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Booklet rtc


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Booklet rtc

  1. 1. Book let
  2. 2. Conference Objective Delegates can activate their leadership and the kind of leader they want to be through an understanding of the role and develop skills such as emotional intelligence and management skills focused on strategic leadership. RTC Dates 16th, 17th, 18th October
  3. 3. Agenda We going to have 3 parallel agendas TR MM-NST Taking Middle Management and EB National Training Teams Executive Board Responsability Leader I want to be (how Leader I want to be Leader I want to be (strategic AIESEC contribute to me and (Understanding my role as MM, leadership, building a new how I will develop myself.) Basic Management skills) AIESEC).
  4. 4. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Morning Plenary Morning Plenary Tool of self awareness How to use AIESEC (Virtual Spaces) Lunch Tool of self awareness How to use AIESEC TR Emotional (Conferences) Taking Break Intelligence Lunch SEMINAR AIESEC Inside me AIESEC is mine Responsability How to use AIESEC Break (Mentorship) Closing Plenary Dinner How to use AIESEC RTC Opening (Team Experience) EB Nomination announcement Evening Plenary
  5. 5. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Morning Plenary Morning Plenary Team administration Administration within AIESEC Professionalism in the team Emotional Lunch Lunch MM-NST Intelligence Coaching My role Middle Management and SEMINAR understanding National Training Teams Break Break Empowerment Closing Plenary Dinner Administration of RTC Opening competences EB Nomination announcement Evening Plenary
  6. 6. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Morning Plenary Morning Plenarycal Project Crisis management Management Lunch Lunch Networking Emotional Business innovation Negotiation Intelligence Break Break EB SEMINAR Change Closing Plenary Executive Board management and vision 2015 Dinner RTC Opening Decision making EB Nomination announcement Evening Plenary
  7. 7. Andres Valencia Angelica Rodelo Tatiana Herrra Tatiana Suarez MCVP ICX NTT MCVP TM& OD Coord IM FACI teams for North Zone Maria Margarita Víctor Fernández Mayler Humanez Espinosa Cartagena (LCP) Unisinu (LCP) Cartagena (NST)
  8. 8. Jorge Cardona Cesar Merchan Cindy Navarro Juan Jara MCVP Finanzas NTT MCVP OGX MCVP BD FACI teams for Center Zone Juan Camilo Zapata Gonzalo Giraldo Andres Forero Rosario (LCP) Rosario Pereira (VP TM)
  9. 9. Esteban Navarro Cristian Trujillo German Henao Camila Lacerda MCVP Marketing NTT NST CHAIR MCVP- OGX & Comm FACI teams for West Zone Federico Restrepo Jonathan Suarez Esmeralda Perez EAFIT (LCP) Manizales (VP ICX) Pereira
  10. 10. Where is the RTC For North Zone For Center Zone For West Zone Montería Villa de Leiva Cali
  11. 11. Recommendation 200% attitude