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Jn2033 powerpoint pres


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Jn2033 powerpoint pres

  1. 1. JN2033-Q5 Presentation Taking any three or four quality and popularnewspaper reports covering aspects of global terrorism, identify the news values that would seem to underlie the reports and evaluate the extent to which they are both objective and adequate in terms of background context. By Roxanne Rothwell
  2. 2. NewsValues?
  3. 3. Terrorism?PainSuffering TragedyLoss
  4. 4. Just from the front page we can deduce…Emotive Headline: America & UK cultureThe Examiner took a American Newspaper =different route, tapping into = Meaningful & Relevantthe raw emotion of the Proximitymoment (Bechtel, 2009). Association with the rest of the world = Elitism Image-led front cover = Scale and Intensity Several newspapers, including The Daily In the weeks following the 9/11 Telegraph, The Guardian, The New York attacks, 89% of American Post, USA Today, The Mirror and The Daily people gave the press a „good‟ Express declared the attacks to be an "act" and „excellent‟ rating (Kohut, or "declaration" of war. 2003 p. 252).
  5. 5. Article content… Article: 12th September, 2001 = Continuity “The most spectacular terrorist attack on the United States had begun.” “Eddie Gonzales, a 43-year-old mailman, was in his truck a block away from the World Trade Centre when the first plane hit its target. "You could see people holding on for their lives," he said.”
  6. 6.  Impact  Scale Proximity  Intensity Tragedy  Meaningfulness Conflict  Relevance Elitism  Magnitude Continuity  Personalization
  7. 7. Headline: 06/09/12“Green Army in warzone; KAZAKH TRIP TERROR WARNING” “Terror-related incidents have left at least 50 people dead since May 2011” “The Embassy specifically referred fans to incidents including the discovery of 15 burnt bodies at the Kazakh-Chinese border.” "They could be directed against civilian targets, including places frequented by foreigners."
  8. 8.  Impact Proximity Magnitude Conflict Intensity Relevance
  9. 9. Headline: 18/11/12 “SECRET MI5 DOSSIER: ABU QATADA ISSUED ORDERSTO KILL BRITISH CITIZENS AFTER 9/11” “Hate preacher…” “The Security Service document has raised questions as to why Qatada - who the British Government has tried and failed to deport to Jordan…” “…he goes further to include not only the aggressor (the American government), but anybody associated with the aggressor (its civilians) as prospective targets.” “…according to...”, “…who has been described as…” and “MI5 says…”
  10. 10.  Relevance Proximity Elitism Conflict Continuity
  11. 11. Headline: 21/09/08 “60 DEAD IN TERROR BOMBING AT HOTEL; BRIT KIDS HURT”“FOUR Britons, including two children, escaped death last night after being caught in asuicide bomb blast in Pakistan”“an appalling reminder of the threat terrorism posed to Pakistan”.
  12. 12.  Relevance Impact Tragic Proximity Elitism Conflict
  13. 13. In conclusion…Despite their different audience demographics the foundations of the story will havethe same underlying news values in common.It is only when the writer delves deeper into a subject to reveal the backgroundcontext which develops the story further and creates a greater understanding of whatleads to the event.Often tabloid newspapers will briefly touch upon background context but more oftenthan not will focus on the primary event.Broadsheet newspapers are often more academic and will look at the events which ledto the story.
  14. 14. AnyQuestions?