Tolu1 membership growth for tanzania


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Tolu1 membership growth for tanzania

  2. 2. I am immensely grateful to Rotary International for creating this platform that has placed membership in Africa on the front burner. I feel honoured as one of the DG's selected to make a presentation today on how my district has been able to manage membership growth for two consecutive years.
  3. 3. To those that know our history, District 9125 came about by the merger of former District 9120 and District 9130 for the simple reason of membership attrition. Before then, both Districts worked so hard to wade off the imminent merger but could not succeed to meet up with the membership requirement. Ever since the birth of District 9125, the desire to go back to our previous status has continued to be the hope of all Rotarians in my District.
  4. 4. Here at ROTA each member of the Troika is asked to declare where the membership of his district would be when he is in the saddle and having made an open declaration you have no other choice but to go home and work the talk. Working as a team of governors in our district we have come to the agreement that one of the fastest ways to grow membership is by sponsoring new clubs.
  5. 5. A list of possible locations where new clubs can be formed was made, though, subject to constant review. Since the formation of new clubs takes varying length of time each successive governor continues with the progress of his predecessor without any change most of the time
  6. 6. As District Governor Elect I did the following
  7. 7. 1)prepared a template on the opportunities for membership extension in my district, 2) created a possible delineation of our present district into a workable two districts 3) identified membership drivers at different parts of the district supported and encouraged them. 4) created a Top Notcher challenge and 5) selected a committee that reviewed all the concept and further developed the modalities for its implementation and supervision.
  8. 8. At DTTS and PETS the concept was totally sold to the attendees and everyone went back to their various clubs to work towards its success. Some of the criteria are as follows: 1) A Rotarian becomes a Top Notcher if he introduces three persons to rotary and they get inducted, or he becomes a Major Donor or makes someone a Major Donor
  9. 9. 2) A club becomes a top notch club if she is able to double her membership strength Some of the benefits are as follows: 1) Apart from the lapel pin a Top Notcher is elaborately decorated. 2) A Top Notcher gets rebate on all district ticketed events and is treated in high esteem 3) A top notch club aside from other incentives receives 30% rebate of her district dues and a grant from the district to fund a project.
  10. 10. A scoring criteria was also developed for the district as a way of mathematically calculating achievements of clubs and scored to 100% and membership extension has a sizeable chunk. During my club visit clubs were specially asked to show their score card.
  11. 11. A mid year review meeting was held in January that had club presidents and assistant governors in attendance to review the first half year and renew commitments for the rest of the year. This rotary year the district has lost no club, already received charter documents for three new clubs had submitted documents for the fourth club and at different progressive stages with 8 provisional clubs.
  12. 12. We started this rotary year with a total of 81 clubs and 1909 members, but immediately met with massive delisting of members by several clubs across the district. Today we have a total of 84 clubs and 2,024 members and still counting. One of the strategies that has kept us thus afloat is the Top Notcher Challenge, because a Top Notcher is respected, appreciated and in a class everyone wants to be identified with in the district.
  13. 13. Today we have a total of 84 clubs and 2068 members and still counting. One of the strategies that has kept us thus afloat is the Top Notcher Challenge, because a Top Notcher is respected, appreciated and in a class everyone wants to be identified with in the districts. For the first time the Rotarians who are bearing fruits and giving life to rotary in my district are given their pride of place by being decorated as Top Notchers.
  14. 14. Today, permit me to declare Tom Branum as a Top Notcher and decorate him with our pin for his role as a major player in our effort to grow rotary in Africa. And also our dear President Nominee, President Elect and our First Class Rotary International President Ron Burton as we Engage Rotary, Change Lives.
  15. 15. Thank You