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RowdMap Risk-Readiness® for Payers


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RowdMap’s Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks help health plans, physician groups, and hospital systems identify, quantify, and reduce no-value care that physicians deliver—a central tenet of successful pay-for-value programs.

Payers use RowdMap to create risk-ready networks, to design profitable products, and to grow profitable membership.

An Ernst and Young EY Entrepreneur Of The Year®, RowdMap helps providers and payers identify, quantify and reduce low-value care in 46 states covering over 91 million patients and members and is a partner of US News and World Reports.

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RowdMap Risk-Readiness® for Payers

  1. 1. All contents are proprietary to RowdMap, Inc. and are being provided on a confidential basis. Any use, reproduction or distribution of this information, in whole or in part, or the disclosure of any ofits contents without the prior written consent of the Company, is prohibited. RowdMap identifies and quantifies the delivery of no-value care by every… Physician Group Hospital Post-Acute Provider …nationwide. How HealthPlans and Physicians Use RowdMap RowdMap’s Risk-Readiness® benchmarks help health plans, physician groups, and hospital system s identify, quantify, and reduce no-value care that physicians deliver—a central tenet of successful pay- for-value programs. Through practice pattern and referral analysis, RowdMap’ s benchmarks identify the health care entities that manage unwarranted and unexpected variation in care. This variation leads to more than $850 billion in no-value care annually. Payers and physicians use RowdMap’ s physician and population health benchmarks to create strategies that put these highest performing physicians at the cent er of networks and t hen design pr oducts, organize clinical programs, and coordinate sales and marketing around them. Row dMap's Risk-Readiness® platform comes preloaded with benchmarks for every physician, hospital, and zip code in the United States— no IT integration required. R owdMap’s com bination of platform data and the analytic product suite w orks across all market segments and has significantly larger returns than traditional medical economics approaches. Identifying No-Value Care Using decades of research from the team behind the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, Row dMap crawls through massive amounts of government data t o understand individual practice patterns for every physician in the United States. Row dMap’s Risk-Readiness® benc hmarks plans and physicians identify the highest performers that reduce the delivery of no-value care. $850 Billion Annually in No-Value Care Low and no-value care describe higher intensity—and higher cost— procedures and prescriptions delivered t o patients that lead t o no better outcomes when compared to their lower intensity alternatives. 30% of health care expenditures in t he Unit ed Stat es can be attributed to no-value care— an amount significantly larger than traditional fraud, waste, and abuse targets. Higher intensity, no- value care drives billing in a fee-for-service economic model, but success in pay-for-value comes from managing and mitigating these pockets of variation. RowdMap Fast Facts § Health plans and providers in 46 states and the District of Columbia use RowdMap’s benchmarks to reduce the delivery of no-value care. § The clients RowdMap serves collectively cover the lives of more than 91 million Americans. § RowdMap’s Risk-Readiness® benchmarks help manage the $850 billion the nation spends on care that leads to no better outcomes. § RowdMap was founded in 2011 and has grown to more than 30 employees with offices in Louisville, KY and Portland, ME.
  2. 2. RowdMap, Inc. 710 West Main Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202 1-855-RowdMap © 2016 RowdMap, Inc. Trade Marks and Trade Secrets also apply. The RowdMap Story The RowdMap story has an unlikely beginning — it all began with a dare. RowdMap’s founders had years of experience working with m ember and claim-level data, predictive models, and provider profiling from the Dartmout h Atlas for Unwarranted Variation. One day we bumped int o Todd Park, who was beginning his work championing data liberation as the Chief Technology of Officer of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. He dared us to do something great . Todd Park went on t o becom e the C TO of t he United States. The liberated governm ent data has becom e an essential input to success in pay-for-value programs. RowdMap has gone on to exceed all expectations. Create Risk-Ready Networks § Understand the no-value care delivered in your networks § Identify high-performers to put at the center of networks § Optimize networks on contracted rates, adequacy, and no-value efficiency § Calculate savings from eliminating the delivery of no-value care Design Profitable Products § Compare your benefits to your competitors’ benefits § Design plans with particular benefits informed by your networks’ performance § Understand population health and behaviors to inform benefit design Grow Profitable Membership § Organize sales and marketing campaigns using network performance data § Identify high-performing practices organize co-marketing efforts around § Realize savings through provider-focused growth