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Nac agrotourism 08

  1. 1. Agrotourism as aBusiness Opportunity Using what we have National Agricultural Conference July 2008 Roxanne Waithe
  2. 2. Purpose To inspire thoughts and actions about:1. Agribusiness and alternative ways to make money from agriculture2. Marketing our produce differently3. Adding value to our existing tourism product4. Rural tourism activity
  3. 3. Overview• What is agrotourism• Global and regional trends• Agrotourism Business Opportunities in Barbados• How to facilitate agrotourism development
  4. 4. What is Agrotourism?Agrotourism refers to any activity, enterprise or business that links agriculture with products, services and experiences in tourism.
  5. 5. Agrotourism Product Portfolio Fixed Attractions Events Services•Historic Plantations •Agricultural fairs •Farm tours•Agricultural museums •Local festivals •Rural Bed & Breakfast •Spas•Village rum shops •Special events •Alternative medicines•Herb/Exotic Gardens •Agro-processing•Produce & CraftMarkets •Agro-trade with Tourism Operators
  6. 6. Focus on three AGRO-TRADE Produce, meat, flowers, processed foods Farm stays, Culinary farmers’ festivals, markets, authentic agritainment, Bajan foodFARM BASED CULINARY TOURISM TOURISM
  7. 7. Global Agrotourism Trends• Farm based recreation generated US$955 million in 2004 (USDA Report 2007)• Culinary tourism in Australia generates approx. US$ 1 billion annually (Tourism Research Australia 2005)• The National Farmers’ Union UK (2008) – agro- trade with the tourism & leisure sector contributes 70% to the £32 billion agrifood business
  8. 8. CARICOM Trends – Food Imports Excess of Import Value over Export Value Haiti (mirror data) 9.22 Bahamas 6.69 St. Kitts and Nevis 5.79 Suriname 3.45 St. Lucia 2.00 Barbados 1.51 Grenada 1.08 Dominica 1.02 Food imports exceed CARICOM (excl Haiti) 0.73 food exports by 52% Jamaica 0.69 in T&T St. Vincent/Grenadines 0.64 Trinidad and Tobago 0.52 Belize -0.26 Guyana -0.53 -2.00 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 Ratio (Imports/Exports) Singh & Jacque, CSME Symposium 2006
  9. 9. Caribbean Agrotourism Initiatives: Agro-trade •Nevis Growers Assn. & Four Seasons Resort •Santoy, Black Bay and Mafoota Farmers (Sandals Chain - Jamaica & St. Lucia) •Barbonneau Farmers St. Lucia and Almond Chain (Barbados & St. Lucia) •Mt. St. George Farmers, UK Travel Foundation & Hilton Tobago
  10. 10. Caribbean Agrotourism Initiatives: Farm Based Tourism •Goodfellow Farms, Nassau, Bahamas: Country Store, tours, restaurant •The 3 Rivers Eco Lodge and Campsite: organic herb farm, Coffee and cocoa picking, Visit to a dasheen & root vegetable farm, learn traditional farming methods
  11. 11. Caribbean Agrotourism Initiatives: Culinary Tourism
  12. 12. Agro-trade Opportunities in Barbados 1. Farmer-hotel partnerships 2. A Pack house or Packaging Facility 3. An Agro-processing Facility WHAT WE HAVE Farmers co-ops & Ag. Marketing Agencies Variety of produce Arable land Pork, poultry, eggs, fish >Over 6,000 rooms
  13. 13. Farm-Based Tourism Opportunities in Barbados 1. Direct Sales on the farm WHAT WE HAVE 2. Approved Farmers’ Markets Variety of farm operations Rural communities 3. Community based engaged in agriculture farmers’ markets Farmers willing & ready To diversify4. Rural Bed & Breakfast5. Farm-based recreation
  14. 14. Culinary Tourism Opportunities in Barbados 1. Food Festivals on Farms/Plantations 2. Epicurean Expeditions 3. Signature Dishes WHAT WE HAVE Wide range of culinary experiences Culinary Alliance of BarbadosFood Festivals: Oistins, Taste of Barbados & Crop Over
  16. 16. Drivers for Agrotourism Business ENTREPRENEURS Farmers, Hoteliers, Investors •Effective production techniques •Proper post harvest and food handling techniques •Creative marketing •Develop farmer/hotel contractual agreements
  17. 17. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Agriculture, Tourism, Trade, Health•Policy to support agrotourism linkages •Accessible development funds•Implementation of standards for quality •Natural resource management•Creating & promoting new agrotourism attractions
  18. 18. NON-STATE AGENCIES BMA, BAS, FAO, BHTA, IICA•Networking, marketing & management of SMEs •Facilitate promotional activities and training•Provide technical support for new technologies in agriculture•Conduct feasibility studies and market research
  19. 19. Future OutlookForging links between the agriculture and tourism sector will gain momentum as we seek to handle increasing costs of living and also to address the issue of food security. Key ingredients for agrotourism business development:• Improved efficiency in agricultural production • Creation of farmer/hotel partnerships • HR training & development• Formation of agrotourism policies to support linkages
  20. 20. THANKS!