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  2. 2. Our Mission StatementLuxury Life Brands Inc. “Where Trends Start” and CEO Roy Perlmuter are committed to sourcing and creating unique lifestyle products that are of high quality yet affordable. With over 25 years of branding the world’s top brands including the meteoric rise of Ed Hardy, Roberto Cavalli, Frederick’s of Hollywood & many more Luxury Life Brands. We deliver lines that include Everything Ion a collection of products including Anti-Radiation handsets infused with Tourmaline, Leela by Deepak Chopra a unique and exclusive line of yoga products and Luxury Automated Retail ”Powered By The Future” which delivers concepts direct to consumers. Luxury Life Brands brings to the consumer a unique collection of everyday necessities that areinfluenced with a rare and cutting edge style not found anywhere else. We believe that every personality deserves a stage, and we seek to find only those products that serve to enhance your individual self expression. Artistic and fashion forward, all of our products are chosen for high quality, enduring style, and affordability.We at Luxury Life Brands believe that success allows the honour and opportunity to give back to our industry and community and to celebrate everyone (wherever they find themselves). Luxury Life Brands has a long history of giving back and Proudly Supports These Charities: CanFar Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research, Toronto Maple Leafs Kid’s Foundation, Canadian Liver Foundation, Red Door Family Shelter, Juliette’s Place Family Shelter, The Kilee Patchell- Evans Autism Research Group, Rethink Breast Cancer, Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, The Princess Margaret Hospital, Habitat For Humanity, Children’s Miracle Network, Kids Help Phone, The Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Trust, Sick Kids Foundation, Three To Be,Giant Steps, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, Mount Sinai Hospital, Renna Foundation, The Bridal Bash, and More. “Giving Back Is The Truest Sign of Success.” – Roy Perlmuter
  3. 3. THE POWER OF Over 64 books published. 19 of which are Best-Sellers. Translated into 35 languages. Sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Time Magazine heralds Deepak Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.” Deepak Chopra has made 1000’s of appearanceson CNN, Oprah, ABC, NBC and many other accredited media outlets throughout the world.
  4. 4. When you are aware of your true self your ability to give is limitless. When values disintegrate, everything disintegrates. Love yourself. Love the world. There is no power stronger than love. Deepak Chopra Allow the flow to flow. Passion and purpose are the keys to success. One cannot rise beyond basic needs until those needs have been met. When you truly give of yourself energy is drawn to you.Deepak Chopra Bonds made without a conscious agenda have the greatest strength. Commitment is the first step for success. Deepak ChopraAll change threatens the status quo. Vision is often met with friction. Our souls all possess the same qualities. True communication does not come from words, but from the heart. Cherish the innocence hidden in everything. The successful visionary turns their vision to reality.Forgiveness of our selves and others allow us to flow freely. Deepak Chopra About Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra is an Indian-born, American physician, public speaker, best-selling author and world-renowned expert on mind- body healing. Heralded by Time Magazine as the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine,” Chopra has authored more than 64 books, which have been translated in more than 85 languages including 19 New York Times bestsellers on mind-body health, spirituality and peace. He is the founder of the Chopra Foundation, co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and a senior scientist with the Gallup Organization. He was also recently named India’s Man of the Year and one of Time Magazines 100 heroes and icons of the 20th century. A favorite of celebrities and world leaders as far back as Jackie Onassis, Chopra has also become a fixture on CNN. He frequently works with Oprah Winfrey as a teacher in her Master Class series and recently joined her on a whirlwind trip to India. Featured in/on: Scan me Follow us A Company 111 Tycos Dr., Suite 105, Toronto, ON M6B 1W3 Canada | 3940 Laurel Cyn, Suite 1445 Studio City, CA 91604 USA Ph: 416.782.4646 x 223 | TF: 877.545.4646 | Fax: 416.782.8743 | | DEEPAK CHOPRA’S LEELA™ © 2011 Curious Holdings LLC and/or Deepak Chopra, LLC. Exclusively published and distributed by THQ Inc. All other trademarks, logos, and copyrights are property of their respective owners. All rights of Curious Holdings LLC, Deepak Chopra and THQ are reserved. Exclusively Licenced to Luxury Life Brands Inc.111 Tycos Dr. Suite 105 Toronto, Ontario M6B 1W3
  5. 5. “Allow the flow to flow”Pro Level Deepak Chopra’s Leela Pro Level Studio Mat, made from Eco-friendly NR/PER for aStudio Mat pro level traction, cushion and strength andMSRP $79.95 durability suitable for Pilates, P90x, and Calisthenic workouts. Generous size width 26 inches x 71 inch length, 6mm thickness. Designed for better grip and more cushion than competing Black Pro Mats. AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: BLACK / DCMP6-BLK
  6. 6. “Play is the celebration of possible”4mm PER 6mm PERDeluxe Yoga Mat The Ultimate Yoga MatMSRP $24.95 MSRP $29.95Non toxic Polymer Environmental Resin Non toxic Polymer Environmental Resin(PER), phthalate free, good traction, good (PER), phthalate free, good traction, goodcushion, easy care, great for Iyengar Yoga, cushion, easy care, great for Iyengar Yoga,beginning, studio rental mat, durable, beginning, studio rental mat, durable,inexpensive with embossed Mandala focal inexpensive with embossed Mandala focalpoint and Deepak Chopra inspirational point and Deepak Chopra inspirationalmessage printed on mat. 4 most popular message printed on mat. 4 most popularcolors. 1/8 x 24 x 68 inches colors. 1/4 x 24 x 74 inchesAVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER:BLACK-DCM3-BK PURPLE / DCM3-PU BLACK / DCM6-BK PURPLE / DCM6-PUDK BLUE-DCM3-DBL ORCHID / DCM3-ORC DK BLUE / DCM6-DBL ORCHID /
  7. 7. If we seek happiness first everything else will follow.Yoga Mat Extra Large easy zippered access Cotton yogaBag mat bag fits most large mats along with towelMSRP $19.95 and accessories and convenient key/wallet zippered pocket. Sturdy adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap for travel comfort. High quality embroidered unique mandalas in 7 colors representing the 7 chakras of the human body. AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: BLACK / DCMB-BK PURPLE / DCMB -PU DARK BLU / DCMB-DBL LT. BLUE / DCMB -LBL
  8. 8. Truth is not found by searching outside, but by reflecting within.8 ft. Yoga Strap Longer more versatile 8 foot long yoga strap allows for bound and100% Organic restorative poses unobtainableCotton by common 6 ft. straps. High quality organic cotton webbingMSRP $14.95 is earth friendly, Deepak Chopra inspirational message embroidered on strap. AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: BLACK / DCYS-BK PURPLE / DCYS-PU BLUE / DCYS-BL
  9. 9. Play is the celebration of possible.YogaTowelsWaffle Texture + Unique waffle weave micro-fiber traction design, silicon layer under grip for stabilityNon-Slip Silicone and traction on any surface. Beautiful 7 color chakra mandalas embroidered withBack Deepak Chopra inspirational message.MSRP $29.95 Large full yoga mat size. 25 in. x 74 inches. AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: BLUE / DCT-BL PURPLE / DCT-PU BK / DCT-BK
  10. 10. Energy is eternal delight.Organic Yoga Socks Experience comfort and hygiene with Leela organic cotton yoga socks. Keep feetComfort + Traction and ankles warm and flexible to improve performance and avoid injury, enjoy highMSRP $12.95 performance traction, avoid foot fungus, virus, and bacteria and other communicable infections in the yoga, pilates, fitness studio. AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: BLACK / DCSSM-BK / DCSLXL-BK PURPLE / DCSSM-PU / DCSLXL-PU BLUE / DCSSM-BL / DCSLXL-BL
  11. 11. There’s more to balance than not falling over.Cork Yoga EVA FoamBlock Yoga BlockMSRP $19.95 MSRP $12.95 Large Grain Cork provides better High Density and Studio Quality. Soft,performance, grip, stability, comfort. Eco scratch-proof exterior good on any surface.friendly renewable and sustainable. Durable Light weight and Beveled edges for addedLarge Grain cork won’t flake like small grain comfort. Handy block helps you “reachcork. Improve strength, balance, alignment the floor” in key poses. Deepak Choprain your practice. True size 4 in. x 6 in. x 9 in. inspirational message, and chakra mandala screen printing on Yoga Block. Durable and easy care. True 4 in. x 6 in. x 9 inch.AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER:NATURAL / DCBC4-NT BLACK / DCB-BK BLUE / DCB-BL PURPLE / DCB-PU
  12. 12. “Passion and purpose are the keys to success”Yogi FlaskFlexible Water BottleMSRP $7.95 Water bottle is uniquely designed tosupport your yoga practice or any activitywith convenient and economical hydration.The collapsible Yogi Flask fills up to animpressive 16 ounces of liquid allowing it tostand upright but when emptied is flexibleenough to fold upon itself like any goodyogini. Graphics printed on both sides.AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER:GREEN / DCWB-GN BLACK / DCWB-BKPURPLE / DCWB-PU BLUE / DCWB-BL
  13. 13. “There’s more to balance than not falling over”Performance WristbandsMSRP $24.95Performance Band may help; Increasebalance, strength, and flexibility. Impactperformance, function, and well-being.Facilitate and enhance energy flow alongmeridian channels. Tune your body’snaturally occurring frequencies. Impact thebody’s overall state of health.Based on the seven colors of ChakraAVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER:PINK / DCPB-PK BLUE / DCPB-BLLT. BLUE / DCPB-LT. BL RED / DCPB-RDYELLOW / DCPB-YL ORANGE / DCPB-ORGLIME GREEN / DCPB-LGN
  14. 14. When values disintegrate, everything disintegrates.Zafu Meditation Stress free meditation provided by Deepak Chopra’s Leela Zafu Meditation Cushion.Cushion Cotton fabric embroidered with 7 chakraMSRP $49.95 mandala colors and inspirational message on handle. Organic buckwheat hull filling is removable for washing. 14 in. diameter x 6 inch height. AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: GREEN / DCZP-GN PINK / DCZP-PK BLACK / DCZP-BK
  15. 15. “The deepest inspiration comes within”Embossed Journal Embroidered Journal Paper Spiral(Leather) (Fabric) JournalMSRP $39.95 MSRP $29.95 MSRP $14.95 Each page has a different Deepak quote. Each page has a different Deepak quote. Each page has a different Deepak quote.Size 6” x 8” Size 6” x 8” Size 6” x 8” AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: RED / DCELJ-RD PURPLE / DCELJ-PU BLACK / DCEJ-BK PINK / DCEJ-PK PINK / DCSJ-PK PURPLE / DCSJ-PU BLACK / DCELJ-BK BLUE / DCEJ-BL BLACK / DCSJ-BKMini Paper Spiral Journal Mini Embroidered Journal (Fabric)MSRP $4.95 MSRP $9.95 Each page has a different Deepak quote. Each page has a different Deepak quote.Size 3” x 5” Size 3” x 5”AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER: AVAILABLE COLORS / STYLE NUMBER:PINK / DCMSJ-PK PURPLE / DCMSJ-PU BLACK / DCMEJ-BK PINK / DCMEJ-PKBLACK / DCMSJ-BK BLUE / DCMEJ-BL
  16. 16. “Giving Back Is The Truest Sign of Success.” – Roy PerlmuterLuxury Life Brands Inc. has been active in philanthropy since its inception. We proudly support the following charities: Toronto Maple Leaf Kid’s Foundation Mount Sinai Hospital Canadian Liver Foundation Sickkids Foundation Three to Be Children’s Miracle Network Red Door Family Shelter Julliette’s Place Family Shelter The Kilee Patchell- Evans Autism Research Group Rethink Breast Cancer Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) The Princess Margaret Hospital Habitat for Humanity Kids Help Phone The Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Trust Giant Steps Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International CANFAR Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research Reena Foundation and many more... Scan Me 111 Tycos Dr., Suite 105, Toronto, ON M6B 1W3 Canada 3940 Laurel Cyn, Suite 1445 Studio City, CA 91604 USA Ph: 416.782.4646 x 223 | TF: 877.545.4646 | Fax: 416.782.8743 |