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Grocery Store Showdown _ Amy's Compared To . Kashi


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Grocery Store Showdown _ Amy's Compared To . Kashi

  1. 1. Grocery Store Showdown : Amys Compared To . KashiWhos received what it takes for being the particular superstore series success ?! Amys & Kashiproceed head-to-head (both of these all-natural manufacturers rock , so they really tend to be fightinout for that "best-of-the-best" title )!MARGHERITA PIZZASAmys Margherita pizzas : calories from fat : 250 , extra fat : 12g, lay. Extra fat : three.5g, salt :550mg, carbs : 32g, sugars : 3g , dietary fiber : 2g, protein : 11g, WW PTS: half a dozen , Cals/Gram:two.03If you gaze at the picture of the pizzas , you will note bright mozerella blobs. These kinds of mozerellablobs tend to be pretty much the particular most delicious pizzas leading ever before inside thehistorical past associated with pizzas. When you chunk to the blob its just like a new flavor surge inyour oral cavity. The particular brown crust area on this is actually flaky, buttery, along with hugedelish. I like this particular pizzas , along with despite the fact that southerly seashore pizza tend to bebetter about calories/gram (as well as fat thickness ) along with way better about dietary fiber alongwith protein (perhaps their own veggie selection ), it is the very best all natural a single i have found.Kashi Margherita pizzas : calories from fat : 260 , extra fat : 9g, lay. Extra fat : 4g, salt : 630mg, carbs: 29g, sugars : 4g, dietary fiber : 4g, protein : 14g, WW PTS: 5 , Cals/Gram: two.30If you gaze at the picture of the pizzas , you will note no mozerella reality , you will notnotice a great deal of leading in any way. Obviously , slender brown crust area = slender leading. Andthe brown crust area itself is pretty flavorless. I like Kashi, yet i absolutely would not such as thispizzas. Nutritionally, Kashi offers much more dietary fiber & protein and less extra fat , yet Amysoffers much less calories/gram (as well as reduce fat thickness ). Furthermore , Kashis pizza cost $1much more. Help !
  2. 2. WINNER: Amys, definitely. Offered the particular minimal differences in nourishment and the bigdifference about cost...choose the one that cost less along with huge delicious ! btw , the particularMargherita selection is the most affordable fat pizzas both manufacturers present.VEGGIE POCKETSAmys vegetable pie pants pocket : calories from fat : 300 , extra fat : 9g, lay. Extra fat : a single.5g,salt : 490mg, carbs : 45g, sugars : 5g, dietary fiber : 3g , protein : 8g, WW PTS: half a dozen ,Cals/Gram: two.11Have an individual ever before stumbled across a well used jumper you bought within a fuchsiaangora phase along with asked yourself "the fact that was i contemplating "? thats what located mindwhile i began consuming this particular. Amys foods has to chunk straight into this particular alongwith ponder the things they have been contemplating. It can be type of in pretty bad shape ! theparticular shell is actually doughy (rather than comparable to their brand-new pizzas crusts in anyway ) and the inside of can be a unusual gel-like filling with unpalatable taters , peas along with greenbeans. Additionally it is tiny regarding 300 calories from fat along with in search of grms associatedwith extra fat. It is so in contrast to Amys to get a real bad foodstuff fake pas.Kashis plant Medley pants pocket : calories from fat : 280, extra fat : 7g, lay. Extra fat : 1g, salt :570mg, carbs : 49g, sugars : 6g, dietary fiber : 6g, protein : 10g, WW PTS: 5 , Cal/gram: a single.79A soft , solid wholemeal bun is actually stuffed with combining roasted reddish bell peppers , onions ,zucchini, mushrooms , yellow green beans , broccoli along with sun-dried tomato plants inside a whitevinegar along with basil marinade. Delightfully distinct , is actually much less fat and calories ascompared to Amys too. Kashis is quite a bit increased in salt plus much more expensive , however.WINNER: Uh, Kashi. I think no additional explanation is needed on this a single.
  3. 3. OATMEALSAmys folded Oats warm Cereal serving : calories from fat : 230 , extra fat : three.5g, lay. Extra fat :3.5g, salt : 220mg, carbs : 42g, sugars : 14g, dietary fiber : 5g, protein : 6g, WW PTS: 4 , Cals/Gram:3.86Returning to Amys normalcy, these kinds of folded oats tend to be solid , prosperous , and you willfeel the satisfying person oat meal flakes while you take in. I did so must start being active. Cinnamonto it , since there isnt any included flavor. Yet undoubtedly this particular includes high quality oats,and is also full of dietary fiber & protein. nEvertheless , 230 calories from fat is a pretty sharp caloriecost regarding oat meal , given that most people appear in about a hundred and fifty calories from fat.A single big problem we have : why pay for one frosty serving available to get a new packageassociated with 8 (which you add drinking water too ) for a lower price , with much less calories fromfat , along with that tastes practically as good ? Amys felt slightly much better than Kashis, but notenough to take into account the particular exponential cost distinction : 8 plates associated with Amyswould be about $32 versus Kashis $3. m i missing out on something right here ?Kashis cardiovascular to cardiovascular oat meal : calories from fat : 160 , extra fat : 2g, lay. Extra fat: 0g, salt : 100mg, carbs : 33g, sugars 12g, dietary fiber : 5g, protein : 4g, WW PTS: three ,Cals/Gram: 3.83Kashis oat meal can be a little bit mushier as compared to Amys, and doesnt possess the solid ,prosperous oats that will Amys offers. It has a similar level of dietary fiber , yet 2g less protein.nEvertheless , you still get an all natural flavor along with stay at in regards to the typical associatedwith a hundred and fifty calories from fat regarding oat meal. It also offers cardiovascular healthfulpositive aspects : way less salt and its packed with herbal antioxidants. It has a good walnut flavor ,contrary to Amys i needed to add cinnamon to , mainly because it doesnt have included flavor.WINNER: Kashi. I am unable to picture purchasing Amys oat meal by the serving in the event thedistinction in flavor is actually minimal , it can be way increased in calories from fat (75 much more ),increased in extra fat , and is also more than 8 periods the charge.
  4. 4. Again, both of these manufacturers tend to be amid my personal best favorites , that demonstratesthat will even the best manufacturers change in good quality through product to product. Sadly , therehave been no frosty dinners that have been comparable enough that compares head-to-head. Amysgenerally is a safe bet with the cultural dinners. nEvertheless , Kashi generally will a more satisfactoryjob associated with retaining the particular calories from fat along , the fat reduce and the dietary fiberincreased.------For a lot more low calorie foodstuff scores , critiques along with reviews , be sure to go to :http://www.calorista.comweightloss