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'Nurturing tomorrow's talent pool of computer scientists' by Dr Gail Cardew


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Dr Gail Cardew, the Royal Institution's Director of Science and Education, presents the charity's work in supporting the future of the technology industry through a national programme of Masterclasses that focus on inspiring the next generation of computer scientists.

This presentation was delivered at the BASDA 2015 annual summit on 2 June 2015.

The Royal Institution Computer Science Masterclasses are supported by Causeway Technologies.

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'Nurturing tomorrow's talent pool of computer scientists' by Dr Gail Cardew

  1. 1. Nurturing tomorrow’s talent pool: The Computer Science Masterclasses Dr Gail Cardew Director of Science and Education The Royal Institution Image credit: Tim Mitchell
  2. 2. The Royal Institution Our Mission ‘To encourage people to think more deeply about the wonders and applications of science’
  3. 3. The Masterclasses Programme • Engages the most talented Year 9 students in Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science • Hands-on experience of subjects led by experts • Presents challenges beyond the curriculum Image credit: Tim Mitchell
  4. 4. The role of the Computer Science • Tech sector recruitment reaching record levels in 2015 KPMG Tech Monitor Q1 2015 • 72% of large firms reporting tech skills shortages in workforce Tech Partnership Employer Insights Survey, May 2015 • Concern shared with Causeway Technologies Image credit: Tim Mitchell Masterclasses
  5. 5. • Computer Science Masterclasses identify students with raw talent early and focus their attention on CS • Demonstrate that a career in computer science can follow many paths Image credit: Tim Mitchell The role of the Computer Science Masterclasses
  6. 6. Four series completed since January 2015 Collaborations with UCL and University of Birmingham as well as secondary schools Speakers from Thales, Episteme Capital Partners, Selex, Boston Consulting Group, Imperial College, University of Manchester and many more Computer Science Network Image credit: The Royal Institution The year so far
  7. 7. Impact of Masterclasses Example student feedback from 2014/15 series Aspiration/career “I would like a career in computer science now”, “It has shown me a future career path”, “I will most likely pursue a career in computer science” Motivation/learning “I feel more motivated to study computer science”, “Computer science is everywhere and I want to study it”, It has made me understand it more and I feel I want to continue with it” Insight into computer science “It is challenging but rewarding”, “Very mathematical with many mysteries, it is everywhere”, “That it is limitless”, ”More than just computers” Image credit: UCL
  8. 8. With thanks to Causeway Technologies for their generous support