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Dunshaughlin, Ratoath and dunboyne

  1. 1. NIGHT SCHOOL SPRING 2013 DUNBOYNE - DUNSHUAGHLIN - RATOATH Monday Night Ratoath College John McCarthy Tel: 01 825 4102 Email: jmccarthy@meathvec.ieTuesday NightSt Peter’s College, DunboyneSandra HillTel: 01 825 2552Email: Tuesday Night Dunshaughlin Community College Rory Collins, Tel: 01 825 9137 Email:
  2. 2. RATOATH COLLEGE Jamestown, Ratoath, Co. Meath Day Time Enrolment: Normal school hours. Use the drop box at the main reception to leave your enrolment form and payment. Enrolment & Open Nights: Monday 14th & 21st January, 7.00-9.00pm Courses Begin: Monday 28th January 2013TO ENROL ONLINE & FOR MORE INFO ON COURSES AND TUTORS VISIT: Code Course Title Time Duration FeeRTH01 Monitoring Cyber-Bullying & Internet Protection 7.30-8.30 4 Weeks €10How to monitor your children’s online activity and protect them from Cyber-bullying onFacebook/Twitter/ etc. iPhone IOS/Android monitoring and restrictions. Protect yourselfand family from internet threats. Registration Fee only to reserve limited places.RTH02 Computers for Beginners 7.30-9.30 10 weeks €120Learn basic computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Internet & Email in a relaxed environment.RTH03 Book-keeping and Payroll - Computerised & Manual 7.30-9.30 10 weeks €120Introduction to manual Book-keeping & day to day maintenance of books and records forbusiness. Using Excel and book-keeping Software Packages. Understanding Payroll, using bothmanual and computerised systems. VAT returns.RTH04 The Art of Photography 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75An introduction to digital photography. Learn about portraiture, landscape, street photography,shutter speed, ISO, aperture, depth of field, white balancing and histograms.RTH05 Leadership, Assertiveness and Public Speaking 4.30-6.30 10 weeks €120Leadership and Assertiveness depend on the ability to confidently and clearly be able to expressyourself. There is no faster route to becoming assertive, successful and a leader than by being ableto confidently speak in any given circumstance. This course will give you this confidence.RTH06 French for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Discover France and French culture and learn basic grammar and vocabulary! Learn to write aletter or email, guide a simple conversation and understand some basic stories or articles.RTH07 Conversational Irish 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Aimed at those wishing to brush up on their Irish language skills. Would also be beneficial toparents of children attending a Gaelscoil.RTH08 English as a Foreign Language 7.30-9.30 10 weeks €120English classes for students of all levels, with a focus on speaking primarily. Will discuss grammar,but with plenty of practice activities.
  3. 3. Code Course Title Time Duration FeeRTH09 Yogalates 7.00-8.00 6 weeks €50Yogalates combines the best of Yoga and Pilates resulting in a practice that supports the health ofthe human mind, body and spirit in a safe working environment.RTH10 Pilates 8.00-9.00 6 weeks €50A relaxing way to keep your body well-toned and in shape. Bring a mat, towel and water.RTH11 Creative Writing 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn about different forms of writing alongside practise the techniques of writing such asdialogue, character development, plotting, setting and more. Tips on getting published too!RTH12 Guitar for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Easy to follow class for absolute beginners, no need to be able to read music. Learn chordsthrough songs so you can accompany yourself or others. Bring you own guitar.RTH13 Crochet for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Wish you could have decorative textile items without incurring huge cost? Learn to createbeautiful designs with a few simple crochet stitches. Cost of materials not included.RTH14 Flower Arranging 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Come and learn how to create exciting Floral Designs for your home.RTH15 Create your own Super Garden! 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn to plan your garden, successfully cultivate plants & basics of disease & pest control.RTH16 Pottery Creations for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn the basics of hand built pottery from construction to decoration. Methods include pinchingpots, coil building objects, slab building and basic mould making. Cost of materials €30.RTH17 Interior Design 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Get a new outlook on colour and design to completely change your rooms. Open your mind tousing colour more vibrantly and freely. Bring new life into rooms that may be looking a bit tired.RTH18 Fuel 4 Families - A Healthy Cooking Course 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn to cook nutritional, practical and delicious food for the family on a budget.RTH19 The Magic of Homeopathy 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn the skills to use homeopathic remedies to help treat common ailments & first aid situations.RTH20 Leaving Cert Business 6.00-8.00 6 weeks €75Focuses on Units 5,6 and 7, worth 80% of your exam this year. Including detailed revision notes.RTH21 Leaving Cert Accountanting 6.00-8.00 6 weeks €75Focuses on Q1 & Q5 using past HL exam questions and working.RTH22 Create Your Own Website 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn how to create your own website for business or personal use that is mobile friendly andconnected to social media. No technical knowledge is required.
  4. 4. ST PETER’S COLLEGE Dunboyne, Co. Meath Day Time Enrolment: Monday –Friday, 9.30am-3.30pm @ Student Office Enrolment & Open Nights: Tuesday 15th & 22nd January, 6.30-8.30pm Courses Begin: Tuesday 29th January 2013 TO ENROL ONLINE & FOR MORE COURSE INFORMATION VISIT: Code Course Title Time Duration FeeDBY01 Computers for the Terrified 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90Terrified of computers? This is the course for you! Learn at your own pace in a relaxed setting.DBY02 A way to a Healthier and Happier You! 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90Learn to look at nutrition and food in a different way. Learn how a few simple changes canenhance your life, give you mental clarity and improve energy, skin and nails.DBY03 Learn To Manage Your Own Stressors 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90A light hearted look at recognising and overcoming stress and its triggers. Focuses on individualstudent development. NB: Please bring a mat, blanket and small pillow for comfortDBY04 Pilates 7.00-8.00 7 weeks €60Suitable for beginners or as a refresher. Bring a mat, towel and water. Will help to improve yourpostural alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility.DBY05 Body Conditioning 7.00-8.00 7 weeks €60This circuit body conditioning class will lead to improved flexibility, muscular strength / toningand inch lose. Bring along a mat, water and towel.DBY06 Reiki Level 1 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90Reiki is an ancient, non-intrusive complementary therapy. A hands-on healing technique, Reikienhances the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels.DBY07 Cupcake icing and decoration 7 weeks €110Learn how to make cupcakes and decorate them for all occasions!DBY08 Card Game—25s 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90A class to learn or to improve the way you can play 25s, but not for money.DBY09 Guitar for Beginners 7.00-8.00 7 weeks €60Suitable for all ages. Learn to tune a guitar and play basic chords with strumming and plucking.DBY10 Spanish for Beginners 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90Designed for beginners, no previous knowledge of Spanish is required..DBY11 Make Social Media Work for your Business 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90Learn to use social media to the maximum advantage of your business.
  5. 5. Code Course Title Time Duration FeeDBY12 Drawing & Painting Thursdays 7.20-9.20 7 weeks €90Venue: Old National School, Dunboyne—Exciting and rewarding Art class for all levels. Exploreyour creativity and learn new skills, develop existing skills. Starts Thursday 31st JanuaryDBY13 Canine Obedience 7.00-8.00 7 weeks €60Hamilberg K9, a professional dog training and dog protection company will aid the learner togain the knowledge and skills to train a dog to behave in a calmly and obey basic commands.DBY14 Bicycle Maintenance 7.00-9.00 5 weeks €60Learn the basics, puncture repair, fixing brakes, change a crank set, replace cables, work onadjusting gears and brakes and get bike road worthy.DBY15 Hill Walking & Mountain Navigation 7.00-9.00 8 weeks €90The course consists of 4 nights in the class room, covering map and compass navigating skills and 4hill walks in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains on Saturday mornings.DBY16 English Conversation for non-native speakers 7.00-9.00 Every Tuesday €5Improve your spoken English in a relaxed atmosphere. Emphasis on everyday interaction, meetingnew people and having an enjoyable learning experience. All levels from beginners up. €5registration fee. Hosted by FÁILTE ISTEACH. Professional & Certificate Courses See for more infoDBY17 IPPA/FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Childcare 7.00-10.00 15 weeks €300Modules covered: Child Development and Early Childhood Education and Play. One evening perweek and one Saturday per month.DBY18 FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Word Processing 7.00-9.00 8 weeks €140Develop word processing skills using MS Word 2010, can be used personally and professionally.DBY19 FETAC Level 5 Introduction to Nursing 7.00-9.00 10 weeks €330(Module code D20012) Explore the nursing profession. Introduces the caring role of the nurse andemphasises the importance of interpersonal communication. Plus 2 Saturdays.DBY20 FETAC Level 3 Component - English as a Second Language 7.00-9.30 10 weeks €200Gain the knowledge, skills and competence to communicate at an introductory level in English,socially and in simple work-related tasks under supervision. Plus 2 Saturdays.DBY21 FETAC Level 6 Advanced Cert in Supervisory ManagementStarts Tuesday 30th September 2013. Deposits taken—€100. See Leaving Certificate - Easter Revision Courses Now enrolling @ St. Peter’s College, Dunboyne Monday 25th - Friday 29th March 2013 See for timetable and more details
  6. 6. DUNSHAUGHLIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath Enrolment & Open Nights: Tuesday 15th & 22nd January, 6.30-8.30pm Courses Begin: Tuesday 29th January 2013 TO ENROL ONLINE & FOR MORE COURSE INFORMATION VISIT: Code Course Title Time Duration FeeDCC01 Computers for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Introduction to computers, word- processing, MS Word, internet and email all covered.DCC02 Introduction to Computer Programming (Java) 7.30-9.30 10 weeks €120Learn the basics of Computer Programming using JavaDCC03 Internet & Social Networking 7.30-9.30 4 weeks €50Learn how to use twitter, Facebook & other forms of social media with this shortintroductory course.DCC04 Create Your Own Garden - Landscape Providers 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Covers the main garden layout areas; site analysis, basic garden design, paving/patios,right plant right place and garden maintenance.DCC05 Painting for Fun (Oil Painting) 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Suitable for all levels. A list of what items are needed will be available upon request.DCC06 Creative Writing for Profit 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Inspire and develop writing skills. Learn how to put your ideas to paper. Covering shortstories, prose, poetry & writing for radio.DCC07 Pilates 7.30-8.30 6 weeks €50A popular and relaxing method of keeping your body well-toned and in shape. Alllevels. (Loose clothing & mat required).DCC08 Pottery for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75Learn the basics of hand built pottery from construction to final product decorationCost of materials is €30 (to be paid to the tutor on the first night of the course).
  7. 7. Code Course Title Time Duration FeeDCC09 Project Maths for Parents 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75This course gives an introductory guide to the new project maths syllabus and is aimedat parents of students currently undertaking the new course.DCC10 U C What U Eat - for Diabetics & their loved ones 7.30-9.30 8 weeks €100Diet plays a major role in controlling diabetes and reducing the risk of developing long-term complications. The recipes, that you will be cooking on this course, have beendevised to be low in fat, salt and sugar; they are based on a variety of starchy stablefoods; they promote the use of fruits, vegetables and the right kinds of fat.DCC11 Guitar for Beginners 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75From beginner to improver, learn more chords, techniques and playing styles to helpyour performance.DCC12 Leaving Cert Maths - Ordinary Level, Paper 1 4.30-6.30 6 weeks €75A very good opportunity to catch up and revise maths in a comfortable environmentbefore the Leaving Cert exam.DCC13 Saving Money - The Essential Guide 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75This course will provide you with the tools to run an efficient household, as well asproviding you with the knowledge to know your rights when dealing with debt, socialwelfare and taxation issues.DCC14 Leaving Cert Oral Irish 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75A very good opportunity to catch up and revise oral Irish in a comfortable environmentbefore the Leaving Cert exam.DCC15 Start Your Own Business 7.30-9.30 6 weeks €75An introductory course for people hoping to start their own business. Classes willconsist of a mix of theory and practical work. Leaving Certificate Easter Revision Courses Now enrolling @ St. Peter’s College, Dunboyne Courses run: Monday 25th - Friday 29th March 2013 See for timetable and more details
  8. 8. Enrolment InformationFees must be paid on enrolment, preferably by Cheque/Bank Draft/Postal Order.Places are allocated on a first paid basis.Enrolments will not be accepted over the telephone.Enrolments can now be made online at (Please Note: Credit & Debit Cards are the methods of payment accepted when enrolling online)Fees are non refundable except where a course is not held due to insufficient numbers.If a course is cancelled, it may take up to 3 weeks to refund fees.If there are insufficient numbers for a class to form at the advertised price, intending students may be offered the course for a lesser number of weeks at the same price.Where course materials are required, the cost must be incurred by the participantSchools will not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to property or personal belongings whilst in the school or on the grounds.Schools are non-smoking campus.Minimum Age: students must be 16 years to enrol in a night class.Transfer between classes or between schools is not permitted without permission from the Director of Adult Education in the school you first applied to.Information on the brochure may be subject to change, please visit our school websites or for regular updates. Please note, once you have enrolled you will not be contacted in relation to your chosen course unless the course is cancelled, so please take note of the date & time of the first night of your class. Postal Enrolment Form - Spring 2013 Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS Don’t forget! You can also enrol online @ Course Code: Host School: Course Title: Name: Address: Email: Telephone: Method of payment: Cash Cheque Draft  I accept the terms & conditions of enrolment as outlined above Signed: Please return this form along with the appropriate fee to the Adult Education Director of the School hosting the Course