Psychiatric social work intervention


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Psychiatric social work intervention

  1. 1. PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORK INTERVENTION• One of the main difficulties that psychiatric soc workers might encounter with psychotic patients is to help them take their medicines and maintain treatment (mostly with schizophrenics)• Seeking family support in treatment process• Explaining and interpreting the illness to the family (nature of psychosis, chances of relapse, social withdrawal etc)• Support to carer• Linking patient and family to appropriate resources• Individual counseling with the patient (helping the patient develop social skills)• Counselling the patient’s family• Aftercare and follow-up• Helping the patient and the family with financial issues(helping the patient look for a job) SOCIAL WORK INTERVENTION WITH PSYCHOTIC PATIENTSIssues with the treatment of psychotic patients:• Lack of insight – psychotic patients like schizophrenics, or depressive patients do not know or understand the nature of their illness. This results in resistance for treatment.• Bad or poor relationship with family – Most of the patients suffering from psychotic disorders have difficulty in creating and maintaining family relationships. Family relationships maybe characterized by aggression, suspicion and hostility.
  2. 2. • Additionally, they might suffer from delusions of persecutions which make them suspect their own family members. • Resistance in seeking treatment – Most psychiatric patients are involuntary, hence maintaining treatment for long – term is a challenge for practitioners. They might also be resistant in talking medicines which might delay their recovery. • Social Stigma – psychiatric patients invariably suffer social stigma. They might be rejected by their own family, place of work leading to poverty. • Difficulty in getting a job; getting married • Issue of relapse • Aftercare PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORK PSW is casework in psychiatric setting. Psychiatric social worker – Definition; - Provides a variety of community mental health services to clients and to community on an outpatient basis; handles complex or difficult mental health client cases. SOCIAL WORK IN A PSYCHIATRIC SETTING• Conducting assessment• Providing diagnosis and treatment plans• Provide psychotherapy and preparing reports, case summaries and other forms required to maintain a case within a clinic• Direct and indirect mental health services in/out patient clinics, home settings and community agencies• Helps in re-integration of former patients in society• Provides assistance to patients and relatives in locating and taking advantage of available treatment, casework and community service.
  3. 3. • Interprets the social aspects of mental illness to the relatives of the patient.