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Strategic planning is srewed up


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The commonly accepted strategic planning methodology is a mess. It is time consuming, expensive and tries to be precise in a world of randomness and unpredictability. And it tends to be a painful experience. It needs to change. Here is my practical and proven "Strategic Game Plan' process...

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Strategic planning is srewed up

  1. 1. Strategic Planning Is Screwed Up
  2. 2. Screwed up… Time consuming Expensive Not fun experience; can be “painful” to sit through Tries to be a precise science in a world of uncertainty, randomness, unpredictability and imprecision
  3. 3. Screwed up… Infatuation with applying the tool set rather than achieving practical results Loves analysis – paralysis by analysis Helium-filled aspirational goals command attention: “#1, world class, market leader” the language
  4. 4. Screwed up… Direction setting consumes >80% of time available. “Tight” on strategy; “loose” on execution. High granularity on strategy; light on how it will be implemented.
  5. 5. Screwed up… Assumes execution will automatically follow a theoretically pristine strategy. Really?
  6. 6. Screwed up… 5-10 year planning horizon creates little sense of urgency to do something NOW. The 5th year in the plan never shows up! Planning documents gather dust on the shelf; meticulous “ironed” look preserved… not used!
  7. 7. But my BIG issue… Ineffective in producing a true competitive claim to separate an organization from the Herd; to stand-out and BE DiFFERENT Process doesn’t highlight the urgency to do Or provide the tools to do it
  8. 8. My Process is DiFFERENT And it works! Proven and practical…
  9. 9. Strategic Game Plan • Game Plan – Focus on EXECUTION – Build a planning process to enable EXECUTION – Objective: to SCORE! – It’s about MORE than your Plan … it’s about how well you execute
  10. 10. Strategic Game Plan • Get you your Plan ‘Just about Right’ – 20% plan; 80% execute – Loosen up on strategy; tighten up on execution
  11. 11. Strategic Game Plan • Plan on the Run – Learn from Execution – Adjust your strategy as you go – Be ‘good’ at anticipating; ‘great’ at responding – Plan, Execute, Learn, Adjust, Execute …
  12. 12. Strategic Game Plan • Focus – Focus – Focus – Roy’s Rule of 3 – Focus on the critical few actions we need to take – That deliver 80% of your strategy – STOP chasing stuff!
  13. 13. Strategic Game Plan • Answer 3 questions & you have your strategy – HOW BIG do you want to be? – WHO do you want to SERVE? – HOW will you compete and WIN?
  14. 14. HOW BIG • Choose a short-term planning horizon • A 24-month plan is more realistic than a 2 year plan – Execution focus – Recognizes unpredictability & randomness
  15. 15. HOW BIG • Choose the metric that describes success • Critical success factor for the next 24 months Revenue • Easy to measure • Reflects customer demand • A ‘Market expression’
  16. 16. WHO to SERVE • Customer Groups that represent the Biggest opportunity to generate HOW BIG • The “critical few” rather than the possible many • The more you choose, the more diluted your efforts are
  17. 17. WHO to SERVE • “Fast and Easy” approach given 24 month execution period • Keep it simple: leverage how you now see your business
  18. 18. WHO Considerations Customer concentration Relative growth rates Competitive position Long term potential Ease of access Customer loyalty
  19. 19. HOW to WIN • HOW to WIN = Your competitive claim; your competitive advantage • Answers the question: “Why should I do business with you and no one else?” • Objective to be RELEVANT and UNIQUE
  20. 20. ONLY Principles… 1. The WHO 2. VALUE 3. What they CARE about 4. BRIEF 5. SPECIFIC – Avoid ‘better’, ‘best’, ‘great’, ‘excellent’ ….. No aspirations
  21. 21. HOW to WIN The ONLY Statement: “We are the ONLY ones that…”
  22. 22. BE The ONLY One “We are the ONLY team that provides integrated tailored safety solutions that go beyond the needs of each of our customers ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. We are committed to grow our customer’s business. We ONLY serve safety.”
  23. 23. Wrap up – An Invitation • • Blog Articles on Strategy, Leadership, Sales, Service, Marketing (and other stuff) • Connect and Engage • 23
  24. 24. BE DiFFERENT Series 24
  25. 25. BE DiFFERENT Series 25