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Rowel Dagondon_Commissioning Engineer_C&A CSU

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Rowel Dagondon_Commissioning Engineer_C&A CSU

  1. 1. _______________ RCD/Page 1 of 4 CURRICULUM VITAE Name : ROWEL DAGONDON Address : 28 Daneco Village,Tagum City, Davao del Norte Province, Philippines 8100 Oman GSM No: +968 92750168 Phil GSM No: (63) 927-5413036 E-mail Address : ONE213Q Job Objective : Commissioning Engineer_C&A CSU Qualifications : Twenty (20) years experience in Process Control Automation and Instrumentationworks, Electrical, Utilities in a Landbase Petrochemical, Gas & Oil Gathering /Production stations & Refinery. OffshoreConstruction / Commissioning of Gas & Oil Separation and Gas Compression Plants. WORK EXPERIENCE: Petroleum Development Oman / Reference Indicator: ONE213Q PO Box 81 Muscat P.C. 113 Sultanate of Oman (968) 24385927 Aug 2013 -Present  After QASPcompletionandhandoverto Operation, Iwas transferredto QA Area Main Office under ONE21Q – Hakim Naamany andMahmoodSaadi to continue performing C&Adiscipline forvarious ONE2Q EMC/ODC Projects (Oil & Steam) Construction /Pre-com /Commissioning /Handoverto Operation. Provides daily On plot EMC-STST & Offplot ODC-GalfarContractors Technical Support forOil andSteam Areas. Coach Development C&A Engineers. Petroleum Development Oman / Reference Indicator: ONQC/3 PO Box 81 Muscat P.C. 113 Sultanate of Oman (968) 24380866 Oct 2009 - Jul 2013 As requested by ONQC Saeed Hadhrami and Nasser Salmi, I joined the QASP – EOR project as a C&A construction Engineer with following job and responsibilities:  Supervise all Instrumentation /Telecommunication aspects of constructionworks on both On plot / Off plot contractors relatedto QASteam Project, ensuring quality andsafe execution,andadherence to Company Technicalspecification and standards, Company HSE standards and the agreedconstruction schedule.  Supervise Onplot contractorforquality installation of MAC system hardware & relatedsysteminterfaced. Supervise Off plot contractor for quality installationof various types of Wells /Oil andLift Gas Manifolds /MSV’s instrumentation & relatedsystem interfaced. Include fieldcabling andinstallationof fieldjunctionboxes andinstruments andalso forFire and Gas System.  Responsible forthe Off plot /On plot Telecom systeminstallation andpre-commissioning andhandoverto CSUTeam.  Perform daily site visit andprogress /quality checks. Perform Instrument disciplineconstructionwalkdown and prepare punch list forWinPCS system as part of QASPMechanical CompletionHandoversystem Dossier.  Check andreviewMechanical CompletionDossiers forOn plot - Off plot C&A/ FGS and Telecom subsystems.  Coordinate with PHO project Engineers to resolve siteissuesandquery andperform any otherinstruction as directedby ONQC.
  2. 2. _______________ RCD/Page 2 of 4 Petroleum Development Oman / Reference Indicator: OSE33B PO Box 81 Muscat P.C. 113 Sultanate of Oman (968) 24388706 Dec 2005 – Sep 2009 Hired directly to PDO since December 2005 to continue performing OSE33B tasks / Projects field engineering and construction. Assist OSE/3B in managing EMC (On plot-WP&AI) & ODC (Off plot – ATE&TR Engineering) contractors. Works underthe supervisionof OSE3B - Mubarak Hashmi /Khamis Alawi /NasserMahrazy / Saleh Amri / IssacAustin Ipedex & Co. L.L.C. Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman (968) 24560710 June 2000 - Sept 2005 Project: Petroleum Development Oman (Secondment Contract) Gary Plank PDO Bahja Gas & Oil Fields - Interior, South Oman Ipedex Contract Manager Instrument Construction Supervisor & Commissioning Engineer - Interior Engineering – C&A (OSE33B)  Responsible forthe gas andoil equipment & relatedfacilities instrumentationfieldengineering, construction andpre- commissioning using Emerson Foundation Fieldbus Control System (Zauliyah Production Station), Foxboro DCS / Triconex SGS (Mukhaizna Production Station),Honeywell(Al-NoorProduction Station) DCS /FSC FailSafeControl for it's process control system (DCS) andplant safeguarding logic(SGS) system andadherenceto PDO HSEpolicy.  Supervise theconstruction andcommissioning of oilproducing wellheads using ESP, ESPCP, PCP, Gas Lifted, Free Flow & Beam Pumphook-upand Water Injection Pumps & Gas compressors facilities to support it’s production. Using field RTU’s & RPC’s telemetry to SCADA system for remote control and safeguarding. MFM / EMFM Metering upgrades. Kellogg Brown & Root - Algeria 601 Jefferson Ave. Houston, Texas, U.S.A. (001) 713-753-2000 May 1998 - September 1999 Project: Sonarco - Job No: 6355 EnhancedOil Recovery Immediate Supervisors: Rhourde El-Baguel, Algeria Craig Hill - KBRInstrument LeadEngineer Jeff Leech / Roy Chin - KBR Instrument Engineer Instrument Field Engineer - Technical Services Department  Provides technical and engineering supports to construction. To ensure a safe working environment, adherence to the drawings, specification & standard. Organized field office so that documents are available for quick references.  Check all drawing, specification, standard and performs material take-off and field purchase requisition as required. Inspection of instrumentationand control package / skid, material as per purchase order. Monitoring and inspection of work assuring quality and punch listing.  Checks design drawing against vendor-supplied information for possible discrepancy. To interpret the drawing, specification, planning for installation sequence and priorities as per client’s requirement. Perform daily problem resolution. Preparationof instrument data sheet, instrument installation detail and field sketches. Revise and as–built project-associated drawings. Mohammad Al-Mojil Group Dammam, K.S.A. (966) 03-842-1111 December 1995 - February 1998 Project: Saudi Arabian Oil Company - Abqaiq(Saudi Parsons Ltd.) Immediate Supervisors: BI-3712/3731 Abqaiq Plants Control Systems Modernization Gregorio A. Quintana - Project Manager Darwin L. Mc Mahon - SAPMT - Aramco No. of people: 10 E & I Foremen E & I General Foreman - Construction Division • Supervisesthe construction andcommissioning of Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plants change-out of existing instrumentation and control systems to a new DCS Fisher - Rosemount control system.
  3. 3. _______________ RCD/Page 3 of 4 • Supervises the installation and commissioning of Gaitronics Paging Systems and fiber optic data highway cabling to support its communication & control on a plant-wide basis. Direct the group and coordinate with other engineering departments for proper execution of the project in accordance with the customer’s standards and specifications. Litwin Lummus Crest Joint Venture - Aruba Houston, Texas, U.S.A. (001) 800-8773-906 June - August 1995 Project: Coastal Aruba Refining Co. N.V., SanNicolas, Aruba Immediate Supervisor: Delayed CokerandAssociatedFacilities Frank Balazs – LeadInstrument Engineer Instrument Technician - Commissioning Group • Works with LLCJV-A instrumentationcrews andengineers forthe commissioning of newly constructed Delayed Coker Project at the existing Coastal Aruba Refining Co. N.V., San Nicolas, Aruba. • Performs bench calibration and loop checking of various process instruments and controllers in accordance with specification sheets, ILD's and P&ID's. Assist vendor representative with the Gas compressor and Turbine drive instrumentation and safety device calibration and testing. Instrument Installation and Maintenance Co. Ahmadi, State of Kuwait (965) 3981-661 September 1993 - September 1994 Project: KNPC - Mina Abdullah Refinery (FosterWheelerLtd.) Immediate Supervisors: KNPC Refineries Restoration Jerry Douglas - FW Instrument Supervisor KOC - Burgan Oil Fields ( The PritchardCorp.) David L. Kirby - PC E & I Superintendent KOC Crude Oil Control Center& Related Manifolds No. of people: 30 E & I Technician Instrument Foreman - Construction Department • Responsible forthe supervision on installation, calibrationandcommissioning of electro-pneumatic instruments, and all electrical equipment control and safety devices, following all phases of design works for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Kuwait National Petroleum Company damaged facilities during the 1991 Gulf War & Kuwait Oil Company oil gathering control system. • Checks and update over-all work package completion and make as-built drawings for piping and instrumentation loop diagrams. Ensure that all work accomplishedis in accordance with the customerspecification with accuracy, economical and safety standards. Mohammad Al-Mojil Group Dammam, K.S.A. (966) 03-842-1111 April 1992 - April 1993 Project: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Flour Daniel Arabia/B&R-M) Marjan Oil Field, Arabian Gulf Offshore Gas & Oil Separation and Gas Compression Plants Immediate Supervisor: Instrument Technician - ConstructionDivision(Offshore) Venancio Rosales- Instrument Superintendent • Responsible for the installation, calibration, commissioning of electro-pneumatic instruments and equipment’s automation, following points andlines, cable-wiring schedules,P&ID's, ILD's and specification sheets. Cable pulling and terminationof signalwire from fieldinstrumentsto the marshalling panelfor Honeywell TDC3000 Process Management and Triconex PLC - ESD system. • Assists vendorrepresentative for Bently Nevada Co. - RMPIS, Powell process system Inc. - Micon P-200 Refrigeration and Gas Compressor Performance Controller, General Monitor-Pana-alarms Fire and Gas system. Assist vendor representative for GE LM-2500 gas turbine drive, Dresser Rand compressor-gearbox, Rolls-Royce "Olympus" gas turbine drives for BRUSH 20 MW power generating sets and it's auxiliaries instrumentation systems.
  4. 4. _______________ RCD/Page 4 of 4 Lakeview Industrial Corporation GMA, Cavite, Philippine (63-2) 8159-319 October 1988 - March 1992 E & I Foreman – Manufacturing Maintenance Department Immediate Supervisor: Ruel Nomorosa - E & I Supervisor Numberof people: 15 E & I Technician • Depends on assignment, direct, coordinateandactively participatein the conduct of activities related to the maintenance, calibration, loop checking, repair, installation, inspection and overhaul of all electrical equipment and process instruments in a Petro - chemical plant engaged in polyester fiber production. • Reports to/and receive work assignments from superiors, receive job request from manufacturing departments and determine their requirements, perform detailed diagnosis and analysis of reported troubles as necessary. Attend immediately to minorandmajorequipment breakdown reportedin the areas of responsibility andinform subordinates of possible extended effects of abnormalities in manufacturing operation and recommend emergency measures. EDUCATION : B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1987 University of Mindanao Davao City, Philippines GOVT. EXAM TAKEN : Passed Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination Registered with Professional Regulation Comm. No. 0015800 Manila, Philippines VOCATIONAL COURSE : Completed Industrial Electricity National Manpower & Youth Council - RMTC Davao City, Philippines TRAINING/SEMINARS : HSE – Health Safety and Environment - PDO HSE Mandatory courses Invensys – TriStation 1131 V4.1 (Foxboro – Triconex) SAP system ; WinPCS Dupont - STOP training Defensive Driving Course (Black Top and Graded Roads) Safety Work and Permit – PTW – Applicant Signatory Woodward Peak 150 Steam Turbine Governor Process Automation / Instrumentation Leadership Training / LECC Training MS Office & ACAD Release 14 InterGraph Intools SPITraining VmonitorRTU Training MAC Emerson Delta VTraining: 7018 CourseforMaintenance PERSONAL REFERENCES : Hakim Naamany /Mahmood Saadi - ONE21Q Mubarak Hashmi - OSE3 NasserSalmi - CKC1 SaeedHadrami - ONE2Q NasserMahrazy - GGE2 Khamis Alawi – UEP51 Abdullah Mohd Shukor- ONE6U Boby Cherian - ONE64 Ernesto Magnase - CTOCG1