press e after you type your information. If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-800-347-6439. Alexandria Guided Tour - 1
  4. 4. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Circulation Most Alexandria functions are performed or accessed from the Circulation window. Alexandria automatically displays all commands entered from the keyboard and bar code reader in the Command Line. Mode Setting Pull-Down Menu Command Line Help Allows quick mode changes: Check Space for input of all keyboard Assistance for patron and item Out/In, Bookdrop, Hold Requests, and bar code reader entries. management, circulation, Inventory, etc. cataloging, reports and more. Current Patron Current Item Current patron Current item information. information. information. Tab Functions: Scroll Bar • Circulation Log Views daily • Command Help transactions in • Holds circulation log. • Reservations • Charges • Email Support Check In and Out Items First, check out an item to Camille. She hands you her library card and the book e World of Science. ÿ Type (or scan) Camille’s bar code: 1003 e. ÿ Type (or scan) e World of Science bar code: 3187 e. is checks out item 3187 to Camille Arnold. Note: Notice Transaction Log, Patron Status, and Item Status were updated. Now you will check out an item to Todd, who is also returning an item. He hands you his library card and both books. ÿ Type (or scan) Todd’s bar code: 1013 e. ÿ Type (or scan) the first item bar code: 3027 e. is checks in item 3027 from Todd. ÿ Type (or scan) the next item bar code: 3013 e. A message appears explaining that the Patron exceeded the Overdue Limit by 1 item. Click Override to allow. is checks out item 3013 to Todd. Alexandria Guided Tour - 2
  5. 5. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Locate Patron If Lonnie Ann Amstead does not have her library card, or her bar code number is unknown, use the Locate Patron command to browse the list of patrons. ÿ Type: L AMST e and then double-click on Amstead, Lonnie Ann to make her the current patron. Locate Items with Title and Call Number Items can also be found from the Circulation window by either Title or Call Number. If Lonnie Ann Amstead wants a specific item, but has not checked the catalog, you can verify the item’s status for her during circulation. ÿ First, search by call number. Type: C 900 e, and double-click on the highlighted title or click Select to make it active. You can see that no copies are available by looking at the Current Item area. ÿ You suggest e Diary of Anne Frank and find it by using the Title command. Type: T Diary e to browse the list of titles starting with the word “diary.” Double-click on Diary of Anne Frank or click Select. Alexandria Guided Tour - 3
  6. 6. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour ÿ Lonnie wants this book so type (or scan): 3509 e to check out a copy to her (the next exercise shows you how to find copy bar code #’s). Note: ese are quick search methods to use during circulation. Extensive searching is performed in the Catalog Windows. Detailed Title and Patron Information Extended information can also be found from the Circulation window. Click on the Details icons in the gray bar or use the keystroke commands below. ÿ To query detailed information about Lonnie, type: Q 1088 e. After viewing the information on the screen, close the window. ÿ To query the Item details, type: Q 6094 e. e Item window shows the information for all of the copies of the title. Close the window. Place Hold ÿ Todd returns to your desk and wishes to place a hold on a book he wants. To place a hold for Todd, type: 1013 e to make Todd the current patron. en type: H 3187 e to place a hold on title e World of Science. Alexandria places a hold on the title—not on a specific copy—so you are notified that the available copy, 3487, is now on hold for Todd since his policy does not limit him to holds within his library. Bookdrop ÿ To quickly check in books, type: B e. is puts Alexandria in Bookdrop mode. e transaction log displays the message “Start Bookdrop Mode.” Type the following item bar codes and notice how the screen changes with each one. 3077 e—Transaction log entries display patron name and bar code number and shows items checked in. 3088 e—Displays a message to hold the book for Dan who has placed a hold request on this item. 3019 e—Transaction log entry shows the item was not checked out. 3025 e—Displays a message stating that the item belongs to a different collection. Renew ÿ To renew a book, type: R 3190 e. e patron number does not need to be entered. ÿ By going to Circulation pull-down menu and selecting Renew Patron Items, you may renew multiple items simultaneously. ÿ Type .e (period plus enter) to exit renewal mode. Alexandria Guided Tour - 4
  7. 7. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Transaction Help You can get immediate, on-line help for using Circulation commands by clicking the Command Help tab in the middle of the circulation window. is on-screen assis- tance is available for all circulation commands. ÿ Click the Command Help tab in the middle of the circulation window. ÿ Choose a command from the list in the left window. e right window gives instructions on how to use the command you choose. For example, click on the red question mark icon (third icon down) to display all commands. Scroll down and choose “Find Item by Call Number.” ÿ e command symbol for the command you choose displays at the bottom of the Help window. You can follow the instructions on the window to enter the required information in the space next to the command symbol. For example, type 100 in the field next to the C to display Alexandria Guided Tour - 5
  8. 8. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour all items with a call number starting with 100. ÿ Scroll down the window to see other circulation commands. ÿ Click on some of these commands to explore. Click on the Circulation Log tab when you are finished. All command codes can be entered directly into the circulation window without going to Command Help. All commands/functions performed while in the Com- mand Help are also performed simultaneously in the Circulation window. Circulation Blocks and Messages Alexandria has several built-in messages that appear based on the options you set in the Preferences selection. For example: ÿ Type: 1002 e to see an example of a custom Alert on Check Out message displaying a parental restriction. ÿ Mark returns an overdue book. Type: 3231 e. If your library charged fines, an alert window would appear. If Mark paid the fine when he checked in the overdue item, you could enter the payment amount then click on Charge Fine and the payment would be recorded. You could also forgive a portion of the fine by entering the amount on the window before clicking Charge Fine. ÿ Mark tries to check out too many books. Type: 3591 e to see an example of a system block. Notice that Alexandria gives you the option of proceeding with the check out. Add Items “On e Fly” Darla wants to check out a book that is not yet in the database. You can add the item “on the fly” as follows. ÿ Type Darla’s number: 1001 e to make her the current patron. en type a new bar code: 4000 e. Alexandria Guided Tour - 6
  9. 9. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour ÿ Select Create New Item and then t once to the Title field. en type: Elephants. Only the title field is required on this window; all other fields are optional. ÿ Click on Save and close the window. e Transaction Log shows a new item was created. e Item’s MARC or MicroLIF record will be imported later and all information will be automatically updated. Note: You can also add patrons during circulation. is is an easy way to lend items for interlibrary loans and visiting patrons. Inventory One of the easiest ways to perform Inventory is with a remote bar code reader. COMPanion offers several different types. ÿ To manually perform Inventory, type: I e to start Inventory mode. en type: 3019 e, 3024 e, 3081 e, 3302 e, and 3056 e. e Transaction Log shows each item being inventoried. e -->?? symbol next to item 3081 means the item may be out of Call Number order on the shelf. ÿ Type .e (period plus enter) to exit inventory mode. Reserve Items on Reserve will not circulate until removed from reserved status and placed back into circulation. Dr. Michael Eisenberg has asked you to reserve a book on crafts. ÿ To place copies on Reserve, first type: 1005 e to make Michael Alexandria Guided Tour - 7
  10. 10. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Eisenberg the current patron. en type: J 3076e. e J command places a reserve on the bar code 3076. Forward Reservation A Forward Reservation holds a specific copy for a designated time in the future. For example: staff member Keri Dobbins has a unit on Astronomy in January and wants to reserve item 3040, Mars, Our Mysterious Neighbors, for January 4th through 12th. ÿ Type: 1020 e to make Keri Dobbins the current patron. ÿ Type: G e to start Reservation mode. ÿ Type: 3040 e to select the item to be placed on Forward Reserve. ÿ A calendar displays for you to select the dates for the reservation. Click the drop down lists in the upper left corner of the window to change the month and year from the current month to December, 2003. Note: If you view this guided tour after December, 2003, select a future month for this exercise. ÿ Click on the 4th and with the mouse button held down, drag the cursor to the 15th. ÿ Click on Save. After the reservation is set, the item can circulate until the reservation date. If a patron due date conflicts with the forward reservation you will get a warning mes- sage. Note: is is also a great way to keep groups of books available, such as books about Christmas. Alexandria Guided Tour - 8
  11. 11. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Preferences Using Preferences from the Edit menu, you can customize Alexandria at any time to meet your library’s needs. Using preferences you can define library policies that determine how each type of item is circulated and how patrons can use your library. For example, you can set policies to determine how long items can be checked out and how long items can be held for a patron. Change Circulation Policy As part of your policy, hardback nonfiction books (NF) can circulate for 14 days. You set it so staff (STF) can check them out for 30 days. ÿ Select Preferences from the Edit menu and then choose Policies and Global from the popups in the upper corner of the window. Click on the Circulation tab. Choose Staff from the Patron drop down and Nonfiction from the Item drop down list. ÿ Find the Number of days these items can be loaned field and type: 45 then t. Click the box in the upper corner to close the window and save the changes you made for this Circulation policy. Alexandria Guided Tour - 9
  12. 12. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Change Color Settings Alexandria is shipped with default settings for colors. Using Preferences you can change the color schemes used in the application. ÿ Select Preferences from the Edit menu and then choose Display Settings and Local from the drop down menus. Choose a color scheme from the Pre- Defined Color Schemes drop down list at the bottom of the window. e pre-defined color schemes use Dewey classifications that describe what colors the scheme includes. ÿ Click Save to save when you have chosen a color scheme. Alexandria Guided Tour - 10
  13. 13. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Change Sounds Nearly every function within Alexandria has a unique sound associated with it. For example, when you check out a book you will hear a sound; when a search com- pletes, a different sound is heard. Note: In order to hear custom event sounds in Alexandria, your computer must be equipped with speakers and a sound card. Using Preferences you can change the sounds used in the application. ÿ Select Preferences from the Edit menu and then choose Sounds and Local from the drop down menus. Choose an event in the left column and a sound in the right column. When you choose a sound, you hear it played. You can set different sounds for each event listed in the left column. ÿ Close the window and save the changes you made for sounds. Alexandria Guided Tour - 11
  14. 14. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Change the Library Calendar Alexandria is shipped with a default library calendar. Using Preferences you can change the settings on the calendar and also define other calendars to be used. ÿ Select Preferences from the Edit menu and then choose Calendars and Global from the drop down menus in the top corner of the window. ÿ To show that the library is always closed on Fridays through the end of the year, hold down o for Macintosh users, or a for Windows users, then click the column heading for Friday (Fri). All the Fridays display as closed. ÿ To show the library is closed December 24th through the 28th, choose December from the month popup in the upper left corner of the window. Click on December 24th in the calendar. en, holding the mouse button down, drag the cursor to December 28th. Each of the days you choose is marked CLOSED. You may do this for future Holidays as well. ÿ If you make a mistake and drag over a day that should be open, click twice on that day to remove the Closed status. ÿ Close the window and click Save to save the changes you made in the calendar. Alexandria Guided Tour - 12
  15. 15. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Searching/Researcher With Alexandria’s on-line catalog, you can search for items using many differ- ent pieces of information. For example, you can search any word in an item’s title, author’s first and last name, subject, summary and notes. Even the publisher and publication date can be searched. Basic Searching ÿ From the Show menu, select Researcher. Type: desert in the Search All Words box and click on Search. e next screen lists all entries with the keyword of “desert.” Show Details ÿ To view the complete record for the title Deserts, double-click on the title or select this item and click on Details. A window displays with detailed Hyperlink: information about the item. Clicking on any of the underlined terms will A highlighted, conduct an additional search on that term. underlined phrase or word that can be clicked with the mouse to go directly to another feature of Alexandria or to a web page. ÿ Click the back arrow in the upper left corner to view the search results list. Cataloged Web Site: A Web site that has been added to your collection as Print though it were a standard item. Patrons can click on a ÿ To print your results list, click on the Print button. hyperlink of the cataloged ÿ Note the different options available to you when clicking on the Print site to go directly to it. button (i.e., Simple List, Bibliographic Format, and MARC Records.) ÿ Click Cancel. Alexandria Guided Tour - 13
  16. 16. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Browsing You can also use the Catalog window to browse your collection starting at a value you select. ÿ From the Show menu, select Researcher or click the back arrow if you still have the search window open. From the Search All Words popup choose Authors. Type: asimov in the box and click on Search. e next screen lists all items in your collection that have an author of asimov. ÿ Click on the House icon. Expert/Boolean Searching Alexandria includes Boolean operators to let you perform more complex searches. You can use up to 6 Boolean operators. ÿ Select Researcher from the Show menu. Choose the kind of search you want to perform in the Search All Words popup and enter a search value in the first data entry field. en choose AND, OR, and AND NOT in the Boolean popup below the Search Type popup. Choose a value for the next Search Type popup. To use more Boolean operators, click on More Options. Using the Browse Search Alexandria includes a Browse function in the Catalog window. Patrons can use this function to find items when they do not know the correct spelling of a word. ÿ From the Show menu, select Researcher then click the Browse tab. Type: dinasor in the search field and press e. A list is displayed helping you identify the correct spelling. ÿ Double-click on an item to select it. e value you select displays on the Researcher window. Click on the down arrow to see more search results. Close all open Researcher windows or click on the Simple tab to go to the next exercise. Alexandria Guided Tour - 14
  17. 17. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Simple Search Simple Search is an easy way for younger patrons, or those with developing library or language skills to search your collection. ÿ From the Show menu, select Researcher and click the Simple tab. ÿ Type: Doyle and click the Authors button. ÿ Click on the resulting items to view detail. ÿ Close all open Search windows or click on the Explore tab to go to the next exercise. Alexandria Explore™ Alexandria Explore is an optional feature of Alexandria and requires a separate license. It is an attractive and powerful iconic interface through which patrons can search your collection and perform other activities configured by the librarian. “It provides the spark some people need to motivate them to use the library’s resources.” Kathy Turner, Media Specialist— Lyman, Wyoming Alexandria Guided Tour - 15
  18. 18. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour ÿ From the Show menu, select Researcher and click the Explore tab. NetLink: ÿ Click the icon named Nature, then click on the icon named Astronomy. COMPanion offers a ÿ By clicking on the icon named Mars, you will see a list of results where collection of cataloged records with the word Mars. Web sites with educa- ÿ Click the back arrow at the top left of the screen. Click on the icon tional content in MARC named NASA. is will launch your Internet browser and immediately format. e URL is take you to the NASA Web site. placed in the 856 tag of the MARC record. Alexandria Explore is configured by the librarian in the Preferences. To see where this is done, choose Preferences from the Edit pull-down menu. Select Alexandria Researcher and Global from the pull-down menus and simply click on the Explore tab. Study Program Study Program searching is for users of Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, or other study programs. Searches within Study Program are based upon the 526 tag of the MARC record. ÿ From the Show menu, select Researcher and click on the Study Program tab. e Study Program search interface appears. If you desire to locate a book for a particular reading program, you can select the appropriate reading program, and indicate a specific interest level or range of levels, point counts or subjects within that reading program and click the Search button or press e. Again, this is all based on the 526 tag of the MARC record. Alexandria Guided Tour - 16
  19. 19. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Patrons Patrons windows store information about library patrons. Most of this information can be imported from existing data sources. ÿ To look at a patron record, go to the Show menu and select Patrons, then go to the Edit or Patron menu and select Find. Type: Anderson and click on Find. Darla Anderson’s patron record displays. Add Patron ÿ Add yourself as a patron. Select New Patron from the Patrons menu. Note: An e-mail field has been added to Alexandria. ÿ Alexandria automatically assigns the next available patron bar code number. Use this number or input a number of your choice. t from field to field and complete the information. ÿ In the drop down lists across the top of the window, select a policy, status, and sex. ÿ Click on the Notes tab in the middle of the window to enter notes for this patron. Text that you enter in the Alert Notes field will display on the Circulation window when this patron’s bar code number is entered. ÿ Click on Save in the upper right corner of the window to save the data you have entered. ÿ Close any open Patron windows so that only the Circulation window displays. Alexandria Guided Tour - 17
  20. 20. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Items Information about each item in your collection is kept in the Items record. is data can be typed in directly, imported from another automation vendor’s records, or is most often imported from existing MARC records provided by a library vendor. Add Items ÿ To add a book, go to the Show menu and select Items. en select New Title from the Items menu. ÿ Type a sample call number in the highlighted Call Number field. Press t to move from field to field and type other required information for the item. Select a value from the pop-ups at the top of the window to select the item policy and media type. ÿ Click on the tabs in the middle of the window to enter other information for this item. For example, click on the Subjects tab to enter subject entries in one of four categories for the item. Subject entries are used when a patron searches the collection. ÿ Click on Save in the upper right corner of the window to save the item data you have entered. ÿ (After you have added an item, you will usually want to add copy information.) Click yes to add copy information, click no to save without adding copy information. e next available bar code number is automatically displayed if you choose to add copy information. Click on OK to save the copy information and return to the main Items window. ÿ Click on Save in the upper right corner of the window to save the data you have entered. Alexandria Guided Tour - 18
  21. 21. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Multimedia With Alexandria, you can attach multimedia items to enrich information available to patrons searching your catalog. Attachments may be used to catalog Web sites and launch digitized movie and sound clips, image files and more. Attaching Files In the item record you just created, you may add related multimedia files. ese files will appear in the Item Details window when found as a search result. In order to complete the following steps, you must have installed the Alexandria Demo Installer with Multimedia (the larger of the two installers). e “small” installer excludes mul- timedia files. Adding file attachments is very simple: ÿ Click on the Attachments tab on the item record created in the steps above. ÿ You can drag files into the Attachments window, or click the button for the file type and Alexandria will help you locate files to attach. (You may need to click the unlock icon in the upper corner.) ÿ Click on the Add Movie button. ÿ An Open:Alexandria screen will appear. Browse to find the Alexandria Demo on your computer’s hard drive. Double-click the Attachments folder within. ÿ Click the icon for the A Very Bad Day movie and then click Open. ÿ Save the Item record, then search for the item you added in the Circulation screen. Click Show Search, then enter the title you created. ÿ Double-click the title you added to see the Item Details. e file attached to your item appears in the Item Details. Scroll down and click on the underlined file name to view the file attachment. (You must have QuickTime movie player installed to view the file.) e easiest way to attach a file is to simply drag and drop the file directly into the attachments window. Using this same method, you can attach files such as sound clips, scanned book covers and images to specific titles in your collection. Patrons can then launch the attached files to find out more about the item they found. Alexandria Guided Tour - 19
  22. 22. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Multimedia Searching To launch the multimedia items used in the following demonstration steps, your Macintosh needs to include the following programs: Web browser QuickTime extensions loaded MoviePlayer ese programs are usually installed with Mac OS versions 9 and X. To launch the multimedia items in Windows, you must have the following software installed: Web browser QuickTime. (QuickTime must be installed to view the multimedia demonstration. You can install this program from the COMPanion CD.) ÿ Go to the Show menu and select Researcher. ÿ Enter the search term HARRY POTTER. ÿ Select Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and click the Details button. e Item Details window displays, including attached multimedia items shown in blue. (You may need to scroll down to view attachments.) ÿ Click once on HARRY POTTER.JPG (a digitized photo of Harry Potter will launch). ÿ Close the photo. ÿ Click anywhere within Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Details window to activate it again. ÿ In the Item Details window, click on Harry Potter ÿ Click on the Play arrow to start playing the clip. ÿ Close the search window when done viewing. Note: Sounds clips may also be cataloged as attachments for desired titles in your collection. Alexandria Guided Tour - 20
  23. 23. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour MARC Utilities Alexandria’s MARC cataloging abilities are unmatched by any other library automa- tion system. Quick MARC Export Alexandria allows users to easily share their item information with other automation users, even those on other automation systems. Suppose another librarian receives Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical for their collec- tion. You have the same item in your collection. e other librarian e-mails you a request for the MARC Record. ÿ If an Item window is not on-screen, go to the Show menu item, then select Items. ÿ Go to the Edit command and select Find. Enter Anatomy and find the item in your collection. Notice the icon to the right of the Title field. Move your mouse so the cursor is over the icon. e Tool tip tells you this is a Quick-Export function. You can drag this icon into the body of an e-mail to reply to your colleague, or create a file in MARC, MicroLIF or tab-delimited formats. ÿ Click on the Quick-Export icon. Select MARC format in the resulting dialog box. ÿ Click OK. A Save File window appears. Browse to the location in which to save the MARC file you are exporting. Click Save. e file containing the MARC record for Gray’s Anatomy may now be attached to an e-mail back to your colleague, or copied to floppy disk and mailed. Alexandria Guided Tour - 21
  24. 24. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour MARC Record Editing Most Alexandria users are comfortable editing items by the ‘fill in the blank’ method, but some prefer cataloging in the MARC format. Alexandria accommodates both types of cataloging, and record changes made using one method are simultane- ously changed in the other format as well. ÿ Select Items from the Show menu. Click Edit then Find and enter treasure island. (You may need to use the browse arrow buttons to find the specific title.) ÿ Click on the Items menu, then select Switch to MARC View. ÿ Click on the text for MARC tag 245 after unlocking the record. e window at the top of the MARC editor provides helpful information on the specific MARC tag selected. Click on other MARC tags to view information on those tags within this record. ÿ Scroll down and click on the text of MARC tag 650, then click on the New Tag button (red “+” icon). Enter 650 in the new tag window and click ok. Click in the subect field to the right of the highlighted a. Add the subject nautical stories and press e. ÿ You can insert or delete tags as necessary to format the record for this item. Alexandria will provide guidance through each MARC tag you work with. Save the changes to the record by clicking on the Save button. ÿ Go to the Items menu and select Switch to Item View to revert back to the standard Alexandria record display. Changes you made in the MARC editor will show on the Item View screen. ÿ Click the Categories tab. Enter honors english under Curriculum. ÿ Close the item record by clicking the box at the upper corner of the Items screen. Alexandria Guided Tour - 22
  25. 25. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Reports Alexandria includes many customized reports in a variety of formats, allowing you to choose precise information to meet your needs. Every report has similar select, sort and print options. Each can be output to your screen, printer or file. e following is a sample report selection window. “Alexandria gives you a complete picture of the resources in your school. Not only do you know Print Patron List what you have in your collection, you can track items easily and inform the From the Reports menu, select Patron Reports. Click on Print in the report administration about the value of window. A progress window displays as the report is being created. When each part of the collection.” complete, a patron list displays on the screen. Randi Hermans, Teacher Librarian— Chilliwack, British Columbia ÿ Close the window or send it to the printer. Alexandria Guided Tour - 23
  26. 26. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Print Item List ÿ From the Reports menu, select Item Reports. Select Author in the Sort By popup. Select Copy Call Number in the Select By popup. Fields for Starting with and Ending with values are shown. Type: FIC in the Starting with field. is means the report will include only items with call numbers that start with FIC. ÿ Click on Print. A progress window displays as the report is being created. When complete, an item list displays on the screen. e list includes only items with call numbers that start with FIC and the items are sorted by author. When complete, either print or close the Report window. Note: Due to the number of items in this demo, the report may take a few minutes to complete. Alexandria Guided Tour - 24
  27. 27. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Word Processor Alexandria comes with its own integrated word processor. Patrons may search for items, obtain information from cataloged Web-sites and write their finished assign- ments, all without leaving Alexandria. Alexandria Word Processing files may be transported to other word processing programs. ÿ Select Preferences from the Edit menu and then choose Word Processor and Local from the pull down menus in the upper corner of the window. ÿ From this window, you can determine the font and basic layout information for Alexandria Word Processor documents. Select a Font and Size, or adjust the Margins on this window and click Save. ÿ From the File menu, select New Document to view a blank word processing document. Documents may be saved to network drives, floppy disks or other locations. Alexandria Word Processing documents may also be saved as text for importing into other word processing programs. Create and Save a brief document, or close the Word Processor window. Alexandria Guided Tour - 25
  28. 28. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Using Alexandria Web™ Use the following instructions to view how Alexandria Web works in your library. To demo the Web capabilities, you must have TCP/IP turned on. If you have enough memory you can demo the Alexandria Web on the same computer. If not, you can use a computer that can connect to your computer through a network or the Inter- net. After starting your Alexandria demo, look for your IP address at the top of the Transaction Log. If your hardware is properly configured, the transaction list should read: TCP is Active, IP address is: (IP Address) Web services activated. ÿ To view your collection from another location, enter your IP address into the URL field of your Web Browser on any computer. (For this example, use instead of an IP address.) is allows you to search your collection using the Alexandria Web search capabilities. “Alexandria is technically very easy to install and manage and very easy for non-technical staff to operate. Its built-in Web server is a breeze to get an online public access catalog up and running quickly!” Jackie Pomeroy, Director of Technology and Grants— New Waverly Public Library, TX e IP address will be specific to your computer. In order to view the demo capabili- ties from another computer, your demo must stay running. Alexandria V contains a Web server—it must be running to demo Alexandria Web. You cannot run Alexan- dria Web and Personal Web Server at the same time without changing the ports on your Personal Web Server. Using Alexandria Sneak Peek With Alexandria Sneak Peek, your students will enjoy title reviews, summaries and cover art for titles in your collection. is title enrichment service is accessible through Alexandria Researcher and Alexandria WEB. Alexandria Guided Tour - 26
  29. 29. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour ÿ To try out Sneak Peek, enter this URL into the URL field of your Web browser (or click on the Boolean tab if you are already there): When you see the Alexandria WEB interface, click on the Boolean tab. At this point, enter the search term Harry Potter and press e. Choose Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets from the search results list. e title detail window opens displaying the title’s cover art. Click on the Sneak Peek logo to access more Sneak Peek resources including a table of contents, reviews and more. Keep your Web Browser open for the next excercise. Using Alexandria SeachALL With SearchALL, patrons may use Alexandria’s Researcher and WEB interfaces to simultaneously access, in a single query, other library collections, search engines such as Google and Yahoo, databases like Ebsco and ProQuest, e Library of Congress, online encyclopedias and much more! ÿ To try out SearchALL, click on the SearchALL tab of the Alex WEB interface ( When you see the SearchALL interface, choose two or more sources to search, enter any search term of your choice and press e. Search results from various sources searched will be displayed in one, organized results windows. Alexandria Guided Tour - 27
  30. 30. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Using netTrekker and Alexandria netTrekker provides access to 180,000 approved curriculum and state standards based Web sites as well as other valuable resources. netTrekker may be utilized by linking from Alexandria’s interfaces to provide students and teachers access to safe, academic-focused Web sites designed for their specific needs. Give teachers access to thousands of lesson plans centered around state curriculum. You may link to a netTrekker 15-day trial page by clicking on the netTrekker tab in the Alex WEB inter- face ( Other Features is Alexandria Guided Tour booklet does not cover all of Alexandria’s features and benefits. Other features include: SmartMARC, Advanced Bookings, overdue notices via e-mail and an automatic Internet software update utility, Subscription Management and much more. Alexandria Guided Tour - 28
  31. 31. Alexandria v5 Guided Tour Technical Support and Product Updates COMPanion offers technical support 24-hours a day, 365-days a year via toll-free “Everyone in tech support is so telephone for customers with a support subscription (first year FREE). Alexandria knowledgeable, helpful also has built-in technical support features. Licensed users can update to the most and patient.eir assistance is current version of Alexandria by simply running a utility. is feature is disabled in invaluable and greatly this DEMO version, but is described to show how simple it is to update the soft- appreciated!” Arna Schwartz, Librarian— ware. Pressman Academy-Library, ÿ From the File menu, select Utilities. In the resulting window, select the Los Angeles, CA Utility Type of Check for Updates. ÿ When the OK button is clicked, Alexandria finds the latest version of Alexandria via the Internet, downloads it to the user’s machine and automatically updates the software. (is feature requires an Internet connection and is disabled in the demonstration version.) Hardware Recommendations ese are the hardware recommendations for the Alexandria 5 Librarian Worksta- tion: Macintosh • Macintosh G3 or G4 • System 9.2+ or 10.2+ • 256 MB of RAM • 800x600 Screen Resolution and 256 colors Windows • Pentium III or IV • Windows 98+ • 256 MB of RAM • 800x600 Screen Resolution and 256 colors Conclusion “I must say, I am so pleased when I work with A guided tour provides only an overview of the unique features and functionality Alexandria and Alexandria will offer your library. To find out more about how Alexandria’s advanced the COMPanion people. No other company that I have technology can benefit you, your school district, and your community, contact worked with has been so COMPanion toll-free at 1-800-347-6439. responsive to its customers requests.” Barbara Fritz, Librarian— Bloomsburg, PA For More Information Call Toll-Free 1-800-347-6439 International Call 801-943-7277 Alexandria Guided Tour - 29