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YE0 2012_Rotex International Convention Rotex May 5


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YE0 2012_Rotex International Convention Rotex May 5

  1. 1. Where and When ?
  2. 2. Native Country // Pays dorigine // Native Country // Pays dorigine //Pais de origen Pais de origenArgentina 1 Mexico 9Australia 2 Poland 4Austria 9 Slovakia 3Belgium 16 Spain 11Brazil 14 Sweden 6Canada 1 Switzerland 6Chile 1 Taiwan 3Colombia 2 The Netherlands 3Czech Republic 1 Turkey 5Denmark 4 USA 10Equateur 1 Venezuela 3Finland 13France 83Germany 57Hungary 2Italy 3
  3. 3. Alex Président ORGANIGRAMME Inés Marine assistance coordination Christine Melina suport Avril-Juillet Finances & Commu Preparaintelligence talent accueil Ext. relations nication tion Alexandre Bérénice Marion Marcos Camille Alex Leader Leader Leader Logo Leader Leader Sylvie Julliette Charles B. Ségolène Mathilde Marine Malo SImon Orlando Inés RI & Bangkok Anabelle Christine Clara Melina
  4. 4. July 6: Welcoming and first dinner togetherJuly 7: Morning : Plenary conferences Afternoon : workshops (How to start a Rotex, sharing different fundraising or volunteer activities done by Rotex worldwide, connecting with Rotaract and Rotary throughout the world, New Convention ) Gala dinner in the evening and a dance party at nightJuly 8: Bordeaux visitOption of 3-day tour (Discovery of Bordeaux and Gironde) July 9: Visit Arcachon, Pyla dune, beach July 10: Oeneotourisme (wine touring and tasting), St Emilion July 11: Bordeaux (free day; exploring/shopping)