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Wagenborg times 4

  1. 1. Wagenborg Project& Logistics B.V. Wagenborg traNsPort Kft Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 66 Phone + 36 (1) 289 7081 email logistics@wagenborg.com email reining@reining.hu Wagenborg NedLift B.V. Wagenborg PassagiersdieNsteN B.V. Phone + 31 (0)50 36 28 00 Phone + 31 (0)519 54 61 11 email nedlift@wagenborg.com email info@wpd.nl Wagenborg NedLift sPaiN Wagenborg towage B.V. Phone + 34 (0)917 26 02 03 Phone + 31 (0)596 63 62 30 email nedlift@waveship.com email towage@wagenborg.com Wagenborg s&g gmBH Wagenborg offsHore B.V. Phone + 49 (0)5978 9166-0 Phone + 31 (0)596 63 64 17 email nedlift@wagenborg.com email offshore.dirdz@wagenborg.com Wagenborg sHiPPiNg B.V. Wagenborg foxdriLL B.V. Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 11 Phone +31 (0)541 58 05 00 email info@wagenborg.com email foxdrill@wagenborg.com Wagenborg sHiPPiNg NortH america iNc. Wagenborg KazacHstaN Phone + 1 514 288 8282 Bautino office: email info@wagenborgna.ca Phone +7 (8) 32938 24941 aktau office: Wagenborg sHiPPiNg swedeN a.B. Phone +7 (8) 3292 515171 Phone + 46 409 371 00 atyrau office: email info.sweden@wagenborg.com Phone +7 (8) 3122 255402 Wave sHiPPiNg Ltd madrid: Phone + 34 917 253 763 tarragona: Phone + 34 977 252 380 roYaL Wagenborg steVedoriNg B.V. markstraat 10 Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 11 P.o. Box 14 email stevedoring@wagenborg.com 9930 aa delfzijl the Netherlands Wagenborg reiNiNg B.V. Phone + 31 (0)596 63 69 11 Phone + 31 (0)598 34 33 07 email info@wagenborg.com email info@reining.nl www.wagenborg.com24
  2. 2. The long winter of 2010 P.6bahwan Wagenborg started up! P.10SCa and reining: P.20a perfect integration of the away fromhome supply chain P.21volume 4 nr. 1 May 2010
  3. 3. ConTenTS Preface – Sign of Solutions! 3 ‘eendracht’ to egypt 4 The long winter of 2010 6 bahwan Wagenborg started up! 10 KW eemshaven emerging 12 Watertaxi at Wadden Sea 14 Sleep well part 2 16 rig move in Caspian Sea 18 SCa and reining 20 Mv Siesta successfully salvaged 24 booming bulk business! 26 exHibiTion SCHeDuLe • 5th breakbulk europe antwerp: 18 – 20 May 2010 Transportation Conference & exhibition • Powergen europe amsterdam: 8-10 June 2010 • Transport Logistic China Shanghai: 8-10 June 2010 • 13th neftegaz Moscow: 21-25 June 2010 • onS 2010 Stavanger: 24-27 august 2010 • 21st annual breakbulk Conference & exhibition Houston: 12-14 october 2010 CoLoPHon editorial Staff Contact details Photography connie Lindhoud, c.lindhoud@wagenborg.com wagenborg times flying focus, aad van Leeuwen, Henk zuur P.o. Box 14 NL-9930 aa delfzijl the Netherlands Phone + 31 (0)596 63 62 47 Printers email times@wagenborg.com grafische industrie de marne, Leens - delfzijl Contributors - groningen michiel Kuizenga, arjan de jong DTP Koos zumkehr, johan adriaanse, grafische industrie de marne, Leens - delfzijl - egbert Krottje groningen May 20102
  4. 4. PrefaCeA new slogan: one in which our Wagenborg flag has a prominent position. This logo can be seen everywhere inour company: on ships, vehicles, cranes, pontoons, safety helmets, overalls, and even on our coffee cups. A flagthat stands as a symbol for our way of doing things. The Sign of Solutions theme expresses who we are: dedicatedprofessionals who think in terms of solutions. For every customer, wherever in the world and for every colleaguein every Wagenborg company.The Sign of Solutions theme was revealed during the celebration of our 111th anniversary in 2009. On our newwebsite and in our corporate film you can see how our employees are working on special and sometimes uniquelogistic solutions for all kinds of clients. This is not new for us, and perhaps not for you either, but it is new toshow it to you this way.This edition of the Times contains reports about recent activities and projects that we carried out for ourcustomers. Naturally, the Sign of Solutions theme plays an important role in these. For example, in the articleabout our ice reinforced ships. Even though harsh winters are rare, if you have to cope with these as a shipper, it’sgood to know that your logistic partner is prepared for them as well. This way security of supply is guaranteed.And (end) customers remain satisfied. Or the item about the co-operation between SCA and Reining. Theprocesses of these companies have been linked to each other to make the whole logistic chain more efficient. Thatcannot be achieved in a traditional customer-supplier relationship. But it can be achieved when you act as equalpartners and share know-how and experience to reach the ultimate goal.This is what Sign of Solutions stands for!Rob Wagenborg and Egbert Vuursteen roYaL 3
  5. 5. Profile Wagenborg Projects & Logistics wagenborg Projects & Logistics is the centre of expertise of wagenborg and is a specialist in international project forwarding. By making intelligent, efficient, and quick links between our divisions, you always find a solution under one roof. for each transport chain you only need one point of contact - wagenborg Projects and Logistics. ‘eenDraCHT’ To egyPT4 PROJECTS & LOGISTICS B.V.
  6. 6. “We had mixed feelings when we first walked into the abandoned Eendracht carton boardfactory in Appingedam,” says Bert van Raaij, project manager for Wagenborg Projects &Logistics. The prospect of a large volume of shipments was appealing, but we were alsomelancholic about the 100 year history of the factory and its important position in theAppingedam community. The best we could do was to take good care of it and accompanythe Eendracht to its next destination”.That was easier said than done. After a first sale to Turkey was improved and the two columns were moved with only a fewcancelled, the factory was auctioned off to buyers in Egypt. Two centimetres clearance through the narrow canal behind the factoryUK based companies were contracted for the dismantling and site and Delfzijl locks. Once this passage was done, the trip toshipping. They ordered Wagenborg Projects & Logistics for Eemshaven port was an easy job.all necessary cranage on the Eendracht site, transportation toEemshaven and port stevedoring. With all Wagenborg companies working together, the ‘Eendracht’ factory got a worthy farewell. Within a few months, the cartonThe machine lines were dismantled, packed on wooden skids board factory will start its new life in Egypt.and stuffed into containers. “In total, we shipped 361 containers(40ft) to and from Appingedam, all trucked by Wagenborg Nedliftand handled by Wagenborg Stevedoring in Eemshaven. Severalnormal size loads were transported by Reining’s mega trailers,” Bertexplains.The oversized tanks, 39 in total, were transported to Eemshavenwith special transport vehicles of Nedlift. Some transports werequite spectacular. Even tanks up to 7.50 meters in diameter werecarefully manoeuvred through the narrow streets of Appingedam,headed for Eemshaven port.But the final piece was yet to come. Two large tanks could not betransported by road because of their extraordinary dimensions.Water transport was the only option for them, but that was quite achallenge. First, harsh winter conditions prevented this transportfrom getting underway. By mid-February, weather conditions PROJECTS & LOGISTICS B.V. 5
  7. 7. T o MV Loireborg with ice on deck, after a passage in open water.6 SHIPPING B.V.
  8. 8. Profile Wagenborg Shipping wagenborg shipping is an international provider of safe and economic transport solutions. across the seven seas. with more than a hundred years of experience in the northwest part of europe, the mediterranean, transatlantic routes and beyond, wagenborg shipping has every conceivable solution for the changing transport needs of today. our fleet is modern and environmentally friendly, while our capacity ranges from 2.000 to 20.000 tons deadweight. with this enormous diversity in size and tonnage we are able to offer just-in-time shipments for almost every cargo or cargo contract.THe Long WinTerof 2010 “During my 25 years in chartering with Wagenborg Shipping, a lot has changed,” states Koos Zumkehr, managing director Chartering for Wagenborg Shipping. “But certain things haven’t; the Baltic and the ice trade were, are and will be very important for us as owners. Yes, we are building larger tonnage and will become more and more a global player. But, on the other hand, we have never neglected our core business; trading in the Baltic. We have also got new building programmes in the smaller sizes.” “In the Baltic, we have had mild winters since the year 2003. In the past few years, we have constantly warned the people responsible for the logistics within the industry. The number of icebreakers is too few to properly assist vessels trading to Finland and Sweden during a normal winter: there are only eight of them. Two of them are so-called Multi-Purpose Icebreakers, equipped to work for the offshore industry in the ‘open water’ season. This might mean that they are deployed elsewhere in the winter season, which puts another Ice maps are produced each day by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological strain on the already tight availability in icebreaker Institute. This map, for March 9, shows the actual ice conditions as well as the capacity.” restrictions for navigation. The areas are classed for vessels deadweight and ice. Without the proper ice class, vessels are not allowed to trade in that area. The positions of the icebreakers assisting are also marked. SHIPPING B.V. 7
  9. 9. Wagenborg Shipping has organized its to. Question is whether this is done on purpose, commercial activities in Finland via Oy Helsinki or whether it is simply a lack of knowledge Chartering Ab, an independent Broker office with about ice trading and the related difficulties. It is skillful brokers who know the Finnish market probably a bit of both. and their customers very well. The company was established in October 1986 and the co-operation Our estimation is that winter 2010 will be a has led to various partnerships with the Finnish turning point for many charterers. We are strong industry. believers that more charterers than before do realize that they must have solid transport Mr. Jari Järvi, managing director of the company, concepts which will serve their purpose, also was asked to comment on the above. during winter time. I cannot see it in any other way. One may neglect facts once, when homework “Wagenborg Shipping is one of the few ship- is not done properly, but one cannot neglect basic owners that - year after year – has invested in new, facts twice. well performing ice-classed ships. Unfortunately, we have noted recently that some owners and I’m pretty sure that the Wagenborg ice-fleet operators are selling transport concepts to will be well committed in the Baltic Sea during charterers which they most likely cannot live up coming years both to charterers and owners satisfaction.”Icebreaker Urho overtakes a Wagenborg vessel. One of the charterers is Oy MetsäBotnia Ab, with whom a long lasting partnership has been set up. We asked Jyrki Ranki, Vice President Maritime Logistics and Distribution, to explain the importance of having a logistic provider able to “deliver”, also during severe winter conditions. “Wagenborg Shipping has been shipping wood pulp from Finland for about 30 years on a regular basis. We at Botnia feel that Wagenborg is committed to our wood pulp business. Finland, expressed in shipping terms, can be compared to an island. Each port in our country is covered with ice during winter time. Much to our appreciation, Wagenborg has constantly been building up its ice-trading fleet. Not only the number of vessels, but also the knowledge of ice and ice trading. To my knowledge, this also concerns officers, crew and office personnel.8 SHIPPING B.V.
  10. 10. This is actually the main reason why we at over a 100 vessels having the highest Swedish/ a big challenge for our new building department.Botnia have covered long term contracts for our Finnish ice class; 1A. The rest of the fleet has 1B, But enjoying a good relation between them andpulp shipments from Finland with Wagenborg C or ice class 2. But in the actual conditions only Finland‘s engine builders from Wärtsilä, we haveShipping. We are committed to each other for vessels with the highest ice class are allowed to achieved this goal once more in our new E and Floading wood pulp from Finnish and Swedish trade all the way to the north or east. During the type vessels.seaports to various destinations within the ice trade the delays can be long; especially when For the Swedish and Finnish industry, it isBaltic, North Sea, North Spain, Portugal and the a vessel gets stuck in an ice ridge or compressed important to have owners like WagenborgMediterranean Sea. ice caused by strong winds pushing the ice in allowing them to sell, ship and deliver their one direction. Then the crew has to wait for one products in an efficient and cost effective way, alsoWood pulp business is a very volatile business. of the icebreakers to assist them. Just like the during the winter. And Wagenborg is proud to beWe at Botnia do not want to leave the freighting winds, this situation can change rapidly, meaning such a service supplier to their clients.”open. We need long term partners and owners that the pressure can move from the Finnish tolike Wagenborg. We must feel confident about the Swedish area in a couple of hours. The icethe shipping companies’ activities and with the conditions like this year will have an effect untilservice they give us. We hope that Wagenborg the end of May. Striving to be proactive, we alwaysShipping will continue to develop their fleet and keep close contact with the icebreaker authoritiesknowledge with ice trading. We cannot see any looking for the best possible solution. A vesselreason why our partnership could not continue well built, strong enough to face thick ice, andfor years. Of course, freight rates must be with sufficient engine power. At the same timecompetitive, but that goes for any trade whether though, current environmental demands forceits wood pulp or shipping,” ended Jyrki Ranki. us to keep a keen eye on limiting emissions. This means burning low sulphur fuel and minimizingKoos continues: “In our fleet we control well the exhaust of NOx, CO2 and other gases. This is SHIPPING B.V. 9
  11. 11. baHWan Wagenborg STarTeD uP! BaHwaN:wageNBorg is a strategic alliance between the suhail Bahwan group, one of oman’s foremost business organisations, and, the royal wagenborg group from the Netherlands, a strong multi-discipline provider of worldwide logistics and was launched in the sultanate of oman in october 2009. together BaHwaN:wageNBorg combines more than 125 years of experience and boasts a proven track record when it comes down to multi- modal logistics projects. BaHwaN:wageNBorg executes its services using state-of-the-art equipment and internationally trained local personnel. Bahwan: Wagenborg transporting engines to the interior of Oman10 NEDLIFT B.V.
  12. 12. In October 2009, the new joint venture of Bahwan Wagenborg in Oman was officially launched.Many clients joined the festivities in Muscat and watched the presentation and live equipmentdemonstration. Along with the trailers, BAHWAN:WAGENBORG is also equipped with a large number of certified auxiliary equipment, such as jacking and skidding equipment, stools, beams, steel plates, spreaders, slings, shackles and a variety of miscellaneous rigging gear that is essential to carry out the job at project site. Drivers selected from the local partner have been sent for intensive training at the end of 2009 to the Wagenborg Nedlift operations in Europe and are now honing their skills in the mountains and sands of the Omani landscape with a variety of cargoes. Most projects within this market are looking for larger axle combinations in excess of 12 axles and most clients come from the (petro) chemical industry, power generation, construction and oil & gas industry. The market needMrs. Amal Bahwan, Mr. Rob Wagenborg and Mr. Egbert Vuursteen together with guests is for a professional heavy transportation organization able to completewatching the live equipment demonstration in October 2009 complicated project management objectives within tight timescales andOperating from its soon to be completed base near the Port of Sohar BAHWAN:WAGENBORG is ready for the challenge.on the northern coast and with its HQ in the Oman capital of Muscat, The latest project undertaken by BAHWAN:WAGENBORG was theBAHWAN:WAGENBORG provides the following services: transport of multiple Diesel Engines transported from the port of Muscat• Heavy Cargo Transportation of oversized, over-dimensional loads over 700km to the south of Oman. To finalize the transport, experienced exceeding standard carrying capacities of 18m in length or +60mT using personnel from the Wagenborg Nedlift team, mobilized from Holland, Scheuerle modular Platform trailers combined with MAN Heavy Duty were assisting in jacking the engines onto their foundation for the final Prime Movers alignment and commissioning.• The Platform trailers are kept with all auxiliary equipment to allow us to Going forward the market opportunities within the Omani market, as well build various possible combinations including double wide trailers and as the wider Gulf region, are promising! dolly combinations• Route Survey’s and project management to European standard Bahwan: Wagenborg transporting a 55T vessel in Muscat port NEDLIFT B.V. 11
  13. 13. KW eeMSHaven eMerging The Eemshaven area is looking like an anthill these days. Two major power plant construction projects have been started to secure future power supply for the Netherlands. At the new built RWE KW Eemshaven, Wagenborg Nedlift is playing a major role in the project management, co-ordination and execution of the lifting activities. Nedlift’s Project Manager Harry Hartman explains. Crowded construction area of KW Eemshaven12 NEDLIFT B.V.
  14. 14. “During the initial planning phase of the project, along with them about issues involving the liftingabout 2 years ago, we were already involved in the works. Furthermore, my job is to get in contact withconstruction plans of our customer. In time, these new suppliers and subcontractors involved in theplans became more detailed and we were able to KW Eemshaven job. They can also profit from ourgive advice about crane positions and lifting work. It experience and we have a wide range of logistic servicesbecame more and more clear that this project was a to offer.”really complicated one. Various contractors would beworking on different plant locations simultaneously We will definetely hear more from Harry and his teamand the subsequent lifting activities would surely in future editions of Wagenborg Times!influence the construction processes.” Wagenborg Nedlift Project Manager Harry HartmanWith so many lifting activities and contractors on siteit was clear that proper project management and co-ordination was necessary. Therefore, Nedlift’s projectco-ordinator René van Amsterdam was appointed totake care of this. “René is permanently on site to takecare of co-ordination of all lifting activities. Today,about 15 cranes of various types are present on site.This number will increase rapidly during the next fewmonths when steel construction works on the mainbuilding and boiler structure will start. It is, of course,very important that all lifting activities can be donesafely without interrupting construction activitiesof others on site. René frequently communicateswith all parties involved to guarantee smooth liftingoperations. He is the contact person for projectmanagers, construction workers and crane operatorson site.”However, Harry’s job at KW Eemshaven is not finishedyet. “On the contrary! It is very important to keep intouch with our customers working on site and think NEDLIFT B.V. 13
  15. 15. WaTerTaxi14 PASSENGER SERVICES
  16. 16. Kluut, Plevier and Stern at quay HarlingeniaT WaDDen Sea Go whenever you want. A very fast crossing. These are the slogans that points of departure and arrival. A water taxi can therefore be hired to make st will be used by Wagenborg Watertaxi BV from the 1 of May 2010 with the a fast crossing from or to one of the other Dutch or German islands, or for a commissioning of three water taxis. These taxis, Kluut, Plevier and Stern crossing from or to, for example, Zoutkamp, Oostmahorn or Harlingen. were named on 23 April at the Frisian Yacht Club in Harlingen. The water The water taxis are available on call at all times between 06.00 and 24.00 taxis have been built by Dijkstra Jachtservice BV in Harlingen. The model hours. The transfer time between the islands and the mainland only takes and design are based on water taxis used elsewhere but the hulls have been about 15 minutes. Passengers can reserve a water taxi up to 30 minutes before specially adapted to the conditions in the Wadden Sea. Fitted with two 313 PK departure by phoning either 0900-9238 or 0900-WADTAXI. engines and two HJ274 water jets, these boats can reach speeds of approx. 50 The water taxis can carry a maximum number of 12 passengers on each trip. kilometres (27 knots) per hour during their trips. Fares can be paid by either using a cash card or a credit card. The water taxis are based on the island Ameland and in Lauwersoog. A water taxi works just like an ordinary taxi: the passenger determines the For further details, see www.wadtaxi.nl Wagenborg Watertaxi crew watching the launch of their brand new boats PASSENGER SERVICES 15
  17. 17. SLeeP WeLL ParT 2 Profile Wagenborg Offshore wagenborg offshore’s specialism is to carry out complex logistic projects in the oil and gas industry. at wagenborg offshore we simply don’t know the meaning of the word ‘impossible’. as part of royal wagenborg we have years of experience in shallow water transport and ice navigation and knowledge of all oil- and gas related transport disciplines all over the world. wagenborg Kazakhstan – subsidiary of wagenborg offshore – has been active in the Kazakhstan sector of the caspian sea since 1998. the activities consist of the provision of ice Breaking supply Vessels, shallow draft tugs and Living Quarter Barges utilized in support of drilling operations in the caspian sea.16 OFFSHORE B.V.
  18. 18. MV Debussy next to offshore island in Caspian SeaLast year, we reported about MV Debussy and MV Ravel, which were transformed from luxury rivercruise ships into fully utilized Living Quarter Barges (LQBs) destined for the Caspian Sea. Sincethen, a lot happened. Johan Adriaanse, Director Operations at Wagenborg Offshore, gives us anupdate.“Wagenborg Kazakhstan – subsidiary of Wagenborg Offshore – has been time the requirement for accommodation capacity increased considerably.active in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea since 1998, as contractor Since Wagenborg Kazakhstan was able to provide a quick solution forto AgipKCO. Initially the activities consisted of the provision of Ice the immediate need of high standard accommodation capacity, we wereBreaking Supply Vessels and Shallow Draft Tugs utilized in support of awarded contracts for the provision of 6 living quarters barges in total.”the consortium’s exploration drilling operations. These vessels were builtdedicated for the harsh conditions in the North Caspian”, Johan explains. Five LQB’s arrived at their destination in 2009 and commenced operations in July, September and November respectively. The last one, Bellini, is“In 2003, Wagenborg Kazakhstan was awarded the contract for the expected to be delivered in Bautino – Kazakhstan on or before contractoperational management of two Living Quarters Barges. We performed the deadline of June 12th 2010. At Holland Shipyards in Hardinxveld, theoperational management (including catering services) of these barges until crew is working hard to get LQB Bellini ready for departure by April 27thMarch 2010 and gained experience in this specific activity. In the mean 2010. The schedule is tight, however Johan is fully confident that it will be met. “Clearly the refurbishment of three existing LQB’s and building two new-built LQB’s in one season has been a very demanding exercise. We were able to achieve this thanks to the dedication, flexibility and positive attitude of all employees of Wagenborg Offshore/ Wagenborg Kazakhstan and yards and subcontractors involved”, he concludes. OFFSHORE B.V. 17
  19. 19. Profile Wagenborg Foxdrill wagenborg foxdrill – subsidiary of wagenborg offshore – is an expert in various activities within the oil and gas industry. one of our most important activities is rig moving- the assembly, disassembly and transport of drilling rigs, both onshore and offshore. we also assemble new offshore rigs, inspect and modify them. another activity is the installation of conductors, both onshore and offshore. we invest continuously in the development of our own people, both in their knowledge In the summer of 2009, Wagenborg Foxdrill and their professional skills. our own transport and hoisting carried out a very special rig move project for equipment always complies with the highest standards and can its customer KCA Deutag: moving onshore rig be deployed flexibly anywhere in europe. our enthusiastic and T47 from an offshore artificial island to another well-qualified team complies with regulations in the following offshore artificial island. A special move with areas - Quality (iso 9001), safety (Vca**), environment (iso special requirements. For this challenge, only 14001) and rope access (irata). one name came up in the mind of Edwin Ros, Operations Superintendent for KCA Deutag in i Kazachstan: Wagenborg Foxdrill.rig Move18 FOXDRILL
  20. 20. KE-F Island in Caspian Seain CaSPian Seae “When our customer requested us to move rig T47, we had some doubts about the feasibility of this operation. With every rig move, it is a challenge to keep the down-time of the rig as short as possible. T47 was placed on KE-F island 8 years ago, and back then it was decided that the rig would stay there permanently. Therefore, a lot of piping and electro-technical infrastructure was assembled for permanent use. Moving T47 from the this job. He knows the people of Wagenborg Foxdrill for more than 20 years already and together with them many complicated rig move jobs were carried out under harsh conditions. “Upon a joint inspection of T47 at KE-F island, Foxdrill’s project manager Ewold Jager came up with a fine plan to carry out the rig move. Within a island meant that a lot of this infrastructure had to be disassembled, which time frame of 140 days, T47 could be moved to its new location on EPC-3 would take quite a lot of time. Unproductive time, because the drilling rig artificial island. This plan convinced our customer of the feasibility of the could not be operational then.” rig move operation and soon we received a final go for the project,” Edwin explains. Soon after that, Foxdrill’s rig move crew flew in to the project site Although KCA Deutag has a crew of 150 skilled people working in the and the actual work could begin. From KCA Deutag side, Holger Egbers Caspian Sea area, Edwin felt that he would need some extra expertise on became project manager for the move. “During the first weeks, many operational delays occurred, mainly due to local bureaucracy, extensive legislation and regulations and unforeseen circumstances. But the Foxdrill people are used to those kind of developments: they can react rapidly and are able to change execution plans quickly if required” says Edwin. “During this project I again saw the character of Foxdrill: a problem solving, skilled and professional team with a constant focus on working safely. Together with their direct and short communication lines, this leads to an unrivalled position in the world when it comes down to complicated rig move operations.” In the end, T47 rig move was completed several weeks ahead of schedule. A fine piece of work and a good base for future projects in the Caspian area! KCA Deutag Operations Superintendent Edwin Ros working in his project office at KE-F Island FOXDRILL 19
  21. 21. SCa anD r SCa away from Home Tissue europe Wagenborg reining SCA is a global consumer goods and paper company Reining is a provider of logistic services that continuously that develops, produces and markets personal care searches for optimal solutions to logistic problems in products, tissue, packaging, publication papers and close co-operation with its customers. With its specialist solid-wood products. In the Away-From-Home (AFH) tissue knowledge of transport, warehousing and intermodal segment, SCA delivers complete hygiene concepts to transport, the company is able to offer an integrated institutions and companies. These include tissue products, package of logistic services. Our focus is always on dispensers, soap and services which are marketed under the customer. Good personnel and advanced ICT the global Tork brand. systems enable Reining to offer its customers an ever better service. Reining operates through branches in Hoogezand, Tilburg and Budapest. The company has 450 employees, 350 trucks and approximately 100,000 m2 of storage capacity.20 REINING B.V.
  22. 22. reining: a PerfeCT inTegraTion of THe aWay froM HoMe SuPPLy CHainFor many years now, Reining has taken care of the logistics for SCA Away From Home Benelux(AFH). At first, this was a matter of individual sub-processes, but it can now be rightly described asa fully integrated logistics process. Hometaking: Firstly, the products are brought from factories throughout the whole of Europe to the Benelux distribution centre in Tilburg. This is done using efficient volume combinations fitted with curtain sides and a liftable roof so that pallets of up to 3 metres high can be loaded and unloaded both quickly and free of damage. In certain cases, intermodal transport is a better solution. For example, the Reining Huckepack trailers can be put completely on a train and can then connect up seamlessly to the European road transport network. Warehousing: The goods are then stored in the warehouse and distributed from there to the customers. All kinds of value added activities are carried out in the warehouse such as strict quality controls and repacking. Distribution and direct deliveries: We take care of the distribution from the warehouse to the Tork dealer network by making use of our own people and equipment. The large customers are supplied directly from the factories. Regular delivery days are arranged for the distribution to certain geographical areas and so the customers get a guaranteed delivery and the trucks are loaded in the most efficient manner. The curtains of several of these trucks are printed with Tork branded (lifestyle) pictures, by which SCA and Reining present themselves as partners in the market.A fully integrated supply chain, from the factory to the customer, and with everything under our own control. REINING B.V. 21
  23. 23. new agreement SCA Away From Home Benelux (AFH) and Reining have recently prolonged their contract and are both very optimistic about the future. Commercial Director Ron Goselink of SCA AFH Benelux: ‘Due to synergy in the logistics process, we have been able to increase the level of service we provide to our customers and there has also been a significant decrease in the number of incorrect deliveries.’ SCA AFH Benelux has an in-house office in Reining’s Warehouse. According to Suzan Gelesits, Regional Manager Business Logistics, that is crucially important for a good co-operation. ‘It keeps the lines short and we stand together in the centre of the process’. Commercial Director Ron Goselink of SCA AFH Benelux22 REINING B.V.
  24. 24. business intelligence SustainabilityThe new Warehouse Management System is an important factor in the Sustainability is another important theme in this partnership. Reiningco-operation between SCA and Reining. The revolutionary Multi-site has taken its social responsibility seriously by investing in new and cleanerMulti-user WMS shows Reining in one glance a view of the total stock vehicles, but there is still some room for improvement when using thelevels at various locations. Furthermore, information is processed in existing equipment. For example, drivers receive special training to makereal-time, among others wireless scanning equipment. The WMS is linked them aware of their influence on the fuel consumption and reduction ofto by using the information systems of SCA, which ensures an efficient emissions of hazardous substances.and error-free exchange of information. Suzan Gelesits: ‘This real-timeinformation facility enables us to monitor the process by way of a limitednumber of key performance indicators and to immediately correct thesewhere necessary.’ REINING B.V. 23
  25. 25. Foundations for offshore windmill park Alpha Ventus towed to offshore construction site24 TOWAGE
  26. 26. Profile Wagenborg Towage wagenborg towage has a Mv SieSTa modern fleet of tugs with a total of 5,500 horse power. wagenborg towage is active in sea towage and salvage and SuCCeSSfuLLy has equipment to tug, hoist, lift, and transport objects, among which a floatable heavy lift crane and several river- and SaLvageD seagoing barges. a specially developed sounding vessel carries out hydrographic services in coastal waters.During the first week of March, Wagenborg Towage salvaged the city of Leer.MV Siesta,a former passenger ship of 60 metres long and 10 metres After the floating crane Triton had secured the Siesta and attachedwide. The MV Siesta had already been moored for several months it to the hoists, Wagenborg Towage emptied the wreck bywaiting to be dismantled. However, for some unknown reason, the pumping the water out. A short while later, the MV Siesta waswreck sprang a leak and sank in the industrial port of the German floating again and she was moored at the quay in Leer.MV Siesta in the hook of floating crane Triton TOWAGE 25
  27. 27. Wagenborg Bulk Terminal B.V. in Delfzijl is still a relatively new business of Royal Wagenborg. The bulk terminal is used to store and handle bulk products for both import and export of, in particular, animal feed, raw materials for the compound industry. booMing buLK bProfile Wagenborg Stevedoringwagenborg stevedoring operates modern multi-purposeterminals in the ports of delfzijl and eemshaven in the northof the Netherlands. the quays with a length of 1.400 metres,have roll-on/roll-off facilities and a deep draught. ourstorage capacity is 140.000 m2.from both delfzijl and eemshaven the connections withgermany and the Netherlands are excellent. this meansthat wagenborg can guarantee a seamless transport chain.goods from the Netherlands and germany are storedand transshipped in sea-going vessels via wagenborgstevedoring. cargo destined for the Northwest europeanmarkets finds its way over land and water via the moderntransshipment terminals in delfzijl and the eemshaven. 26 STEVEDORING B.V.
  28. 28. The first storage sheds at the Wagenborg Bulk Terminal were taken into ISO 14001 standards. The terminal is also certified in accordance with the use at the end of 2007. With a surface area of 10,000 m2, approx. 40,000 GMP requirements for storing animal feeds. tons of bulk goods can be stored in six separate halls. A modern transport conveyor belt system is used for the high speed loading and unloading of Wagenborg Bulk Terminal’s customers are very enthusiastic about theseg barges and sea-going vessels. The terminal also has excellent links with the new developments in Delfzijl and since the construction of the first sheds local road and rail transport networks. the demand for storage space has been enormous. In order to continue to serve the market well, it has been decided to double the capacity. The The storage sheds satisfy the highest quality requirements. Of course, building work currently taking place in Delfzijl will result in an extra Wagenborg Bulk Terminal is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and 40,000 tons of storage facilities before the summer.buSineSS! STEVEDORING B.V. 27