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HDI Entrepreneurs' BootCamp - RowdMap as Example


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How to solve a real problem using health data and lessons learned along the way - and example of the idea template from the healthcare entrepreneurs bootcamp using RowdMap for illustration

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HDI Entrepreneurs' BootCamp - RowdMap as Example

  1. 1. Health DatapaloozaHealth Data ConsortiumUS Department of Health & Human ServicesJoshua Rosenthal, PhDDr. Sujata Bhatia, MD, PhDMarshall VottaIDEA TEMPLATE
  2. 2. TEMPLATEBIZ NEED – What Business (Public / Social) Need Are You Solving?DATA – What Data Are You Using?OUTPUT – What Is the Output?LESSONS – What Lessons Have You Learned?IDEA
  3. 3. EXAMPLEBIZ NEEDYour business is changing, from Fee-for-Service to Performance,From Historic Commercial / B2B, to Consumer / DTC(Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, New Commercial)You Need to Know 3 things:1 - How do I grow organically Grow and intelligently expand?2 - How do I improve my Performance (chronic – satisfaction)3 - How do I price & contract to create & keep Value?
  4. 4. EXAMPLEDATAA) Performance (CMS, STAR, etc.)B) Market (CMS, Plan/Benefit, Cost/Charge, etc.)C) Provider (Dartmouth, Hospital Compare, etc.)D) Socio-Demographic (Census, Behavioral, Rankings, etc.)E) Psychographic (Google, Twitter, etc.)-Secondary (Benchmarks & Indexes, Key Drivers & Prediction)
  5. 5. EXAMPLEOUTPUT- A web-based business management platform- Pre-loaded with your data, and your competitions’- Up and running the next day (no IT)-Immediate visibility to manage your books from your iPad
  7. 7. EXAMPLELESSONS1) Avoid IT Dependency (be up the next day, free-standing)2) Play Nice (complement big systems, ‘hook’ to integrate)3) Make It Easy (preload analysis, presentations)4) Empower Users (play w/ the data, export to other tools)5) Build Value over Time (auto-capture learning)-Plan on it taking longer than you think to build (3-4 Xs)