User Guide for the Healthcare Entrepreneurs' BootCamp at Healthdatapalooza


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A User Guide for doing something cool with data, big or 'tiny' from the Healthcare Entrepreneurs' BootCamp at Healthdatapalooza IV, open health data

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User Guide for the Healthcare Entrepreneurs' BootCamp at Healthdatapalooza

  1. 1. Health DatapaloozaHealth Data ConsortiumUS Department of Health & Human ServicesJoshua Rosenthal, PhDDr. Sujata Bhatia, MD, PhDMarshall VottaUSER GUIDE
  2. 2. ContextExitExit w/Good MultipleIdeaPrototypeFunded1 %*1 %*1 %*1 %**Health Care Start Upsfail at astounding,disproportionate rates
  3. 3. AlternativesBetter Odds (seriously) DefaultBetter Odds (w/ life insurance) Not an Alternative (infra)Noble, but hard & < 10 years leftSee “Default”
  4. 4. Note: Payer buying ProviderMost ‘Successes’, Aren’tUser Guide
  5. 5. User Guide
  6. 6. User Guide (ALT)Consultants /Professional Services,ProvidersSaaS-baseddata / analyticplatforms
  7. 7. >* gave more $ to the arts last year than the NEA.Cf. WarbyParker & eyeglasses for AfricaHey, what aboutSocial / Public Good?You’re always better off if you create market value(even if you’re a non-profit)With finite budgets, non-profits will compete against each other;need market reinforcement/accelerationCan go for-profit w/ public/social goodfor broader usage/greater impact*MPH?
  8. 8. ContextEasyHardLowBiz ValueHighBiz Value??Most:Cool TechComplex DataFigure out howto create valuefrom tech / dataStart with BizProblem, figureout data / techComp Sci. InterestsVC /AcceleratorPublic DataBig Data
  9. 9. Health care has not done so well“Just wait ‘till next year Financial Services & Energy!”In this race vs. other verticals
  10. 10. Lots of BodiesHealth Care, Where GoodIdeas Go to Die
  11. 11. Lots of failure (DTC*)*Direct-to-Consumer Note:People don’t like to payout of pocket for somethingthey don’t like to do ordon’t want to know about
  12. 12. Lots of noise & fluffSpeaking at a major health care conference near you
  13. 13. NoiseI have betterengineering / architectureHmm, ‘fixing the pipes’was not the answer
  14. 14. FluffI have betterdesign & experienceHmm, the pretty colorson my social app didn’t stop me
  15. 15. Lots of ‘false indicators’My data is bigger than yours Hmm,this fixation indicates...Silly boys
  16. 16. Lots of market perversities* Source: Dartmouth Atlas for Unwarranted Variation*
  17. 17. ReviewHealth Care Start Upsfail at astounding,disproportionate ratesFAIL
  18. 18. Old Paradigm – Fee for ServicePayers aggregate –but some have not historically been “health care”“Actually, I make more moneyoff of bad drivers.”*(Read w/ accent)* Note:Affordable Care Act changes thisCf. Medicare Advantage
  19. 19. Old Paradigm – Fee for ServiceSome Hospitals/Providers may historically generated revenueby filling rooms*Keep patients away?!?I was trying to book you for an extra night!* Note:Affordable Care Act changes thisCf. Medicare Advantage
  20. 20. Shift: Demographic –> MarketMBA test:“To stay ahead of the game, the market I should look at is ____________ .”
  21. 21. Market Shift = New Profit ParadigmWRONG – This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning!** Cf.P4P to incentivize market (including payers)
  22. 22. Government is releasing lots of data** Expertly captained by
  23. 23. Need market to adopt – use to create valueCf. Weather & Geo-Location dataThanks, government!
  24. 24. So?
  25. 25. Do Good…... but you are probably not profitableIf P < EHC x DWS, then 501c3P: Profit; EHC: Employee Head Count; DWS: Dog Walker’s Salary; 501c3: Non-profitIt’s easy to do good...
  26. 26. … and Create Value... but you are probably doing bad things“I’ll bill you.”It’s easy to make money...
  27. 27. It’s tough to do good & create value in Health CareSo let’s practicetogether