BMPS - The Lord's Prayer


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BMPS is Blessed Movements Prayer Session created by Blessed Movements founder Roy DeLeon, Oblate SB. It is praying that includes the whole being instead of just reciting a prayer by memory. Praying here is defined as being with God. Check out his website, for more resources for praying creatively and expressively anywhere any time.

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BMPS - The Lord's Prayer

  1. 1. A Blessed Movements Prayer SessionThe Lord’s Prayer This presentation, created and copyrightedby Roy DeLeon, Blessed Movements founder, is offered for your personal use only. Please email Roy at for other uses or visit for more resources for your prayer life. For more on integrating the body, heart, and soul in your prayer, check out his book, Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life.
  2. 2. Some tips to deepen your Blessed Movements Prayer Session (BMPS):• Wear loose, comfortable clothing. No jewelry or accessories to distract your attention.• Have a near empty stomach.• Find a quiet space without phone or TV.• Set up an altar or shrine that reminds you of the Divine Presence.• Loosen up your shoulders, back, and hips with gentle movements and stretches.• You may stand, or kneel (as shown by Hilary), or use a chair (as shown by Jeanie).• Do not analyze the poses. There is no right or wrong. Let the Spirit move you.• Between slides, allow some time to listen to the ‘small voice within.’• Feel and sense the Spirit praying in your body, heart and soul.• Finally, let go and let God. That is, fully consent to God’s presence and action within. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Lara Bolger, former Assistant Pastor, Bothell United Methodist Church Hilary Marquette and Jeanie Anderson.
  3. 3. Sit and remind ourselves of who we are…“I am created by God, redeemed by Jesus Christ, and a temple of the Spirit.”
  4. 4. Our Father...
  5. 5. Who art in heaven...
  6. 6. Hallowed be Thy Name...
  7. 7. Thy Kingdom come...
  8. 8. Thy will be done...
  9. 9. On earth...
  10. 10. As it is in heaven.
  11. 11. Give us this day...
  12. 12. Our daily bread...
  13. 13. Forgive us our trespasses...
  14. 14. As we forgive those...
  15. 15. who trespass...
  16. 16. against us.
  17. 17. Lead us not into temptation.
  18. 18. But deliver us from evil.
  19. 19. For Thine is the kingdom...
  20. 20. and the power...
  21. 21. and the glory...
  22. 22. Now and forever.
  23. 23. Amen.
  24. 24. If time allows, sit still, rest in God’s Presence, and feeeeel the Love.
  25. 25. C L O S I N G:From the heart, release a stream of healing and happy thoughts to family and soul friends, to those who are easy to love, to those not so easy to love, and to all beings on the planet. That in all things, we glorify God Through Christ our Lord. Amen.