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Detailed report of the Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 in Scotland. Includes; assistance, activities, strategic alliances, tour operator meetings, training and seminars, among others

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Report puravera world_summit_scotland_2010

  1. 1. Technical ReportATWS – AdventureTravel WorldSummit 2010. PURAVERA S.L. Detailed report of the Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 in Scotland. Includes; assistance, activities, strategic alliances, tour operator meetings, training and seminars, among others.. PURAVERA S.L.Avenida de la Vera Alta nº 6. CP: 10450 –Jarandilla dela Vera. Cáceres +34 927 560 429 +34 927 561 362 25/01/2011
  2. 2. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010ContenidoFirst day Monday 04 ...................................................................................................................... 2 My trip to the Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 – Scotland ............................................ 2 Monday 4th October. ................................................................................................................. 2 Back at the Conference center:................................................................................................. 8 From Armageddon to Utopia … Business as Unusual ............................................................... 9 Reinventing Conservation ....................................................................................................... 10 ACCESSING Creativity .............................................................................................................. 10Tuesday 5 .................................................................................................................................... 12 Shire of la Vera as representative of adventure travel – Scotland Summit 2010 (Day 2 Meetings) ................................................................................................................................ 12 Adventure Tourism Research and Trends ............................................................................... 21 Sustainability Vs Development / Adventure Tourism Issues – OPEN FORUM. ....................... 25 Transformative thinking - IMAGINE / INNOVATE / SHARE ..................................................... 28 Imagine ................................................................................................................................ 28 Innovate .............................................................................................................................. 28 Share.................................................................................................................................... 29Wednesday 6th October. ............................................................................................................ 31 Discover, Engage & Deliver Awakening Destinations: ............................................................ 31 Creating demand for Sustainable Tourism – Case Studies: .................................................... 34 COLLABORATIVE LEARNING .................................................................................................... 37 Sustainable Tourism Best Practices: From theory to Action. .................................................. 37Jueves 4 de Octubre Thursday 7th of October. .......................................................................... 42 CRASH COURSES –Social Media – Digging Deeper … beyond Awareness Building. ............... 42 Visual Story Telling – Producing & Publishing Quality Video on a Dime. ................................ 46 Traditional &online Marketing: Blending the Best of Both Worlds ........................................ 50 Transformative Thinking ......................................................................................................... 56 Cooperate – Conservation Alliance ..................................................................................... 56 John Sterling – Executive Director, The Conservation Alliance ........................................... 56 Nurture – Keith Bellows – Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Traveler.............................. 56 Inspire ...................................................................................................................................... 57 Dr. Sakena Yacoobi – Executive Director, Afghan Institute of Learning ................................. 57 Tel: 927 560 429
  3. 3. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010First day Monday 04My trip to the Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 – ScotlandWe set form the shire of la Vera on the Sunday morning to Madrid. We are excited by theexperience we are about to embark, we leave to Scotland on our flight and even though weare delayed two hours inside the plane because one of the crew members has too many flighthours and has to be replaced, we eventually reach Edinburg airport. It is night time and we stillhave to drive to Aviemore at the north of Scotland where the summit is held. We eventuallyarrive at the Macdonald complex at 11.00 pm! Long first day but very excited to finally bethere!Monday 4th October.After we have registered and been given our identification we set out to the auditorium for theopening ceremony. First day is activity day and we have chosen the tour Aviemore Adventure.The activities are to create a sense of community and partnership in the summit. All membershave been given the possibility to participate in order for new member like us to get to knowsome of the colleagues in the industry.Some of the activities included where; Tel: 927 560 429
  4. 4. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • Wild Class White Water Rafting • Canoeing and Whisky Tour • Sea Kayaking (Dolphins) • Gorge Walking • Sailing on Loch • Wildlife Tours • Cairngorms Golf • Hill walking, Orienteering • Red Dear stalking • Loch Ness Walk and Boat Trip • Skyline Mountain Walk • Aviemore adventure • Land and Sustainability management of Estate. • Among others.Before we leave to our adventures we have the opening ceremony. This is a great opportunityfor Scotland to promote their adventure tourism based on experiences. There are more than25 activities planned and it’s a great opportunity to meet tour-operators, reservation andbooking agents, media and experts from the sector. Tel: 927 560 429
  5. 5. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Our activity was Aviemore adventure and consisted on a walking / trekking trip through theGlenmore forest of until we reach the Loch Morlich. This was a great experience where wewalked through the forest which is a remnant of the Caledonian Forest near Aviemore in theCairngorms National Park. This native Scottish forest transports you to your childhood andthanks to the good weather that accompanied us we could see the beginning of the autumnwith the changing colors of the trees. Tel: 927 560 429
  6. 6. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Finally we arrive at the Loch Morlich, one of the many lakes that can be found in the area inbetween the hill landscape that can be found in the park. After a quick chat and explainingsome of the basics of canoeing we set to cross the lake. At mid-day we have lunch on one ofthe banks of the lake. Tel: 927 560 429
  7. 7. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010We are able to paddle our way to the other side of the Loch, from where we cycled back toAviemore. On the way back we crossed some very nice tracks through the Scottish forest,stopping at another Loch where we could see an old construction in the middle of the lake. Itseemed an old castle which used to have a passage before the level of the Loch was risen. Tel: 927 560 429
  8. 8. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Very nice adventure, we had a great time and meet some really good people who have verysimilar of looking at life and what is really important. Hope that the connections that we madethis day continue and that the things we set out to accomplish in sustainable tourism becomea reality. Thank you to the Active Outdoor Pursuits team that made this tour possible! Tel: 927 560 429
  9. 9. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010At the end of the day we are brought back to the auditorium of the MacDonald AviemoreResort.Back at the Conference center:Shannos Stowell, ATTA President, welcomes us to the 7th adventure travel world summit inAviemore, Scotland.“… in this digital age, where social media, mobile connectivity and online meetings define muchof our interaction, the ATTA still firmly believe that to come together, shake hands, laugh,debate and deepen friendships through personal human interaction creates more progress andlasting relationship that matter that any electronic alternative can offer”.He puts forward the idea that we are selling experiences and that it is the time to use thisopportunity and get the best of this summit.“This event is about education, knowledge, sharing, inspiration and relationship buildingthrough work and fun”.“This event promotes adventure travel business grow and thrive responsibly. The group ofcollaborators is a group for good, bringing much needed revenue to local economies aroundthe world and turning customer’s into lifelong advocates of responsible tourism practices”.Shanon Sotwell.After the opening speech, there are several special presentations:Adventure travel is defined as activities in the outdoors with specific interest to maintainingthe cultural heritage and economically developing remote regions. (People, Planet & Profit) Tel: 927 560 429
  10. 10. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010From Armageddon to Utopia … Business as Unusual“Costas Christ is an award-winning travel writer and Editor at Large for National GeographicTraveler. He is one of the world’s pioneers of ecotourism (he helped to officially define theterm) and is an internationally renowned expert in sustainable tourism, traveling to over 100countries, including some of the most remote wilderness areas and archeological sites on Earth,home to vanishing cultures and endangered species”.Shows us through a very compelling video how adventure tourism and discovering new areashas also the risk of destroying them. Tries to give a wakeup call to all of us on the dangers andthe need of the industry to work together to try to develop regions in a sustainable manner inorder to not repeat the same mistakes over and over again.From his 30 years of experience he sees the future of tourism focusing on authenticity,sustainability, (travel good), experience, interactive experience which he defines as: • “Travel as unusual / green travel”.Some interesting examples he gives includes; • Airport that uses the movement of the people within the building to get their planes as the source of renewable energy. • The underwater hotel build as skyscraper upside down where the bottom will bne used for marine research and it will be powered with wind, tidal and solar energy. Tel: 927 560 429
  11. 11. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Dr Wallace “J” Nichols. has undertaken the task of reaching new constituencies with a positiveand inclusive conservation message and building a network of like-minded people, from diverseregions, backgrounds and careers who share a commitment to maintaining abundant life in theoceans and on the coasts.He is a Scientist, activist and above all a father with a deep connection with nature.In his speech he works on the idea that the sector and the different agents, touroperators,town councils, private companies have to work together and collaborate to create lifelonglasting relations to help develop the world.“J” and Costas end up with the song “All you need is Love” from the Beatles.Reinventing Conservation“John Kasaona (conservationist) is a pioneer of community-based conservation -- working withthe people who use and live on fragile land to enlist them in protecting it.”He brought the inspiration that there all also good case studies of conservation in Africa and inhis case in Namibia. The achievement he describes comes from the transformation of poachersinto conservation agents for the conservation of the Rhino. All of this thanks to empoweringthe local community and learning how to listen to the local needs.Very good example of sustainable tourism outside protected areas can bring development toregions and countries.Better to hear him explain it: Creativity“Judith Fein, award-winning travel journalist, photographer, filmmaker and teacher, hascontributed to over 80 publications and is a regular travel columnist for three”.New Yorker Judy, tried to teach us that everyone is creative, from 15-85 years. Creativity isimportant to achieve new ways of living! She put forward the idea that “because everybodythinks it does not work it doesn’t make it real”.We ended up all dancing on the auditorium! Tel: 927 560 429
  12. 12. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010The night finished with the Scotland opening dinner!Music, Shinding, Kilt, every one enjoying the traditional food!Sponsors: MACDONALD Aviemore Resort / Visit Scotland /Cairngorms National Park, TheHighland Council!This is just the first day at the Adventure travel World Summit!! I will continue with thedescription of the strategic alliances, seminar and lectures and future trends of the sector infuture posts!Follow us on our blog: Rural-aacommodations ( Tel: 927 560 429
  13. 13. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Tuesday 5Shire of la Vera as representative of adventure travel – ScotlandSummit 2010 (Day 2 Meetings)Tuesday 5th of October is the AFAR exchange! This is the main time for meeting tour operators,reservation agents, experts and other similar business in other remote areas of the world.This day meetings were organized by the ATTA – Adventure Travel Trade Association andsponsored by the AFAR magazine! ( first part of the day was Media in the AFAR Exchange which was held in the Four SeasonsRestaurant of the Macdonald Complex in Aviemore -Scotland! We were given the opportunityto meet the press from around the globe and present our destination in the internationalarena. We focused on creating exposure for the shire of la Vera as a responsible destination.Some of the media that we contacted include; • Deputy Editor and Travel and Business development for o TRAVEL + LEISURE ( • Judith Fein Writer and Journalist in the o Adventure Travel Industry. ( Tel: 927 560 429
  14. 14. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • Founder and President and Director of Strategic Partnerships of o Green Living Project ( • Public Relations o Sublime ( • Martin Müller Journalist and Photograph for diverse German Magazines • Managing Partner of Marketing and Publicity company: o Myriad ( • Senior editor at: o National Geographic Traveller ( • Jonny Jet from Jonny Jet website /Blog ( • Ellen Barone from Ellen Barone website / Blog ( • Among others.Note that not all these contacts where established only on this established time but alsoduring the various days that we were interrelating with all the attendees of the summit. Therewere a number of opportunities to meet and get to know different people during the summit,on the lunches, breaks and not only the preset meetings.After this session it was the AFAR Exchange were PURAVERA had a table at the event and thebuyers (Outbound touroperators) where able to meet the suppliers (Inbound touroperators,us).The meetings where organized by cris-crossing the 95 suppliers with the 50 o so Buyers that isoutbound tour operators! Finally we were set around 15 meetings with 15 to 20 minutesduration to fix possible itineraries that would be of interest to both parties from the ATTA Hubnetwork.We had the great opportunity to meet many people with interest in the Spanish market. Eventhough Extremadura was not well Known by the tour operators, we used the Spain tourismstrength (thanks that some had trips already organized to the country) and presented the shireof la Vera as a new upcoming destinations, focusing on its natural, cultural and historicalheritage and of course its food (gastronomy, culinary) to attract responsible tourism.The strengths that we used to differentiate from the competition include: • We benefited from the name of Spain in the tourism sector • Tour-operators know the quality of accommodation, security and the experience of Spain! • We were the only representative of Spain! Very good as it’s the first time a Spanish company is in the summit! • Offer Package adventure activities with unique accommodations • We focus on sustainability and the development of the region through responsible tourism. • Adventure travel means a travel in the outdoors, with activities, natural, cultural gastronomical, adventure of any type but with a deep focus on maintain the historical heritage and developing economically the local region. Tel: 927 560 429
  15. 15. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • We believe adventure travel is the future and even though today is not mainstream is where the tourism sector is moving and every day tourist look for unique experiences and look for new destinations. • We offer the destination where Charles de V The emperor retired, great cultural and historical heritage. • Offer natural habitats and a great destination for bird watching, among others. • Gastronomical (culinary) offer is very diverse being the land of the Iberian Pig, among others.Tour operators mainly demanded; one week to 10 day trip through the shire, with variousactivities (hiking, cycling, natural or cultural, among others) depending on the customer butmainly focused on moving along the shire to visit various areas in the trip!Hopefully the trips and tours that we are organizing will be of interest and we will reduce ofthe main issues in the shire which is the seasonality of the tourism! International travels andmore specifically adventure travel on different dates!We are programming some seasonal tours on autumn for example related with mushroompicking, winter with the festivities of the area, spring with the blossom of the cherries or nutsand summer with the water activities that the shire offers! Among others.Some of the companies we had the pleasure to meet during the AFAR include: • Active Adventure Travel and Tours: • TravelDragon & The Dragons Path: • Alyson Adventures: • Wilderness Travel: • J. Arnold Executive Search: • iExplore / Adventure Center: / • KE Adventure Travel: • Sublime Public Relations: • Mountain Travel Sobek - • Speyside Wildlife - • Luxury adventure trips – • Wild Guanabana - Life Changing Journeys: • ATMS – Adventure Media Travel news: • Gray & Co - Cari Gray: • Smokesilver travel: • The Wayfarers – • Maritaca turismo: • Among others.Type Company DescriptionOutbound Active Adventure Travel Startup UK outbound Tour Operator specializing intour and Tours: multi-activity tours to Southern Africa, Nth and Central Tel: 927 560 429
  16. 16. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010operator http://activeadventuretra America, Europe., TravelDragon & The World of unique travel experiences.Outbound Dragons Path:, search engine forTour- experiential/adventure travel itineraries and uniqueoperator accommodations.Web 2.0 Search from 6000+ of tours and properties offered bySocial Media over 500 of the best small/medium size travel providers focused on active/adventure, cultural, nature, learning, sustainable/green, volunteering, culinary, and family travel categories.Outbound Alyson Adventures: Alyson Adventures offers biking, hiking, kayaking,tour http://www.alysonadvent diving, rafting and multi-sport trips to 30 countriesoperator around the world. Our primary clientele are gay men, lesbians and their friends, mostly from the United States, but some from Canada and Europe as well.Outbound Wilderness Travel: A leader in adventure travel since 1978, Wildernesstour http://www.wildernesstra Travel offers innovative journeys on all sevenoperator continents, featuring expert trip leaders, meticulously planned itineraries, and small groups. We offer trekking expeditions, wildlife safaris, inn to inn hiking, archaeology tours, sea kayaking, and expedition cruising, as well as our acclaimed Special Events We offer: natural, cultural, sports and gastronomical toursConsultant J. Arnold Executive Search Travel Tourism specialists, Specializations include http://www.jarnoldsearch Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Operations, .com/ and Executive LeadershipTour iExplore / Adventure iExplore was chosen for National Geographic’s annualWholesaler Center: list of the Best Travel Companies on Earth. We offer; unique adventure travel experiences that suit almost every taste out there, from the heart-pounding rush of m zip lining in Costa Rica to the awe-inspiring ice-blue glaciers of Antarctica.Outbound KE Adventure Travel: Britains leading Independent Adventure TravelTour- specialist, with 26 years’ experience operating theoperator finest holidays in the world’s greatest mountain ranges. Trek, climb, bike, family, school. Explore Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Himalayas and beyond.Media / Sublime Public Relations Specializes in generating publicity in North AmericaMarketing / http://www.sublimepub.c and beyond for a select group of clients.Advertising om Areas of expertise currently include sporting goods, recreational real estate, exclusive clubs and travel.Outbound Mountain Travel Sobek - Offes; active, small-group tours all over the world sinceTour 1969. We specialize in hiking and river rafting, but alsoOperator offer adventure cruise expeditions, sea kayaking, and culture focused adventures.Inbound Speyside Wildlife - Bird, mammal and wildlife watching holidays, inTour http://www.speysidewildli Scotland and around the world, for guests of all ages,Operator interests and abilities. In addition, provides tailor- made tours for individuals and groups of all sizes. Has a Tour in ExtremaduraTravel Luxury adventure trips – kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, zip lining, whale-Agency http://www.luxuryadvent watching, on safari or meeting people from cultures way different from your own. Tel: 927 560 429
  17. 17. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 The luxury part of the adventure is our taking care of you: Making sure you have a comfortable bed, delicious food, incredible wine. Completing all the logistics before and during your trip so all you have to do is enjoy yourself to your fullest. Now, that’s true luxury.Inbound Wild Guanabana - Life WILD GUANABANA is centered on the belief that theTour- Changing Journeys world is an incredible place truly worth exploring andoperator Intellectual Guanabana discovering. That by removing ourselves from the annoyances of everyday life and taking on new and challenging experiences, be it discovering a new culture, seeing an incredible sunrise or climbing a mountain, we grow and learn more about ourselves in ways we never thought possible. We fondly think of ourselves as a platform for Life Changing Journeys to unfold and know nothing more fulfilling than creating and sharing these experiences with others.Industry ATMS – Adventure Media Adventure Media provides PR services for thePartner Travel news adventure travel industry. http://www.atmstravelne Adventure Media is a media relations and marketing communications company focused on the adventure travel and outdoor gear and apparel markets.Consultant Gray & Co - Cari Gray High-end, boutique travel consultant/ operator specializing in producing luxury active experiences around the world. Also a freelance journalist for high- end websites and print media.Outbound Smokesilver travel: Smokesilver Travel is a tour operator organizingTour http://www.smokesilvertr authentic, active outdoor holidays to destinationsoperator across the world. Theres no better way of travelling sustainably than opting out of combustion engine activities and walking, riding, cycling, canoeing, sailingOutbound The Wayfarers – The Wayfarers began as a family of friends, sharingtour http://www.thewayfarers. fellowship and a love of walking. We specialize inoperator com providing walking vacations that are different, distinctive and respectful of the culture of the communities we visit.Inbound Maritaca turismo “Maritaca Turismo” feels it has a natural commitmentTour to nature (our main work-source). For this reason weoperator attempt to provide a more substantial awareness of the world we live in, allowing for responsible actions. Our work educates as well as provides a unique environmental experience. Each of our customers becomes an owner of a tree, which he/she plants in a designated location as a symbol of a greater environmental awareness.Here are some pictures of the event Tel: 927 560 429
  18. 18. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Por la tarde continúan las reuniones: Tel: 927 560 429
  19. 19. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Chris handing some information to Alice from the ATTA organization!And we are also in the AFAR! Tel: 927 560 429
  20. 20. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 Tel: 927 560 429
  21. 21. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010The strategic objectives accomplished include: • Position the Region of Extremadura and the Shire of “Comarca de la Vera” as a reference on responsible destination. • Promote sustainable accommodation in the Region and the Shire. • Promote sustainable practices and activities in the nature which are socially responsible. • Encourage the image of relax tourism of the Region. • Strategic alliances with international tour-operators specializing in natural and cultural tourism. • Contact with tour-operators specializing in hard and soft adventure and active leisure. • Contact with media form the sector at an international level, facilitating the promotion in other countries. • Contact with professionals of the sector in other regions and entrepreneurs with similar difficulties and expectations, share knowledge. • Improve innovation procedures and measures in the company through the identification of best practices. • Learn about best sustainable practices, real case studies.These has been a very productive conference where we have been able to identify and createa number of associations and future collaborations to attract international tourism to the shireof La Vera with a focus to responsible tourism in order to promote the sustainabledevelopment of the region.Understanding Adventure travel means: a travel in the outdoors, with activities, natural,cultural gastronomical, adventure of any type but with a deep focus on maintain the historicalheritage and developing economically the local region.Do you think this type of tourism can bring the sustainable development of the region?Do you think Estremadura can become reference as a adventure travel destination?Follow us on our blog Rural-Accommodations ( Tel: 927 560 429
  22. 22. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Adventure Tourism Research and TrendsTuesday 2nd October ATWSAfter the AFAR Exchange we had a very interesting conference on the Adventure TourismResearch and Trends!The speakers were; ( ) • Eric Brodnax from & AdventureFinder,Eric Brodnax is a Vice President with Orbitz Worldwide where he serves as General Manager ofThe Away Network (, Outside Online, GORP, AdventureFinder,, He joined Away as part of the founding management team in April of 1999, wasSVP of Marketing & Operations during the company’s formative years, and assumed hiscurrent role after Orbitz’s acquisition of the company in January of 2005. As GM, Eric isresponsible for setting the overall strategy and vision for the company including high leveleditorial direction. • Michaela Guzy from Travel and Leisure,Michaela S. Guzy is the Vice President responsible for overseeing the travel category anddevelopment of new business initiatives for the Travel + Leisure brand. With six global editionsin twenty-four countries, one of the fastest growing travel content websites, and threeTravel+Leisure retail outlets–Travel + Leisure is one of the most recognized travel brands in theworld. In her role, Guzy oversees the brand’s business operations, including sales, newprogram development, and industry relations. • Kristin Lamoureux from the Washington UniversityDr. Kristin Lamoureux is the Director of the International Institute of Tourism Studies at theGeorge Washington University, as well as an faculty member of the Department of Tourismand Hospitality Management, specializing in destination management, adventure andvolunteer tourism, sustainable and niche tourism development. Currently, her duties includethe oversight of all of the Institute’s activities including the Professional Education Programand all grants/contracts such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance. • Shanon Stowell from the ATTA.Shannon is President of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Under his leadership, theorganization has grown into the largest international association of adventure travelcompanies with more than 600 members and dozens of tourism boards, major corporationsand influential individuals helping propel industry initiatives forward.Some of the ideas that were discussed in this session include the increase in the Adventuretravel Market, especially in the UK and Europe where there has been an increase in number oftravelers and money spent. (Top 10 destinations) Spain is still unknown in this market; Tel: 927 560 429
  23. 23. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010PURAVERA has been first representatives in this sector. It offers an ideal situation to positionExtremadura and the shire of la Vera as the first destination in the adventure travel market.The first step has been accomplished, we have put the region in the world map and other touroperators, destination managers and media are starting to talk about us. • 70% of the total market is North and Latin America and Europe. • 40% of the people travelling in adventure travel activity are between 30-40 years old. • 18% is over 40 years • 62% have a post-secondary education (20% more than mass tourism) • Market of 89 Billion Dollars (US) or 89 Thousand Million Dollars (EU)The domestic travel is also growing from the well-educated which is not the same as the well-off.The most important figure is that the expenditure of these travelers is more important that itseems. A greater percentage of the money spent by tourist stays in the communities wherethey operate. If adventure travel is structured and planned correctly it can be the driving forcefor local development of the region, it promotes the creation of new business and the muchneeded employment in these regions.That’s why we have a great responsibility and can do a great aid as our activities result in directemployment for the local populations. This together with the use and promotion of localproduce and services can lead to a viable alternative to develop remote and rural areas.AFAR Magazine (Study)China is growing dramatically in middle class citizens which results in an increase in customersfor the adventure travel market. China is beginning to developing at a fast rate and is lookingfor energy companies, construction and other products. It’s even introducing in the tourismsector and their companies are increasing shares in the sector. They are clearly movingtowards conservation products that we are offering in the adventure travel market. Theaverage cost of trip is around 3.000 $ per trip, without flight. It’s important to note, accordingto other studies, soft adventures around 822 $ per week and hard adventures 500 $ per week.These figures seem to be biased; as these are figures from the general public and not theoperators.Adventure Market has no mega resorts and promotes development of remote areas with lessneed for initial investment and with minimum impact on the surrounding environment.According to a customer survey, the new tourist looks for the following attractions foradventure travel satisfaction: • Historical site preservation. • Seeing things before the disappear • Natural tourism (Environment). • Experiences, new cultures. • Relax (Hard and Soft adventures) active tourism. • Authenticity. Tel: 927 560 429
  24. 24. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • First to see a destination. • Time in nature. • Increase physical activity. • Have a good time.Some Tips: → Tour operators: Lower their package holidays with activities as there is an increasing market with less economic income but with great growth potential. → National Geographic, AFAR Magazines: Promote social marketing 360° to get to the audience and a very fast growing market. → Target Smart phones and tablets: Cell phones and smart phones is a growing market, enable access to your website via phone, possibility of offering on time offers, possibility of linking to location, be more specific and target your real audience with what they really want. Greater communication and interchange of information between company and customer, client, tourist and with other collaborators and suppliers. This is still on the experimental phase, we still don’t know the results, haven’t figured yet, but the growth is so dramatic that the cost of not doing anything is too high. → Be careful with new technology and make it accessible through these new systems, (phones, social media) Make info accessible and correct to see under these means. Tel: 927 560 429
  25. 25. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 → Age range 30 to 40 years; Market these customers, product for these clients, traditional market is moving to real experiences. → Global Rush Gold Report 2020 – estimates that 1/3 of arrivals on this date will come from Asia. → Airlines are and will be struggling with their viability. Take advantage of those seeking experience and focus on local markets, sell products from A to Z.What do you think of these adventure travel trends?Do you think that adventure travel can be the driving force for the development of remoterural areas?Follow us on our blog Sustainable Thinking ( Tel: 927 560 429
  26. 26. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Sustainability Vs Development / Adventure Tourism Issues – OPENFORUM.This forum was created with the participation of all the ATTA members. A questionnaire wasdistributed through the members and companies assisting the Adventure Travel WorldSummit. Of the 6 questions proposed the one selected was: • Fire in the fireplace: How can we structure ourselves to be a force for good?Forum Experts Included:( ) • Costas Christ – World Travel and Tourism CouncilCostas Christ is an internationally recognized sustainable tourism expert whose work andtravels have taken him to more than 100 countries across six continents, including expeditionsto some of the world’s most remote wilderness areas and archaeological sites.Costas is the Editor At Large for National Geographic Traveler and the former Global TravelEditor for National Geographic Adventure. He also writes the Go Green Travel Column forVirtuoso Life, in addition to serving as Virtuoso’s Director for Sustainability. • Shanon Stowell – Adventure Travel & Trade AssociationShannon is President of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Under his leadership, theorganization has grown into the largest international association of adventure travelcompanies with more than 600 members and dozens of tourism boards, major corporationsand influential individuals helping propel industry initiatives forward. • Moe Carrick – Momentum Inc.Moe Carrick enthusiastically loves to help leaders transform themselves and their companies.When she is not doing that, she loves to play outside in glorious Central Oregon and can oftenbe found digging in her garden or running local trails.In addition, Moe has woven a cohesive and provocative tapestry of personal leadershipexperiences, Fortune 100 consulting, academic and institutional learning, keynote addresses,authorship, strategic partnering, and masterful facilitation. • Chris Doyle – Vice President, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) & Editor, AdventureTravelNews™Chris Doyle is a long-time enthusiast of adventure travel who’s gained immeasurable insightsfrom the people he’s connected with on five continents, and the activities he’s experiencedincluding whitewater rafting, fly-fishing, rock climbing, sky-diving, paragliding, backpacking,marathon running, sea kayaking, dog sledding, mountain biking and mountaineering. Tel: 927 560 429
  27. 27. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Since 2004, Doyle has played a key role in Adventure Travel Trade Association’s strategicdirection and development. In addition to overseeing content and www.Adventure.Travel, he’s primarily responsible forthe ATTA’s research, marketing, public relations and communications initiatives, and directsthe content and execution of ATTA’s annual Adventure Travel World Summit, regionalmeetings and professional development programs.Business perspectives on sustainability are changing and not only because is the “right thing todo” but because it brings more economical value. We see an increasing trend towards beingmore sustainable. It’s true that no one is totally sustainable as nobody is perfect but there areevery day more companies moving towards this line of action and seeing the real values ofbecoming every day more sustainable not only economically but socially and environmentally.There are consumer changing trends. For example Wal-Mart is now the leading organic retailerbut 5 years ago was going very badly and had some very bad publicity on the conditions ofwork. 5 years ago they responded to the market shift, it was a strategic position that they Tel: 927 560 429
  28. 28. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010followed as they understood that 20 or 30% of the market share was too much to be ignored.For example all the IBEX companies report their triple bottom line, and have code of conducts.The Millennium Development Goals if endorsed by the tourism sector can aid dramatically forthe sustainable development of communities. One of the issues is that sustainability is veryhard to define and it seems there are many interpretations. We need to work withcommunities and with applications to get to common grounds and definitions.What can we do?There are various opportunities for merging this paradox: development and sustainability. Wehave to be specific with business goals and sustainability, we need to encourage and promotesustainable practices, combine efforts and communicate them thorough all the meanspossible. Teach the adventure traveler about sustainability principles. Never give falseexpectations, do not say you do more than what you really do, be transparent and responsible.Do not blow thing out of proportions.Growth and Sustainability Paradox: • Adventure travel has grown in expense of other travel sectors. • Local travel is more sustainable. • Important to promote residents about sustainable practices • WTTC is meeting with ATTA to develop the best practices on sustainable tourism and sustainable content.Finally Chris Doyle, representative of the ATTA, talks about the sustainable tourism council andhow it promotes sustainable practices. We are asked if we want to include sustainabilitycriteria as necessary for members of the ATTA. The vote results in a very mixed voting.One solution is to include badges on the profile of companies that follow sustainability criteriaand make them visible in the ATTA Hub. (Social Network) This will provide visibility to thosecompanies which carry sustainable practices and will not be a limiting factor to those whowant to become new members.We have a great responsibility in the adventure travel sector, which is to balance thedevelopment and sustainability!How do you think adventure travel could aid in this balance?Follow us in Rural-Accommodations ( Tel: 927 560 429
  29. 29. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Transformative thinking - IMAGINE / INNOVATE / SHAREImagineWe had the pleasure to meet Mr. Neil Fiske who has served as President and CEO of EddieBauer LLC since June of 2007. During his tenure he has led the effort to bring the companyback to its roots and reclaim its place as an American icon. He explained how he hasredesigned the image of Eddie Bauer according to its historical background.Imagine Believe DoHe has worked the great potential of the history of the brand, first real specialization on gearfor the adventurers. He has been able to get out of the difficulties that the company was acouple of years ago and making great profits by going back to its origin and creating a sensiblestory. Some of the things he used were video and the social media, but always combining withtraditional promotion and marketing.He is the key to their success and was thanks to been able to imagine what he could do for thiscompany. He launched the First Ascent in 2009 “the most significant line of outerwear in ageneration”, built by some of the world’s best known mountain guides. First Ascent’s finaltesting ground was Mt. Everest in May 2009. And, as part of this, Eddie Bauer produced nearreal-time daily video coverage of its Return to Everest Expedition – a first in Everest’s history.Mr. Fiske has also pulled the company’s rich heritage forward bringing the quality, value, andstyle of its product back to the standards set by the company’s founder, Eddie Bauer, in 1920.All of these goals have been achieved because in the beginning he imagined the idea, he thenbelieved and made his team believe it was possible and eventually became a reality.InnovateKeith Sproule is the Tourism Advisor to the WWF-Namibia program office, focused ondevelopment of the Communal Conservancy Tourism Sector and support for joint-venture (JV)lodge and campgrounds in the communal conservancies.A hands-on travel and tourism industry professional, Keith has been an advisor on ecotourismpolicy and planning to governments on three continents. He has worked and traveled in over105 countries, including many of the premier ecotourism destinations around the world. Hehas been a long-term contract consultant with private tourism investment projects,international development banks and government agencies in Egypt, Belize, Saudi Arabia,Indonesia and Cyprus among other destinations.He focused on the idea that tourism can be a tool to education. He put the focus on innovatingto prepare packages with children and to make them learn and be aware of other cultures.Travelling can be a education experience and can aid the young to broaden their views andwant to learn more about other cultures and ways of living. He finished his speech by callingfor more packages including children and focus on giving that little extra which will make aneffect on children and will open their eyes to other philosophies in life nad want to preservethem. Tel: 927 560 429
  30. 30. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010ShareFinally for the last part of the presentation we had Nicky Fitzgerald who opened her first hotelin 1982 at the southernmost tip of Africa and since then has opened, operated and marketedover 60 luxury safari lodges and boutique hotels across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe,Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and India.In 1994 she was employed by Conservation Corporation Africa (CC Africa) as OperationsDirector and moved across to Sales and Marketing in 2001. Nicky was part of the team thatgrew CC Africa from 3 to 50 lodges across sub Saharan Africa, and later in India, in all the greatwilderness high spots – Masai Mara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Okavango Delta, VictoriaFalls, Namib Desert, Kruger National Park, Kahna and Bandhavgarh National Parks, to name buta few. The company employed 2800 people and also ran successful tour operations business in15 African countries. Many CC Africa lodges are award winning (Ngorongoro Crater Lodge wasvoted 2nd best hotel in the world by UK Conde Nast Traveller magazine in 2005) and thecompany has been honored with multiple prestigious ecotourism awards – including globalwinner of British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award. In 2008 she was responsible for therebranding of CC Africa to &Beyond and repositioned &Beyond’s travel business from being atour operator to becoming a luxury travel provider specializing in fulfilling high ticket trips offthe website.Nicky explain the African term “UBUNTU” and how we should all embrace it in our life.Ubuntu: "I am what I am because of who we all are." A translation offered by Liberian peaceactivist Leymah Gbowee. Similar to a saying: A single straw of a broom can be broken easily,but the straws together are not easily broken.Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows:“A traveler through a country would stop at a village and he didnt have to ask for food or forwater. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him. That is one aspect of Ubuntu butit will have various aspects. Ubuntu does not mean that people should not enrich themselves.The question therefore is: Are you going to do so in order to enable the community around youto be able to improve?”I leave a video which probably aids in the understanding of the term Ubuntu: went further and described it as “I am what I am through you”. After her experiencedescribed previously she put forward the idea that we need to share the information tobecome more efficient. She explained the great success of the lodges that she has set in southAfrica managed by locals thanks to the process of information sharing where even thefinancials are known by all the stakeholders.Some of the main mistakes we all make were put forward and she recommended that we allshared our own mistakes as this is the way to learn. Some of the key mistakes included;Arrogance, “my customer” term, not asking the communities where we operate, “I amIrreplaceable”, “I am the best”. Tel: 927 560 429
  31. 31. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010In the new era of the communication and information the ones who collaborate and shareinformation will always be better prepared for the changes. We all need to do cooperationwith our competition and this will report more benefits than working separately.Follow us in Rural-Accommodations ( Tel: 927 560 429
  32. 32. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Wednesday 6th October.Discover, Engage & Deliver Awakening Destinations:This session began with Christina Heyniger who is the President of Xola Consulting, Inc., whichshe founded in 2004. She works with governments, entrepreneurs and community tourisminterests to develop and market eco/nature/adventure tourism products and services. Theyhave supported clients in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the United States. She introducedthe different participants and was the manager of the session. This session wanted to putforward the difficulties and success of some new destinations and how they are trying toestablish themselves as adventure travel, responsible or eco-tourism destinations.More information about the speakers:( speaker was Liza Masias – Director for Business Development Sales & Marketing,InKaterra. Liza acts as liaison between InKaterra and its clients and partners. She has broadexperience in hotel management, conservation and fund raising, and a good understanding ofcorporate social responsibility and sustainable development issues.Liza previously worked for the Four Seasons Hotel Company, Conservation International, theBrazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development, Special Events Coordinator for TheKennedy Center for the Performing Arts, DC, and Director for Special Events for the NationalMuseum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution, DC, and most recentlyAssistant Analyst for InSpire Invest in the area of Social and Environmental CorporateResponsibility, Oslo, Norway. Liza holds a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration fromCornell University.She focused on the business development of InKaterra in Peru. This is a case study of goodpractices. She has achieved this great success in such an isolated area thanks to the long termconservation projects that they run parallel to their accommodation and touristic operations.They have investigations running for 20 years which aids in Latin American countries wereinstability can lead to great changes when political power changes. The other key issue is thatcompany has sustainability within the company and transmitted to all the workers. She sayshow thanks to the investigation programs that they run they have been able to survive someof the difficulties that the country has had to live by. This is a great example of ecologicalresearch for conservation funded by tourism activity.The second speaker is Mads Pihl, a tourism consultant in Greenland’s Destination Arctic CircleRegion, an emerging adventure destination on Greenland’s West Coast.He was once a social anthropologist but nowadays those skills are employed in a bottom-upapproach to destination management in a vast Arctic region where tourism actors are few andfar apart. Tel: 927 560 429
  33. 33. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010He spends most of his time either on the road connecting with local companies, encouragingnetworking and collaboration or he develops an online presence for the regional brandthrough various social media and websites.Greenland is approximately the size of Mexico and the region where he works is the size ofGreece.He begins his presentation with the idea that Costa Rica was the first Marketing Emergingcommunities (1998) focusing on adventure travel but since there has been other 15 countriesin the world with the same focus.Some key issues that were brought up in the session include: • We are not alone, bring NGO,s, Boards, Private business to work together as a destination. • Connect routes, use nearby destinations that are more known and promote collaboration. • Cooperatives: Ho to make decisions, how to empower, how to train guides in order to offer a unique and wonderful experience. • Partnership with local, what to do if the visitor are not coming. Service is vital and the local people must be trained and be aware of what we want to achieve and promote local goods, produce and services. • Attract private capital (Eco-lodge) Facilitate (Equity, state, ownership) • Responsible investment. (make money but also develop the region and conserve the resources) • What do you sell, how you market, what’s different, strategic positioning. How do we differentiate from other emerging markets! • Market; analyze what market, what is interesting, link to other existing markets, potential, future trends, new tourist needs, among others. • Accessibility: easy to get to, ways to improve, very important for tour operators. • Identify the Problem – Opportunity. I.e. what is causing the threat to conservation; is there a need to change (Social Employment); design tourism offer to develop and support local communities. • Turn the challenge into an Asset. • Developing destinations need to offer the link between education and training of local population is vital. • Use luxury like stay in your rucksack in a unique environment experiencing a place where very few people have visited. I.e. Greenland; sleeping on a dog pulled sledge. • What is first, accommodation or services? Infrastructure or experience?Stanley Crossick Blog: China and US relations Blog! Tel: 927 560 429
  34. 34. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Private company & AdministrationManagement in private involves good relations with both local and international partners. Youhave to be present in order to adapt to changes (be out there business and associations). BEpart of the local community but also market internationally, awards always help to create animage for your company or destination.Tour operators and DMO´s (Destination Management Operators) have to work together tocreate products and services that follow the destination strategy. Private normally movesquicker that the public institutions so we have to take this into account. Is very important tonever be isolated, connect with everyone in your area, with turoperators, reservations, localbusiness, competition, administrational the key stakeholders. Tel: 927 560 429
  35. 35. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Creating demand for Sustainable Tourism – Case Studies:The Crash Course Creating demand for Sustainable Tourism took place in the Alvie, Morlich &Glenmoore room. It was organized by the Rainforest Alliance (,which was represented by Federico Solano.Federico has worked in the tourism industry since 1994 focusing in the marketing field indifferent areas such as hospitality, airlines, travel agencies and car rentals. He joined theRainforest Alliance ´s Sustainable Tourism program in 2004. During his time in the RainforestAlliance, Solano has coordinated projects in several Latin American, North American andEuropean countries, and supporting sustainable tourism by helping offer and demand to adoptresponsible practices towards the environment and local communities. His dedication inpromoting sustainable tourism to consumers and the tourism industry has led to multiplestrategic alliances with local governments, international organizations and private industry.More information on speakers: ( session began with a small presentation of the Rainforest Alliance. The organization sets tocreate best practice guides (Forest, coastal environments or anywhere). They create thesetools to aid companies in different areas around the world to increase their sustainabilitystrategies and efforts. It provides tools and a work structure which has been adopted in manydifferent areas with a lot of feedback to improve these tools.They provide a certification for sustainable practices in tourism, through this guideline. We areaware that as nobody is perfect, therefore no business can be 100% sustainable but thisprogram aids companies in order to work in the direction of sustainability and implementsthese types of strategies. They look for win-win situations where business and localcommunities benefit from the developments and give back to the community some of theindustry incomes in order to preserve the natural and cultural heritage.They also have an agricultural, forestry programs among others. The agricultural is the secondbiggest, a figure is for example of the British tea consumed, and 50% is certified by theRainforest Alliance. In terms of the tourism program it is growing rapidly and has variousprograms, some targeting companies and best practices, the organizationwhich educates travellers, or the green travel program.After this initial presentation there is a panel of companies that will debate some of theiractions and activities that they have carried out in order to try and increase demand for theirsustainable products and practices. • Enrique Umbert of Mountain Lodges of Peru http://www.mountainlodgesofperu.comEnrique experience has been a learning process towards sustainability. He focused on this ideaof comfort versus sustainability in terms of managing expectations. We must understand thatwe are selling emotional comfort and quality. He educates the visitor and explains why things Tel: 927 560 429
  36. 36. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010are done in a certain way. He transmits what are the benefits to the environment and localpopulation of carrying the operations in the way they do. • Veronica Napuri Peirano of Tucano Reps. Peru http://www.tucanoperu.comShe works in a rural community in Peru which is self-sustained, (agriculture, fishing, school).She focuses on local development but through community integration. The local people arethe ones who identify their needs, for example a small playing area for the children, agreenhouse with vegetables so that they don’t have to travel so much to trade. For example:The visitors are the ones who learn the language of the local inhabitants. Shows a great job ofconservation of ancient cultures and how this community continues to live in the traditionalway and it is they who have the control to continue in this manner or introduce products andservices of the "new world."The program plants trees in the rainforest and there is a strong commitment to keep thiscommunity intact and living in their traditional ways. • Randy Durband of Travcoa Robin Tauk & Partnerts www.robintauck.comRandy has been part of the World Travel & Tourism Council, and now manages his has his ownorganization with other partners. HE put forward the idea that there is a clear change towardsmore sustainable practices and especially in tourism sector. There are EU guidelines, carbonemissions reduction Schemes and programs, surveys show there is a societal change occurring.People are becoming more aware of our impacts on the environment and there is an increasein people and tourist who look to reduce their ecological footprint. There is the greening ofsuppliers as airlines improve efficiency, companies want to do community development andtour operators travel and audit the greenness of their suppliers.For example: Country walkers, (Part of TUI) has created a step program certification andawareness campaign to educate, clients, providers, suppliers and all their supply chain toreduce their impacts and becoming more sustainable. Another example he put forward wastravel agency that has zero emissions as it neutralizes through forestry programs and using thelower emissions jets. • Rob Holmes of Green Living Project http://www.greenlivingproject.comThe represent a unique production and distribution team for US & North America. They carryover 175 events around the world. They create movies on experiential travel, we had ameeting with them and we are trying to produce a documentary on the shire of la Vera.According to their expertise the Nicaragua market needs more work in ecotourism and CostaRica has been the leader year’s back. Their final goal is to educate the consumer. Today theyare working on Granada in San Jose for their next event.www.greenlivingproject.comConclusions: Tel: 927 560 429
  37. 37. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010European Escapes are increasing and there are everyday more people looking for differenttype of travel: • Sustainable Travel – standards are evolving and more and more companies are increasing their sustainable practices. • We need to unify these standards. There are many standards and in order to compare different destinations these need to be unified. • Increase in the number of certifications (TI) carbon offset arena. o Formation education, it’s a process. No one is 100% sustainable! o Standards A to B and finally to C. (Long term Process) • set criteria and international language for transport companies.From this session we can identify the changing trends in travel and how the sustainable marketis increasing and been every day more demanded. Its changing from an additional value tosomething that is been demanded by the adventure traveller.Adventure Travellers want more sustainable practices to be implemented.Would you be willing to pay a little more for your holiday if you knew that this money is usedfor recovery and protection of natural environments to recover cultures, communities andancestral customs? Tel: 927 560 429
  38. 38. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010COLLABORATIVE LEARNINGSustainable Tourism Best Practices: From theory to Action.This session focused on real case studies on best practices for the promotion of sustainabletourism. How to achieve the theoretical goals and how to carry out these practices in the realworld:Some of the speaker in this session included; • Erika harms - Executive Director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and Senior Advisor on Tourism at the United Nations Foundation. / • Mandip Singh Soin FRGS Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, UK. • Lennart Pittja, Pathfinder Lapland • Federico Solano – Rainforest Alliance ( • Natasha Martin – Xola Consulting ( consultants have experience working with governments and organizations of all sizes instrategy development and business management. XOLA also provides market research.You may find more information about the speakers in the following link:( the beginning the idea that there is a growing threat from mass tourism was put forward.The middle class population of china and India is growing dramatically and tourism is a fastgrowing market in these regions. These middle class people will be travellers in the near futureand we have to target them and be careful with the consequences that will result. One of thekey issues that we need to address is to harmonize and group the different certifications of: • Green tourism • Ecotourism • Cultural tourism • Adventure travel • Community tourism • Sustainable tourismThe GSCT is developing a global standard on sustainable practices in tourism:The Global Sustainability Tourism Criteria.Erika Harms is the Executive Director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) andSenior Advisor on Tourism at the United Nations Foundation. In this role, Ms. Harms manages Tel: 927 560 429
  39. 39. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010and oversees the implementation of activities under the framework of the GTSC, a cuttingedge initiative that provides a clear set of standards, protocols, processes and measurementsfor how businesses can better the planet and practice sustainable tourism.She set out to explain the process of elaborating the guide which has been summarized into 37criteria and some of the goals that have been achieved include; • Created a platform for information exchange and the feedback process. • Maximize and promote collaboration of all the stakeholders • Cultural aspects of different communities • Reduce negative impacts, (not only economic but also environmental and social) • Develop the local economy,The criteria is set to mark a minimum level, is used as a guideline, it’s a baseline accreditedstandard, it certifies the certifiers. It is based on the 4500 existing standards and more than 50certifications. It’s been a long consultative process where all stakeholders have given theirinput.There are four main actions or principles in which the indicators have been structured. Theindicators will be defined locally, from the global principles or guidelines. A. Demonstrate effective sustainable management. B. Maximize social-economic impacts. C. Minimize the cultural negative impacts. D. Minimize the environmental negative impacts.Implement criteria trough the Global Sustainable Tourism Council • Sets out to transmit, communicate, expand the criteria, best practices • Educate about the sustainability principles • Generate and increase market share • Increase public awareness. • Collaboration between tour operators, hotels, transport and all the key stakeholders.After the introduction of the Criteria we have some practical examples form the speakers.After the introduction of the Criteria we have some practical examples form the speakers.Starting with Mandip Singh Soin FRGS; who likes to be described as a Mountaineer, Explorer,Eco-tourism & Adventure Travel Specialist and Motivational Speaker.Mandip is the only Indian to be awarded the Ness Award by the Royal Geographical Society,UK, for mountaineering and polar expeditions and encouragement of youth exploration. He isthe Founder President of the Ecotourism Society of India and a Judge for the Tourism forTomorrow Awards for the World Travel & Tourism Council.After more than 30 years in the Himalayan doing diverse expeditions, he has been being doingdiverse project for the development of remote areas. He focuses on identifying the local Tel: 927 560 429
  40. 40. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010issues, it is vital for the sustainable development to use the local knowledge and it´s key toempower the local population and understand what their real needs are.The second speaker was Lennart Pittja of Pathfinder Lapland; a Sami person from Sweden whostarted his business as a small family company in 1995. Their philosophy includes:"We work close with nature and are proud of our origin and our history. We wish to spreadknowledge about Sami culture, but also how to enjoy being close to animals and nature. Forreasons of sustainability and "Natures Best" we always find new trails, a way of not leavingmarks behind us".Vägvisaren - Pathfinder Laplands products are certified as "Natures Best" by the Swedish Eco-tourism Society, one of the first systems in the world for Eco-tourism certification.He focuses on 6 pillars: • Education culture • Local economy • Environmental impact • Conservation • Create responsibility, respect from guests to their culture • Quality, reliable.The success factors that he has identified include; • Right Staff • Government Support • National Label • Stakeholder process • Practical tool • Local and social content (Create rural value for visitors)Visit Sápmi, has developed Sustainability Criteria including Social and Cultural Aspects of theSamis.Tourism Community Management plan.Lennard works normally with small groups, 5 or 6 days journeys in the Lapland sami region.The trip is to guide the reindeer between Sweden and Norway. (Sapmi: area or land, Sami isthe person) Their parents and ancestors where reindeer herder and wanted to keep theirtraditions and cultural heritage. This is the Spring Migration, Reindeer herding.Next speaker was Federico Solano who brought the approach from the Rainforest Alliance.The programs they are developing in order to certify organizations with the rainforest alliancebadge. The programs include agriculture, forest and now they are beginning with the tourismone. The main goal s of the tourism program includes; • Improve operations, become more sustainable in the whole process Tel: 927 560 429
  41. 41. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • Build business awareness and increase in numbers. • Create global standards that can be compared in different locations. • GSTC are a guideline for companies to follow if they want to improve their behavior, become more transparent and responsible for their operations.Global Sustainability Tourism Criteria as backbone of Training Manuals: • Best management goals of sustainable tourism. • Tool for operators. • Best Management Guides for communities. • Heritage based tourism (UN Guidelines).www.sustainabletrip.orgFor the last 8 years they have been looking at 100 inbound and 500 outbound tour operators.Now they are in the process of creating a blog where they will share the experiences.GSTC helps to: • Create a common language worldwide. • Strengthen organization through its tools. • Increase benefits to organizations and local communities. • Establish partnerships, connect stakeholders. • Accomplish their mission: which is to conserve and broaden sustainability issues to more population, increase awareness.What do you think of this tourism criteria, could you be interested in been certified insustainability issues?This certification is a guideline and all indicators and action differ from location to location butthe principles are global. Do you think this is a correct approach? Tel: 927 560 429
  42. 42. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 Tel: 927 560 429
  43. 43. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Jueves 4 de Octubre Thursday 7th of October.CRASH COURSES –Social Media – Digging Deeper … beyond AwarenessBuilding.At this session at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Scotland 2010; we had theopportunity to meet Scot Adams president of Birchbark ( Kathy Dragon founder and CEO of Travel Dragon ( For moreinformation on the speakers, click on the link.( Adam president of Birchbark Media, a marketing and PR agency, has been helping tomarket and develop outdoor tourism businesses for over a decade. His passion for outdoorexperiences and entrepreneurial determination has allowed him to excel his field. He is themain speaker in the presentation and takes us through the whole process.The course begins by presenting the idea of the fast growing potential of social media. Some ofthe key figures include; • Facebook figures: o 2004 – 1 Million users. o 2009 – 350 Million users. o 2010 – 500 Million users. • Twitter: Over 50 Million twits a day. • Youtube: has more than 24 hours of video uploaded per minute. • Google: shows 20% daily new keywords.What hasn’t change is the need to have a strategic reason for doing social media. • Still need to sell a value, what it is, what you give and how do you differentiate from the competition. • Need to be transparent, authentic, human (Relationship, be yourself) • Give and don’t sell! • Listen and ask and do not tell.Kathy Dragon puts out what’s growing interest on social media at the moment. • Trip advisor – trip friend: Initiative with Facebook worth to have a look. It combines the recommendation of trip advisor with Facebook friends so that the opinions from trip advisor can be selected from your Facebook friends. Now the opinions in which you rely can be only from people who you know and therefore reducing the possible bad publicity from competitors or opinions from people unknown. • Google Images: is growing quickly and with new features, important to carefully tag and name all our pictures so that it can be indexed by the search engine. • Facebook “Like” new feed optimization, algorithm Tel: 927 560 429
  44. 44. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 o Feeds o Places o Groupon • Presentation on the Hub – o Edde Rank Algorith o When posting, wait for interactions, wait until people connect, different people interacting is better, o Post diverse, fotos, links, questions, do not post constantly! • Facebook Places o Is going to take over Foursquare and Gowala • Google image: improving search overhaul, put URL always (traffic to your website) • RSS feed. • Social media is beginning to be used as a guide, especially twitter is very linked with events and can be a very informative tool for up to date information.Scott continues with his presentation with; why do you need Social media? • Maintaining relationships with clients. • Forming new relations. • Brand Building. • Promotion. • Managing disasters.Promotions have become measurable. Use promos as dig or Facebookcan use wildfire for promotion, 2 people travel trip, group deal. Use Facebook and videopromotion are some of the ideas proposed during the session.Offering • Collect data. • Engage fans (gifts). • Facebook adds, free, try it (69$ led to 400,000 interactions). • Creative offer, look in the hub post link.MeasureThe main tools include Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr but we have to look where ourcustomer are. Do a Google search blog, twitter, Facebook and look a t the left panel in Googlethat has a lot of features. (Keywords)Look for influencers or anyone who is sharing your content. Add this website add icons for like,tweet and share to our website. Use shorter link (short URL). YouTube, also there is Vimeo forhigher quality or flick tv.How many followers are re-tweeting, we need to look for quality not quantity. Engagement –How often people engaging. Business page on Facebook. Youtube statistics on when arepeople leaving. Twitter analytics tools very interesting. Tel: 927 560 429
  45. 45. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Conversion.How to measureJust ask where you arrive in the web-page to the customer, good feedback to trace the mosteffective mean for each company.Free tools include; Social metrics addict.Group Exercise.We are a Backpacker Company that is present in Facebook and twitter.Goals: 1. How to inform social media 2. Find people that like it 3. Establish the influencersDesign a strategy for new or existing products, how to attract people. • Get the buzz • Who are the influencers (Adprosumers) • Make content (select the right people. Market analysis • What is different about us! • Viral Video- post video of what we offer different to the competition. • Flip video and the camera! • Look for ADPROSUMERS • Look for LEADERSAssignment: We are putting a new product on the market (tent) and we want to use socialmedia marketing. • Contest on youtube, video. • Who is your consumer, how do they use social media, target wright people through the wright means. • Use other platforms, coordinate, • Story telling: When my backpacker saved my live – come and shoot our video. • Instead of video write a story which will be later put as a video. • Outside magazine credibility. Tel: 927 560 429
  46. 46. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • Take it to a concert, event (I.e. take the tent to try it) where you can record different experiences.Include information about destination or product in videos: • Re-tweet, re-feed it. • Identify. • Gives prices. • Advocacy. • Encourage people (From each group). • Post on their blog. • Include information of sector in the blog. • Always respond in company language. • Mistakes or errors, do not debate, be transparent honest. • RSS feeds.As a conclusion we need to remember that these are tools are not a strategy, so we need todefine it before we embark on social media.Follow us on Rural-Accommodations. ( Tel: 927 560 429
  47. 47. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010Visual Story Telling – Producing & Publishing Quality Video on a Dime.Speakers at this session in the Adventure Travel World Conference include; • Chris Noble – General Manager, • Davin Hutchins – Founder and CEO, NOMADSLAND.More information about the speakers on this link:( Video on a Dime. • Use video as a differentiator / inspire. • Story telling is key. • Use tweets, Facebook, press releases. (combine efforts)HD Video is now under 1.000 Dollars. Editing distributing has become affordable.Signature Videos: • 4 or 5 minutes • Multiple versions (for T.V., for Youtube, spot, event, etc.) • Story telling is key, emotional video, tell an experience, and make people feel part of.Problem with current videos: • Week stories, week interviews, week characters. • Need to plan, look for the most suitable story, promote and boost the best features. • Amateurish video (no budget) bad quality can be understood if it’s done by our clients, with a certain camera. • Be authentic, genuine feeling; try to express an adventure a unique experience. • Video tell a story, emotion, interview staff, and look for a unique story. • Try to capture the attention in the beginning, tell a story and the impact on the ending! • Hotel – Pictures might be better, stationary. • PPP (People, Planet, Profit) – reduce carbon footprint, unique person, trip experience. • Soft selling, no not be commercially aggressive. Just mention is a great place and is brought to you by us!Dragonfly Expeditions & Nomads Land, example of video, storytelling: Nomads also showed a video of a development project in Costa Rica, but it’s still notavailable as its part of a series of documentaries: I leave a link to their website where there aremany example videos: • YouTube channel: Tel: 927 560 429
  48. 48. Technical Report ATWS – Adventure Travel World Summit 2010 • Website: • Collaborating with Nat Geo Adventure: (type of travel stories) • Story of the new or good • Story of the people • Story took place in an ecosystem, environment, surrounding • Story of trekking, activity • Story of the founder, traveller’s information, staff.What camera to buy: • Sony, hard drive, extra batteries, computer backup. (1.000 $). • Canon Camera with HD (1.000 $). • Revel T+I HD videos 19x20 full HD. • Different outlets, products – same video can be edited to be used in different events, platforms. The important is to record in high quality in order to be able to modify, use different segments, versions, for website, YouTube, sell your product or promote the destination, among others. (B-B, B-C, Episodes, etc.)Camera characteristics: • Flipcams- take it with you in helmet (small for adventure stories, where a conventional camera is difficult, quality is not that good but viewer understand so it’s no problem, can even be given to tourist for capturing special moments. • Audio: use external audio (directional, etc. pump audio, license music) • Flash memory or hard drives (local Audio Band) • Lighting (very important, (information available at the ATTA´s Hub). • Battery life (charge and buy extra for whole day shooting).Use strong characters • Use interviews (anchor interviews 30 minutes). Unite questions between the ones interviewed so that you can move from one to another character. Use personal, historical, mechanical, transitional, philosophical or whatever ideas that are the strong and differentiating characteristic of the company, destination.Script writingTranscribe everything; write what to do, create a paper cut, what you are going to do! Onepage is about two minutes of filming! Record short scenes never more than 10 seconds (theless time and more diverse the better).Editing: • Never more than 20 seconds (except interview) Tel: 927 560 429