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Wagenborg times 2


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Wagenborg times 2

  1. 1. WAGENBORG TIMES16e jaargang nr. 4 - december 2007
  2. 2. Contents LECTORI SALUTEM .................................................................................................... 1 WAGENBORG NEDLIFT ....................................................................................... 2 WAGENBORG SHIPPING .................................................................................. 6 WAGENBORG OFFSHORE .......................................................................... 11Colophon A SPECIAL ON SUSTAINABILITY .................................................... 14Editorial staff:Connie WAGENBORG REINING ................................................................................ 18Henk WAGENBORG FERRIES .................................................................................... 20Contributors:Conny KolthofMichiel Kuizenga WAGENBORG PROJECTS & LOGISTICS...................................... 22Aad van LeeuwenMarten van der MolenCock Molle WAGENBORG STEVEDORING ............................................................... 26Connie van SonsbeekKlaus WirringKoos Zumkehr WAGENBORG TOWAGE .............................................................................. 27Edwin ZwartContact details:Wagenborg TimesPOB 14 Royal Wagenborg will attend:NL-9930 AA DelfzijlThe Netherlands North Caspick Oil & Gas Exhibition, Atirau, Kazakhstanphone +31 596 636247 April 9-11, 2008email contact: Mrs. Connie van Sonsbeek connie.van.sonsbeek@wagenborg.comDesign:Editorial staff Breakbulk Europe Conference & Exhibition, Antwerp, BelgiumPhotography: May 27-29, 2008Wilto Eekhof contact: Mrs. Regina WeverFlying Focus regina.wever@wagenborg.comFoto Groot-ObbinkAad van LeeuwenGert Jan Verbeek Power-Gen Europe, Milan, Italy June 3-5, 2008Henk Zuur contact: Mrs. Connie Lindhoud c.lindhout@wagenborg.comPrinters:Grafische Industrie De MarneLeens - Delfzijl - Groningen Kioge Almati, October 7-10, 2008 contact: Mrs. Connie van Sonsbeek1-2008
  3. 3. Royal Wagenborg Royal Wagenborg has expanded from being a ship’s charterer into an all-round logistic partner. The Secret to solid company’s guide is the market, which constantly demands more complete logistic solutions. and sustainable solutions Independently operated subsidiary companies are involved in shipping, We are glad to present you the second edition of our company stevedoring, offshore, road transport, magazine: Wagenborg Times. This edition contains many high-profile warehousing, crane rental, and projects, but it also has other accents. In various reports, customers and towage and passenger services. Wagenborg strives for the most employees describe their unique relationships with our company. comprehensive quality control, offering integrated solutions for A characteristic feature of these is that long-term vision focused on continuity, a most diverse range of transport people often have long-lasting ties with both in a financial sense and also with problems. our company. Wagenborg has got a clear respect to its employees, customers and environment. With a healthy financial basis, investments are being made in tailor-made logistic solutions linked with the customer’s processes. And employees are given the opportunity to develop and train themselves within the company. This leads to a unique combination of resources and manpower at Wagenborg: A wide range of equipment that can be used for a multitude of logistic solutions on land and water. Extensive knowledge and experience in all kinds of logistic fields, which is expressed by a solution-oriented and reliable mentality in all levels of our company. In particular, that last point is often decisive for customers, and it is then also regarded as being one of our most important company values. The fact that a sustainable environment also takes a leading role is a matter of course. Wagenborg is making major investments in sustainable solutions and environmentally-friendly techniques and this makes it a leader in the logistics branch. You can find out more about it in the section Sustainability in this magazine and furthermore, much attention is given to our solid solutions!Managing directors drs. Egbert Vuursteen (left) and drs. Rob Wagenborg ROYAL WAGENBORG 1
  4. 4. Wagenborg Nedlift Wagenborg Nedlift is a specialist Power in motion in the field of heavy transport and lifting. It offers a full package of Spring 2007: delight in the Projects Department of Wagenborg Nedlift in services for heavy lifting, heavy Hengelo. The order for the transport of 4 ultra-heavy transformers has transport and assembly, together just arrived in the letterbox! However, this order also means the start of with skilled and experienced one of the biggest challenges in the history of the Nedlift engineers….. engineering and project management. More than 350 employees in Europe work for The four transformers, of which the location crosses a bridge that will not customers in the oil and gas industry, heaviest two weighed no less than 330 withstand these weights. How can we petrochemical industry, food and tons, have got to be installed in the make sure that the load arrives at the beverage industry, basic industry, the power generation industry and transformer station in Diele in Northern destination and the bridge remains the construction industry. Germany. But the route to the project undamaged? ‘Simple’: you build a Bridge crossing operation of 330 tons transformer with hydraulic lifting gantry, skidding across the Temporary Bridge construction2 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  5. 5. temporary bridge over the existing tons. The system has been designed, engineers who did not want to miss thisbridge that stands on the land abutments, engineered, tested and certified by maiden project of ‘their’ system. It istransport the heavy load over the Wagenborg Nedlift. really great to see that everything goes astemporary bridge and bingo…. Well, planned… the bridge passage went verynot quite…. This was the start of the In November 2007, they were ready: smoothly phase for the Temporary Bridge the first two transformers were moved byConstruction of Wagenborg Nedlift. inland waterways from Linz to the harbour Final transport and placement on in Weener. After an immaculate ro-ro foundation were soon completed. TheThe TBC is a modular gantry system with operation, the convoy headed towards whole process was repeated again ina free span of more than 25 metres that Diele. A large crowd had gathered by February 2008 in the beautiful springcan transport a weight of more than 350 the bridge, including of course the TBC sunshine. Project details: Route: Linz Austria - Diele substation Germany Cargo: 4 heavy transformers, max. weight 330 tons Equipment used: Tugboat Waterman from Wagenborg Towage Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) Modular axlelines (conventional) Temporary Bridge Construction (25 metres, 400 tons cap) Hydraulic gantry system (720 tons cap) Side view of the bridge crossing operation Skidding & jacking system Roll-off operation of first transformer from barge with SPMT Arrival at site Diele substation ROYAL WAGENBORG 3
  6. 6. In the spotlight In 2007, Wagenborg Nedlift tooks its first steps on the road of ultra- heavy transport and lifting work. Besides satisfied customers, that also resulted in very nice photographs…. Insert article about Twence project: layout on newspaper style backgroundThe Demag will lift any weightHENGELO – It could easily play the ready for operation. For instance, a large sling. The job went very smoothly. Theleading role in the Megastructures number of contra-weights need to be fixed electrostatic filter is one of the componentsseries on Discovery Channel. to and on the crane. of the complicated flue-gas purificationWagenborg Nedlift’s Demag Yesterday, the crane drove for about installation of Twence’s third incinerationCC2600 can rightfully be called a twenty metres with the filter in the line.megacrane. This super crane wasbuilt in September last year on thesite of waste disposal companyTwence in Hengelo.There, the crane lifted a component ofTwence’s new, third incineration line tothe right place. The Demag caterpillarbuilding crane is almost as tall as severalother building cranes currently located onTwence’s site.But when it comes to lifting capacity, theDemag outranks the other cranes by along chalk. During yesterday’s lifting joba 65 ton electrostatic filter hung fromthe thick steel cables. But the crane iscapable of lifting a weight of 600 tons.“But that, of course, depends on severalmatters,” says Ad Bakkeren, WagenborgNedlift’s business unit manager. Andhe compares it to lifting a crate of beer.When you keep it close to your body, it’sa lot easier than when you lift with yourarms stretched out. “We have assembledthe crane especially for this hoist,” saysBakkeren.The assembly of the well over eightymetres high crane takes three days. Thecrane is then delivered on no less than 26lorries. After this, another two big cranes Demag CC2600 in full configuration lifting the second part of the filter installationare needed to make the Demag CC26004 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  7. 7. Crawlers at Kraftwerk Kraftwerk Emsland in Lingen, Germany is a brand new con- struction project for a conventional gas-fired power plant belonging to RWE. Wagenborg Nedlift was contracted for the lifting works of the steel construction and boiler parts. The company has been working continuously for several months with two heavy crawlers of 400 tons and 750 tons capacity to erect the 80 metres high boiler structure. With both skilled and enthusiastic crane drivers…LR1400-2 busy with handling heavy steel construction Ever enthusiastic crane operator Peter Verheijen isparts doing fine in LingenDuring the past year, Wagenborg Utilisation ship sections, engines, machine parts,Nedlift has attracted the attention With the new weighing system, prefab skids, bridges, etc.of the media several times Wagenborg Nedlift offers a completewith remarkable projects and service for weight and point of gravityinvestments in large heavy determination. The computerised system More information?transport and lifting equipment registers accurate details of all kinds of Order our brochure Weighing Systems(see our project reports in this constructions such as offshore modules, at nedlift@wagenborg.comedition). Besides a fleet of SPMTs Small and fineand heavy crawler cranes,Wagenborg Nedlift has investedin a weighing system. Not reallyan eye-catcher, but very useful formany occasions.Technical features• Load cells with weighing amplifier, capacity 50 tons per unit• Jacks with force sensor, capacity 90, 150 and 250 tons per unit• Synchronous modular weighing system• Fully computer controlled• System accuracy 0.3%• Digital readout via computer• Hardcopy weighing report on location via mobile printer ROYAL WAGENBORG 5
  8. 8. Wagenborg ShippingWagenborg Shipping BV takes greatpride in serving our customers andclients for more than 100 years.Today, more than a century later,the importance of shipping is evenbigger. Globalization and themerging of industries with new andspecific needs is the challenge foreveryone, and Wagenborg Shippingis meeting the needs of shippingtoday and for tomorrow. The total fleet Hans Koningsof more than 170 vessels, with an Report fromaverage age of less than 7 years old,is serving customers through out theworld. We see ourselves as a partnerin the logistic chain in which highquality vessels, combined with a veryskilled staff, crew and expertise arenot being compromised in any way. sunny TarragonaTeaming up with our clients and theshipping industry is what Wagenborg Wagenborg has a network of Apart from our market knowledge andShipping takes great effort in doing. branch offices all over the world. good performance, speaking Spanish andBeing able to offer an enormous In Tarragona, Spain, Hans Konings English (and also Dutch!) has been a greatflexibility and diversity within our fleet already manages the Spanish advantage . Once we got together withmakes it a winning combination forour numerous partners, as we like to branch for more than 7 years. Wagenborg and started Wave, the maincall our clients. During a short stay in Holland, our objective was to streamline both ownersA client faced with a sudden change editor got the chance to arrange work and go through one agent insteadin a shipping programme in size or an interview with him. of many, thus preventing time consumingdate is where Wagenborg Shippingshows its strength to immediately operations activities and creating time foradjust the performing vessel so the Hans, what brought you to Spain? owners chartering client can be served at its Well, when I worked in Amsterdam I wasrequest. asked to work in Spain for my company What are the main activities Cargill, who had an office in Madrid at for Wave?With the head office in TheNetherlands and offices in Sweden, the time. I went without any knowledge We are informed by the agents in theCanada, Greece, Spain and of the language, but liked what I encoun- load port which vessel will approach oneSingapore, the Wagenborg team tered ; got married in Madrid, started my or more Spanish ports. From that momenthas got the tools and the knowledge own business and never returned to the on we are in a daily contact with bothto serve the needs of the industry. Netherlands. the local agents and the office in Delfzijl.More than once we have designedand built a series of ships just to suit We minimize the stay in the port and thethe needs of a client and we are still What was your idea behind disbursement accounts. Apart from thisable to keep adjusting to the ongoing Wave Shipping? contact with the Chartering department,changes in the shipping world. After my period in Madrid I got involved we also assist other departments suchWagenborg Shipping was here a in agency work in Tarragona and started as crewing and fleet management. Thiscentury ago, and we are here to my own company, Platinex. Because way, we can avoid any delay in sailingstay for many more. A firm and solid of my experience in the grain market, for account of crew change or waiting formodern partner for your shipping we have been operating basically as spare parts.needs – today and tomorrow. a “charterers agent” for grain trading companies offering additional market Can you give us some figures? services to non-european companies. Of course; in the last 3 years Wave6 ROYAL WAGENBORG ROYAL WAGENBORG OY WA OYAL WA ENB RG G
  9. 9. handled an average of over 800 calls What will be the next challenge? the company will be closer to our mainper year dealing with more than 200 Having been successful with the step clients and ship agents, who also havedifferent Spanish agents in over 30 ports! by step approach and thus gaining their head offices in the capital. My fellowThe results have been positive since the mutual respect and confidence, new agent Tom Schellekens of Holland Hellenicbeginning. Basically we are able now to areas of cooperation have been opened in Greece is also involved in this projectget the best deals with the best agencies. throughout the years. At this moment and taking care of the eastern part ofMany bigger agency companies want to we are in the process of increasing our the Mediterranean. Our mutual future isdeal with us in many ports, but we aim for activities to the whole Mediterranean also exciting and challenging and the Wavethe best at good competitive rates. involving the other Wagenborg offices. team is looking forward to contribute her For that purpose Wave will open a new mite!In 2005, Wagenborg Nedlift opened a office in Madrid. As per today’s planningdepartment in Spain, established in our at the end of 2008 we will be operative Hans, thank you for this interview givingTarragona offices. The Mediterranean from Madrid. In the meantime Tarragona the readers the opportunity to get a glimpsemarket for heavy transport and lifting will maintain the office in order to handle behind the scenes of Shipping. Good luckis not easy, though a challenging one, the vessels locally and will take care of with your team with this challenging future!looking at the many construction projects some international clients that have givencoming up here. their confidence to Wave. From MadridNew “Rijnborg” put into serviceThe IHC Holland Dredgers B.V. Kinderdijk In 2007 the ultra-modern 1700 TEU ice-class 1A dedicated open hatchbuilt vessel is a dedicated ice-classed container feeder “Rijnborg” was delivered to Wagenborg Shipping hatch container carrier with a con-tainer capacity of 1700 TEU with a 7.70metres draft. The “Rijnborg” has beenfitted with two diesel engines of 7500 kWeach, which together drive one propeller.That offers an enormous flexibility inspeeds without either overloading theengines or making them run dirty be-cause of under-loading. The propulsioninstallation (6L46F Wärtsilä) produces aservice speed of 21 knots. The extremelyefficient container ship has been fitted outto carry containers of all kinds and sizes.Next to that she can also quickly load andunload large quantities in relatively smalland shallow harbours.The general particulars of the “Rijnborg”are: overall length 176 metres, lengthbetween the perpendiculars 166.50 me-tres, breadth 23.70 metres, vertical depth11.00 metres, depth 7.70 metres, DWT16,450 ton. ROYAL WAGENBORG 7
  10. 10. From drawing table... ... to launchingA Wagenborg vessel like the “Lauwersborg” is made out of some tens of thousands of steel parts - a totalweight of steelweight 1800 tons. They are connected by tens of thousands of kilometres of welding. But itall begins with one piece of iron. This article gives you an idea of how the logistics process at Royal NiesternSander BV in Delfzijl works.It all begins in the drawing office. Inch by inch, the ship is designed in a drawing program: bits of steel connected with other bitsof steel, the gigantic dampers in the funnel, and the ceiling partitions in the crews’ cabins: it’s all in the program. At Royal NiesternSander, all the drawings are made 3-dimensional and Wagenborg Shipping is closely involved in the process. The cooperationbetween both companies is even that close that a few years ago Wagenborg decided to acquire an interest in the docks.Always looking for the optimal flow lineEvery space on board the ship is carefully worked out in detail so that everything is known about the layout of each space moreor less by walking through it virtually.(plans and the budget.) KNS often builds in series for Wagenborg, and this means thatany imperfections can easily be erased from the drawings for the following vessels: therefore, ships are built ever better andmore efficiently. The flow lines of the ships are very important because of their influence on speed, fuel consumption, seakeepingperformance (accelerations) and even noise and vibrations.Research is always done to find the optimal flow line and, when it isfound, it is tested on scale models. “This part of the process just keeps you busy for ages,” says Theo Klimp, head of the drawingoffice. “Sometimes, you make a beautiful design that really works well in calm water, but as soon as the first swell appears the shipgrinds to a halt. That’s not what you want, of course.”The ship is designed in the drawing office. Each A computer-controlled robot cuts the 10,000 steel The parts are delivered like a kind of building pac-steelpart is given its own, unique number. parts out of a large variety of steelplates and profile kage to the yard. About 70% of the material for the sizes (12 mm thick steel plate) from 6 up to 60 mm ship is supplied from outside the yard. In total, more thickness than 80 suppliers are involved in the building process.First step: assembling and weldingMost of the steel is ordered at “Centraal Staal” in Groningen where all the pieces are cut to size by a robot and are delivered atthe right moment in the buildingprocess and in the right order. This is called Logistics Support Supply. After the materials have beendelivered, the steel parts (metal) are welded together bit by bit. A tight schedule is needed because every delay causes other delaysand affects the building schedule). Doorduin says: “It’s a major logistics operation.” Every day, you need to adjust that process, asDoorduin knows. For example, six weeks ago, the screw propeller was delivered late, and so was the engine. And if the engine hasnot been fitted in, the superstructure cannot be installed, and so the engine cannot be hoisted down in the engineroom but needs tobe (shoved) skidded into the engine room later on, via the space beneath the superstructure.The 10,000 steel parts are welded The ships bottomsections (hull) and the When a double-walledtogether at the yard into a total of sidesections are made separately in the as- U-formed part (ring42 large sections (segments.) sembly hall. The three parts are completely section, approx. 150 turned around once during the production tons) is ready, it is rolled process to facilitate efficient welding (the outside and welded (on) work). After that the sides are hoisted up on to the rest of the ships to the bottomsection and welded together. hull.8 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  11. 11. From drawing table...... to launchingThousands of signaturesThe whole logistics process takes place at the Royal Niestern Sander yard. Everything needs to be done in the right order if onlybecause – depending on the size – about ten thousand different steel parts go into one ship. 1800 tons of steel were used for justthe “Lauwersborg” alone. Together with the engine and all the other equipment (parts), the unladen weight rises to above 2000tons. When a section (hullpart) has been finished, it is checked twice. A supervisor from the shipping company and one from theclassification society ( bureau) (which grants the certificates and monitors the ship is built in accordance with the legal rules andregulations (norms) check whether everything has been done according to the drawings and their strict quality standard and thensign them. By the time a ship has been finished, thousands of signatures have been signed. The deckhouse is completely assembled and fitted out sepa- rately from the ship and the navigation- and communicationThe seven major parts of the ship are assembled at equipment is installed in the bridge. Besides a completethe yard: the forward part, the stern, three equally living quarters for the crew, it also contains a galley, an of-spaced (inner) midship parts and the deckhouse. fice, a dining area, washrooms, numerous technical areas and thousands of metres of cables and pipelines for the various systems on board. The complete deckhouse is installed on the ship with the aid of an enormous crane.Thirty thousand fewer man-hoursAlong the way, optimal efficiency is always the goal. On a ship like the “Lauwersborg,” roughly 30,000 fewer hours are workedcompared to fifteen years ago. At that time, a hull was still welded in the open air and was exposed to every kind of weather, withlimited crane capacity. Nowadays we have large workshops with hoistingcapacity up to 200 tons and a lot of equipment is deliveredas a module,which is prefabricated more efficiently in the suppliers’ factory. Jan Doorduin: “We are even studying to subcontractthe small steel panel work as well, so that we can get the sub-panels delivered too,instead of loose steel parts.By doing so the logistic complexity at the yard is reduced drastically.Meanwhile we are extensively investing in new production halls and organisation of the material flow. (If there are sixteen parts on asmall panel, you’ve got sixteen bottlenecks as well. Subcontracting means we can reduce this to just one bottleneck per part.”) When the forward part has been put in place and assembled the vessel is ready to be launched. (In addition to the ship itself,) the vessel contains much more than only its cargo carrying function: Propulsion, Power supply , auxiliary functions such as fresh water generation, airconditioning, heating ,and crew accomodation with related hotel functions. Once at sea ,it is operating completely independent. (there are four other main elements: the engine, the propellor and the installations (the heating and air conditioning systems, etc.).) The blades of the propellor are adjustable. As a result, the propulsion power (effect and the capacity) of the The forward part (the bow-section) of the ship is towed propellor can be changed at a constant revolution on a pontoon by two tugs from one of the the assem- speed of the main engine, resulting in a more optimal bly halls to the slipway at the yard. engine load (and fuel consumption) and allowing the mainengine to generate not only propulsion power but also electricity ROYAL WAGENBORG 9
  12. 12. From the drawing table... From... to launchingThe shower curtain is already thereIt’s not enough to say that it’s just a ship that is being built: a ship is in fact a fully independently functioning living community. RobWildschut, managing director of KNS, says: “They produce their own electricity, their own drinking water, they clear their ownwaste: it’s a complete factory! And the superstructure is the hotel for the crew.” As a matter of fact, the superstructure for the next shipis already waiting on the building site, ready to be fitted. Jan Doorduin: “That one is all finished: the shower curtains are alreadythere...” The ship is ready to be launched. This takes place sideways. The ship is now kept in place on the sleds by a series of hydraulic During the assembly, the ship stands on 2 meter high pillars pumps. When the hydraulic pumps are switched off, the ship starts to fitted with steel wedges on the quayside. Sleds are placed slide towards the quayside. under the ship during the week before the launching and in the The correct balance of weight distribution and distribution of the sleds end the steel wedges are knocked away in specific order, just and after launching tugboats at the bow and stern ensure that the ship before ends up in the water in the proper way. The traditional naming ceremony , freeing the pillars under the ship and transferring the weight of the ship on these sleds. The “Lauwersborg” was named by Mrs. Tineke Huizinga-Heringa, State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.Bouke Nielsen/DvhN The launching of mv “Lauwersborg”10 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  13. 13. Wagenborg Offshore Wagenborg Offshore, established in 1998, renders offshore and onshore services for the oil and gas industry and provides complex logistical offshore and onshore projects Wagenborg Offshore -qualified for the following certificates: ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001- possesses material of the highest quality standards and the most up-to date technological means..Wagenborg Foxdrill abroadLast year, Wagenborg Foxdrill was agreed that special polar clothingcelebrated its 40th anniversary needed to be purchased for the job. Thetogether with its personnel. clothing kit chosen consisted of threeFortunately, most of the employees insulating and breathing layers: thermalwere able to attend this special underwear, a fleece intermediate layermilestone. At other festivities, the and a working suit. The whole kit wasvenue and the band occasionally completed with face masks, balaclavas,had to be cancelled because 75% snow goggles, super thermal socks andof the employees were working boots with an insulating inner shoe. Theand unable to attend the party. project took place during the coldestIn all those years, Wagenborg months of the year: December andFoxdrill has visited many January. The T-2000 rig was assembledplaces and countries to carry by Wagenborg Foxdrill together with KCAout its projects to the complete Deutag in temperatures that frequentlysatisfaction of its customers. An dropped to even - 40°C. The plannedoverview of the most remarkable assembly time was 42 days, divided overprojects in this decade: two teams. Even with a weeks’ delay, because of adjustments to the location,2002, T-2000 Siberia: our people were able to assemble theWhen the Soviet Union fell apart in 1993, complete rig within 35 days! Since the first job, Wagenborg Foxdrillthe Russian Federation’s hunt for “black has made occasional visits Siberia togold” began in the new millennium. KCA All the employees really enjoyed the either disassemble, move or fix parts ofDeutag has managed to enter the Russian adventure in Siberia, partly because the rig. This is done at several locations inmarket. Based on long term co-operation of the fact that they didn’t suffer from Siberia.and mutual trust, Wagenborg Foxdrill was the extreme cold for even a minute! Rigasked to assemble the T-2000 drilling rig builder Arjan Weusthof said: “We didn’t 2004, Eirik Raudein Noyabirsk. As usual, the risks of the notice at all that the temperature was Cuba-Canada-Norway:undertaking were assessed. The extreme often below - 35°C. Besides, we had the Perhaps the most peculiar journeycold posed the biggest threat. After deli- best clothing kit of the whole international made by any of Wagenborg Foxdrill’sberating on the matter with specialists, it community: even better than the huskies!” employees. Customer Ocean Rig asked11 ROYAL WAGENBORG 11
  14. 14. of two parts: the driving of conductors for AGIP in Kazakhstan and for BP in Azerbaijan. Wagenborg Foxdrill invested in the equipment and in May the S-90 pile drivers were transported to Kazakhstan, where activities started on D-island in June. In September, the S-150 pile drivers were transported to Azerbaijan where the first activities started in April 2006 on the West Azeri Platform. This kind of project demands a lot of patience on the part of our employeesWagenborg Foxdrill to install wind- And so, once again, a group of Wagen-breaking panels all around the “Eirik borg Foxdrill’s employees travelled toRaude” rig. As it happened, Ocean Rig, unknown places. Unfortunately, thehad been ordered to do a job under weather during the journey was very bad,Arctic conditions in Norway. As usual, the so the employees were only able to doemployees were approached before they some preparation work. However, oncewere taken on for the project. No wonder they arrived in Norway, the job was soonthe employees were very surprised when completed.they were told that the rig was in Cuba! 2005, S-150 hydraulic pile driverOn the pretext of “time is money,” the Azerbaijan:customers asked Wagenborg Foxdrill In 2005, Wagenborg Foxdrill awardedwhether it would be able to start on the a contract for Weatherford (for a periodjob during the journey from Cuba via of five years) to drive conductors into theCanada to Norway. Caspian Sea. The contracts consist out12 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  15. 15. because they need to arrive at an earlystage to prevent delays to the platformin case of late arrival. In that case,employees often get stuck for days waitingin a hotel in either Atyrau or Baku beforethey can go offshore.2007, T-211 Algeria:“Thank goodness, it’s October,” peoplewere already cheering. “Then thetemperature’s bearable and there’seven a chance of frost at night!” Now, rigs were taken down again and were 2008, three times Siberia:what’s all this about? Yes, indeed: the transported to Algeria. From then on, Wagenborg Foxdrill’s employees trydesert! Earlier that year, two fast moving Wagenborg Foxdrill also started with the on their winter outfits in Oldenzaal anddrilling rigs were built for Bentec in Bad assembly of the T-211 in the Algerian leave to perform three different kinds ofBentheim. After commissioning, both desert. Employees were asked whether rig moves in Siberia. Moving the T-501 they were interested in assembling this from Kalcha to Ust Tegus (a distance of drilling rig in Algeria as well, and the 350 km), moving the T-500 in the Novy file named “working under conditions of Urengoj field (over a distance of 70 km) extreme heat” was taken out again. The and moving the T-392 in the Salym field plan suffered some delays, which enabled (a distance of 10 km). The employees the assembly to take place in October. leave their hearth and home and change This work went very smoothly thanks to to mobile accommodations and the the impressive dedication to the job by piercing cold that racks Siberia in the Wagenborg Foxdrill’s employees and winter. the customer. Our activities were closely observed by four-footers in their familiar During the course of time, Wagenborg surroundings. Foxdrill’s employees have travelled all over the world, and very often a change of plan has been solved in the short term thanks to flexibility of these employees. Less stable countries are also visited for jobs. Moreover, Wagenborg Foxdrill continues to make itself ever more professional and is adapting itself to the ever more international market. To become less dependent on subcontractors and to raise the safety standards, Wagenborg Foxdrill has decided to let itself be certified by FPAL, a database for contractors in the oil and gas industry and IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) to be able to undertake rope access activities autonomously. Wagenborg Foxdrill is registered in FPAL under number: 10051101 ROYAL WAGENBORG 13
  16. 16. How do we remain a progressiveorganisation that knows how todistinguish itself on innovationand customer-orientation in theyears to come as well as we havedone for more than a hundredyears already?And how do we make sure thatthe impact of our activities on ourenvironment will be minimized sothat it will also be preserved forfuture generations?In this special on sustainability you willread how we, as Royal Wagenborg,accept our social responsibilities and how A special onwe constantly keep looking for a balancebetween financial-economic results,social interests and the environment.Also, we will focus on several sustainabledevelopments currently taking place inour organisation. sustainabilitySustainable business rewardedFor several decades already,Wagenborg Ferry Services hasbeen in charge of ferry crossingsto Ameland and Schiermonnikoogin the vulnerable Wadden Sea.When you work daily in such alovely nature reserve, it’s logicaland necessary that you treat itwith responsibility.The fact that we take our responsibilitiesseriously is shown, among others, by thecommitment of our colleagues and theway we design our ferries. For example,our ferry ‘Sier’ has won the EnvironmentalAward for the Shipping Industry. Thestarting point for the design of this fer-ry was minimizing the impact on the14 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  17. 17. vulnerable Wadden environment. In thisway, ‘Sier’ was made a very environment-friendly ferry that is also operationallyvery efficient. The jury that gave usthe Environmental Award also praised“the overall sustainable business policyof Wagenborg Ferry Services.” Someexamples of the sustainable methods:Reducing unnecessarypackaging wasteTo reduce the quantity of packaging This helps to reduce the emission of CO2 been constructed in such a way that in thewaste of the buffets, packaged drinks as much as possible. Moreover, low event of a collision, no oil can end up inare scarcely sold and instead we have sulphurous gas oil is used as a fuel to the water because the ferries have beenchosen for a post-mix installation. This reduce the emission of SOX. fitted with double walls and oil tanks areis an installation in which cooled water separated from the outer wall of the ferryand carbon dioxide gas are mixed with Zero dumping as much as possible.a concentrated syrup. In this way we New ferries fully comply with the principlecan offer the commonly known soft drink of zero dumping. This means that not Experiment with alternative fuelsbrands without causing any packaging even a drop of waste water or oil from With the fuel supplier and enginewaste. the ferry can end up in the Wadden Sea. fabricators we are discussing the As a result, even rainwater that runs over possibility of mixing 10% of biodiesel intoReducing emission the deck is collected; the same goes for the gas oil as fuel for the ferries. We areWhen we build new ferries we choose fluids that leak from the vehicles parked also examining the possibilities of naturalengines with a low fuel consumption. on deck. Furthermore, the ferries have gas as an alternative fuel in the future.Careful driving combined withtechnological progress Our Wagenborg Reining and Wagenborg Nedlift divisions offer our customers tailor-made logistic solutions in the field of conventional, voluminous and special transport and well over 500 lorries travel throughout Europe daily. To minimize the impact of all those vehicles on our environment as much as possible, we have defined two goals: 1. Reduce fuel consumption 2. Minimise harmful emissions Especially for the first goal, we see a lot of synergy between, on the one hand, ROYAL WAGENBORG 15
  18. 18. emission standards. By now, for instance, more than 30% of our fleet of vehicles are fitted with Euro 5 engines with “ad blue”. A special SCR-catalyst – that has been integrated in the exhaust damper - in our new Euro-5 engines makes sure that Ad-blue is injected so that the emission of noxious substances is reduced. This most recent type of engine results in a significant reduction of harmful emissions such as fine particles and nitrogen oxidecutting down on unnecessary fuel costs drivers are actively guided to drive in an and this makes them comply with theand, on the other hand, reducing our economical way. strictest European emission standards.impact on the environment. Alongside this, we fitted all Euro-3Besides technical innovations, we also To achieve the second goal, we especially powered trucks with soot filters in 2007.focus on the drivers, who have a strong focus on the technique to reduce the The soot filter reduces the emission ofinfluence on their own fuel consumption, harmful emissions of our vehicles as much noxious substances by 50%. Thanks toto achieve this goal. For example, already as possible. For several years now, we these and other developments, Royalin 2006, we started with Eco-drive have been investing very deliberately in Wagenborg is taking the lead in makingtraining courses. During these courses new vehicles that comply with very strict its vehicle park cleaner.Green Ro-Ro vesselsThe traditional colours of the Wagenborgvessels are grey and red. But some of thevessels are now turning green: they havebeen equipped with special techniques tospare the environment. Major investmentshave been made in the most recentsustainable technology for all the newvessels. Wagenborg is thereby making avaluable contribution to preventing andreducing environmental pollution.16 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  19. 19. At Wagenborg, we do not simply let ourselves be tied down by proven methods and technology. We also participate in research projects and pilots. We are currently investigating the following technological developments: 1. Research for a new technique to treat ballast water (in co-operation with NIOZ) 2. Ship Performance Analyzer: software that analyzes vessel performances and results in significant fuel savings. 3. Participation in a long-term study that uses hydrogen as a fuel. This hydrogen is produced by bioethanol. 4. Ballast Free Vessel: research study to come to a ship design requiring no ballast at all, whereby the transfer of invasive species will be totally eliminated. 5. Application of nozzle on multiHere below is an overview of a few important developments. purpose vessels: research study into the application of a nozzled Technical feature Green result propeller instead of an open The installation of SCR systems on board the “S” propeller to further reduce the Leads to lower Nox-emission and “B” vessels fuel consumption and thereby to Connection to the electricity network on land decrease harmful emissions. The 6kV shore connection on board the “S” and leads to less use of polluting and inefficient diesel “B’’ series generators In this way, Royal Wagenborg has been The ballastwater treatment plant onboard the Protecting the marine environment against foreign a sustainable enterprise for more than “B” series. species. a hundred years and we are still ahead The use of low sulphur heavy fuel of a higher with new developments. standard than compulsory on the “B” and “S” Leads to lower emission of SOx series. Use of “Wasser” anti-slip paint on the RoRo Leads to less maintenance and less chemical decks of the “S” series contamination The collection of rainwater and oil leaks on the Less water pollution “B” series and passenger ferries Installation of the “CUBE” on board the More efficient combustion, less sludge; less fine Schieborg particles and fuel savings Prevention of an unnecessary number of lashings Installation of sensors and a cargo computer on and damage to the cargo board the “S” series ROYAL WAGENBORG 17
  20. 20. Wagenborg Reining Reining is a provider of logistic services that continuously searches for optimal solutions to logistic problems in close cooperation with its customers. With its specialist knowledge of transport, warehousing and intermodal transport, the company is able to offer an integrated package of logistic services. Our focus is always on the customer. Good personnel and advanced ICT systems enable Reining to offer its customers an ever better service. Reining operates throughout Europe and has branches in Hoogezand, Dongen, Tilburg and Budapest. The company has 450 employees, 350 trucks and approximately 100,000 m2 of storage capacity. Reining has developed dedicated Warehousing activities for some of its larger customers.Reining - The Logistic ConReining is a company providing informed of their order status at all logistics services. We The equipment is universal and efficientlyalways look out for the best deployable. That makes it easier to matchsolutions to logistical issues. Our up various flows of goods, whether theythree business units, Transport, are light and voluminous or heavy. WeWarehousing and Intermodal, own special volume combinations andmake it possible for us to offer mega trailers both fitted with curtain sidesintegrated solutions for packaged and an elevating roof. That greatly speedsgoods logistics. Our scale and up the loading and unloading process.professionalism ideally position usto cover the entire logistics chain Reining Warehousingfor our customers. Reining Warehousing attends to the storage and handling of goods in theReining Transport broadest sense of the word at the ware-Our business unit Reining Transport houses in Hoogezand and Tilburg. Thecarries out road transport with its own warehouses are suitable for the storage ofpeople and equipment. That way we all types of packaged goods. ICT facilitiesmaintain a tight grip on the process and are of great importance to warehousing.are able to guarantee quality standards. We can easily link our own systems to ourOur state-of-the-art ICT facilities, such customers’ information systems. Processesas on-board GPS computers and the have been mechanised wherever possibleAdvanced Planning System, make it and information is processed real time bypossible for us to keep our customers using wireless scanning.18 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  21. 21. Long-term relationship with IKEA We are proud to present IKEA as wages and compensation for overtime; one of our customers. Especially reducing waste and emissions; and because IKEA is one of the leading handling, storing and disposing waste organisations on environmental in an environmentally safe manner. and legal right issues, in Service providers must comply with these particular, in relation to people’s standards and are thoroughly supported working and living conditions. and monitored by IKEA to reach and maintain the high standards desired. To make their position clear, IKEA has established the IWAY Code of Conduct This focus on quality and responsibility which defines their requirements on matches the Reining philosophy perfectly. social and working conditions and We are an innovative company and are the environment. This IWAY Code of very much aware of today’s environmental Conduct contains several standards, issues. To us, Corporate Social and such as providing a healthy and safe Environmental Responsibility is more than working environment; paying decent a slogan: we also put it into practice.nnection As well as storage, Reining also offers value added logistics, such as packaging and repackaging goods, labelling and settling customs formalities. The warehouses are equipped with the latest burglary and fire protection technologies. Reining Intermodal In certain cases intermodal transport offers a better solution than traditional road transport. They include goods flows with relatively constant call-up patterns, low order fluctuations and flows where the speed of delivery is a less important factor. Offering transport by road, rail and waterway, together with our warehousing, means that we offer an integrated logistics package. In combination with the other Wagenborg divisions, Reining offers a single point of contact for your entire logistics process, however complex it may be. ROYAL WAGENBORG 19
  22. 22. Wagenborg Ferries New regular Wagenborg Ferries, with approxi- mately 85 staff and modern equip- ment, provides passenger services ferry service both from Esonstad and Lauwersoog Since Spring 2007, there has been a new regular ferry service between to Schiermonnikoog and from Hol- werd to Ameland. Quality service and Schiermonnikoog and the mainland of Friesland. In addition to the equipment are given top priority. regular service from Lauwersoog, Wagenborg now provides a second In Holwerd a parking-lot is being ferry service with a capacity of up to 85 passengers between Landal operated offering space to Esonstad and Schiermonnikoog. Wagenborg Ferry Services will use the approximately 2000 cars. “Esonborg”, built in 1999, for this daily service.Her Majesty on board the M.S “Esonborg”“Many of our guests make daytrips to the islands. This ferry service suits LandalEsonstad perfectly. The opportunity to explore National Park Lauwersmeer, the FrisianIslands and National Park Schiermonnikoog from the water is very valuable to theguests,” says Jan ten Hoor, the Landal Esonstad park manager. “For Wagenborg,this new line is one with a very attractive charisma. The surroundings of the smallharbour of the Lauwersmeer and the picturesque fortress alone are well worth visiting,”according to Ger van Langen, manager of Wagenborg Ferry Services, which realisesabout 8000 crossings on an annual basis.Mayor Cazemier of Dongeradeel district says: “This service is run by an authentic androyal company and came about partly because a new, very young organisation tookthe initiative to set up a recreation park here.”20 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  23. 23. Visit by Queen Beatrix to the Lauwersmeer area and SchiermonnikoogOn Wednesday the 13th of June 2007, Queen Beatrix paid a visit to the area of the Lauwersmeer and Schiermonnikoog. The visitstarted in Lauwersoog, where she was welcomed by Messrs. J.G.M Alders and E.H.T.M. Nijpels, respectively Royal Commissionersin the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. Led by Mr. Nijpels, they made a visit to recreation park Esonstad. From Esonstad, thejourney went onwards to Schiermonnikoog on board the M.S. “Esonborg”. After a reception on board hosted by Rob Wagenborg,Ger van Langen and Captain Anne Lourens, the party, consisting of the members of the royal household and both the commissioners,enjoyed a delightful and informal lunch. At the end of the visit to Schiermonnikoog, the press and invited guests sailed back toLauwersoog on the M.S. “Esonborg” again. The Queen left Schiermonnikoog by helicopter. The Queen and her retinue are welcomed on board the “Esonborg” by Rob Wagenborg, Ger van Langen and Captain Anne Lourens ROYAL WAGENBORG 21
  24. 24. Wagenborg Projects & Logistics Wagenborg Projects & Logistics is specialised in multimodal transport projects involving combinations of transport by road, rail, inland waterways and the sea. A complete transport solution from the production location to the final destination, anywhere in Europe. Wagenborg Projects & Logistics forms the link between the various Wagenborg divisions and performs your complete multimodal transport on a turnkey basis.In August 2007, Wagenborg Projects & Logistics (WPL) was asked by Five Oceans Services to find a solutionfor the transport of a so-called Turntable and an Accommodation Unit, with a weight of respectively 235 and55 tons, from Norway to Denmark on one of our ship’s decks. Turntable round trip22 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  25. 25. Turntable round tripThe Turntable had a diameter of 15 WPL’s connections reach far and wide The journey, normally 14 days, tookmetres, whereas the Accommodation and our agent in Egypt saw some good 19 days in total, partly due to the badUnit had a width of 31.2 metres but a opportunities for the unloading in Port weather in the Mediterranean Sea butheight of 8.5 metres. In the Wagenborg Said using a floating sheerleg. In Port especially in the Bay of Biscay, whereShipping fleet, a suitable ship was found, Said, the Turntable was stored until the the ship sometimes listed 40 degreesand at the beginning of November Gouweborg was ready to load. At the and made no more than 4 knots, which2007 in the Handangerfjord and in beginning of March, the time had come. considering the bad weather wasn’t evenStavanger, the cargo was taken aboard After loading some of the parts, the that bad.the M.S. Imke, bound for Frederikshavn loading of the Turntable began. Because itin Denmark. End of task, so it seemed. had to be placed on deck in the centre of At the customer’s request, WPL supervisedBut….immediately after the delivery in the ship, a solid wooden floor was fitted the unloading and the transport from theDenmark, the question rose whether to create good weight balance. After that, harbour to the final destination.another Turntable in Egypt could be some good lashing and securing workloaded off the cable layer and be was done, which later on did not turn out And so, once again, WPL took a weightreturned to Denmark. to be unnecessary… off this customer’s shoulders and made him very happy indeed! ROYAL WAGENBORG 23
  26. 26. Wim JagerTight scheduleLast year, Nacap Land & Marine Joint Venture successfully completed the installation of an approximately200 kilometres long gas pipeline in South Wales. The gas pipes had to be dug into the ground at a depth of atleast 1.2 metres, and the pipeline passes numerous roads, railways and rivers. In Swansea, a big storagesite was arranged to store the 48” steel gas pipes and the site was also used as a central storage point forthe necessary equipment. During the peak of the operation, no less than 200 heavy machines were used, likeside booms, crawler cranes, pay welders, bending machines and excavators: a big logistic job to mobilise allthis equipment in good time.Wim Jager, Nacap BV’s logistic and section of a pipe line from Milford Haven and brought together in Swansea. And Iequipment manager has worked to Birmingham in 2006. Here, the pipe have to say that Wagenborg played anintensively on this project in Swansea for line was connected to the English gas important part in this.”two years, being responsible for, amongst network (National Grid) and it nowother things, the certification, maintenance supplies 20% of the gas consumption in What was the contact withand the comings and goings of the England. A lot of the equipment for the Wagenborg like?equipment. Wagenborg Times would like installation of this pipe line came from “Very good, because you get one centralto know how this huge pipeline project Holland, but new pipe layers from the contact point for the whole started. United States and even machines from In this case, Cock Molle was my sparring“We already started preparations for Saudi Arabia were also delivered. All partner, and together with him, I was ablethe installation of a 196 kilometres long this had to be mobilised in a short time to steer the whole transport operation24 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  27. 27. in the right direction. Of course, there package and sail to the destination Insert South Wales Projectare numerous players in this field, but harbour directly. The pipeline was laid in response toWagenborg’s plan seemed the best to me, Great Britain’s growing need to importand with a relatively small load, about 3 It was Cock who came up with the idea to gas. In that context, contracts have beento 4,000 tons per journey, the transport use Wagenborg Nedlift’s hydraulic cranes concluded for the supply of LNG (liquefiedby means of Wagenborg ships turned for the loading, which was carried out natural gas) by sea. Two landings wereout to be the best option. The first thing without any problems and above all very built in South Wales, close to Milfordyou think of is a ro-ro ship of course, but fast. In total, seven direct shippings from Haven, to moor the LNG tankers. Thesethose ships are much bigger and more the Wagenborg terminal in Delfzijl and landings make it possible to unship LNGexpensive. Moreover, with a combination the Eemshaven to the Swansea harbour and to store it in large storage tanks.load and so many ports of call, you have been accomplished.” The LNG is then prepared for onwardwouldn’t have any certainty about the transport by pipeline to Great Britain’stime of arrival. I have had times when I A Wagenborg Nedlift telescopic natural gas network. A huge amount ofhad to spend weeks in a harbour waiting crane, parked in the shade of the 13th specialist pipeline equipment was neededfor the equipment and that’s really not century Juffer Tower in Schildwolde. An to get the work finished quickly. Most ofsomething you want. Wagenborg can accidental, but perfect background for a the equipment, which even includes sidegive you that certainty because they have portrait of Wim Jager, whose mind, being booms from the U.S.A. and machineryall sorts of ships, big ones and small ones, the Nacap logistic manager, is already from Saudi Arabia was delivered bythat can be geared to the kind of transport set on the next job. Wagenborg Shipping. ROYAL WAGENBORG 25
  28. 28. Wagenborg A huge amount ofStevedoring horsepower under Wagenborg has modern multi- purpose terminals in the harbours of Delfzijl and Eemshaven in the one roof in Delfzijl North of the Netherlands. The quay length amounts to 1400 metres and Last summer, a customer experienced is equipped with, among others, this with a large number of heavy engine roll-on and roll-off facilities. The parts. In limited space of time, over 30 depth next to the quay amounts to truckloads needed to be stored in and 12 metres. The storage capacity, spread out on the warehouse surface to which does not include the capacity of Wagenborg Bulk Terminal, make room for treatment and packing. amounts to 100,000 m2. Delfzijl The parts concerned were so-called and Eemshaven have excellent factory rebuilt engines. Under the connections with the hinterlands coordination of Wagenborg Projects & of Germany and the Netherlands, which means that goods can flow Logistics, these parts were transported along the entire logistic chain without to Delfzijl, handled in, packed in anti- delay. For example, goods from the corrosive foil and kept in permanent Netherlands and Germany can be storage. On demand, load out and stored at Wagenborg Stevedoring transportation to the factory will take and loaded on to sea and inland waterway vessels. Conversely, place whenever needed. Heavy parts, cargoes destined for the North West or the ones that cannot be handled by European markets can be transported forklift due to their nature, are lifted by further over land and water via a hydraulic gantry (four-point-lifting- the modern terminal in Delfzijl, if necessary after a period in storage. system) operated by Wagenborg Nedlift. Wagenborg Stevedoring attaches In Delfzijl, together with the nearby great importance to the quality of Eemshaven, Wagenborg Stevedoring its services. High quality standards has over 100,000 m2 of covered and are maintained by permanent staff training, for example in safety insulated warehouse facilities at its and environmental procedures. All disposal. Most of the warehouses are employees are VCA trained and directly situated next to the 1400 metres Wagenborg Stevedoring has been long harbour quay used by the company awarded the ISO 9002 and ISO and the remaining facilities are in the 14001 certificates. vicinity.A lot of space for a lot of goodsAnyone who suddenly needs covered storage on a large scale cansafely call Delfzijl!26 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  29. 29. Wagenborg TowageWagenborg Towage B.V. ownes a In tow with the Wagenborg Towingmodern fleet of towing vessels witha total capacity of 8500 ipk. Thesetugs can be used for many purposes:at sea, in coastal waters and onthe inland waterways. WagenborgTowage is active in towing andsalvage and possesses equipment Serviceto tow, lift, recover and transportobjects. A specially designed and fully Wagenborg Towing Service may not be the most prominent division ofequipped sounding vessel performs Royal Wagenborg.hydrographic services in the coastal But… things are seldom what they seem! From the outset of thewaters and on the Wadden Sea. Wagenborg company, Wagenborg Towing Service has been involved inWagenborg Towages has a wide spectacular salvage operations and talked-about projects. And this notrange of expertise and ownes uniqueequipment for exceptional transports only in the North of the Netherlands, but throughout Europe, from theby sea and on the inland waterways. Baltic to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.With its multi-facetted towage service,floating barges with a lifting capacityof 300 tons, pontoons of varioustonnages and its own hydrographicand logistics service, WagenborgTowage is the ideal director andperformer of all forms of transport bywater.The everyday work of Wagenborg TowingService mainly consists of:• harbour towing services in the seaports of Groningen,• assisting mooring and unmooring and the manoeuvring of sea-going vessels,• sounding and measuring activities using the specially equipped sounding vessel ‘Waterpeil’,• transport of heavy loads over sea and inland waterways.• For all these works, a range of modern towing materials and pontoons are used (see the overview of equipment).The towing of newly built ships for variousshipyards in the Northern provinces ofthe Netherlands is a special discipline.Because of the relatively large sizes ofthe ships that have to be towed throughthe narrow canals and under bridges,this demands great precision and skilledlabour of our employees. ROYAL WAGENBORG 27
  30. 30. Wagenborg Towing Service is also in roll-off operation of heavy transformers In the future, Wagenborg Towing Servicecommand of the Wagenborg-subsidiary by Wagenborg Nedlift. At the end of will apply itself more to the logistics ofHanzestad Lifting Transport. Hanzestad last year, after Nedlift had done some heavy loads. Not just in the North of theowns a sheerleg named “Triton” with a necessary lifting and transport work on Netherlands, but throughout Europe thelifting capacity of 300 tons. The “Triton” is land, a brand new NAM platform was market is generating new constructionsused to build wet infrastructural works, for transported from Delfzijl to Schiedam works and this involves all kinds oftransfer operations of heavy loads in the on a sea-going pontoon and two towing logistics. Wagenborg Towing Serviceharbours of Delfzijl and the Eemshaven, vessels. This is exactly what makes Royal is reacting to this with a big expansionand during lifting operations for several Wagenborg unique: in every logistic of its equipment: in 2008, two new seaNorthern Dutch shipyards. field, expertise is in-house and the pontoons of no less than a 100 metres customer can leave the complete logistics in length were put into use and twoWith its specialist service on the field from the factory to the project location ASD2810 Damen Tugs were added to theof ‘wet work,’ Wagenborg Towing to Wagenborg without any worries. fleet of Sea-going tugboats.Service forms a vital link in Wagenborg’s Everything under one roof, with onemultimodal logistic service. For example, contract and one contact person. And so, this modest player is blossomingWagenborg Towing Service towing This reduces project management and to become a star player of worldwidevessels were recently used to assist a risks for the customers to a minimum. fame! Equipment overview Type Name Capacity Dimensions Harbour/Sea-going tug boat Watergeus 25.5 tons bollard pull Sea-going tugboat Waterman 32.2 tons bollard pull Harbour tug boat Waterpoort 15 tons bollard pull Harbour/ Sea-going tugboat Waterstroom 60 tons bollard pull ASD2810 Harbour/ Sea-going tugboat Waterstraat 60 tons bollard pull ASD2810 Sea-going pontoon Wagenborg Barge 1 2400 tons dead weight 65.9 x 15.90 x 3.80 Sea-going pontoon Wagenborg Barge 2 1,168 tons dead weight 50 x 11.65 x 3 Pontoon Wagenborg Barge 3 650 tons 45 x 9.5 x 2.25 Sea-going pontoon Wagenborg Barge 4 11,000 tons dead weight 99 x 25.6 x 6.1 Sea-going pontoon Wagenborg Barge 5 11,000 tons dead weigh 99 x 25.6 x 6.1 Floating pontoon Triton 300 tons capacity Sounding vessel Waterpeil28 ROYAL WAGENBORG
  31. 31. WAGENBORG PROJECT & LOGISTICS B.V. WAVE SHIPPING +31 (0)596 636 966 phone +34 (0)977 252380email email wave@waveship.comWAGENBORG NEDLIFT B.V. WAGENBORG STEVEDORING +31 (0)50 368 2800 phone +31 (0)596 636 911email email stevedoring@wagenborg.comWAGENBORG NEDLIFT SPAIN WAGENBORG REINING +34 (0)977 252380 phone +31 (598) 343 307email email info@reining.nlWAGENBORG S&G GmbH REINING TRANSPORT KftPhone +49 (0)5978 9166-0 phone +36 (1) 289 7081email email reining@reining.huWAGENBORG SHIPPING B.V. WAGENBORG PASSAGIERSDIENSTEN +31 (0)596 636 911 phone +31 (0)519 546 111email email info@wpd.nlWAGENBORG SHIPPING NORTH AMERICA INC. WAGENBORG TOWAGE +1 514 288 8282 phone +31 (0)596 636 230email email towage@wagenborg.comWAGENBORG SHIPPING SWEDEN A.B. WAGENBORG OFFSHORE +46 409 371 00 Phone +31 (0)596 636 417email email offshore.dirdz@wagenborg.comWAGENBORG ASIA PTE LTDphone +65 632 377 03email ROYAL WAGENBORG Marktstraat 10 P.O. Box 14 9930 AA Delfzijl, The Netherlands phone +31 (0)596 636 911 email internet