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12-inch PowerBook G4


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12-inch PowerBook G4

  1. 1. 12-inch PowerBook G4 Technology Overview February 2003
  2. 2. Technology Overview 2 12-inch PowerBook G4 Contents Page 3 The PowerBook G4 Family Page 4 Welcome to the 12-inch PowerBook G4 Page 5 Stunning New Design Thin, Light Aluminum Enclosure Sleek and Compact Brilliant Display Full-Size Keyboard Easy-Access I/O Ports Page 7 Key Hardware Features PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine NVIDIA Graphics Slot-Loading Combo Drive or Optional SuperDrive DDR Memory and Storage Long Battery Life Page 10 Advanced Connectivity AirPort Extreme Bluetooth 10/100BASE-T Ethernet V.92 Modem FireWire 400 USB Video Output Audio Page 14 The Right Choice Mobile Professionals Tech-Savvy Home Users Higher Education Page 16 Product Details Page 17 Technical Specifications Page 18 Appendix: External Display Support
  3. 3. Technology Overview 3 12-inch PowerBook G4 The PowerBook G4 Family Demand for notebook computers continues to grow at an incredible pace as more people than ever choose notebooks as their primary computer. Some industry analysts even predict that sales of notebooks will overtake those of desktop systems sometime this decade. Professionals as diverse as graphic designers and videographers, research scientists and office road warriors are realizing the advantages of powerful, full-featured systems that are perfectly suited for working both at the office and on the road. Apple Computer continues to lead this mobile computing revolution with innovative designs and unmatched, supercomputer performance. The newly introduced 12-inch PowerBook, Apple’s smallest notebook ever, and the 17-inch PowerBook, featuring the world’s largest notebook display, join the groundbreaking 15-inch Titanium PowerBook to provide professional users a complete range of ultrafast, portable computing options. So you can be as effective on the road as you are at your desk— accomplishing everything from rendering huge image files and crunching digital video to creating complex presentations—faster than ever before. Introducing the family of superslim, ultralight, full-featured PowerBook G4 notebooks: The Year of the Notebook is here.
  4. 4. Technology Overview 4 12-inch PowerBook G4 Welcome to the 12-inch PowerBook G4 Unabashedly hip and sleek, the new12-inch PowerBook G4 was designed to inspire double takes. With its futuristic aluminum alloy enclosure and ultracompact size, this radical new PowerBook turns heads and reinvents the look of notebook computers. More than a design icon, the 12-inch PowerBook is also extremely powerful, delivering an ideal combination of form and function—at an irresistible price. Apple’s smallest notebook computer ever, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 takes up less desktop space, fits into any briefcase or backpack, and can be carried around comfort- ably all day. Driven by the PowerPC G4 and an NVIDIA graphics processor, it’s the perfect choice for everything from business productivity applications to the hottest games. Featuring a brilliant 12-inch (diagonal) display, integrated Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and full I/O capabilities, as well as optional AirPort Extreme wireless networking and an optional SuperDrive, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 helps you get work done, anywhere. We invite you to see for yourself what makes the 12-inch PowerBook G4 the right choice for road warriors, sales executives, photojournalists, or any mobile professional searching for an extremely powerful and affordable solution in a small, easy-to-carry design.
  5. 5. Technology Overview 5 12-inch PowerBook G4 Stunning New Design Apple’s smallest notebook computer ever, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 is our latest and most futuristic technology design statement. An ideal combination of form and function, it is a joy to behold—and to hold. Made from state-of-the-art materials, built to last, and easy to carry, the PowerBook G4 is ready to work anywhere. From its bril- liant display and full-size keyboard to its supersmooth surface, this new PowerBook reveals a tremendous attention to detail that enhances your computing experience. Thin, Light Aluminum Enclosure In January 2001, Apple was the first company to create a notebook computer encased in titanium. Now we’ve taken notebook design to a new level with a remark- able enclosure made of an aluminum alloy. This design demanded a completely fresh approach to construction. Designing each component to be coplanar, where no single element extends beyond the primary surfaces, was an important part of our effort to make this the most robust PowerBook ever. New materials and an automated laser welding process were selected to provide optimal weight, strength, and durability. The aluminum alloy is approximately one- third the weight of steel but possesses a superior strength-to-weight ratio. It is this unique property, combined with its toughness, that makes aluminum the material of choice for performance motorcycle and bicycle frames, aircraft fuselages, and most car engines. The aluminum alloy used for the new PowerBook is cold-rolled and work-hardened for added strength. After final forming, the enclosure undergoes a special anodizing process to further harden and protect the surface against stains, scratches, and discoloration. The result is an enclosure that is lightweight, durable, and stylish. The PowerBook G4 also features a lightweight, internal magnesium frame for superior stiffness and shock resistance. The hard drive is rubber-mounted to the magnesium frame, providing additional protection for this valuable component. Sleek and Compact The 12-inch PowerBook G4 is one of the smallest, lightest all-in-one notebook computers available. Ideal for use on the desktop and on the road, it is about the size of an 8.5-by-11-inch piece of paper and just over an inch thick—clearly small enough to fit into any briefcase or backpack. Weighing just 4.6 pounds,1 this PowerBook is slim enough to carry around all day.
  6. 6. Technology Overview 6 12-inch PowerBook G4 Brilliant Display The 12-inch PowerBook G4 has a highly compact design with an amazing display. Its high-resolution 12.1-inch (diagonal) TFT XGA active-matrix display supports millions of colors at up to 1024-by-768-pixel resolution, and provides high saturation for rich, vivid colors. The PowerBook display is perfect for viewing everything from spreadsheets to games to digital media projects. Full-Size Keyboard The PowerBook features a full-size keyboard with 78 (U.S.) or 79 (ISO) keys, including 12 function keys, 4 arrow keys in an inverted-“T” arrangement, and an embedded numeric keypad. With its redesigned, rounded keys, it’s also very comfortable to use. Easy-Access I/O Ports The I/O ports are conveniently located on the side of the computer, making them easy to access. Further, they are placed in the most logical progression from front to back. The headphone and USB ports are located toward the front so that you can easily plug in your digital lifestyle peripherals. Ports for Ethernet, an external monitor, the power cord, and the modem connector—devices that are usually routed behind the computer—are located toward the back for orderly cable management.
  7. 7. Technology Overview 7 12-inch PowerBook G4 Key Hardware Features Its sophisticated hardware features make the PowerBook G4 one of the most power- ful, complete, and easy-to-use notebook systems in the industry. From its tremendous processing capabilities and graphics prowess to its slot-loading optical drive and long battery life, the fully equipped 12-inch PowerBook is ready to get you up and running and on the road. PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine Driven by an 867MHz PowerPC G4 processor, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 provides more than enough power to accomplish everyday tasks instantaneously. For example, you can achieve each of the following in under a second: • Search for and replace a single word in a 1000-page document. • Search an iTunes library of over 2000 songs for your favorite one. • Crop a 2.1-megapixel image in iPhoto. Efficient processor design Every PowerPC G4 processor is designed for maximum efficiency with a short seven- stage pipeline and the Velocity Engine vector processing unit. Users who are serious about editing images, rendering video, producing music, or calculating data will find that the PowerBook G4 has been designed to achieve the best results in the least amount of time. The length of the processor pipeline refers to the number of processing steps, or stages, it takes to accomplish a task. Examples of stages include fetching data, decoding data, executing instructions, and storing data. The PowerPC G4 processor has seven stages, while the Pentium 4 processor has 20 stages. Therefore, the PowerPC G4 can accomplish the same task in 13 fewer steps than the Pentium 4. A short processor pipeline enables the processor to recover from changing data dependencies in less time. All advanced processors try to increase performance by guessing what they’ll need to do next—a process called “speculative operation.” On those occasions when the processor doesn’t guess correctly, it clears the pipeline and starts over. Periods of time when no data is available for processing, known as bubbles, leave the processor idle while it waits for new data. The short pipeline in the PowerPC G4 enables the processor to recover from bubbles very quickly, resulting in higher processor utilization. With fewer processing steps, faster recovery, and higher utilization, processor output is maximized, enabling you to accomplish more in less time.
  8. 8. Technology Overview 8 12-inch PowerBook G4 The PowerPC G4 processor improves efficiency further with a specialized vector processing unit called the Velocity Engine. The Velocity Engine uses SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) technology, which is the application of a single instruction to multiple data at the same time in a single operation, to accelerate data processing. Software programs that use vector processing typically transform large sets of data as they edit an image or render a video effect. For example, when a filter is used to apply a motion blur to an image, each pixel of the image must be changed according to the same set of instructions—a highly repetitive processing task. The Velocity Engine accelerates this task by modifying the image in large, 128-bit chunks. And since the Velocity Engine is a separate processing unit, it can work on an intensive task while the other functional units in the processor are crunching other data. NVIDIA Graphics The introduction of the latest PowerBook computers brings NVIDIA graphics to the PowerBook family for the first time. The PowerBook display is driven by the powerful NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go mobile graphics processing unit (GPU). Based on NVIDIA’s Lightspeed Memory Architecture II for more efficient graphics memory management, the GeForce4 420 Go processes up to 750 million textured pixels per second. The result: high frame rates for incredibly realistic images and totally immersive gaming experiences—even at the highest resolutions. What’s more, it includes AGP 4X support for faster graphics refresh rates and a full 32MB of dedicated, fast Double Data Rate (DDR) memory to support large, complex textures for stunningly realistic 3D graphics in the latest games. Mac OS X graphics Not only does the new graphics processor in the PowerBook G4 make graphics look better and run more smoothly, it boosts system performance. That’s because it works directly with Quartz Extreme, the windowing technology in Mac OS X v10.2 “Jaguar.” Quartz Extreme offloads graphics-specific tasks from the main processor to the graph- ics processor. In essence, the graphics processor works as a second main processor. This approach makes onscreen images faster and more responsive than ever before, providing fluid, full-frame-rate graphics even in highly composited scenes such as translucent 3D objects over full-motion DVD video. It also frees the main processor to complete other tasks more quickly. Mac OS X is the only operating system with a composited windowing system, seamlessly blending 2D, 3D, and video content for vastly improved graphics performance. Quartz Extreme leverages the powerful OpenGL-based 3D graphics engine in Mac OS X. The industry’s most widely used and supported 3D graphics technology, OpenGL features high-performance visualization capabilities that make it ideal for graphic design applications, special effects, 3D modeling, and gaming. Mac OS X boosts the performance of OpenGL to a new level, making the Mac the ultimate personal computer platform for 3D graphics.
  9. 9. Technology Overview 9 12-inch PowerBook G4 Slot-Loading Combo Drive or Optional SuperDrive The 12-inch PowerBook comes standard with a versatile, slot-loading Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW), which lets you watch DVD movies, view or listen to CDs, and burn CDs to share data with colleagues or create your own music collection using the included iTunes software. The optional SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) with the included iDVD and iMovie software turns your PowerBook into an affordable and portable DVD recording studio. You can also archive up to 4.7GB of data per DVD for easy backups and transferring large image files. DDR Memory and Storage The new PowerBook G4 accommodates up to 640MB of DDR memory that provides considerable performance improvements to many system processes. In fact, by trans- ferring data on both the rising and falling edge of each system clock cycle, it’s able to accelerate calls to memory and achieve data rates almost twice the speed of regular SDRAM. It also comes with a 40GB or 60GB2 hard drive, giving you more than enough room to store all your work plus hundreds of digital images, thousands of songs, and your latest movies. Long Battery Life Long battery life is consistently cited by users as one of the most important features in a notebook computer. That’s why the PowerBook is designed to provide outstand- ing battery life. The portable-friendly PowerPC G4 processor and power management features of Mac OS X give you up to 5 hours of runtime from a fully charged lithium- ion battery.3 That means you can avoid the hassle of frequent battery recharging. A PowerBook can stay up and running with you for virtually an entire day of mobile activity. You can monitor the amount of battery charge by looking at the battery status menu in the menu bar or at the battery itself. Five LEDs on the bottom of the battery indicate battery charge. Pressing the button next to the LEDs displays the amount of charge left in the battery. The LEDs work even when the battery is out of the com- puter. They also illuminate when the system is plugged into AC power to indicate that the battery is charging. They go out when the battery is fully charged.
  10. 10. Technology Overview 10 12-inch PowerBook G4 Advanced Connectivity Today’s mobile professionals work in a variety of environments, including offices, homes, customer sites, and hotels. These users also have diverse needs for expansion, including giving presentations using a projector; creating a desktop environment using an external display, keyboard, and mouse; and working with digital audio and video devices. Regardless of where your work takes you, the new 12-inch PowerBook G4 features the latest communication and expansion solutions to help you get the job done. Rendezvous AirPort Extreme Apple’s revolutionary new Rendezvous technology allows computers and other Wireless networking is exploding in popularity. In 1999, Apple led the wireless revolu- smart devices to instantly create a network tion with our affordable, easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use AirPort wireless networking tech- by finding and connecting to each other nology. Around home, on campus, or in an office building, AirPort lets you access the automatically. Each device broadcasts network resources you need without cables. which services (such as file sharing or Now Apple takes wireless networking to the next level with AirPort Extreme. Based on printing) it’s offering for the use of others, and discovers the services being provided IEEE 802.11g technology, AirPort Extreme supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps.4 That by the other devices. means you can send data on an 802.11g network almost five times as fast as on an 802.11b network. AirPort Extreme is also compatible with the millions of Wi-Fi Certified For example, two business executives in 802.11b devices in use worldwide, so you’ll still be able to work within your company’s a hotel meeting room can establish a net- wireless network, check email at your favorite coffee house, and do research around work to exchange files just by turning on their AirPort- or AirPort Extreme–equipped your school campus. PowerBook systems. When the computer In addition to its quickness and compatibility, AirPort Extreme is loaded with new fea- is connected to a wired network, it auto- tures that enable wireless sharing of a USB printer, wireless bridging of base stations, matically discovers and lists available and other options to increase the range of your network. And it supports up to 50 Rendezvous-enabled printers. simultaneous users—Mac and PC—all sharing a single Internet connection. Rendezvous is built into Mac OS X v10.2 The 12-inch PowerBook G4 comes with built-in antennas and is ready for you to install “Jaguar” and works with today’s most popular connection technologies, including the optional AirPort Extreme Card, so you can start taking advantage of both IEEE Ethernet, AirPort, and AirPort Extreme. It 802.11b and 802.11g networks right away. uses the standard IP networking protocol. Epson, HP, and Lexmark are integrating Rendezvous into new printers, and other Bluetooth manufacturers of peripherals and consumer Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can complete tasks formerly conducted through electronics are also expected to release infrared—synching with a PDA, dialing out wirelessly on a mobile phone, transferring Rendezvous-enabled devices. files to another notebook—without requiring a direct line of sight. Every 12-inch PowerBook G4 comes ready to connect wirelessly to thousands of Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices. As long as a device is within a radius of 30 feet, the PowerBook can detect it and data transmission can occur at up to 1 Mbps. You can even connect up to seven other peripherals simultaneously.
  11. 11. Technology Overview 11 12-inch PowerBook G4 10/100BASE-T Ethernet The PowerBook G4 is ready to join a hard-wired office, home, or campus network through the autoswitching 10/100-Mbps Ethernet port. The system connects quickly and easily to networks of both Mac and Windows computers; and because DSL and cable modems and Ethernet hubs are not platform-specific, they can be easily config- ured to work with both Mac and Windows-based systems. Speaking of easy connections, Mac OS X automatically finds the best way to connect to the Internet wherever you take your computer. You don’t have to continually set and reset complex network options every time you move to a new location. A feature called “multihoming” in Mac OS X enables the PowerBook to communicate with all of its network interfaces at the same time. Each network interface has to be configured only once. For example, if you have your PowerBook connected to an office network via its built-in Ethernet port but then take the computer to a coffee house that has wireless Internet access, Mac OS X recognizes that the system needs to communicate via AirPort Extreme and connects to the Internet accordingly. You can travel from office to home to hotel or anywhere else and connect to the Internet with no hassles. V.92 Modem The 56K modem with V.92 support allows you to use a single line for both voice and data.5 Whether you’re in a hotel room, at home, or on campus, you can use the modem to access your office network, dial an Internet service provider, or send and receive faxes. If a voice call comes in while you’re online, and your ISP supports the V.92 protocol, you’ll be able to maintain the Internet connection for a set period of time while you talk on the phone. Integrated high-speed I/O FireWire 400 FireWire 400 and Ethernet are imple- mented in the most efficient manner in FireWire is the most popular and seamless interface for using digital video and other the PowerBook G4 system; they’re both high-speed peripherals with computers. Equipped with a 6-pin FireWire 400 port, the connected directly to the system con- 12-inch PowerBook lets you quickly connect digital video camcorders (for fast down- troller. In a PC notebook, these features loads of video for editing in the included iMovie software); Apple’s digital music player, often reside on the PCI bus, causing iPod (which can also be used as a portable hard drive); and other high-speed devices additional data congestion for the PCI like external hard disk drives and professional-quality printers. In fact, up to 63 FireWire bus and I/O controller. The dedicated devices can be daisy-chained together from one FireWire port. More details on connection in the PowerBook guaran- FireWire technology are available on the web at tees low latency, resulting in optimal FireWire and Ethernet performance. USB The PowerBook features two 12-Mbps USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports that support up to 127 total devices. You can connect a variety of USB-based printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, storage devices, and digital still cameras to the computer with plug-and-play convenience. Devices can be hot-plugged into the system at any time. Just connect them to your PowerBook and they’re up and running instantly, without the need to restart the computer. Details on USB technology are available on the web at
  12. 12. Technology Overview 12 12-inch PowerBook G4 Video Output Want the option of seeing and sharing business presentations, academic projects, or your iMovie masterpieces on a variety of external viewing devices? Or perhaps you’re just looking for more display space to work on. Wherever you take it, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 is ready to support three popular video output options, as well as multiple external display modes. VGA. Use the included Apple VGA Display Adapter to connect analog monitors, pro- jectors, or analog flat panels to your PowerBook. At work, connect your computer to an external projection device to share what’s on your display in a larger format. It’s even possible to hot-plug your display devices. Plug the adapter into the external monitor and then into the VGA port on your PowerBook; your external monitor automatically mirrors what’s onscreen. To enlarge your work area, press the F7 key to toggle between mirroring and dual display settings. Composite. Using the included Apple Video Adapter, you can connect your PowerBook to devices that accept composite video output. A TV, for example, can be detected while the computer is running. Since TVs are widely available on campuses, composite support is especially useful to faculty and students, who can present their reports, projects, and even websites to an entire class on a television screen. S-video. S-video is a higher-quality version of composite video. Using the included Apple Video Adapter, you can connect the 12-inch PowerBook not only to televisions but to high-end A/V systems as well. At home, you can use this setup to watch DVD movies on a larger screen. The PowerBook G4 also supports three display modes: Dual display mode. This mode makes it possible to work with multiple displays simultaneously and show different images on each, so you can spread out your work over a larger desktop and minimize time spent organizing layers of windows. Video mirroring mode. For presenters, video mirroring allows whatever is on the PowerBook screen to appear on an external display, television, or projector as well. Creative professionals, business users, and educators can face their audience and control what’s on the screen while the audience comfortably views the same image on a larger, elevated display. The hardware-based mirroring allows video content such as QuickTime movies to be displayed on an external monitor with performance equal to that of the built-in display. Lid-closed operation. The lid-closed function is ideal for business professionals who want to achieve high performance on a high-quality external VGA display. Simply by connecting an external keyboard, mouse, and display, users can work with the PowerBook as they would a desktop computer. To activate this feature, put the PowerBook to sleep by closing the lid and wake it through an external keyboard such as the Apple Pro Keyboard. All of the video memory will automatically be dedicated to the larger external display for resolutions of up to 1600 by 1200 pixels in millions of colors.
  13. 13. Technology Overview 13 12-inch PowerBook G4 Audio Delivering enhanced audio performance, the 12-inch PowerBook gives games, music, and movies more dimension. In addition to stereo speakers, it features a volume- boosting midrange speaker that gives you more control over your audio experience. The integrated microphone lets you take advantage of speech recognition in Mac OS X or use the increasingly popular Internet telephone applications without any additional wires or hardware. A standard minijack provides 16-bit audio input so you can plug in a powered microphone for making voice annotations, record movie and presentation voiceovers, or use Internet telephone applications. And with 16-bit audio output at your command, you can plug in headphones and listen to music using iTunes, watch a DVD movie, or play the latest games in complete privacy.
  14. 14. Technology Overview 14 12-inch PowerBook G4 The Right Choice A powerful, thin, light, and affordable all-in-one portable system, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 is an excellent choice for customers seeking to upgrade their note- book computer or purchase a mobile computer for the first time. Eliminating the need to purchase cumbersome PC Cards, adapters, cables, peripherals, and software packages, it is also a welcome alternative to Windows-based notebooks. With its integrated hardware, operating system, and software, the advanced yet reliable and easy-to-use PowerBook is perfectly suited to the computing needs of mobile business professionals, tech-savvy home users, and college students. Mobile Professionals Many business professionals need a portable computer that is compact enough to take with them and powerful enough to get the job done. These “road warriors” value small size, light weight, processing power, large hard drives, and multiple connection options. They use their computer primarily for running productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, sending and receiving email, and accessing the Internet while on the road. Small in size yet delivering PowerPC G4 power coupled with NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics, the 12-inch PowerBook G4 is a solid choice for business professionals. A more than generous hard drive, great connectivity, and the ability to run popular pro- ductivity applications also set the PowerBook apart from its competition. Sporting a cutting-edge design and durable, state-of-the art materials, the system is exciting to look at and a breeze to travel with. Tech-Savvy Home Users Today’s home users are looking for great value. Delivering a wealth of features— PowerPC G4 performance, long battery life, I/O connectivity, dual display capability, great digital lifestyle applications, and more—the PowerBook G4 provides a complete notebook system that enables home users to easily extend their computing experi- ence for an affordable price. Because tech-savvy home users primarily use computers to access the Internet, send and receive email, play games and music, design invitations and newsletters, and manage music, digital images, and video libraries, they value performance, battery life, and connectivity. Great looks and easy transportability are also at the top of the list. The 12-inch PowerBook meets all of these criteria and then some. Sleek, small, and light, it takes up less desk space than most portable systems and is significantly easier to take along. It’s also powerful. PowerPC G4 processing power, coupled with the
  15. 15. Technology Overview 15 12-inch PowerBook G4 NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go graphics processor, makes it a strong workhorse and an outstanding hub for digital media creation, gaming, and other fun activities. The 12-inch PowerBook also comes loaded with great digital media and productivity applications and runs thousands of popular titles. What’s more, its battery lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge.3 Higher Education College students are not simply looking for a tough, powerful, all-in-one notebook that can go anywhere. They also demand a value-priced computer with enough power, memory, and features to last through their college years. College students need easy portability, long battery life, a full-size keyboard, and Ethernet connectivity for hooking up to the campus network. They also want to use productivity software, manage their digital music, edit digital videos and photographs, and get the most out of games. The solution: the PowerBook G4. Smaller than any other Apple notebook computer, the 12-inch PowerBook is a breeze to carry from the classroom to the library, lab, cafeteria, and home. Sleek and gorgeous, the 12-inch PowerBook is also tough enough to withstand daily use. Made from durable anodized aluminum, it includes a lightweight internal magnesium frame for superior stiffness and shock resistance. The hard drive is rubber-mounted to the magnesium frame, providing additional impact resistance. Featuring the enormous processing power of the PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine, Ethernet connectivity, a full-size keyboard, and battery life of up to 5 hours, the 12-inch PowerBook easily handles any productivity, creative, or personal computing task that comes its way. What’s more, its CD-RW or optional DVD-R burning capability makes it easy to transfer projects and data from one computer to another—perfect for handling large homework projects and archiving data files.
  16. 16. Technology Overview 16 12-inch PowerBook G4 Product Details Configuration Customers can order the 12-inch PowerBook from the Apple Store or an authorized Apple reseller in the following configuration: Order number M8760LL/A Processor 867MHz PowerPC G4 Level 2 cache 256K Memory 256MB PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SDRAM Hard drive 40GB Ultra ATA/1002 Optical drive Slot-loading Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) Display 12.1-inch (diagonal) TFT XGA Graphics support NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go with 32MB of DDR SDRAM Wireless support Built-in Bluetooth 1.1; AirPort Extreme ready4 Ethernet Built-in 10/100BASE-T Modem Built-in 56K V.925 Software Mac OS X, QuickTime, iCal, iChat, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, DVD Player, Mac OS X Mail, Microsoft Internet Explorer, EarthLink (includes 30 days of free service), Acrobat Reader, Art Directors Toolkit, FAXstf, FileMaker Pro Trial, GraphicConverter, Microsoft Office v. X Test Drive, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, QuickBooks for Mac New User Edition, Developer Tools, Apple Hardware Test Service and support 90 days of free telephone support and one-year limited warranty Also included Apple Video Adapter, Apple VGA Display Adapter, modem cable, power adapter, AC wall plug, power cord Build-to-Order Options You can order a custom-configured PowerBook G4 from the Apple Store or an authorized Apple reseller. Build-to-order options include amount of RAM, hard drive capacity, SuperDrive, and AirPort Extreme Card. Also available are additional lithium- ion batteries and power adapters, Apple iPod, external keyboards and mice, and third-party peripherals such as USB Zip and FireWire hard drives. Other Products • Apple Portable Power Adapter, order number M8943LL/A • 12-inch PowerBook G4 Rechargeable Battery, order number M8984G/A • AirPort Extreme Card, order number M8881LL/A • AirPort Extreme Base Station, order numbers M8930LL/A and M8799LL/A • .Mac, order number M8778LL/A • AppleCare Protection Plan, order number M8853LL/A
  17. 17. Technology Overview 17 12-inch PowerBook G4 Extended Service and Support Purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan to extend your service and support to up to three full years. The plan provides support for your Mac, the Mac OS, and many Apple consumer applications, so just one phone call can help resolve most issues. For more information, visit or call 800-823-2775.
  18. 18. Technology Overview 18 12-inch PowerBook G4 Technical Specifications Processor and memory • 867MHz PowerPC G4 processor with Velocity Engine • 256K SRAM level 2 cache • 133MHz system bus • 256MB of PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SDRAM (128MB built in and 128MB in SO-DIMM slot); supports up to 640MB Storage • 40GB 4200-rpm Ultra ATA/100 hard drive2 • One of the following optical drives: – Slot-loading Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW): reads DVDs at 8x speed, writes CD-R discs at 24x speed, writes CD-RW discs at 10x speed, reads CDs at 24x speed – Optional slot-loading SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW): writes DVD-R discs at 1x speed, reads DVDs at 8x speed, writes CD-R discs at 8x speed, writes CD-RW discs at 4x speed, reads CDs at 24x speed Communications • Built-in antennas and expansion slot for optional 54-Mbps AirPort Extreme Card4 (based on 802.11g draft specification; IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi Certified) • Built-in Bluetooth 1.1 • Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet (RJ-45 connector) • Built-in 56K V.92 modem (RJ-11 connector)5 Expansion • One FireWire 400 port at up to 400 Mbps6 • Two 12-Mbps USB 1.1 ports Display • 12.1-inch (diagonal) TFT XGA active-matrix display – Support for millions of colors at 1024-by-768-pixel resolution – Support for resolution scaling to 800-by-600-pixel and 640-by-480-pixel resolution with millions of colors Video and graphics support • NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go graphics processor with AGP 4X support and 32MB of DDR SDRAM video memory for 2D/3D graphics acceleration • Dual display and video mirroring: Simultaneously supports up to 1024 by 768 pixels on the built-in display and up to 1600 by 1200 pixels on an external display, both at millions of colors • VGA output using included Apple VGA Display Adapter • S-video output using included Apple Video Adapter • Composite video output using included Apple Video Adapter
  19. 19. Technology Overview 19 12-inch PowerBook G4 Audio • Audio line in (minijack) • Headphone out (minijack) • Built-in stereo speakers with midrange-enhancing third speaker • Internal omnidirectional microphone Battery and power • 47-watt-hour lithium-ion battery (with integrated charge indicator LEDs) providing up to 5 hours of battery life3 • 45W power adapter with cable management system • Power adapter port Security • Kensington cable lock slot Keyboard and trackpad • Built-in full-size keyboard with 78 (U.S.) or 79 (ISO) keys, including 12 function keys, 4 arrow keys (inverted “T” arrangement), and embedded numeric keypad • Solid-state trackpad for precise cursor control; supports tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities Electrical and environmental requirements • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements • Line voltage: 100V to 240V AC • Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz • Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C) • Storage temperature: –13° to 140° F (–25° to 60° C) • Relative humidity: 20% to 80% noncondensing • Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet • Maximum storage altitude: 15,000 feet • Maximum shipping altitude: 35,000 feet Size and weight • Height: 1.18 inches (3.0 cm) • Width: 10.9 inches (27.7 cm) • Depth: 8.6 inches (21.9 cm) • Weight: 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg) with battery and optical drive installed1
  20. 20. Technology Overview 20 12-inch PowerBook G4 Appendix: External Display Support Picture Sizes Supported on External VGA Monitors and Projectors7 Pixel depth with Pixel depth with Picture size in pixels Maximum refresh rate 12-inch display inactive 12-inch display active 640 by 480 85Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 800 by 600 85Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 832 by 624 75Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 1024 by 768 85Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 1152 by 870 85Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 1280 by 960 85Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 1280 by 1024 85Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp 1600 by 1200 75Hz 24 bpp 24 bpp Picture Sizes Supported on S-video Displays Picture size (pixels) Pixel depth 512 by 384 24 bits per pixel (bpp) 640 by 480 24 bpp 720 by 480 (NTSC only) 24 bpp 720 by 576 (PAL only) 24 bpp 800 by 600 24 bpp 832 by 624 24 bpp 1024 by 768 24 bpp 1Actual weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process. 21GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. 3 Battery For More Information life depends on configuration and use. 4 Wireless Internet access requires AirPort Extreme Card, AirPort Base Station or AirPort Extreme Base Station, and Internet access (fees may apply). Some ISPs are not currently compatible with AirPort and AirPort For more information about the Extreme. Range may vary with site conditions. 5Compatible ISP and telephone services required. Your ISP may not support all 12-inch PowerBook G4, please visit V.92 features. Modem will function according to V.90 standards if V.92 services are not available. Actual modem speeds lower; speed depends on connection rate and other factors. 6Actual rates will vary. 7Actual resolutions and refresh rates will depend on the monitor. © 2003 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, AirPort, Apple Store, FireWire, iTunes, Mac, Macintosh, Mac OS, PowerBook, and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iCal, iChat, iMovie, iPhoto, iPod, Quartz, Rendezvous, SuperDrive, and Velocity Engine are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. AppleCare is a service mark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. .Mac is a service mark of Apple Computer, Inc. Acrobat is a trademark or registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the U.S. and/or other countries. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. GeForce4 is a trade- mark of NVIDIA Corporation. OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, used under license therefrom. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. February 2003 L26581A