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Marketing plan

  1. 1. Unilever introduce its new product “Dove Beauty Cream Bar” amoisturizing soap for men and women. Unilever is scheduled its promotionon March 2012. Our goal is to recognize our new product in the market,provide our customers a high quality beauty care product and to increase oursales by 20 % annually. For the promotion of our new product, the company will giveposters and flyers to their customers. They will also have T.V. commercialsto be air on March 28 to April 28 and 6 issues of magazine advertisementsfor the whole year of 2012. The company will repeatedly check and trackthe advertising campaigns so the company can promise long-standingachievement. In cooperation to product safety and quality, the company isworking with BFAD to ensure its product quality by following theirstandards and abiding its laws. To measure if our marketing plan achieves our goal, thecompany will have a monthly comparison on its sales to know if there is anincrease on its sales.
  2. 2. Unilever is one of the largest manufacturerand distributor of home goods and personalcare in the Philippines.
  3. 3. Dove is a personal care product, a moisturizing barcleans like soap, but doesn’t dry out skin like soapbecause it contain ¼ moisturizing cream thatnourish the skin.
  4. 4. Unilever was incorporated in late 1930s as asimple merger of soap and margarine. Howeveras a result of business success today Unileveroperates in over hundred countries with morethan 174,000 employees under its management.Also the success has helped the company to have astrong brand portfolio of over 400 brands with twoglobal divisions namely Foods and Home &Personal which comes under FMCG industry. Themain success factor of the company is that,Unilever’s constant focus on innovative productdevelopments.
  5. 5. “Our mission is to add Vitality to life. Wemeet everyday needs for nutrition; hygieneand personal care with brands that helppeople looks good, feel and get more out oflife.”
  6. 6. Non-Financial To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients. Increasing the retailers and the brand outlets in targeted markets for at least 20 new channels.Financial To increase sales by 20 % annually.
  7. 7.  Dove is a very well known brand and considered as the World top brand in beauty care product. The company have specialized professionals, graphic designers and web developers that will assist the business go ahead of our competitors.
  8. 8.  An internationally known product which is available in 80 countries A beauty soap which contains ¼ moisturizing milk which make women beautiful and zero ph level Existing for over 40 years now in which created a very trusting and lasting relationship between brand and its users. Effective publicity, advertising and marketing strategy Continuous innovation
  9. 9.  High price in the market Product focuses only on women Women featured in commercial / advertisement were comparatively slim
  10. 10.  Filipino woman believes on beauty product that can enhance their skin more beautiful Popular only on metro cities and can expand in provincial areas Target male customers
  11. 11.  Unified advertising around the globe which sometimes not applicable to other countries. Only for higher income and upper middle class group Imitated by competitors Risk of being not a brand for “fat girls”
  12. 12. The primary competitors of Unilever are:Name of the Company Name of the Product Price of the Product Procter and Gamble Olay Moisturizing Soap 46.75 / 120 grams Beiersdorf Nivea 30.00 / 90 grams Unilever Dove Moisturizing Soap 50.00 / 135 grams
  13. 13. The customers of dove soap are men and women. In the fast changing world of electronic commerce,no industry has been left untouched by the impact onthe Internet and the World Wide Web. The Internet hascaused fundamental shifts in the way consumers shopfor and purchase goods and services. This shift has themost impact on the personal care industry. Thisindustry is very dependent on the population growth ofboth developed and developing countries. Majorcompanies such as Unilever, market their products toevery demographic member of the global community.
  14. 14.  To increase sales by 20 % annually. To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients. Increasing the retailers and brand outlets in targeted markets for at least 20 new channels. Targeting: Focuses on men and women
  15. 15.  Maximum moisturizing content. Dove is positioned as a beauty care brand. Dove soap positions itself not as soap but as the mildest bathing bar containing ¼ the moisturizer.
  16. 16. Existing: Dove Beauty Cream Bar Dove Pink Beauty Bar 75 grams – Dove White Beauty Bar 100 grams - Dove Fresh Moisture Beauty Bar 135 grams -
  17. 17. -Product bundling pricing: dove offers a pack of three soaps or so providing a certain amount of discount.Existing: Unilever advertising activities include: T.V Commercial Posters Campaign Flyers Facebook and other social sites Email Magazine
  18. 18. NationwideExisting Grams Dove Procter & Gamble Nivea 60 29.75 75 30.00 90 40.00 100 40.00 46.75 120 135 50.00
  19. 19. Commercial Ads on ABS-CBN ------------------12,000,000Magazine ads -----------------------------------------120,000Distribution of Flyers--------------------------------200,000Distribution of Posters -------------------------------150,000TOTAL 12, 470,000
  20. 20. T.V. Commercial ABS-CBN 400,000.00 / 30 sec. 400,000.00 x 30 days = 12,000,000.00 To be air once on primetime starting March 28 up to April 28 Posters Quantity of posters 5,000.00 Each poster cost 30.00 5,000.00 x 30.00 = 15o,000.00 Posters will be distributed Nationwide
  21. 21.  Flyers Quantity of flyers 50,000.00 Each flyers cost 4.00 50,000.00 x 4.00 = 200,000.00 Flyers will be distributed Nationwide Magazine Cosmopolitan Magazine ½ Page, 6 issues for 1 year 20,000.00 per issue x 6 = 120,000.00Operating expenses have a total cost of 12, 470,000.00
  22. 22. Activity Who? Implementations Implementations Amount Comments Start End Commercial Ads for Public ABS- CBN1 ABS-CBN all over the Relation March April 12,000,000 400,000/30 Philippines Officer 28 28 seconds ad on primetime Distribution of Posters Marie March April 150,000 5,000 posters will2 & 28 5 be distributed in Joseph Nationwide Each poster is cost of 30 Distribution of flyers Maylene March April 200,000 50,000 flyers will3 & 28 5 be distributed in Sam Nationwide. Each flyers cost of 4.00 Magazine Ads Public March March 120,000 Cosmopolitan4 Relation 28 28 magazine ½ page Officer 2012 2013 6 issue (1 year) 20,000 per issue x 6 issue = 120,000 TOTAL 12,740,000
  23. 23. The sales of Dove beauty cream bar in the month ofAugust is Php. 400,000 with product quantity of 8,000.After the implementation of our marketing plan, thetarget sales for a month will increase to 480,000 with atotal product quantity of 9,600.To measure if our marketing plan achieves our goal,the company will have a monthly comparison on itssales to know if there is an increase on its sales.