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This enhance chance of scholar to have idea to do business in Cambodia. It is also the great opportunities to learn more openly about the world.

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Bike rental shop

  1. 1. Bike rental shop Happiness by Bike Sub: Business planning and Policy Development Class: Butom Vaitey Prof: Dy chhunsong Time : 3:30pm- 5:00pm
  2. 2. Group member  Leng Khemrith 22353  Heng Srunmeng 24804  Soch Chanpisey 18360  Yang Chhiv huy 48862  Nong Samphors 17134 Group 4
  3. 3. Content I. Introduction (Business profile) II. Vision and Mission statement III. External and Internal Assessment and SWOT analysis IV. Goal and strategies of Company  Goal and strategies ( 3 years plan)  Objective and Action V. Structure and Policy in company ( requirement ,employee, customer policy) VI. Marketing strategies VII. Legal procedure in Cambodia VIII. Start Up requirement IX. Control and evaluate X. Conclusion
  4. 4. I. Business Introduction . Bike Rental is not new in Cambodia. Bike Rental had become one of the most environmental friendly businesses that attract many tourists and local people whom love the beauty of nature with the sense of helping the world’s ozone layer too. .
  5. 5.  Company Overview  Name: CAM BIKES , Logo:  Legal Form: Limited partnership  Slogan: Happiness by bike  Location: Charles De Gaulle,Khum Svay Dang Kum, Siem reap, Cambodia  Contact Information Tel: (+855)16999161 Working Hour (6AM-8PM) Everyday  Email: Social network: Website:
  6. 6. II. Vision statement To be the first largest bicycle tour in Siem Reap and we would like to see a healthier community by protecting the environment and improving our customer well-being.
  7. 7.  Mission Statement  Our Mission is to provide the standard bicycles which are the popular brand in USA and other high quality accessories to our customer.  We seek to deliver the best services that are environmental friendly, healthy, and reasonable price.  We also try to promote all local and international tourist to love cycling in Siem Reap
  8. 8. III. External and Internal analysis Strengths • We have good service • Qualify mechanic • Comfortable bike and Accessories • Buying with Cheaper price • The best Location Weaknesses • • • • We have limited bikes(30) Hard to make loyalty customer Lack of Reputation lack of experience Opportunities • The number Tourist Grow every year • The Rise Price of Gasoline • Changes in Government Procurement (forbids the Motor/ Car to enter the Angkor area) Threats • • • • Existing Competitors Cheat from the fake customer Election In Cambodia 2013 Natural disaster (flood)
  9. 9. TOWS analysis SO strategies WO strategies • we decide to change our we decide to cooperate with other company to the Bicycle Bicycle company. our strategy is to increase the number of bicycle to 70. tour company It means that have to buy 40 bikes more. ST Strategies WT Strategies We used our strength to make our company different from other Bike rental such as: • Using Mountain bikes and accessories • Provide free mini tour for free • Location • We decide we create contract with our customer and employee so it is easy to our company to deal with the problem in the future. • Focus on promotion regularly
  10. 10. IV. Goal and Strategies of Company Goal and Strategies (for 2 year plan) CAM Bikes Company wants to become the company that can make the customer feel satisfaction and have enough bicycle for customer by increasing 40 bicycles more. Our strategies are:  To find the financial capital for supporting this plan.  To increasing our bicycle to 70 within 2 year.  build network with other Bicycle rental shop and bike shop.  Add more comfortable Bikes and service.
  11. 11. Second Goal and Strategies (for 3 year plan) Cam Bikes would to become the professional tour in Siem Reap. Our strategies are:  To cooperate with other Hotel, motel or guesthouse and restaurant near our location.  having the professional Guide , other transportation service and improving the structure of management  To Improve Marketing strategies, especially the company Website.  To build the network with other tour companies in some countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and especially Thailand.
  12. 12. Objective and Action To become the company that has the good reputation in Siem Reap and has some market share at least 660 customers per month. Our Action :  We focus on promotion strategies and build network with other people such hotel owner, tuk tuk and tour company.  Develop policies or contract with employee and customer. This contract or policies can help us to deal with uncontrollable within the company.  provide special service , the good quality bikes and accessories,
  13. 13. V. Structure and Policy  Management structure Manager 1 Mechanic 2 Bicycle cleaner 1 Cooker 1 Tour guide 1
  14. 14.  Responsibilities and skill for each employee Manager (1):  deal with customer  Solve the problem in the company  Set the marketing strategies The cook((1): • cooking food for stuff • Clean the house, shop  Control cash  Control stuff Guide tour (1): • Marketing, location Mechanic (2):  repair bicycle  Bicycle guide  Marketing stuff Bicycle cleaner (1):  clean the bicycle  Check and maintain the bicycle • Can speak English well
  15. 15. Salary Rate or payroll:  Manager ( Mr:Heng Srunmeng) 200$  Tour Guide 100$  Mechanic 160$  Bike cleaner 70$  The cook 70$ Total 600$
  16. 16.  Policy for employee  Be punctual, hardworking and respect to the customer.  Employee can take day off by asking the permission (10days in one year), but we don’t allow them to take day off at the same day  The bikes are ready for customer to rent and machine always maintain it.  Employee must wear the uniform and ID card within working hour.  strategies for employee: We would reward to employee who take day off less than three days (3days). If the company can rent above 23 bicycles per day, so the company can provide 10% more of their salary.
  17. 17.  Policy for customer   We will keep passport (for Foreigner) and identification card, ID, (for Khmer Citizen): “EXCLUDE the Price of the bike rental” Each and every one of the customer shall deposit 400,000 Khmer Riels (Four Hundred Thousand Riels) or 100$ (A Hundred U.S Dollars) to ensure the loss and the damage to our rental services such as Bike, and some bike accessories.  Customer can allow using credit card in our shop.  Customer must return the bike before 8PM (night).  The renter is advised in advance to inspect the condition of the renting bike prior into signing this leased agreement.  The renter would be responsible for compensation for any damages on the bike upon the return according to the actual damaged cost  The renter has agreed with the terms and conditions as mention above.
  18. 18. Customer Segmentation Our main potential customer are all tourist both foreigner and local people :  People who enjoy sightseeing in the natural and cultural place like Siem Reap  People who think about their health , help the environment Furthermore, some tourist come to Siem Reap which want to control their spending
  19. 19. VI. Marketing Mix ( P4 )  Product (P1) Our Accessories • 5 of size S • 15 of size M • 10 of size L
  20. 20. Compare with our competitors Our shop Bicycles Price $6 per day • • • • Other shop Bicycles Price $6 -- $10 Per day Disc brake with oil U S. brand 9 speeds Medium class bicycle • • • • V brake with cable Taiwan brand 7 speeds Low class bicycle
  21. 21.  Place (P2)  Building size: 8m x 18m  Room: 5 bad rooms, 7 bathrooms  Price: 700$/ month  Address: Charles De Gaulle, Khum Svay Dang Kum, Siem reap , Cambodia Our location near to raffle grand hotel and it is about 9Km to Angkor Wat temple, so it is easy for customer to travel to the most beautiful temple in Cambodia.
  22. 22.  Promotion (P3) Promotion  FREE Yellow page , Guide travelling tour book ,Social page in Facebook, Website Brochure
  23. 23. Promotion for June July 2013 For single bike only 5$ Save 1$ For single bike (include accessories) only 7$ Save 2$ we also provide some commission 1$ each person to guide tour, Tuk Tuk and other people bring customers to us. And we also create membership card for them in order to make them feel good and have relation with our shop , so they can work hard for us.
  24. 24.  Price (P4) Service package Single bike Single bike (for 2 days) Single bike (for 3 days) Single bike (include accessories) Single bike (include accessories for 2days) Single bike (include accessories for 3days) Price 6$ 11.50$ 16$ 9$ 17$ 24$
  25. 25. VII. Legal procedure There are several procedures in Cambodia to complete before start the business.  First, CAM Bike is a Limited partnership company so it should have limited partnership contract.  Second, we must register to Ministry of Commercial (MOC).  Third, we should apply for PATENT and VAT at the local tax department  last but not lease , we should get the license from Ministry of tourism and ministry of environment
  26. 26. VIII. Start Up requirement Startup Expense Legal Fees Salary expense Rental fees(Deposit 3 months +1month fee) Food expense Decoration Marketing ( advertisement + website) miscellaneous expense Asset 30 Bikes accessories Desktop Air conditioner furniture Cash reserve Total requirement $ 50 600 2,800 150 2,000 140 50 13,500 1,890 300 500 300 3,720 26,000
  27. 27. Capital Contribution Capital contribution 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% Heng Srunmeng Leng Khemrith Soch Chanpisey Yang Chhiv Huy Nong Samphors
  28. 28. IX. Control and Evaluate  The way to evaluate if the performance is following our set objective or not.  By checking both external and internal every two month.  Create new strategy and making correction to all failure act within the company  Accept any recommendation and comments
  29. 29. X. Conclusion In sum, making strategy to start up a business is easy, but implement it to be the best and the successful one or not has been becoming a tough performance to all types of business people. So, make good plan, act best one.
  30. 30. Thank for your attention !