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204th BSB               Town Hall               19 April          McMahon Auditorium             1800—2000    Come out to ...
VOLUME   1,   ISSUE   2                          Rough Rider Snapshots   PAGE   4 ROUGH    RIDER   CONNECTION
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204th BSB April 2011 newsletter


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204th BSB April 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. 204TH BRIGADE SUPPORT BATTALION Rough Rider Connection V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 2 A P R I L 2 0 1 1 204th BSB Rough Rider Ball by 1LT Betsy Arndt 204th Brigade Support Battalion Public Affairs Officer SPECIAL 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry POINTS OF Division INTEREST: The military ball is a tradition that has  Rough Rider been celebrated among all the US Ball Armed Forces and many other services  Company around the world. LTC Bertulis and the Articles Soldiers of the 204th Brigade Support Battalion of the 2nd Brigade Combat  Town Hall Meeting Team held a Military Ball on 31 March 2011 at the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Left to right: LTC Todd Bertulis, BG Gustave Perna, COL John Kolasheski  Snapshots Springs, CO where nearly 340 Soldiers and family members dined and danced in ily Readiness Support Assistant. The Color celebration of history and military tradi- Guard was dressed in historical Army uni- tion. The evening began with a recep- forms depicting various eras of military ser- tion and receiving line where LTC and vice. Mrs. Bertulis as well as CSM and Mrs. The guest speaker was BG Gustave Perna, Dugan greeted their guests. A call to Commanding General of Joint Munitions & mess was sounded with a bugler, Miss Lethality Life Cycle Management Command Kate Ward, niece of the Battalion’s Fam- and Joint Munitions Command. BG Perna discussed the value of support from families and friends as well as support from leaders.Contributors: “It’s great to be able to see the real Soldiers1LT Betsy Arndt of the Army,” said BG Perna. After dinner and BG Perna’s speech, the2LT Christine Breckenridge Rough Riders toasted to their history withSSG Misha Williamson their own military grog, a cocktail with ingre-Mrs. Barbara Young dients representing a specific event in the past that the Battalion was involved in. Sol- diers capped off the night with music and dancing and many took advantage of the Colorado Springs Designated Driver Pro- 2LT Allison Jeffery, a Transportation Officer and the new- est, youngest Lieutenant of the Rough Rider Battalion gram. tests the Grog to ensure it is fit for consumption. This newsletter contains official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial information in this newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M
  2. 2. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 PAGE 2 Alpha Company Remains Prepared by 2LT Christine Breckenridge Alpha Company Unit Public Affairs Representa- reports) CW2 Vega was able to forecast which repair tive, 204th Brigade Support Battalion parts would be mission essential. Through his vigi- The Alpha Company Supply Support Activity lance and the determination of the 92As (Supply Spe- (SSA) received numerous accolades while at cialists) of the SSA Platoon, they were able to keep all JRTC for being one of the first SSAs to bring an Class IX items stocked and ready for the receiving authorized stockage list (ASL) to the training cen- unit. When the time came for Class IX pushes, the ter. With 1,000 lines of Class IX (repair parts) SSA was already prepared and made running class IX and over 24,000 items on hand the SSA was able combat logistics patrols (CLPs) more predictable and to support the entire brigade with the necessary easier for the gaining unit. It is due to the SSA dedi- repair parts throughout the JRTC rotation. By cation to resupply and maintenance that we can re- analyzing each battalion’s 026 reports (Deadline main successful in any fight.204th BSB Marriage Retreatby SSG Misha WilliamsonChaplain’s Assistant204th Brigade Support Battalion Any Soldier will tell you that their families andloved ones are the strength behind mission accom-plishment. In preparation for the upcoming deploy-ment, the 204th Brigade Support Battalion took timeto celebrate and enjoy their families during the204th BSB Marriage Retreat held March 11-13,2011 at the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado When the couples were on their own during “dateSprings. The Broadmoor Hotel has a history of pro- time,” they enjoyed a variety of activities such asviding five-star services for over 50 continuous sightseeing at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, hiking atyears to its famous guests ranging from past Presi- the nearby Garden of the Gods Nature Experiencedents Bill Clinton and George Bush to celebrities and Seven Falls Nature Experience. Couples tooksuch as Bill Cosby, Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe and advantage of the Broadmoor Estates by golfing on themost recently, 24 couples from 204th BSB. world famous golf course that will be hosting the 2011 US Women Open later this spring. They also spent Once a quarter the 204th Unit Ministry Team and the afternoon shopping and eating at some of the 75Chaplain (CPT) Joel Payne hosts a marriage re- shops, boutiques and restaurants on site. For the cou-treat to assist couples and families to reconnect ples that preferred to relax, they indulged in a couples’and spend much needed quality time together in a massage and spa treatment offered at the resort. Forvacation-like atmosphere. The marriage retreats quiet time, couples walked around the Broadmoor Es-are centered on one common goal: assisting cou- tates to soak in the beautiful serenity of the Broad-ples in learning new techniques to open the lines of moor Gardens and swim in the indoor heated pool.communication. During this retreat, the coupleslearned how to “Laugh Their Way to a Better Mar- Just because it was a marriage retreat does notriage,” based on the teaching of Mark Gungor. In mean the children were left out. Childcare was pro-these very funny but poignant DVD lessons Mark vided onsite for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.Gungor used comedy to bring up very important The Broadmoor staff provided excellent care of theissues that plague many marriages, speaking on children while in “Bee Camp”. The children did a vari-topics ranging from the differences in the male and ety of activities from ceramic painting, playing boardfemale brain to intimacy. As couples sat through games, coloring and interacting on the Wii videothese lessons, they were able to enjoy the com- game system for older kids. Overall this retreat ca-pany of their spouse while interacting with other tered to the entire family. The only complaint was thatcouples within the Rough Rider family. the families couldn’t stay longer.
  3. 3. 204th BSB Town Hall 19 April McMahon Auditorium 1800—2000 Come out to the 204th BSB Town Hall and Deployment Brief At McMahon Auditorium! Come learn: Deployment Location Living Conditions Gear Resources Available Financial Allowances This is your opportunity to learnInformation you have been asking for! For more information or questions regarding the 204th Town Hall, contact the 204th BSB FRSA at 526-4172 or barbara.ann.young1@us.army.mil
  4. 4. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 Rough Rider Snapshots PAGE 4 ROUGH RIDER CONNECTION