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Serverless Operations aka. LessOps


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The pros and cons of operating a serverless application (aka. LessOps), presented at the Sydney AWS Lambda User Group 23/01/2018.

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Serverless Operations aka. LessOps

  1. 1. Serverless Operations Rowan Udell
  2. 2. 😶 NoOps Right?
  3. 3. 😶 NoOps It’s not a thing
  4. 4. 👩💻👨💻 DevOps The End
  5. 5. DevOps 👩💻👨💻 Jez Humble A cross-disciplinary community of practice dedicated to the study of building, evolving and operating rapidly-changing resilient systems at scale. Me The team that writes the software, deploys and maintains the software.
  6. 6. ⚡ LessOps Like DevOps, just less… Operations
  7. 7. 🛡👻 Hardware Nope Good: I didn’t want to worry about hardware anyway Less good: Serverless is not for all workloads
  8. 8. 🛡 Configuration Management Nope Good: Less to worry about, and get wrong Less good: If you really need it, it’s extra work
  9. 9. Lambda Configuration 🔧 Code Description FunctionName Handler MemorySize Publish Role Runtime Timeout VpcConfig
  10. 10. Lambda Configuration 🔧 Code Description FunctionName Handler MemorySize Publish Role Runtime Timeout VpcConfig
  11. 11. 🛡 Telemetry Monitor ALL THE THINGS Good: Unprecedented visibility, for no work Less Good: Now you’ve got to use it
  12. 12. 🛡 Cost Cha Ching Good: Some free tiers don’t expire Less Good: Pressure’s on
  13. 13. 😖 Complexity You has it Good: Up-front Less Good: Can you/your organisation handle it?
  14. 14. 🔢 Versioning Use SemVar! Good: Make backwards compatible changes Less Good: You probably weren’t worrying about this before
  15. 15. 🇺🇸 State Where is it? Good: Required for fault-tolerant applications Less Good: Requires specific effort
  16. 16. 🔁 Idempotency It’s not a word, but you know what I mean Good: More robust systems Less Good: Another things you probably weren’t worrying about
  17. 17. 🛡 Automation Robots will take your job Good: Who wants to do the same thing over and over again? Less Good: More work up-front
  18. 18. Discipline 🛡 Automation 😬 Transformation 😎
  19. 19. 🚦 Testing Don’t automate failure Good: Fast feedback Less Good: Don’t go crazy
  20. 20. 🔒 Security Less is more Good: Worry about your code Less Good: VPC-based functions
  21. 21. Checklist ✅ • Write tests • Make it idempotent • Get versioning right • Let costs drive choices • Automation is your friend • Make data driven decisions • Be clear about where your state is • Embrace the things you can’t control • Make backwards compatible changes
  22. 22. Do less, not more LessOps
  23. 23. The End Questions?