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Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.5

  1. 1. Power Macintosh version Adobe Type Manager Deluxe ® ® 4.5 New Feature Highlights Font management Adobe Systems industry-leading software applications such as Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe made easy PageMaker® and the upcoming Adobe InDesign™ give graphics professionals the tools they need to be cre- ative. At the same time, Adobe’s utilities such as Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.5 for the Macintosh help graphics professionals be as productive as possible. With its new features, ATM® Deluxe lets designers, graphic artists, and prepress professionals minimize their time managing fonts so they can get back to work quickly. The award-winning utility ATM Deluxe now includes a Manage Duplicates tool for easily deleting duplicate fonts, thereby reducing font conflicts that can cause time-consuming print errors. ATM Deluxe 4.5 lets you set a preference to activate, deactivate, or delete font sets whenever the Mac is restarted, a convenient way to cut system overhead and reduce font management tasks. When a job is ready to give to the service bureau, the user can quickly gather the required fonts just by dragging and dropping them from ATM Deluxe to disk— another key time-saver. ATM Deluxe 4.5 also includes a new set of 15 display fonts and is bundled with Adobe Type Reunion® Deluxe 2.5 for Macintosh, a utility that gives users greater control over their font menu. Easily Manage Duplicate Fonts Typically, graphics professionals receive print jobs accompanied by the fonts needed for proper output. As a result, they frequently end up with multiple versions of the same fonts on their system. Just because two fonts have the same name doesn’t mean they are identical, however. The kerning of one font may have been altered, for instance, or one version might be TrueType while the other is PostScript®. The duplicate fonts unnecessarily consume hard disk space and system resources. More importantly, using the wrong font can cause improper page breaks and other costly print errors. The Manage Duplicates tool in ATM Deluxe 4.5 software helps graphics professionals easily reduce font clutter and the problems that duplicate fonts cause. Whenever the user selects this tool, ATM scans the fonts in its inventory. When more than one version of the same font is discovered, ATM provides the user with a summarized list of the ATM Deluxe 4.5 gives users a list of duplicate fonts in their system and gives them options for managing the duplicates. duplicates. The user can then decide to leave the duplicate fonts where they are; remove them from ATM; or delete them from their system. In addition to choosing the Manage Duplicates tool at any time, users can set a preference to scan for duplicates whenever they add new fonts to ATM Deluxe. ®
  2. 2. 2 Temporary and Permanent Font Sets Graphics professionals use some fonts frequently; some only during the course of a specific project; and others just occasionally. The prob- lem is that the system loads all the fonts stored in the System Fonts folder whenever the Mac is started in order to make them accessible. The process puts a serious drain on system resources, particularly when the user has hundreds of fonts. ATM Deluxe 4.0 software offered the ability to create font sets; manu- ally activate and deactivate fonts and Users can choose to automatically delete, activate, deactivate, or leave as is any font sets created in ATM Deluxe. font sets; and automatically activate individual fonts when required. But the user had to remember to deacti- vate or delete font sets when they were no longer needed. Or if they used a particular font set all the time but deactivated it for some reason, they would have to remember to activate the set when they needed it again. With the new font set preferences pop-up menu, ATM Deluxe 4.5 enables users to assign a preference to automatically activate, deactivate, or delete a font set whenever the Mac is restarted. During the develop- ment of a new advertising layout over the course of a week, for instance, a designer could group the fonts needed for that campaign into a set with a preference to automatically activate the set at start up. When the job is out for review, a designer could change the preference so ATM Deluxe deactivates that particular font set at restart, because she knows she will need to use the set again but not in the near future. Or for short, one-off jobs, a designer could create a font set with a preference to delete at restart, so the fonts used for that job won’t clutter up the system when he starts work the next day. ATM Deluxe 4.5 lets users change the activation preference when a new set is created or anytime thereafter. Fast Font Gathering for Output Getting a print job ready for the service bureau often means having to locate all the required fonts. That’s not always an easy task, given that the output bureau will need both bitmapped and printer fonts. In addi- tion, font files may be stored in multiple folders on the user’s system. The Copy Font/Set feature in ATM Deluxe 4.5 streamlines the process of copying font files for the service bureau by enabling the user to easily drag a font set from ATM Deluxe to the desktop or straight onto an icon for a high-capacity removable disk. The drag and drop procedure automatically creates folders for each font set on the designated disk with a copy of all the font files in that set. With just a few keystrokes, the user has a disk with organized font folders to give to the service bureau. Graphics professionals have always been able to create font sets in ATM by dragging fonts from folders into the open ATM application window. With ATM Deluxe 4.5, users can now copy fonts by dragging and drop- ping in the opposite direction, which saves time and effort, particularly when working with applications that don’t provide a tool that prepares files for service providers.
  3. 3. 3 Improved user interface ATM Deluxe 4.5 also features a number of ease-of-use and timesaving interface enhancements, enabling the user to: Simultaneously add and activate new fonts. By simply checking a new preference box on the Add Fonts dialog box, users can activate and add a new font to ATM Deluxe 4.5 at the same time. Simultaneously create and activate new font sets. Similarly, the user can check a box on the New Set dialog box and automatically activate a new font set at the same time ATM Deluxe 4.5 creates the set. Drag-select multiple objects. Users can now drag-select multiple font objects in the ATM Deluxe 4.5 list, rather than having to select one object at a time. As a result, users can select multiple fonts or sets to delete, copy, activate or deactivate with one drag-select action. As the user selects multiple objects in ATM, a marquee border is drawn around them to indicate that they are selected. Easily open and close font sets. The ATM Deluxe 4.5 interface now offers the convenience of quickly opening or closing a font set or font folder using keyboard shortcuts. Previously, users clicked on the arrow next to a folder in ATM’s Macintosh Finder-like font list in order to view the contents of that folder and its subfolders. With ATM Deluxe 4.5, users can hold down the command or option & command keys while clicking on the arrow next to a folder and ATM will open or close the font set, folder, or subfolder. Improved Network and OS Support ATM Deluxe 4.5 offers enhanced reliability in managing fonts stored on network servers. As a result, those fonts are always accessible to the user, just as they would be if they were stored on the user’s system. In addi- tion, ATM is now fully compatible with Macintosh OS 8.5. Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe Bundled The latest version of ATM Deluxe comes bundled with Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe 2.5 for the Macintosh, a utility that gives users greater control over their font menu. ATR automatically sorts typefaces according to family name, listing style, and weight variations in a submenu under each name, shortening font menus by up to 60%. ATR Deluxe also provides a WYSIWYG font menu feature, allowing users to display each font menu name in its own typeface, making it easier than ever to access fonts. Bundled Fonts ATM Deluxe 4.5 also features a new set of 15 display fonts, illustrated on the following page.
  4. 4. 4 System Requirements Minimal system requirements for ATM Deluxe 4.5 for the Macintosh are a Mac with a PowerPC® micropro- cessor, Apple System Software version 7.5 or later, 16 MB or more of RAM for ATM Deluxe and 8 MB of RAM for ATR Deluxe; 10 MB of available hard-disk space for ATM Deluxe (73MB required for installation) and 3 MB of available hard-disk space for ATR Deluxe (53 MB required for installation); and a CD-ROM drive. Price and Availability The suggested retail price of Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.5 for the Macintosh is $99.95. The estimated street price is $69.95. All registered customers of any previous version of Adobe Type Manager Deluxe (Mac or Windows®) or ATR Deluxe are eligible for the upgrade to Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.5 for the Macintosh. The upgrade price is $49.95. ATM Deluxe 4.5 will be available in May 1999. Berliner Grotesk™ Light Myriad Tilt ® Bermuda™ Squiggle ® NYX cutout ™ OCR-A Giddyup ® OUCH! ® Greymantle™ MVB Pompeia™ Inline Postino™ Italic Khaki™ 2 Shuriken Boy ® MOJO ® Spumoni LP ™ The new set of 15 display fonts added to ATM Deluxe 4.5 About Adobe Systems Incorporated Founded in 1982, Adobe Systems is a leading provider of publishing and imaging software technologies, and the second largest desktop software company in the world with annual revenues approaching $1 billion. The company builds award-winning software solutions for professional publishers, web and graphic designers, document-intensive organizations, business users and consumers. Adobe’s products enable customers to create, publish and deliver visually rich images and documents across all print and electronic media. The company employs more than 2,700 employees worldwide and has operations in North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, Japan and Latin America. Adobe’s worldwide headquarters is in San Jose, California and its web site is located at This document was created with Adobe PageMaker software and font software from the Adobe Type Library. Adobe, the Adobe logo, Adobe Type Manager, ATM, Cutout, Giddyup, Illustrator, InDesign, Mojo, Myriad, Nyx, Ouch!, PageMaker, Photoshop, Postino, PostScript, Shuriken Boy and Type Adobe Systems Incorporated Reunion are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Apple, Mac, Macintosh, and Power Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and 345 Park Avenue other countries. Berliner Grotesk is a trademark of Berthold Types Limited. Bermuda and Spumoni are trademarks of LetterPerfect. Greymantle is a trademark of MvB Design. Khaki is San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA a trademark of Aerotype. Pompeia is a trademark of Unitype. PowerPC is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation in the United States. Windows is either a registered trademark or World Wide Web a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 1999 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. 4/99