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  1. 1. Shopservations { What we saw
  2. 2. I brought my boyfriend with me becausewe thought it might be fun to check theshops out together.
  3. 3. I had no idea NR had rolly carts. I checked and they really do roll! Although the ceilings aren’t too low because the store’s so huge, their height, along with their office building inset light style felt pretty warehousey.Our first stop was The real shocker:Nordstrom Rack. Of all the places weIt’s a strange entry with went, including the modern Appleseparate sets of doors on store, when I asked mytwo almost edges of the boyfriend which he’dsame corner of the building. store he’d like his house to be like, he said the I couldn’t believe I hadn’t Rack! Because it was noticed the security entrance the lowest pressure! sensors before !
  4. 4. Sloth animal in front of modern art piece. Totally unrelated. This is My boyfriend noted thatFuego creeped me out they used vertical space just how Ibecause it had my number. and none of the other decorate! Really pretty freaky. IMy boyfriend’s impression stores did. feel so marketedwas: cluttered! My feeling to.was, ooo, pretty The interior was cozy with I can’t believehere, pretty an emphasis on warm anything atthere, pretty, cool, and wood tones. I felt invited Fuego is $149 !interesting everywhere. and free to wander.
  5. 5. Only one store dared not to post it’s name above. Apple.I was surprised to find that our store’slighting looks like film sprocket holes! I also hadn’t realized that, like AT&T, Apple employs a fulltime, in uniform security officer.The interior was minimalist when it came to He wouldn’t let me take his picture. How had Iproduct, but packed with employees...who missed him all this time?were just milling around.
  6. 6. Sunglass Hut isn’t a shop either of us frequent….Neither of us had much of an impression of it. My boyfriend felt its vast emptinessmade it unapproachable. I guess I felt like something should be going on in there.Their idea of impulse buys was eyeglass cleaner…. This store struck me as conservative and doomed to fail.
  7. 7. The severely worn floors and all about business attitude of the employees atBath & Body Works made it clear this business was in it for the veryshort term.
  8. 8. Clearly the oddest thing of the nightwas walking by a bank with…acrane inside it. Note the crane frontand central in this image. I’m sorryto say that it was my boyfriend whoobserved this. People were workingon it as we were walking by.After that, three hotel security guyswere chasing a guy in a greenAdidas jacket. I didn’t get apicture, though, as I was tooshocked. Things like this just don’thappen in Portland. Or…apparentlythey do. Crazy night! Thanks formaking us get outside to witness it.