Salesforce Summer 13 developer release notes


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Salesforce Summer 13 developer release notes

  1. 1. Summer ‘13Developer GoodiesNote: Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently availableand may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase services should make their purchase decisionsbased upon features that are currently available.
  2. 2. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer Deployments can be cancelled while in progress! Now Deployable!• Approval Processes• User References maintained• Activities Settings• Auth Providers• Forecasting Settings• Installed Packages – deployable or installable now• Opportunity Settings• Product Settings• Publisher Actions• Quote Settings• SAML SSO ConfigYay!
  3. 3. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer Sandboxes– Templates for Full Sandboxes– User Interface Updates– Custom Settings Copied!
  4. 4. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer Developer Console Redesign– New Menu• File = Repository• Debug = Logs, Exec Anon, etc.• Test = Async Testing Tools• Workspace = Save the state of the console– Apex Code Completion– Highlighting for JS and Comments
  5. 5. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer Visualforce Updates– chatter:userPhotoUpload – component to upload Profile photos– HTML5 and Output Tag Generation Options – must use new API– Suppress automatic <html> and <body> tags• VF won’t prevent you from giving “even modern browsers fits.”– Offline caching via HTML5 manifest attribute– JavaScript Remoting• OAuth 2.0 Authentication – allow for cross-app/cross-org integrations• Configurable Timeout
  6. 6. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer Apex Test Methods Defined in Test Classes– All code going forward (API 28+) will not allow test methodsto be defined in functional classes– Organizational best practice– Tests don’t count against code limit– Preparing for future test enhancements– Josh Kaplan (Apex PM) explains: TestVisible Annotation– Allows private or protected members to be accessed via tests DML operations before Mock Callouts
  7. 7. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer Apex Classes & Methods– System.scheduleBatch• Schedule a one time run of a batch in the future from Apex– Chatter Publisher Actions: QuickAction– sObject.addError behavior changes after critical update• By default, will escape HTML markup• New flag to bypass escaping markup– String.stripHtmlTags – returns plain text
  8. 8. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer API Endpoint Changes– Not effected if you follow best practicesCheck your code and integrations for impact!
  9. 9. Roy GiladRelease Highlights - Developer API Changes– RecentlyViewed – logged-in users’ recently viewed or referenced– LastViewed & LastReferenced – field added to most standardobjects– User• Email has increased from 80 to 128 characters• Lots of new permissions for what to expose to Communities• Email Preferences including signature– Increased SOQL & SOSL Query Limits (20,000 characters)