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People Matter Website Relaunch Before and After


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People Matter helps people define, discover and deploy their unique fingerprint of potential. The website was a key component for reaching the public, providing resources and connecting people to the organization. However, its design had become dated and several functions had fallen into disrepair.

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People Matter Website Relaunch Before and After

  1. 1. Original Site: Home Page The original site was growing dated in design, was not supported on mobile devices and lacked e- commerce functionality. It also needed an overhaul of its written and digital content.
  2. 2. Old Site: About Us Page The old site lacked mobile optimization, had dated design and needed refreshed content.
  3. 3. Original Site: Donation Page The original site relied on PayPal and was limited to that vendor's functionality. It also required the inconvenience of creating a PayPal account.
  4. 4. Original Site: Store Page The original store featured multiple pages and ultimately stopped delivering digital transactions, redirecting clients to a phone number.
  5. 5. Store products were not displayed in a comprehensive view; further, the e-commerce function had become dysfunctional, requiring clients to use a phone number instead of the site. Original site: Store
  6. 6. The original blog site was featured at and required customers to leave the site. Original site: Blog
  7. 7. New Site: home page The new home page features beautiful visuals and doorways to all of the site's key content.
  8. 8. New Site: Home Page view #2 The new home page features plenty of real estate to tell the story of People Matter and to update it for key events. It's also optimized for mobile devices.
  9. 9. Phone view of new website The previous site was not optimized for mobile devices. The new site automatically scales for all devices.
  10. 10. Phone view #2
  11. 11. Tablet view
  12. 12. New site: redesigned store This rebuilt store featured all products on one page and includes a built-in, seamless e-commerce function.
  13. 13. New site: Giving page The new site provides a seamless, simple way for people to give.
  14. 14. New site: blog The new site brings the blog, a core component, into the website and out of an external site where it was hosted previously. This creates continuity and engagement on the site.
  15. 15. New site: podcast page The new podcast page brought media onto the site that was previously hosted offsite, creating a more seamless customer experience.
  16. 16. New site: Google Analytics The new site was set up with SEO in mind and its value can be assessed with analytics.