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St. Peters College Night School Programme Spring 2013                  DAY TIME ENROLMENT - MONDAY - FRIDAY 9.30AM-3.30PM ...
and thighs. Bring along a mat, water and towel.DBY06   Reiki Level 1                                                      ...
landscapes, townscape, still life, figures, portrait, animals, abstract,        etc. Or choose to work individually with t...
mornings in the mountains. The course is suitable for young and        old, the employed, the unemployed, the early retire...
receive a FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Word Processing. Suitable for        beginners and intermediate / advanced students...
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Dunboyne 2013 spring


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Dunboyne 2013 spring

  1. 1. St. Peters College Night School Programme Spring 2013 DAY TIME ENROLMENT - MONDAY - FRIDAY 9.30AM-3.30PM ENROLMENT AND OPEN NIGHT - Tuesday 14th & 21st January 6.30pm - 8.00pm COURSES BEGIN - Tuesday 29th January 7.00pmClass Code Course Time Duration FeeDBY01 Computers for the Terrified 7.00-9.00 7 weeks € 90 Terrified of computers? Then we have the course for you! This introductory computer class is conducted in a relaxed environment allowing you to learn at your own pace. Main areas covered: • Starting, turning on and off the computer , Opening and closing files, Using the mouse, Typing, Changing the appearance of text (formatting), E- mail and Internet At the end of the course students will have the option to continue their studies in the Computers for the Less Terrified class in the Spring Term.DBY02 A way to a Healthier and Happier You! 7.00-9.00 7 weeks € 90 This course aims to help people look at nutrition and food in a different way. This programme will assist candidates in seeing how enhanced their life can be with a few simple changes and how it can bring about mental clarity, improve energy, skin, hair and nails. The course will demonstrate juicing, sprouting, smoothie making, reviewing the various different aspects of diet, e.g. Food Intolerances, Glycaemic Index and Label Reading. The objectives of course are to enhance peoples’ lives and to teach them about the benefits of a healthy diet. Benefits: Helps participants to feel more open to new possibilities in their life. Feel more control over their business and personal life. Also helps to develop better work/life balance.DBY03 Learn To Manage Your Own Stressors 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90 This course takes a light hearted look at ways to recognise and overcome stress and what triggers it for each individual It is a very practical course which gets each person to take a look at what their particular stressors are and how they can deal with them on a daily basis. Please bring a mat and a blanket and small pillow for comfort. It includes: Relaxation techniques, visualisation and meditation, Exercise to beat stress, Quick and simple tools to help you feel invigoratedDBY04 Pilates 7.00-8.00 7 weeks € 60 This class is suitable for beginners or as a refresher course. Bring along a mat, towel and water. This class will help to improve your postural alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility. Pilates can be practiced by people of all fitness levels. It is a slow and controlled form of exercise which engages the mind and enhances body awareness and has been demonstrated to reduce stress and anxiety.DBY05 Body Conditioning/Toning 7.00-8.00 7 weeks € 60 This circuit body conditioning class will lead to improved flexibility, muscular strength / toning and inch lose. The class is excellent for toning the lower body such as stomach, bottom, hips
  2. 2. and thighs. Bring along a mat, water and towel.DBY06 Reiki Level 1 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90 Reiki is an ancient, non-intrusive complementary therapy. A hands- on healing technique, Reiki enhances the bodys own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. It alleviates stress, promotes healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. In this course you will be attuned to the frequency of this energy, learn about the chakras as a means of growth and the hand positions for the self-treatment and treatment of family and friends.DBY07 Cupcake Icing and Decorating for different occasions 7.00-9.30 7 weeks € 110 Learn how to make cupcakes and decorate them for all occasions! During this course you will learn basic cup cake recipes as well as sugar craft techniques using buttercream and fondant icing. Each class will be geared towards a special occasion eg. St. Valentine’s day, birthdays, St. Patrick’s day, Christenings and Easter. Cupcakes and icing recipes will be demonstrated in week one and students will be asked to bring their own buns (shop bought or homemade) for the remainder of the course as we will be concentrating on decorating during the remaining classes. All icing and decorating tools will be supplied for each class. So come on folks let’s get baking so you can show off your decorating talents at the next celebration to your friends and family.DBY08 Card game 25s 7.00-9.00 7 weeks €90 Twenty Five card playing with Michael Lyndon A class to learn or to improve the way you can play 25, but not for moneyDBY09 Guitar for Beginners 7.00-8.00 7 weeks € 60 This course is suitable for all ages and involves learning how to tune a guitar and play basic chords with strumming and plucking styles. Students will need to bring their own guitar and will learn to play songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, U2, Bob Marley, Oasis, Johnny Cash and many more. On completion of the course students will be able to accompany themselves or someone else singing songs in various styles such as rock, pop, country and folk. The class instructor, Ronan Quigley, is a graduate from the Royal Irish Academy of Music and a full-time professional musician with over ten years’ experience playing live in the music industry.DBY10 Digital Photography 7.00-9.00 7 weeks € 90 This course introduces students to the basic functions of their digital camera. Aspects such as exposure, depth of field, lens and digital capture are comprehensively explained. The class introduces you to the Do’s and Don’ts of composition. You will learn to use available light to help get the most from your portraits and still life. Key subjects such as landscape, night photography and flash will be explored. Equipment: You can do this course with either a manual SLR digital camera or an auto digital camera. The class instructor, Declan Hancock AIPF, is an associate of the Irish Photographic Federation.DBY11 Drawing and Painting 7.20-9.20 7 weeks € 90 Venue: Old National School, Dunboyne - Thursdays Thursdays An exciting and rewarding Art class for all levels. Explore your creativity and learn new skills, expand on existing artistic skills, either by working with the tutor on specific projects e.g.
  3. 3. landscapes, townscape, still life, figures, portrait, animals, abstract, etc. Or choose to work individually with tutor guidance. Drawing: Select from a range of materials; pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolour pencils, pen & ink. Painting: Select from water base paints; watercolours, gouache, poster and acrylics etc. Creative Crafts available to those interested e.g. printing, batik, glass decoration and painting, mosaics etc. Relax and enjoy learning with a supportive group of local people. Classes given by an experienced Art Teacher & Artist.DBY12 Spanish for Beginners 7.00-9.00 7 weeks € 90 This course is designed for beginner students and no previous knowledge of Spanish is required. Students will learn how to communicate in Spanish using the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Perfect for those who would like to pursue the language to intermediate level and those who are planning a summer holiday to Spain. Students will need a Spanish – English dictionary and a notebook to record notes.DBY13 Obedience training for family pets 7.00-8.00 7 weeks € 60 Hamilberg K9 is a professional Irish based dog training and dog protection company. This module has been developed to give the learner an understanding of the knowledge and skills required to train a dog so that it behaves in a calm manner and obeys basic commands. Learners who successfully complete this module will: Acquire the theoretical background of dog training methods. Understand the principles of the training methods. Demonstrate good handling practice in practical training sessions. Acquire the theoretical background and understand the practical applications of the training method selected. Develop and use safe work practices. Demonstrate the method used to teach a dog to sit. Demonstrate the method used to teach a dog to stay. Demonstrate the method used to teach a dog to come. Demonstrate how to teach a dog not to pull on the lead.DBY14 Bicycle Maintenance 7.00-9.00 5 weeks € 60 Learn the basics, puncture repair, fixing brakes, change a crank set, replace cables, work on adjusting gears and brakes and get bike road worthy and what tools you needDBY15 Make Social Media Work for your Business 7.00-9.00 7 weeks € 90 If you are an Entrepreneur or are running your own Business then you need to know how to use Social Media effectively. This course will bring you through all the different Social Media platforms and how you should be using them to your advantage. In this short course you will gain a greater understanding of Social Media Marketing and be able to develop a strategy for your business. In addition to this you will also be brought through the Basics of a Search Engine Optimisation strategy to help boost your website. This course is aimed at beginners and those who want to learn more about selling online. It is also aimed at those who work with Charities/Community Groups.DBY16 Hill Walking and Mountain Navigation 7.00-9.00 8 weeks € 90 The course consists of a 2 hour class on 4 nights in the class room, covering map and compass navigating skills and 4 hill walks in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains on Saturday mornings. I usually give 2 night classes and then alternate night classes with the Saturday
  4. 4. mornings in the mountains. The course is suitable for young and old, the employed, the unemployed, the early retired, those who have never gone Hill Walking and also for experienced Hill Walkers who would like to gain navigation skills.DBY17 English conversation classes for non-native speakers- Hosted by 7.00-9.00 Every €5 for FAILTE ISTEACH- Improve your spoken English in a relaxed and Tuesday registrat informal atmosphere, emphasis on everyday interaction, using what ion fee you already have, meeting new people and having an enjoyable learning experience. All levels from beginners up. All welcome Starts Tuesday Professional and Certificate CoursesDBY18 IPPA/FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Childcare: 7.00-10.00 15 weeks € 300 Modules covered: Child Development and Early Childhood Education and Play. Classes run one evening per week and one Saturday per month. Starts Tuesday 15th January. This aim of the course is to provide the participant with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to work with young children and their families in an early College find to out more childhood carer and education setting. This will enable participants to develop further competence and confidence in their work and to provide a high quality, early years’ service. This level 5 is for those who wish to gain a nationally accredited award in childcare. This will be of interest to those who are currently involved in childcare or those who wish to enter this sector. Participants must be working in a childcare setting for the duration of this course, a minimum 6 hours per week (e.g. one full day in a crèche facility or two mornings in a session setting.) 85% attendance required. See for further details.DBY19 FETAC Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Supervision in Childcare Starts Tuesday 30th September (6M2007). The Childcare Supervisor course will equip the participant 2013 with the skills, knowledge and competence required to supervise an Deposits taken €100 early childhood education and care setting and support others in their role and performance. In addition the participant will acquire an understanding of the interdependency of all domains of child development (physical, emotional, intellectual etc.) and its impact on early childhood education and care practice. The participant will acquire an understanding of early childhood educational programmes and recent curriculum development in the Irish context. The participant will develop an awareness of social and legal issues which relate directly to and impact on early childhood education and care settings. See for further detailsDBY20 FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Word Processing 7.00-9.00 8 weeks € 140 This class will enable learners to develop their word processing skills using Microsoft Word 2010, which can be used personally and professionally. The course will enable learners to develop their understanding and application of word processing software and file management techniques. Candidates who successfully complete this module will acquire a thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010, be familiar with an operating system, develop the skills of personal initiative and resourcefulness, develop good work practices in relation to the use of the computer, printer and materials and acquire the skills necessary to produce attractive documents to mailable standard. Students will complete documents such as letters, posters, mail merge, labels, meeting agendas etc. On completion students will
  5. 5. receive a FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Word Processing. Suitable for beginners and intermediate / advanced students. See for further detailsDBY21 Introduction to Nursing- FETAC 5 - (Module code D20012) This 7.00-9.00 10 weeks €330 module explores the nursing profession. It introduces the learner to the caring role of the nurse and emphasises the importance of interpersonal communication. 2 Saturdays required also. See for further detailsDBY22 Level 3 FETAC Component: English as a Second Language 7.00-9.30 10 weeks €200 3N0870This programme module aims to provide the Learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to communicate at an introductory level in English, socially and in simple work-related tasks under supervision. Objectives: To develop a level of language in order to be able to use the English language in a limited and familiar range of social and professional situations To gain an initial understanding of the culture of the English speaking country To learn to indicate a breakdown in communication and use relevant vocabulary to redress the situation. 2 Saturdays required also. See for further details Easter Revision Courses – Leaving Certificate Now enrolling in St. Peter’s College Monday 25th -Friday 29th March 2013 See for timetable and more details