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Inception Movie Jeopardy


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Here you have a jeopardy activity based on the movie "Inception".
Hope you find it useful.

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Inception Movie Jeopardy

  1. 1. Jeopardy 500 400 300 200 100A Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click HereB Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click HereC Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click HereD Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click HereE Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Final Jeopardy
  2. 2. $500 Question AWhat does INCEPTION mean?
  3. 3. $500 Answer A It´s the planting of an ideainto a targets subconscious.
  4. 4. $500 Question B What´s the mission thatSaito asks Cobb to perform, and what´s his intention with it?
  5. 5. $500 Answer BTo perform the act of “inception” into Maurice Fischer´s mind in order to break up the energy empire of his competitor.
  6. 6. $500 Question CWhy do the dreamer´s projections tend to attack the people who enter into his or her dream?
  7. 7. $500 Answer from CIt´s a defense technique that the subconscious mind develops to stop “intruders”.
  8. 8. $500 Question D Why does Fisher´s Jr. minddisplays such a strong defense against the crew?
  9. 9. $500 Answer DBecause some “extractor” taughthim to protect his subconscious.
  10. 10. $500 Question EWhat´s the second“kick”?
  11. 11. $500 Answer EIt´s a fall between hotel rooms inside an elevator.
  12. 12. $400 Question AWhat´s Ariadne´s totem?
  13. 13. $400 Answer AIt is a bishop chess piece.
  14. 14. $400 Question BWhat´s Ariadne´s main task in the mission?
  15. 15. $400 Answer B She has to design the dream´svisual environment or labyrinth.
  16. 16. $400 Question CWhat´s the third “kick”?
  17. 17. $400 Answer CIt´s a collapsing building
  18. 18. $400 Question DWhat´s the main mission of the chemist ?
  19. 19. $400 Answer DIt´s to create a powerful sedative needed to stabilize the layers of the shared dream.
  20. 20. $400 Question EWhy does Mal commit suicide?
  21. 21. $400 Answer EBecause of his husband´s idea that she was not in real life.
  22. 22. $300 Question AWhat does Dom Cobb do in his job?
  23. 23. $300 Answer AHe secretly extracts valuable informationfrom the unconscious mind of his targets while they are asleep and dreaming.
  24. 24. $300 Question B Why can´t Cobb see thedesign before entering to the dream?
  25. 25. $300 Answer BBecause the projectionof Mal would interfere in the mission.
  26. 26. $300 Question CWhat does Ariadne study at the university?
  27. 27. $300 Answer CShe studies architecture.
  28. 28. $300 Question DWhy does Cobb remain in limbo after the last “kick”?
  29. 29. $300 Answer DTo look for Saito who had already die.
  30. 30. $300 Question EWhat´s the first “kick”?
  31. 31. $300 Answer EA car falling off a bridge.
  32. 32. $200 Question AWhat is Cobb´s profession?
  33. 33. $200 Answer AHe´s a specialized spy or corporate espionage thief. He is also an architect.
  34. 34. $200 Question BWhat is a Totem, and what is it for?
  35. 35. $200 Answer BA Totem is an object that is used to test if oneself is in ones own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another persons dream.
  36. 36. $200 Question CWhat´s a “kick”
  37. 37. $200 Answer C One method used to awaken froma dream which deals with the sensation of falling
  38. 38. $200 Question DWhat do they use to synchronizethe “kicks”: to realize when each one has to be done?
  39. 39. $200 Answer D It´s music.
  40. 40. $200 Question EWho shoots Fisher in his head?
  41. 41. $200 Answer EIt´s the projection of Mal.
  42. 42. $100 Question AWhere do the crew meet Fisher in order to have the shared dream?
  43. 43. $100 Answer AIn an airplane when taking his Father´s body from Sidney to Los Angeles.
  44. 44. $100 Question BWhat´s the third dreamscape?
  45. 45. $100 Answer BIt´s a snowy mountain fortress.
  46. 46. $100 Question CWhat does Saito promise Cobb for his help?
  47. 47. $100 Answer CTo arrange everything in the airport To let him get back to the USA.
  48. 48. $100 Question DWhat´s Cobb´s totem?
  49. 49. $100 Answer DIt´s a spinning top.
  50. 50. $100 Question E How does Mal die?
  51. 51. $100 Answer EShe jumps off a window.
  52. 52. Final JeopardyBased on the movie, what does the name “Ariadne” come from?
  53. 53. Final Jeopardy Answer The name “Ariadne” alludes to a princess of Greek myth, daughter of King Minos, who helped the hero Theseus by giving him asword and a ball of string to help himnavigate the labyrinth which was the prison of the Minotaur.