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Wagenborg times 5

  1. 1. SCa and reining: P.4 together aiming for sustainability Filter module from factory to foundation P.16 blowing in the wind P.34volume 5 May 2011 roYaL
  2. 2. ConTenTS Preface - Sign of Solutions 3 SCa and reining 4 a day at Wagenborg Projects & Logistics 8 Sail the difference 12 Filter module from factory to foundation 16 Constructing Claus C powerplant 18 Silos from Schapen to Schüttorf 20 Trainee programme royal Wagenborg 21 new wind giants at rysumer nacken coast 23 reM-island becomes restaurant 24 Winterization Scarabeo 8 26 Maritime Simulator Training Center established in aktau 28 bicycle ambulances Project is booming 30 Customer is Coddled at Wagenborg Passenger Services 32 blowing in the wind 34 exhIbITIon SCheDuLe • 6th annual breakbulk europe Transportation Conference & exhibition antwerp, 17 – 19 May 2011 • Powergen europe Conference & exhibition Milan, 7 – 9 June 2011 • offshore europe oil and gas Conference & exhibition aberdeen, 6 – 8 September 2011 • 22nd breakbulk americas Transportation Conference & exhibition new orleans, 25 – 27 october 2011 • PPI Transport Symposium amsterdam, 11 – 14 october 2011 • europort Maritime rotterdam, 8 – 11 november 2011 CoLoPhon editorial Staff Contact details Photography connie Lindhoud, c.lindhoud@wagenborg.com wagenborg times flying focus, aad van Leeuwen P.o. Box 14 Henk zuur, Koos Boertjens Contributors NL-9930 aa delfzijl the Netherlands wouter siemerink Phone + 31 (0)596 63 62 47 Printers willem meijer email times@wagenborg.com grafische industrie de marne, roel Barkhof Leens - delfzijl - groningen Harry oudman DTP Bart oude ophuis grafische industrie de marne, May 2011 anja timpe Leens - delfzijl - groningen2
  3. 3. PreFaCeOur slogan, which was presented during the celebration of our 111th anniversary in 2009, becomes more and moreintegrated in daily life within Wagenborg.These challenging economic times need maximum creativity in finding the optimum solutions for our clients.Although we saw a slight increase in the volumes, we still are not on the same level as before the crisis. This meansthat we need to stay very cost effective and think about new and other solutions for our clients.To ensure that our clients get the best Wagenborg Solution, we decided to broaden the scope of our currentProjects and Logistics organization. Wagenborg Projects & Logistics is the expertise centre of Wagenborg and is aspecialist in international (project) forwarding and supply chain management. By making intelligent, efficient andquick links between our divisions and business partners we ensure a cost efficient and reliable logistic solution.By giving a broader perspective to project and logistics we will make sure that not only our own assets can be usedbut also the assets of our partners. Which also means that the market coverage of Wagenborg is expanded in thatway.This edition of the Times contains articles about recent activities and projects we have carried out for ourcustomers. From all the articles you will learn that we are really living up to the “sign of solutions” and are active inthe market to offer our solutions to you, our current and future customers.Rob Wagenborg and Egbert Vuursteen roYaL 3
  4. 4. SCa anD Profile Wagenborg Reining Reining is a provider of logistic services that continuously searches for optimal solutions to logistic problems in close co-operation with its customers. With its specialist knowledge of transport, warehousing and intermodal transport, the company is able to offer an integrated package of logistic services. Wagenborg Reining is always customer focused. Good personnel and advanced ICT systems enable Reining to offer its customers an ever better service. Reining operates through branches in Hoogezand, Tilburg and Budapest. The company has 450 employees, 350 trucks and approximately 100,000 m2 of storage capacity.The Reining Ecocombi with an overall length of 25,25 m.4 REINING B.V.
  5. 5. reInIng:TogeTher aIMIng ForSuSTaInabILITy Mega trailers to/from Sweden and Italy by rail Project 1: green Care Transport this project, the producer of Libresse, Libero, Tena, Edet, Tempo and Plenty started cooperation with a group of logistical service providers. Primary goalReining has been investing in its environmental strategy for more than five is to reduce CO2 emissions of all transport by means of reduction targets,years now. Over these years many technical and behavioural improvements detailed action plans for transport companies and investments in sustainablehave reduced our CO2 emission by about 35%. In the near future, Reining energy projects’’, says Riny Strik, Regional Director Business Logistics at SCAexpects to be able to make further improvements in the field of load and founder of the concept. CO2 emission will be reduced by using advancedoccupancy and by using intermodal solutions. Next to that, Reining will truck engines and aerodynamics and by training drivers how to reduce theirinvest in trucks with a higher transport capacity. Mid 2010 the first LZV fuel consumption. Besides technical and behavioural improvements on CO2(Ecocombi) has been put into operation, which provides a CO2 reduction of emission the program challenges transport companies to work together to24%. With these actions, Reining aims for a reduction of its CO2 emission in improve loading efficiency (for example by reducing empty kilometres). This2011 of another 2,5%. collaboration is needed to achieve a continuous reduction of CO2 emission. Of course there will always be a remaining amount of emission. SCA and herOne of our major customers, SCA Consumer Benelux, has initialised a transport companies will compensate for that by investing in sustainableproject called ‘Green Care Transport’. SCA Consumer Benelux will be the energy projects according to the Gold Standard where the conditions havefirst retail supplier to supply her products in a 100% CO2 neutral way. In been set in cooperation with WWF. REINING B.V. 5
  6. 6. Project 2: Tork helps Since early 2008 Reining provides fully integrated logistics for SCA Away From Home Benelux (AFH). Products are being shipped from production sites throughout Europe to 350 customers all over Benelux, partly through our Warehouse in Tilburg. Recently, the partnership has been prolonged for another two years. To make this happy event more cheerful, Reining participated in the project TORK HELPS (for a better life in Sudan). Sudan has been suffering heavily from a civil war between North and South. The country is recovering since the peace agreement in 2005, but there is still lack of basic facilities like drinking water, healthcare and education. SCA Hygiene Products has a long tradition of taking responsibility for her environment and help in improving hygiene6 REINING B.V.
  7. 7. conditions. In this project SCA (with its brands Edet, Tork and Libresse) in this project. Reining funded the project for full-range support of onewill cooperate with Oxfam Novib in the Netherlands and Oxfam school for one year, consisting of one rainwater collection system, 4 handSolidariteit in Belgium. Main focus will be on improving hand hygiene for washing facilities, soap for one year and training for the children andschoolchildren by means of four solutions: teachers.1. Rainwater collection: 11 schools will get a closed system to use rainwater for washing hands in a safe way. Two beautiful projects in which Reining and SCA use their expertise to2. Hand washing facilities: 55 schools will get water taps with soap. take their corporate social responsibility both in the field of environment3. Soap: 55 schools will receive soap that has been produced by local and people! suppliers once every month during a school year.4. Educations: every year 120 teachers will be educated about hand hygiene.Tork invites customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to participate REINING B.V. 7
  8. 8. Profile WagenborgProjects & Logisticswagenborg Projects & Logistics is theexpertise centre of wagenborg andis a specialist in international projectforwarding. By making intelligent, efficient,and quick links between our divisions, youalways find a solution under one roof. foreach transport chain you only need onepoint of contact - wagenborg Projects andLogistics. Manager Arjan de Jong a Day aT Wagenborg loading construction equipment in MV Hydra 8 PROJECTS & LOGISTICS B.V.
  9. 9. To ensure that our clients get the best Wagenborg Solution we decided to broaden the scope of our current Projects and Logistics organisation. By making intelligent, efficient, and quick links between our divisions and business partners we ensure a cost efficient and reliable logistic solution. Edwin de Vries has been appointed as Director of Wagenborg Projects & Logistics with the assignment to expand the current business and to present integrated solutions to our customers.loading ship engineProJeCTS &LogISTICS PROJECTS & LOGISTICS B.V. 9
  10. 10. transshipment of heavy column with 400 tons sheerleg Matador at the port of Rotterdam Monday 8 November 2010, 09.00 hours. The transport can be arranged from a distance, but even so Bert will go Bert van Raaij and Arjan de Jong are on their way to Meerbusch, a satellite to the warehouse this evening to check up on the right identification town near Düsseldorf. They are driving separately: Bert from Delfzijl, and dimensions. This way they will then immediately have the correct Arjan from the Rotterdam region. In total, they will spend 11 hours in information on the work order at Stevedoring next morning. Long live the their cars for 1.5 hours of consultation with a customer. But it could all laptop! be very worthy: an assignment to transport boiler parts from Bucharest, Romania, to Runcorn in England. But let’s not count our chickens before Arjan gets an e-mail from Curacao on his PDA early in the morning. That they’re hatched... was evidently sent on Sunday evening. When are we going to get the tariffs we’ve been waiting for so long?? But, unfortunately, this requires more Bert is planning to travel back home via the Nedlift office in Schoonebeek time and patience. Sometimes it takes a while before Nedlift can give a because he does a lot of work together with the people there. This means price quotation to a customer. The Caribbean mentality occasionally tests that Bert will not be back at the office in Delfzijl for the rest of the day. us Dutchies! But this concerns a complex load, and it is certainly not an But whether he’s in the office or not, work continues. A customer rings everyday job in that region. and asks whether a so-called bed plate can be delivered the next morning from our warehouse in Delfzijl to Zwolle. That’s possible, of course! At the office in Ridderkerk, Cock Molle is making the finishing touches to10 PROJECTS & LOGISTICS B.V.
  11. 11. a quotation for a Turkish business partner. The transport offered beginsin South Germany with special transports by road to the Rhine. Then itwill be transferred on to barges and will go via the inland waterways toRotterdam where it will be transferred once again into a vessel for thejourney by sea to Turkey. The contact person in Turkey is a well-knownperson from a project a couple of years ago. A very efficient, elegant lady,which also helps….Cock is also hoping for good news from a customer about thetransportation of a pile driving hammer to China. But, regular customeror not, this time they have also approached a competitor. The life of a WPL Project manager Mark Rijndersemployee is not always blessed by angels…Mark Rijnders is also at the office in Ridderkerk and he is making abooking with a container company for a 40ft sea container to Shanghai.The container contains ship’s parts. During the past two years it has beenquite noticeable that many transports like this one have ended up inChina. This is of course connected to deliveries for our own ships that arebeing built there, but it’s not only those.In the meantime, yet another Wärtsilä ship’s engine is on its way for ournext ship in the A-series (m/s Andesborg). The m/s “Isis” has collected thisengine for us in Trieste. The ship will transport the engine to Rotterdamfrom where it will be transported later on in a container ship to Shanghai. Project manager Bert van RaaijAnd then …. the two gas cleaning modules have finally arrived in Iran! Justbefore the weekend we received confirmation that the ship had arrived inBandar Abbas. Because of the EU/UN sanctions, this sea transport did notgo smoothly, even though the customer had a correct export license. Dueto political reasons, the modules could no longer be loaded in Antwerpand so they had to be taken to another location. The options to still beable to arrange a transport were running out fastly, but in the end wemanaged. The result was a satisfied customer. And that’s what we do itfor!Project manager Cock Molle 11 Director Edwin de Vries
  12. 12. Profile Wagenborg Shipping wagenborg shipping is international provider of safe and economic transport solutions. across the seven seas. with over a hundred years of experience in the northwestern part of europe, the mediterranean, trans-atlantic routes and beyond, wagenborg shipping has every conceivable solution for the changing transport needs of today. our fleet is modern and environmentally friendly, while our capacity ranges from 2.000 to 20.000 tons deadweight. with this enormous diversity in size and tonnage we are able to offer just-in-time shipments for almost every cargo or cargo contract. SaIL The DIFFerenCe Every officer still remembers his first days on board as a cadet. Most of them were excited and nervous. All of them started their careers in a complete new world of which they had heard a lot about at their naval academy but experienced this world for the first time as a cadet. To ensure each cadet will have a good time on board, will learn his future job and fit in the company culture, Wagenborg Shipping developed a structural policy for the selection and training of cadets in her fleet. Every year Wagenborg Shipping selects approximately a hundred cadets to become officers in future. Wagenborg selects and recruits cadets from The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. After an intensive training of 365 days the cadets can start their desired career in Wagenborg! For Times magazine, we asked three of our new cadets to write down their experiences. Honest stories about their personal backgrounds, motivation and daily work.12 SHIPPING B.V.
  13. 13. han ngoC PhoMy name is Han Ngoc Pho. I am now sailing as an engineer cadet on board with the second engineer. In the first period we had some problemsof m.v. “|Maineborg”. I live in Quynh Lam in the Quynh Luu district in with communication because of my English but we could understandVietnam. There are five people in my family: my parents, my two younger each other. My first job was to learn about the daily rounds. Most of thebrothers and myself. My hometown is a small, quiet village. Life is difficult equipment in the engine room was new to me. Together with the secondthere, people have to work hard every day and have a low income. That is officer I made a round on the ship to get familiarized. The bad thing thatthe reason why all people work very hard to save money to support their happened on the second day was seasickness when we started sailing. Ichildren to go to school. That is the only way to escape the hard life in my tried to overcome the seasickness by eating and working. I always thinkhome town. I was aware of the importance of studying when I was a high the positive way. The crew on board helped me getting familiarized withschool student. The reason I chose to become an engineer on board of a feeling seasick as well as homesick. They encouraged me, talked to me andship is because my neighbour was also working as an engineer on board a also joked to me. This helped me to overcome seasickness.ship. He had lots of good stories about life as an engineer on board. Thistriggered me to start thinking about a career as an engineer. Learning every day On board I work with the second engineer most of the time. Sometimeshow it all started they give me some exercises after we have finished a working day and askWhen I was a student in the UT I had the ambition to work for a foreign me some questions while we work together. This helps me to trigger mycompany. That is the reason why I followed the information from mind about things that I need to know. The engineers are always willingMaritime Education and Human Resource Centre (UT-STC), which was to answer my questions.established by the co-operation between my school (UT) and the STC I have been sailing now for four months and I can say everything is goinggroup from the Netherlands. The teacher gave me the advice to choose well. I am finishing my Training Record Book step-by-step and learningfor Wagenborg. I decided to submit my registration to UT-STC for the and practicing competences. I learned a lot of new subjects and activities.selection procedure. Luckily I was selected and joined the extra training inthe UT-STC training institute. Ice everywhereWhen I travelled to the Netherlands it was the first time I traveled by plane The most exciting I experienced was the first time I saw ice when we wereand also the first time I went abroad, so I was a little nervous. One curious sailing to Kemi in Finland. The chief engineer called me to go outside withthing I would like to tell you is that Vietnamese noodles were very useful him when I was working in the engine room. I was very surprised the icewhen I got seasick. For studying on board I brought some books with me. appeared to be everywhere. I couldn’t see water any more because there was ice all around us.My first days on board I can say I enjoy a good working and living environment. I am reallyWhen I arrived on board everybody was very kind and friendly. The chief satisfied here on board. My favorite place on board is the poop deck whereofficer took me up to my cabin and showed me the accommodation. we can sit and drink some coffee or tea and enjoy the splendid beauty of aThe next day was my first working day on board. I worked together sunset. SHIPPING B.V. 13
  14. 14. My name is Marina F. Diagro, now serving an apprenticeship as an seasickness like, for example, chewing gum, talk to others in a humorous engineer cadet on board of m.v. “Dongeborg”. I live in Tacloban city, way or just trying to enjoy what I am doing. Leyte, Philippines. There are five members in the family. I have one elder On board, my training officer guides me during my training period. sister, who recently started working as a certified public accountant. I am If it happens that there are jobs to be done, he firstly let me read the the second daughter and I also have one younger brother who is still in instruction manuals or asks me if I have any idea about the job before I secondary education. will be allowed to tackle the job. Then through that job he also explains to me some matters or ideas I need to know. It really helps me a lot because From the inside I can gain and share knowledge theoretically and in practice. In this way Once I travelled overseas together with my family on a passenger ship. I am learning much more and I am getting well trained to become a During that journey a question rushed into my mind: “How are things competent officer. in this ship being operated?” That time I was already curious what was inside the ship which kept her running efficiently and how things were My greatest challenge being managed in there. So I got interested in machineries and for me The most exciting thing I have experienced on board was when we had engineering seemed to be the best choice. I was very fortunate that the some problems with the heavy fuel oil transfer pump. We had not yet staff of the Palompon Institute of Technology more or less offered the finished fixing the pump when there was a fire alarm because the air course that I was interested in so I took the entrance examination. When compressor was overheated and broke down. The day after another I passed the exam I was introduced into the world of seafaring and I problem occurred. The lubricating oil pressure of the main engine was too discovered that it is not only about machineries that I should learn but low and we needed to clean the duplex and centrifugal filter of the main also on how to be a good, skilled and trained engineer officer. engine. There were only three people in the engine room and the tasks had During my college years, I heard about Wagenborg and about the to be divided. I was excited to do my part, mainly because the engineers successful officers that were trained there. They have shared information trusted me to do my job well. As a cadet it is already a great achievement which encouraged me to start my training period within Wagenborg. I when you have been able to do something as a part of the training know that Wagenborg is the company where I might excel as a trained experience and by doing so to enlarge your knowledge. officer and that they have good management for their crews. My favourite place on board My first day on board This surely is the engine room because that is the place where I perform I was both excited and nervous, knowing that I would be encountering my daily routine duties. It is also the place where I learn about my field of people of different nationalities. Sometimes on board one cannot guard interest as well as the place where we engineers should take good care of against being seasick or just having a headache because of the wash. In the machineries so they run in a good and efficient way in order to make it such a situation I try to do things that I think will help me to get through possible our vessel will be able to sail in good conditions.MarIna F. DIagro14 SHIPPING B.V.
  15. 15. ruTger van LuIJk My name is Rutger van Luijk and I am sailing as a maroff cadet on board My first weeks at sea of m.v. “Nassauborg”. I live in Ridderkerk, a place in the western part of To join my first ship, the “Maineborg”, I had to fly to Charleston (USA). Holland, close to Rotterdam. My grandfather has been a deck officer in the Fortunately I was flying together with the second engineer and not alone. merchant navy and on sea going trawlers. I liked the stories he was telling With a cargo of steel coils we had to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. me about his live at sea. During holidays I used to help on a small fishing No wonder the vessel was rolling quite a lot and I became seasick, luckily vessel. only for a couple of days. I am a maroff cadet and therefore I have to do practical training on the bridge and in the engine room. I started my My school period training period on the bridge. It took me about three weeks to get used to During one of the introduction days at STC Rotterdam I visited the stand seaman’s life in general. During these weeks the officers and the crew were of Wagenborg Shipping and I got some information about the company very helpful to show me around and make me feel at home. Most of the and the cadet program in the company. After 2 years of theoretical trips we did on the “Maineborg” were in Europe and across the Atlantic training at school we had to do half a year of practical training on board. Ocean.After about 5 months I left the “Maineborg” and returned to school Wagenborg invited me to do some tests and I had an intake interview for the last year of theoretical training. The second part of the on board with some members of the crewing department. I was in the lucky training I served on board of m.v. “Nassauborg”. This ship is doing a Time position that I could chose out of three companies. I decided to accept the Charter for ESL in the Baltic. This means short trips with bulk cargo: most Wagenborg-offer for three reasons: Wagenborg has a very diverse fleet, of the times coal and iron ore. Although the trips and the cargo were not is sailing worldwide and last but not least part of their ships are manned that interesting, I learned a lot on this vessel. There is a lot of traffic in the with Dutch officers. Before I joined my first ship the company organized Baltic and during this winter there was a lot of ice. In the engine room I an introduction day for all the new cadets in Delfzijl. During this day we learned a lot about two stroke engines and there were more repairs to be got some useful information about the company in general. But we were done compared to the “Maineborg”. My last trip on the “Nassauborg” was also informed about life on board of Wagenborg vessels. All in all the from Sint Petersburg to Flushing with a cargo of aluminium Ingots. information we got during this day was useful.o SHIPPING B.V. 15
  16. 16. Profile Wagenborg Nedlift wagenborg Nedlift is a specialist in heavy transport and lifting. together with expert engineering and project management, wagenborg Nedlift offers a complete service for hoisting, heavy transport and assembly. with more than 400 employees it operates throughout europe In spring 2010, Wagenborg Nedlift carried and beyond for clients from the oil and gas industry, out a challenging project. A filter module was the petrochemical industry, the energy sector, and transported from the fabrication yard in Heijningen construction and infrastructure. in the Netherlands to Germany’s largest oil refinery in Karlsruhe, MIRO. FILTer MoDuLe FroM FaCTory To FounDaTIon lifting operation at site Karlsruhe16 NEDLIFT B.V.
  17. 17. transport onto Self Propelled Modular Transporters from quayside to refinery siterapid preparation The unloading operation was performed with a 650 tons mobile crane whichThe time between obtaining the order and the execution phase was less positioned the module on the waiting SPMTs.than a month and during that period, a lot of preparation and engineering Phase 3 – Bridge passagework had to be done. In addition to the preparation of the transhipment During the next night the module had to be transported across the bridge.operation, the inland waterway transport and the after-phase, an execution This skidding operation went completely according to plan and the road wasplan, drawings and TRAs were compiled for all the work on the site in free for use again at 08.00 hours.Karlsruhe. Phase 4 – Passage high voltage cables Once the agreements had been made about switching off the power andThree challenges required procedures were performed right on schedule, the transportThe transport scope faced three challenges: underneath the high voltage cables was no longer a problem. Phase 5 – Installation on foundation1. The water level: The CC2200 350 tons crawler crane was used to install the module at theTo limit the risks of delay caused by high or low water a ship with the refinery. The crane placed the module in a temporary position first. Thenlowest possible depth was used. The Wendy Dua is a ship that has numerous both the CC2200 and a 650 tons mobile crane were used to install thetechnical features and therefore meets these requirements perfectly. module on its foundation. A safe and efficient solution, that saved the use2. A bridge: of a much bigger crawler crane. The lifting job was completed while theOne bridge along the route to the project location turned out to be refinery was in full operation. Therefore, the highest safety regulations wereinsufficiently strong for the module including trailer. A choice was made applicable for the project.to slide the module over the bridge so that the maximum permissible loadwould not be exceeded. With this project, the3. High voltage cables: Nedlift crew showedThe transport had to pass underneath 4 high voltage cables along the route its skills in every field.from destination port to project location with only a few meters clearance. Project manager fromAfter long consultation with the network operator it was agreed that the MIRO Mr. P. Stevelingpower would be switched off. wrote us afterwards: “it has been a pleasureThe execution working with your crewPhase 1 – Loading at Heijningen and your company. ForTwo 500 tons mobile cranes loaded the filter module at Heijningen yard into the total performance atthe Wendy Dua. this job, you made a veryPhase 2 – Unloading at Karlsruhe good impression on our bridge crossing with skidding operationAfter a smooth water transport the module arrived on schedule in Karlsruhe. project team”. NEDLIFT B.V. 17
  18. 18. ConSTruCTIngCLauS CPoWerPLanTIn 2010, Essent extended its power generation capacity at Claus Power plantMaasbracht with a new power unit, Claus C. Wagenborg Nedlift got involvedin heavy cargo logistics and installation works on site. upgrading Claus b to Claus C Essent has carried out a large modernization project at Claus power plant in Maasbracht in the southern part of the Netherlands. Claus power plant is one of the largest power generation sites owned by Essent. Claus power plant formerly existed of two identical gas fired power units of 640 MW each, named Claus A and B. The modernization project has upgraded the unit of Claus B to Claus C, with a total output of 1.300 MW and an efficiency of 58,5%. Lifting boiler stack sections18 NEDLIFT B.V.
  19. 19. positioning of transformer with SPMT trailersPower trainIn total, three power trains had to be installed at the Claus C project. Withbarge transports, the heavy parts of 300 to 400 tons each were transportedby river from Rotterdam to Maasbracht. By way of a roll-off operation, theparts were brought on land. From there, SPMTs transported the items tothe turbine building. With a skid system the cargo was offloaded fromtrailer and brought inside the turbine building.boiler and boiler stack constructionThe other part of the scope of work included the supply of heavy cranesfor the boiler installation works. Two giant crawlers were positioned tolift the boiler parts, up to 130 tons each, into the boiler building. Workingclosely together with the Spanish contractor on this scope, we were ableto speed up the installation works and thus finalizing the installation Roll-off operation of turbineworks ahead of schedule. The final part of the boiler construction worksinvolved the boiler stacks. Pre-assembled stack units of 157 tons each weretransported by barge to the site in Maasbracht. With conventional trailers,roll-off operation was carried out. Lower sections of 157 tons were directlytransported under crane hook of a 400 tons crawler and a 120 tons mobilecrane. The other parts were brought to a storage area first. After assemblyof the lower sections, middle and top sections of 73 tons and 50 tons wereinstalled subsequently. Boiler construction crew next to giant crawler crane NEDLIFT B.V. 19
  20. 20. Profile Wagenborg S&G wagenborg s&g is the german branch office of wagenborg, specialized in heavy transport and lifting. with 60 employees, wagenborg s&g offers a complete service for hoisting, heavy transport, and assembly for clients from the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry, the energy sector and construction and infrastructure. wagenborg s&g has offices in dreierwalde and Lingen. SILoS FroM SChaPen To SChüTTorF During the night of 27 February 2011, an extraordinary convoy travelled through Emsland. Six silos, with dimensions of 37.90m long, 5.90m wide and 6.90m high, moved slowly through the countryside from their fabrication yard in Schapen to their final destination in Schüttorf. Normally, this distance of only 30 km takes half an hour. However, with this kind of special cargo, such Passage of the small roads on the route a trip is a real challenge. The preparation of the transport took nearly a Slowy manoeuvring requires 100% concentration month. First, a suitable route had to be found. Instead of the shortest route of 30 km, the final route that was accessible for the special cargo appeared to be nearly 100 km! Now that the route had been found, further preparations on permits and route could start. All partners along the route were contacted to discuss the transport: local Telekom, the local energy company, RWE, the police department and, of course, the local authorities along the route. Once all parties involved agreed with the plan, the final go for the transport was given. The easy route The transportation of the silos started at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 27th 2011. After a smooth start, a big challenge began when the trucks came to Lingen. A large crowd gathered there to watch the unusual convoy passing the roundabouts in the city. Moreover, some branches appeared to hang a bit lower than expected and it took some time to remove these. Luckily, local police kept the road free of cars and people so the convoy could move further unhindered. After a smooth trip, the convoy arrived in Schüttorf just before midnight.20 S&G
  21. 21. Traineeship: a combination of tie and work glovesTraInee PrograMMeroyaL WagenborgRoyal Wagenborg has developed a trainee programme for young graduates.This programme aims to train employees who can be deployed flexibly (especially abroad)and have long term potential to fulfil a management position within Wagenborg. Five trainees have recently been taken on for the trainee programme. During the next 2 years they will complete 4 modules lasting 6 months each. Besides regular duties, the trainees will complete a division specific task during the modules. Each trainee will get to know at least 3 different divisions and complete a module abroad. Max Tak and Paul Bakker are working as trainees at Wagenborg Shipping. Niels de Goffau, Sytse Sijperda and Tijmen Klamer are working respectively at Wagenborg Projects & Logistics, Wagenborg Reining and Wagenborg Nedlift. In addition to the traineeship at Wagenborg, the trainees are also taking part in an off-the-job programme focussed on personal development. After completing the programme the trainees the new trainees during their introduction at the head office in Delfzijl. From left to right: Niels de Goffau, Max Tack, Paul Bakker, Tijmen Klamer, Sytse Sijperda. will commence employment in one of the divisions. 21
  22. 22. neW WInDProfileWagenborgTowagewagenborg towage hasa modern fleet of tugs andbarges from 600t till morethan 15.500t deadweight.wagenborg towagetows in harbour, coastal,inland and sea waters andoperates equipment forsalvage operations, for tugservices and for lifting andtransport of heavy objects.for heavy lifts, a 300tsheerleg with assistingtugs is used. roll on operation of nacelle onto barge. project manager Wouter Siemerink managing roll-on operation 22 TOWAGE
  23. 23. gIanTS aT rySuMernaCken CoaSTIn January 2011 the BARD-group started the test program for its hub and nacelle however were transported by so called SPMTsnew generation of enhanced offshore wind convertors at their (Self Propelled Modular Transporters). For each transport vehicleonshore test centre at Rysumer Nacken, near Emden. Wagenborg the ro-ro-ramps had to be adjusted, even during ro-ro operationTowage had the leading role in the transport by water and roll-on/ itself! With a well-planned schedule, Wagenborg Towage made itroll-off (ro-ro) actions near the installation site. possible, thus saving a lot of time for the customer.Preparations already started early 2010 for this multidimensional More news on wind energy developments: www.bard-offshore.deproject; not only 2 new 6.5MW wind energy convertors (WECs)had to be installed, also the existing 5.0MW WEC had to be Used resources:removed. This implicated a double ro-ro-operation and transport, • 2 tugs ;a quite complicated action that required a well-thought and • 2 barges;well-engineered operational plan. A perfect job for the people of • Pumps;Wagenborg Towage. • Winches; • Spud poles;A real challenge when working in the Ems area is the combination • Ro-ro-ramps;of tide and current. To deal with the heavy current during ro-ro • Forklift;operation, a second barge, fitted with spud poles was berthed • Sea fastening;next to the transport barge. The transport barge itself was • a ballast engineer;outfitted with pumps, winches, and ro-ro-ramps. The blades were • a barge master and riggers.transported onto the barge by special extendable trailers. Thetransport of new blades TOWAGE 23
  24. 24. water transport to Amsterdam reM-ISLanD beCoMeS reSTauranT reM-island REM (Reclame Exploitatie Maatschappij) stands for Advertisment Operation Company. This company started broadcasting commercial TV-programmes from an artificial island 6 miles out of the Dutch coast in 1964. On August 12 of that year there was the first test-broadcast and from August 15 broadcasts were on a daily base. On December 17 1964, Dutch navy confiscated all the equipment on the island as the Dutch government had accepted an emergency act which prohibited broadcasting from a “solid stucture placed on the seabed”! From 1974 up to 2004 the platform was used by the Dutch Department for the Maintenance of Dikes, Roads, Bridges and the Navigabilty of Canals, as a weatherstation and as a place to examine the height of waves, watertemperatures, salinity etc.24 TOWAGE
  25. 25. skidding operation onto barge After the Dutch government stopped operating the REM island in 2004, it had been waiting for demolishing a couple of years. In 2009, a housing corporation saved it from the scrap yard to make it a restaurant. Wagenborg Towage was awarded to tow it to Delfzijl, where it has been rebuilt to a restaurant. Early 2011 Wagenborg Towage again was awarded to do the transport to its final destination in Amsterdam, and place it on a 12 meter high jacket. One of the challenges on this project was the lift with 3(!) sheerlegs. Hoisting an object by 3 sheerlegs can be a tricky job. The center of gravity was not exactly in the middle of the structure. Therefore, detailed engineering on the lifting procedure and extensive project preparation was necessary. For this job Wagenborg Towage asked their colleagues from Wagenborg Nedlift to do the transport out of the factory and the load out on to the barge. A good corporation between the two companies resulted in a smooth operation and the REM-island stood on the barge quickly. After sea fastening, Wagenborg towed it to Amsterdam where the 3 sheerlegs hoisted the platform onto its final destination. A huge crowd watched thelifting operation in Amsterdam with 3 sheerlegs spectacular operation. TOWAGE 25
  26. 26. Profile Wagenborg Foxdrill wagenborg foxdrill is expert in various activities within the oil and gas industry. one of our most important activities is rig The Scarabeo 8 is an ultra deepwater 6th moving- the assembly, disassembly and transport of drilling rigs, generation semi submersible drilling rig both onshore and offshore. we also assemble new offshore rigs, inspect and modify them. another activity is the installation of currently finalized in Norway. In an earlier conductors, both onshore and offshore. we invest continuously stage Wagenborg Foxrill installed the drilling in the development of our own people, both in their knowledge package on this semisubmersible rig in Italy and their professional skills. our own transport and hoisting for client Saipem. equipment always complies with the highest standards and can be deployed flexibly anywhere in europe. our enthusiastic and The 3D drawings show the theoretical design well-qualified team complies with regulations in the following by Wagenborg Foxdrill, the photos show the areas - Quality (iso 9001), safety (Vca**), environment (iso critical lifts as executed in the beginning of 14001) and rope access (irata). May.WInTerIzaTIon Overview of the Scarabeo 8 while installing the starboard AFT-panel by board crane Supervisor Erwin Bruins in front of the starboard AFT-panel while lifting26 FOXDRILL
  27. 27. SCarabeo 8In the summer of 2010 Wagenborg Foxdrill started preparations for this job. A project team consisting out of project managers and engineers investigatedthe possibilities to preassemble and lift the panels at a maximal size to shorten the installation time on board and to minimize working at height. Oncethe working method was chosen for and confirmed by client Saipem, the team started making the lifting plans and designed the special lifting equipmentusing state of the art 3D-modelling software.The complexity of both the assembly and installation of the winterization is quite a challenge due to the used material (stainless steel duplex, light weight,stiffness of the construction). Besides that, the time to install is very limited (95 working days) and the weather in Ølen quite bad (limited day light, heavyshowers, snow and wind). Moreover the installation is mainly based on rope access techniques and a special netting system.December 2010 Wagenborg Foxdrill employees started preassembling the panels. Till this moment the project is executed exactly according plan with themost important lifts still to come. The pictures show the lifts carried out so far. FOXDRILL 27
  28. 28. MarITIMe SIMuLaTor TraInIng CenTer eSTabLISheD In akTau Wagenborg Kazakhstan is extending it’s foothold in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) by (supporting) the establishment of a Maritime Simulation Training Centre in Aktau, the single international sea-port of the RoK. Plan is to have the simulator equipment installed and the centre ready for simulation trainings by April 30th 2011. For the realization of the Maritime Simulation Training Centre we vessels must consist of officers and engineers with the Kazakh Nationality. received financial support from Agentschap NL – Ministry of Economical The deadline for this requirement is 2015. Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands. Further we relied on the expertise of Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz”. We express our Another cause for the increasing demand for Kazakh mariners is the gratitude for their support, which helped us greatly to achieve this goal. expansion of the total fleet of vessels sailing under Kazakhstan Flag. The exploration and development of (expected) hydrocarbon reserves on the This initiative was taken for the following reasons: Kazakhstan shelf of the Caspian Sea requires a considerable growth of - The (further) development of the skills of our existing personnel in vessel capacity and thus maritime personnel. vessel handling; - The stimulation/ support of local maritime education, by providing All in all a challenging situation, but not uncommon to us. the schools access to a maritime simulation facility, which they needed Since our entry into the country, Wagenborg Kazakhstan played an active to provide the full education package to their students. role in the provision of knowledge: - to the maritime authorities: concerning international rules and During our 13 years of presence in the RoK, Wagenborg Kazakhstan regulations and their interpretation for example in the Netherlands; experienced that it is difficult to attract local people with the appropriate - to the maritime and education authorities: as initiator of the education and skills to be employed on board of our fleet. Especially restoration and/ or development of maritime education; officers with experience on board of offshore support vessels are scarce. - to local nationals we employed: guidance and support in receiving further education and training, in order to develop themselves and One cause for this situation is that the RoK as a country does not have a increasing their competency. maritime background. In the past, under the Soviet Regime, maritime infrastructure and legislation were lead centrally. After the collapse of the The establishment of a Maritime Simulation Training Centre in Aktau, is Soviet Regime, many people with maritime expertise fled the country and exemplary for a Company thinking in solutions to overcome uncommon returned to Russia or their region of origin. In the mean time the RoK problems. It underlines our determination with respect to a long-term chose to develop their own maritime legislation and infrastructure, based presence in the Kazakhstan part of the North Caspian as a provider of on international rules and regulations. One of the effects we encountered, logistical services to our customers in the Oil and Gas Industry. is the requirement enforced by law that the staff on board of RoK flagged28 OFFSHORE B.V.
  29. 29. Profile Wagenborg Offshore wagenborg offshore’s specialism is to carry out complex logistical projects in the oil and gas industry. at wagenborg offshore we simply don’t know the meaning of the word ‘impossible’. as part of royal wagenborg we have years Shallow Draft Tug (SDT) Kaynarborg – Master in action during manouvering of experience in shallow water transport and ice navigation and knowledge of all oil- and gas related transport disciplines all over the world. wagenborg Kazakhstan – subsidiary of the division wagenborg offshore – has been active in the Kazakhstan sector of the caspian sea since 1998. the activities consists of the provision of ice Breaking support Vessels, shallow draft tugs and Living Quarter Barges utilized in support of drilling operations in the caspian sea.SDT and IBSV moored alongside an Ice Protection Structure (IPS)in the North Caspian during IPS installation activities. Arcticaborg location Sunkar OFFSHORE B.V. 29
  30. 30. Ever more villages in Malawi are getting medical transport thanks to Wagenborg Store In the Netherlands, an ambulance is supposed to arrive at your door inhabitants of about 1500 small villages in Malawi have been able to get within 15 minutes in case of emergency. In the poverty stricken their own medical transport: a bicycle ambulance. African country of Malawi, very sick people often have to walk seven Each bicycle ambulance serves about 2 to 3 small villages and is to ten kilometres to get to a medical first-aid post and much further administered by a local committee of women that, in cooperation with the still to a hospital. Partly due to the revenues from Royal Wagenborg’s village chiefs and local development organisations, ensures that there is own internet shop, the WagenborgStore, and contributions made by also enough money for maintenance and replacement of parts. The bicycle the Transport4transport Foundation, during the past three years the ambulances are made locally by Sakaramenta, a social business enterprisebICyCLe aMb ProJeCT Secretary of state Reen Kacheree tries a Tenga Car Welder in a modern invironment30
  31. 31. set up by the Dutchman Peter Meijer. A complete Sakaramenta bicycle transport, such as handcars to transport water. Women now often have toambulance, a Carecar, costs (including a robust bicycle) about 350 Euros. walk long distances from the water pump to the village with a jerry can onIn the meantime, Sakaramenta employs about fifteen, mainly young their heads. A handcar can save about 10 journeys. Sakaramenta has alsopeople from Blantyre, who are also getting part-time education alongside developed a ‘mobile shop’. This is going to be produced with the aid oftheir work. Sakaramenta encourages its employees to follow a training microcredits.course. The level of education in the country is low. Many people cannot Further details? See www.transport4transport.nl and www.sakaramenta.read or write and have to live on just a little bit more than one Euro per comday. At www.wagenborg-store.nl you can find the whole range of WagenborgSakaramenta has also started to make other kinds of small means of products you can purchase to support this initiative.uLanCeSIS booMIng A bike-ambulance donated by Wagenborg 31
  32. 32. CuSToMer ISWagenborgPassengerServices takes CoDDLeD aTcare of ferry services tothe islands ameland andschiermonnikoog in thewadden sea, north of Wagenborgthe dutch mainland. adedicated crew of 85members operates a PaSSengermodern fleet of ferriesand organizes about10.000 sailings ayear, taking 1.8 million ServICeSpassengers to the islandsand back. since lastyear, also a water taxican be used for thewadden sea crossing. Do you want to book a crossing on-line? Reserve a place for your car by further improve the handling of the traffic to and from Ameland and smartphone? This will soon be possible at Wagenborg Passenger Services. Schiermonnikoog. The user-friendliness has been enhanced by combining Advanced automated applications are becoming part and parcel of the several facilities, such as the use of automatic ticket vending machines and operations at WPS, which annually ferries about 1.8 million passengers to the possibility of making on-line reservations. This is an important means and from Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. of support for the processes in which the human aspect of the service A new point-of-sales and reservation system has recently been continues to have top priority. Because your holiday already starts before implemented at WPS in which the latest ICT techniques will help to the boat departs! 32 PASSENGER SERVICES
  33. 33. screenshot of new booking system PASSENGER SERVICES 33
  34. 34. Profile Wagenborg Stevedoring BARD Offshore 1 is a 400 megawatt wagenborg stevedoring operates modern multi-purpose North Sea offshore wind farm that is terminals in the ports of delfzijl and eemshaven in the presently under construction and is north of the Netherlands. the quays with a length of expected to be fully operational by 1,400 metres, have roll-on/roll-off facilities and a deep 2012. It will be an 80-turbine wind draught. our storage capacity is 140,000m2. farm, located 100 kilometres northwest from both delfzijl and eemshaven the connections with the hinterland, germany and the Netherlands are of the island Borkum, in Germany, excellent. this means that wagenborg can guarantee a in water which is 40 metres deep. seamless transport chain. goods from the Netherlands Wagenborg Stevedoring Eemshaven and germany are stored and transshipped in sea-going yard is the onshore logistic hub for BARD vessels via wagenborg stevedoring. cargo destined for Offshore 1. Windmill parts are stored the northwest european markets finds its way over land and pre-assembled here before leaving and water via the modern transshipment terminals in to their offshore destination. delfzijl and the eemshaven. bLoWIng loading operation at quayside34 STEVEDORING B.V.
  35. 35. storage of windmill bladesIn The WInD giant rotor stars waiting for transport to their offshore destination STEVEDORING B.V. 35
  36. 36. Wagenborg Project& Logistics B.V. Wagenborg traNsPort Kft Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 66 Phone + 36 (1) 289 7081 email logistics@wagenborg.com email reining@reining.hu Wagenborg NedLift B.V. Wagenborg PassagiersdieNsteN B.V. Phone + 31 (0)50 36 28 00 Phone + 31 (0)519 54 61 11 email nedlift@wagenborg.com email info@wpd.nl Wagenborg NedLift sPaiN Wagenborg towage B.V. Phone + 34 (0)917 26 02 03 Phone + 31 (0)596 63 62 30 email nedlift@waveship.com email towage@wagenborg.com Wagenborg s&g gmBH wageNBorg offsHore B.V. Phone + 49 (0)5978 9166-0 Phone + 31 (0)596 63 64 17 email nedlift@wagenborg.com email offshore.dirdz@wagenborg.com Wagenborg sHiPPiNg B.V. Wagenborg foxdriLL B.V. Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 11 Phone +31 (0)541 58 05 00 email info@wagenborg.com email foxdrill@wagenborg.com Wagenborg sHiPPiNg NortH america iNc. Wagenborg KazacHstaN Phone + 1 514 288 8282 Bautino office: email info@wagenborgna.ca Phone +7 (8) 32938 24941 aktau office: Wagenborg sHiPPiNg swedeN a.B. Phone +7 (8) 3292 515171 Phone + 46 409 371 00 atyrau office: email info.sweden@wagenborg.com Phone +7 (8) 3122 255402 Wave sHiPPiNg Ltd BaHwaN Wagenborg madrid: Phone + 34 917 253 763 tel. + 968 (0)24790305 tarragona: Phone + 34 977 252 380 bwhlos@omantel.net.om email nedlift@waveship.com Wagenborg oiLfieLd serVices Wagenborg steVedoriNg B.V. wagenborg oilfield services Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 11 Noyabrsk email stevedoring@wagenborg.com Phone: +7 (3496) 35 48 42 Wagenborg reiNiNg B.V. Phone + 31 (0)598 34 33 07 roYaL email info@reining.nl marktstraat 10 P.o. Box 14 9930 aa delfzijl the Netherlands Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 11 email info@wagenborg.com www.wagenborg.com24